Shadowlands and Sales

I know I haven’t posted a whole lot about Shadowlands yet, but I’ve been leveling, crafting, and selling things in the auction house.

With the nerf to multiboxing I decided to shut down most of my accounts, and then further nerfs in-game (non multiboxing specific) solidified that decision for me. I went from 8 accounts to 1, and I decided there was really no need for me to even have more than 1. This expansion I would like to take a little step back from making gold – and focus on some other achievements that I’ve always wanted to obtain. I’ll still be making gold (it’s sort of built in at this stage) but if I was casual before I consider myself to be VERY casual now. I’m sure it will change with time, I’ve been going through a pretty bad round of depression and I haven’t really found motivation to do too much in or out of game these days.

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