Sockhead Cowl (3)

Plain knitting is nice and relaxing – but I find it REALLY boring. A short repeat pattern would be easier to knit than this. The pattern is simple – 3″ of ribbing, followed by 12″ of plain knit, and another 3″ of ribbing. Done in the round, this cowl is an alternative to a scarf, and should keep my neck (and chin) warm when the wind blows in winter months. I started it a while ago but haven’t kept up with it, and now I’m trying to focus and get it completed. I have so many other projects I want to work on – but I think finishing off a few WIP is in order first. After this, I want to complete the socks I’ve been slowly working on, and I want to finish off that Silver Bell Sweater eventually. Fighting with the knitting needles isn’t fun (they’re an older pair of knitpicks needles, not nice Chiaogoo or Hiyahiya) but the sweater deserves to be completed and I’m anxious to be able to wear it.

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