Frustration on Sklotopolis

I’m having some issues with the Sklotopolis Wurm Unlimited server lately, but there’s not a lot I can do about it. I’m a returning player, but we can no longer make donations for silver, so I’m starting from scratch. On Liberty, we can’t build roads for coin (which is where I live). If we’re a veteran player with hours played, we earn less silver for guard towers (plus I honestly don’t feel like building guard towers). If we want to re-deed, to be able to afford what I feel is an average sized deed, you need to do contracts, which are time locked. If you’re trying to gain back items you’ve previously paid for or owned such as I am, you’re looking at months upon months of work. You cannot donate for Hota statues, large magic chests, small, or any of the other server items.

It will take me over 6 months of trying to earn coin to regain what I lost. I’ve been trying to sell tools, services, raw materials, and other items – but there is almost zero market on Sklotopolis because let’s face it, things are too easy, there’s a surplus of veteran players, and players enjoy doing things themselves, which I don’t blame them for at all.

Still, it makes for difficult game play for me personally. I’m trying to establish myself and set up my deed like it was previously, but I feel punished by all of these new systems. They cater to new players, and not returning players by any means.

Deeds over 90 days old with little work are supposed to be automatically flagged and disbanded by the system, but that also doesn’t happen. If we post about anything over 90 days old we’re told not to bother. Land is squished, deeds are huge, and competing with older players who were able to donate for their deed sizes is impossible. Honestly it’s just more reason to go back to Wurm Online instead.

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