Ding – 80 Dancer!

I’ve been playing FFXIV off and on for years now, but I never really stay with it for whatever reason. I wander back to ABC game and it gets put on the back burner – not this time. This time, I’m dedicating myself to actually making some progress in the game, finishing the MSQ, leveling jobs. First one I completed was the dancer job, woot!

Dancer is an odd bird. It’s a mixture of ranged (single target attacks) and close range (AoE attacks) dance moves that damage enemies. Instead of moving in and out of range, I tend to stay close to the mobs. It’s a class that LOOKS pretty, but I can’t say I particularly enjoy playing them all that much. We’re more of a hybrid utility / dps class than powerful dps, though don’t get me wrong, I AM happy that I finally leveled up.

Next? I’m not sure. I am not interested in playing the gunslinger I have at 60, but I do have a 52 warrior. I’ve got a 60 red mage, 55 scholar, and 34 astrologer. I was thinking maybe bard? Maybe just keep going on with the warrior. We’ll just have to see! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. pkuddude99 says:

    Gratz on your 1st 80!

    Dancer was my 1st to 80 also, but I had everything to 70 before the Dancer was intro’d, so I got to have the fun of unlocking it, leveling it from 60 to 70, and THEN starting work on Shadowbringers expansion. Only took a few days to do the catch-up, though.

    I like the class well enough, but honestly prefer the Bard anymore. Not that I’ve played FFXIV in several months now. I should probably jump back in here at some point prior to the next expansion….

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