An Elaborate Discord Scam

I was recently the target of an elaborate discord scam – and they almost had me convinced that they were the victims, not the ones doing the scam, but a few things didn’t add up.

How it went down: I got a random message from someone who had 1 server in common with me. They said that someone was impersonating me, and had scammed them out of some Counter Strike GO skins. I said it was a bad idea to give strangers their info, and wished them well. They continued on and insisted that they had more to show me, producing screen shots with someone impersonating my discord, and asking if my steam account was ‘me’ to which of course I said sure it was (because it was).

Eventually I continued on with my ‘Don’t give your info to strangers’ discussion, and they said “well I reported your steam account and now it’s going to get banned!” – and a light bulb flicked on and I realized that they were actually the ones doing the scamming. I told them that was cool and said have a good day. They insisted I be concerned about my account getting banned, I said “you’re cute, I’m not worried.” and then they vanished and stopped talking to me.

I never did get that ban they were talking about, but I did find tons of posts, articles, and comments from people going through the same issue.

Don’t fall for it. As much as I hate blocking every form of interaction out there, sometimes it’s warranted.

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