Deed Progress

Progress on the deed is coming along VERY well. Club Code decided to run their very first Black Friday sale, so I picked up a year subscription for my Vynora priest along with some silver to make sure the deed has lots of upkeep (over a years worth on each of the deeds I currently own). Moumix has been playing again and has helped out around the deed, and that has inspired me to try to ‘complete’ it as much as I can.

Yesterday I reached 36 ropemaking, and I created one of two rope bridges that will adorn the village. I love the way they look. I need 44 ropemaking for the second bridge, and I have a few odds and ends to complete (a fence around the farm, the front farm will eventually be transformed into a shipyard as well as a chapel of some sort, and the house needs more furniture) but it is coming along nicely.

I’ve also started grinding hot food cooking – I want to unlock all of the recipes that look so delicious out there. I want to build a distillery in the mine, and create cider and wine, too. There’s just always so much to do in game, I absolutely love it.

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