A Pillaging We Go..

After spending most of the week on my deed completing a few remaining buildings and then trying to get a rare steel carving knife for Moumix, I was feeling stir crazy and I decided to go exploring. Not far from my deed, across a bridge to the West I stumbled upon a pile of treasures just laying on the ground! They must have dropped out of a chest that had decayed.

While to most people the list of items will not see that impressive, for Wurm players a few pieces stand out. The dragon scale, and the dragon hatchling drake were really nice finds. I also found a rare dredge to add to my collection of ‘all the things rare’. Not one of my best finds, but still nothing to complain about by any means.

There’s a whole lot of deeds that are over the 90 day mark and I keep waiting to see if they’re going to be disbanded any time soon, but it looks like most of them are pushing on to the 6 month mark. I think that’s a shame, especially on Novus where land is quickly eaten up by large deeds, but I’m sure returning players appreciate having their stuff still around.

Me, I’m still rebuilding. I’ve gotten a few handy pieces back, but finding everything I used to own has been difficult. I did manage to find a HotA statue which is excellent because mine is gone. Next I’m hoping to buy a large magic chest, to keep items safe.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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