July Gaming Goals – 2021


  • Wurm is still waiting for me, but I haven’t felt the pull. Maybe in the fall I’ll feel like playing again. In the meantime I make sure upkeep is taken care of and my stuff isn’t going to go missing.
  • I didn’t complete any older games from my steam library – but I did buy a lot of new games.
  • I played only one day of Divinity with the husband. He’s off on vacation now, so I’m REALLY hoping to get more time in so we can slowly begin to finish up the game.


  • Nothing – all of the goals I made for June fell through. I didn’t stick with GW2, I haven’t felt like playing WoW, and I didn’t get around to Divinity.

Instead I started playing FFXIV (again) with a group of people I know from twitter, and I managed to get my bard to 80! No small feat there, I’m quite happy. My tentative ‘goal’ for that game is to finish the MSQ before the expansion comes out in November. I’m thinking that SHOULD be possible given my play times. Of course, I’ve been wrong before.

July Goals:

  • Divinity Original Sin II with the husband
  • One crafter to 80 in FFXIV
  • Complete a chunk of MSQ
  • Play at least two new to me games

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