(Yet Another) Hobby

I have always been fascinated with miniatures. Everything from those travel sized shampoo bottles, to miniature toys, and food. I recently was gifted some polymer clay and tools – so I decided to try my hand at making miniature bread! It’s air dry clay, with chalk pastels for the colour. There are numerous ways of achieving the texture and colour of bread, you can wait until the piece dries, or in my case, you can apply the pigment right to the fresh clay. Unfortunately if you do it that way you lose a little of the detail because of the brush. Still, for my very first attempt, I’m quite excited!

I also bought two smaller shadow boxes and I have plans of creating some scenes inside of them. One will be quails (naturally) since they’re amazing, and the second one I think I’m going to turn into some sort of book nook. I might just turn it into a yarn / knitting / spinning scene instead though. I haven’t decided.

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