Deed Update

Working on my deed has gotten a lot slower lately, but I’m certainly still pushing at it. The main portion is ‘complete’ (the town) with just a few details being added here and there. The next big part is to complete the plaza, which is an enormous shopping square, 4-16 floors high with different tiers. Then I want to decorate that, so that people can peek into the shops and see various items for sale, or just look around the pub. It’s an enormous project that requires a LOT of raw materials, and I’m having difficulty keeping it stocked, especially when the contract this time around is for 10,000 mortar. The payment for that amount of work is horribly low, so I’m not actually sure I’ll even bother. I think I could make better use of the mortar just using it for myself, or even selling it later to players.

Still, things sure are looking beautiful.

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