Silver Bell Sweater Progress (3)

Now that I’ve FINALLY received my new ChiaoGoo needles, it was time to take a look at that Silver Bell Sweater that I put in time out back in December. You might remember that I had just finished the 3 needle bind off on the shoulders when I discovered a whole mess of dropped stitches along the collar and along the back of the piece. I have no idea what happened, but it was not something I could recover from, and so into time out it went. I don’t know that my old needles were the issue, but I was constantly fighting with the cord, and it was a lot of NOT FUN.

Now that it’s back on my knitting rotation, I’m glad. I frogged all of the way back to before the neckline started. I re-knit the two front pieces, and the back. I re-did the 3 needle bind off on the shoulders, added the collar, and I’ve started knitting the sleeves. Once those are done, the piece is completed! It’s a relatively quick knit (thanks to using DK yarn and size 11 needles) but because I had so many problems with dropped stitches it has felt a lot longer.

I’m pleased with it, the piece fits, and it’s very comfortable and soft. This yarn is 50% alpaca, 30% silk, 20% tencel, so it’s got a lot of shine and it drapes wonderfully. Hopefully it becomes a nice oversized sweater that I can wear on cold days.

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