For all of the many years that I’ve been playing Wurm, I’ve never gotten 100 faith. I’ve owned countless priests, but in the yearly years they were purchased and I always re-sold them. I now have two priests, a Vynora on the older Souther servers that is at 70 something faith, and a ‘new’ one on the Northern cluster, a Fo, who is ALMOST 100 faith. For the past month I’ve been living on Harmony instead of Cadence, and I created 3 listeners who are also premium. The more listeners you have, the more faith gain you get each sermon. .02 per listener, in fact. Each day, every 3 hours, minus the few I actually get to sleep, I’ve been setting my alarm clock so I can sermon and get as many gains as possible. Praying between those gains to work on the benediction journal entry.

I hate the grind. If I were to only pray, reaching 100 would basically be impossible. Sermons are by far the fastest way to complete this, and unless you (or someone else) is willing to pay premium for extra listeners, it’s still slow. I was 55 faith when I joined the sermons, and I’m getting on average 1.5-2 points of faith a day. I paid for my extra listeners on January 4th, and had already participated for some time.

That’s basically wurm in a nutshell. It requires a lot of time, a lot of dedication even if it’s passive dedication (ie: I leave all 4 of my characters on 24/7 and set an alarm to come back to them every 3 hours while I do what needs to be done in real life).

Why this grind to 100?

So I can cast Lifetransfer & summon soul without requiring links. Is it worth the work? Well, that depends on the player. For me, personally, yes. It is worth it or I wouldn’t be doing it. I really want a 100 faith character. I’d ideally like BOTH my characters to be 100 faith, and I know there are sermons going on in the Southern servers as well, but I can only handle 1 sermon at a time.

Prayer is getting a revamp, and while some older players who grinded to 70 are frustrated at the change – I personally think it’s healthy for games to evolve over time, and I hope this helps players more than hinders them. It’s almost 800 hours to grind from 1-70 prayer which is a journal entry requirement for benediction and that’s just extreme when it’s a skill that grants almost nothing.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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