Preparing the new Deed

I am not a fan of making the basics in Wurm. That includes bricks, nails, planks, and furniture. I’d much rather go exploring, find what I need decaying out in the wilds some place, and haul it home to repurpose. That was exactly the plan I set out with on the Sklotopolis server, and it paid off big time.

After two days of roaming around the Liberty server searching for goodies, I finally managed to find a few abandoned deeds that had houses I could remove via ‘clean up’ – a server feature that allows you to banish houses that have at least one decayed wall where the owners have been offline for more than 3 months. It’s a handy feature that allows property clean up to happen at a slightly accelerated rate, which personally I think is important in Wurm Unlimited where player retention is not always high.

Furniture, supplies, and so much food I can’t possibly use it all in my lifetime were just some of the spoils of my adventures. I also found some new forges, ovens, statues, rugs, a few lumps of seryll, a full set of 70ql steel plate, and other odds and ends.

Construction wise, I’m working on the storage building now having completed the outer walls of the stables. Interior walls of the stables and main house also need to be worked on. Progress is coming along, and I’m confident I can get the place looking exactly like it used to.

Upcoming events include a rift event on the 22nd that I’m pretty excited about. Hopefully I get some good prizes there, though I think I’ll want to create some battle sickles.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Ottawajohn says:

    I love this blog.. I was just told about it by Elfin … so nice to see some wurm stuff out there. I learned you have done a LOT of writing on Wurm so I will be reading over your posts in the Sklotopolis forums. I know they are older but I am very eager to read them :) Take care! Ottawajohn / Localreporter (my Alt) here in game. Keep up the great work

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