Storage – Completed!

Another building completed on my deed – this time the storage building. It used a LOT of timber framed walls, which are annoying to make. Each wall requires 5 beams, 10 grass, and 20 clay. The overall effect is lovely (I know, I still have a bridge to complete in the front, I took the screenshot before I finished it!) and then adding a thatch roof just completed the overall look.

With the stables, the smithy, and storage complete, I think it might almost be time to work on the main building. It’s created out of marble, and a few stories high, so I’ve been neglecting working on it aside from the main floor. I did buy a bunch of marble bricks from Takah to help the process slightly, but I need to create a LOT of mortar. Each wall requires 20 bricks and 20 mortar. With 99 masonry it’s not as though creating mortar is difficult by any means, it’s just also not fun.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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