Returning to FFXIV

One thing that I’ve always wished Blizzard would add to World of Warcraft is player housing. I have longed for some sort of player housing for YEARS now – and honestly it’s frustrating that a game as large and robust as Warcraft doesn’t have this feature.

I love player housing. I loved it in EQ2, I loved it in EQ, I loved it in Rift. I loved it in ArchAge. Vanguard. The list goes on. For whatever reason Blizzard doesn’t believe in the power of player housing even though they have the absolute BEST platform for it.

That’s why I found myself back in FFXIV – even though I own only the smallest of apartments and barely any furniture. It is my goal to upgrade to a much larger house, and to get into crafting furniture, making gil and all that good stuff. My main character reached level 75 last night in the Dance profession (one of my favourites, it’s a ranged DPS profession) – and I am also working my way through all of the crafting / gathering professions. I’ve already reached 80 in mining and fishing, botany remains as well as the core craft professions. FFXIV is an absolutely beautiful game, and I can’t wait to spend a little time there.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Welcome back to Eorzea!

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