The Kindness of Wurmians – 1

I decided to add a new feature, it won’t have a set schedule, but will just pop up here and there when I have some content. It happens often enough that I’d like to take note of the instances. In a game like Wurm Online, reputation is everything. If you want business from other players, or you want to shop from others, chances are you care at least a little bit about your reputation. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with players over the years, but what I’d like to promote is some awesome acts of kindness that I’ve personally witnessed in game, both on the older SFI (South Freedom Island) and NFI (North Freedom Island – ie: active since steam release of Wurm). Eventually I may even take nominations of players, we’ll just have to see.

First up – Annuile – from the North Freedom Islands.

Annuile was handing out pottery bowls of random affinity alcohol to wurmians to that left them with over 24h of affinity buff. It was kind, required nothing in return, and as a thank you I sent them their pottery bowl back filled with honey from the local beehive. Hopefully they can use it in their next beverage endevours.

Thanks for your random act of kindness, Annuile!

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