June Gaming Goals – 2021

This month gaming has been quiet but steady, even though I didn’t get a lot accomplished.


  • I haven’t been playing Wurm Unlimited or Online at all, so of course no progress on Quail Plaza. I do still log in so my places won’t vanish, at least. Upkeep is holding well on Independence, and I’m not worried about anything walking off.
  • I did not complete any older games in my steam library – but I have been playing some! That’s progress.
  • Did not complete the next chapter in Divinity with the husband, but we have been playing ARK together on a server with some other Combat Wombat members.


  • I did re-establish where I was at in GW2, and made progress on my legendary precurser! That was a big step. It required 15 days of crafting, which ate up a lot of my time.

June Goals:

  • Continue with my GW2 legendary work, and look into obtaining the next mount
  • Try to play a little Divinity Original Sin II with the husband
  • Earn 1 million gold in World of Warcraft so I can break 10 million on a single server (Alliance).

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