Finger Licking Good

I love how creative (or not creative) you can be with your characters in FFXIV….

My latest healer (the astrologist?) hit 42, my gladiator is still meandering along at 18, and I haven’t done anything yet this week except complete my white/yellow scrip turn ins and my retainer missions. Still, progress is progress!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Fashion is the endgame in most any mmo, it seems. Even the “looter-shooter” Warframe has “Fashionframe” forums, sites, and social media groups.

    But yeah, I like making glamour plates in FFXIV, though admittedly right now I’m pretty basic with mine, mostly just being the current artifact gear you get for each job at level 80. I like how most of it looks….

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