Valentione’s & Little Ladies’ Day

I know some folks are not fans of in-game events that replicate real world events – but me? I enjoy them. FFXIV is a bit of an odd duck in that they have these events each year with rewards, but if you want the rewards from previous years, you have to purchase them (with real money) from their shop. It’s one of the few games I’ve seen that manages to carry off a full subscription as well as a robust store and paid for game features (extra retainers, level boosts, class unlocks).

I was actually playing last year at this exact time so I had the previous rewards but nothing prior to that. I decided to splurge and I picked up 5 rewards from the shop, then I also completed this years quests and picked up the Lovely Moogle Cap, and a house item (Stuffed Kupka Kupp). My glamour chest is starting to fill up nicely with a collection of outfits to wear and my tiny apartment is filling with moogle related items. I still have big dreams of being able to afford an actual house, but for now I’m still raising money for that.

Short term plan? I’ve settled on paladin & astrologian as my next focus, that will leave me with a tank/healer/dps class at least and more choices to swap between. Once I’ve got those leveled up we’ll see where I want to head. I never planned on leveling everything to 80 in the DoW/DoM category, but I DO want to try to level everything up as a crafter (DoH/DoL). I also need to complete a bunch of class quests still – on everyone, even my 80 dancer hasn’t completed all of her quests yet. I know, I know. There’s just SO much to do. I love it.

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