To the Masked Cucumber

It’s a busy weekend in Wurm Unlimited on the Sklotopolis server – Moumix and Stargrace ventured forth to a rift event over on Novus, taking Shao with them by boat (and then summoning to the rift). I don’t think there were any casualties this round, most people were hardened warriors. I came back with rift components to craft runes, a piece of moon metal, and a recipe. No cool tabards this time, but that’s alright. It was a good time all around, and the host was gracious with pizza and drink. Tomorrow there’s a dragon slaying, so here’s hoping my luck holds out and I win something cool in the raffle!

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself. If you’re looking for a lovely Wurm Unlimited server to play on (even though there is no longer any official support) come join Sklotopolis. The staff is dedicated and the player base is (mostly) lovely.

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