March Gaming Goals – 2021


  • I did reach 80 in one class in FFXIV – Dancer. I started leveling up a few more after that, but I haven’t been very dedicated.
  • I did also reach 80 in goldsmithing! 2/2 as far as gaming goals so far.
  • I did NOT reach 60 on any more WoW characters. In fact, I pretty much stopped logging in all together. Shadowlands is a huge grind that I haven’t been interested in at all, and I can’t seem to recapture that interest no matter how hard I try.
  • I did not continue any deed work on Cadence in Wurm Online – instead I focused mostly on Wurm Unlimited. I did not complete my temple on Independence, or work on the shipyard, either.
  • Wurm Unlimited I not only completed two buildings per my goal – I completed 10. That was pretty neat.
  • I also DID try at least one new steam game! I played Valheim, and I also started playing some of my older steam games.

March Goals:

  • At least clear the plot of land I own on Novus where Quail Plaza will be. I’d like the trees down and the land level. This is a long term project, so that would be a great start.
  • Continue playing Divinity Original Sin 2 with the husband – I know, this one has been out a while, but I haven’t played it in ages and I never got very far.
  • Littlewood on the Switch! It should be releasing in Canada ‘soon’ and I’m eager to play.

That’s it! Let’s keep it relaxed and see how the month shapes up.

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