Quail Plaza

Now that my main town is ‘complete’ (they’re never ever really done) I decided to move on to my next project – a shopping plaza. This giant square is surrounded by highway, and each ‘building’ is going to be a line of strip malls, decorated as shops and pubs. The plaza will be 3-15 floors high, and players will be able to enter and do a bit of shopping, as well as just go around from shop to shop looking at the decorations. I used different materials for each building so that they look like individual places instead of one giant place – and I’m very excited to see this project grow. Unfortunately it takes a lot of raw materials, but I am glad that I managed to complete the first floor. Next is building the wooden floors inside, then the ladders for the 2nd floor, and the walls that will divide the shops.

No idea when I’ll get this project completed, but it’s fun.

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