All You Need to do – Is Ask Nicely

A few people in-game suggested that I contact Dom (he helps to run Sklotopolis) and see if there might be a way I could get reimbursed for the donation items I purchased before my deed was disbanded. I should have asked ages ago, but I wasn’t confident that they’d be returned, so instead I just got frustrated – that’s not the way to get things done.

Dom was lovely about it. I sent him the receipts for my paypal orders, and within a few days the physical (digital?) items that I had donated for were back in my inventory. It included two large magic chests, two small magic chests, and a HOTA statue. I was REALLY happy to have them returned, it made me smile all day long, and now I feel much more ‘complete’ in game. My deed is almost the exact size I wanted, I just have to wait for some buildings to collapse, and in the meantime I’ve been thinking up some events to run. I had a lot of fun when I ran the Priestapalooza, and I’d like to run something after Easter, perhaps. We’ll see! Anyway, it’s been a great week in-game, and I definitely owe that to the wonderful staff on Sklotopolis. Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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