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Animal Crossing? Of Course!

Of course like many I’m playing Animal Crossing on the Switch. I just had to create a yarn room. It’s one of many rooms I hope to create, and my favourite by far.

Not Quite TAAT Socks (3)

Don’t forget, Blapril is going on, you can see my other posts under the same tag to see what it’s all about – so far I’m feeling alright and doing my part posting every day, but we’ll see how long I can keep it up for.

Above – my socks! Heel flaps are coming along. I’m alternating between pairs so I can keep tension some what the same, and so that they count as ‘two at a time’ (to stave off second sock syndrome where I get very bored and don’t ever knit the second sock). They’ll be little ankle socks, and I’m excited to continue back in the round once these flaps are done.

Not Quite TAAT Socks (2)

I’ve started working on the heel flap along 1/2 the sock. This will go on until the heel makes a square (as long as it is wide) and then I’ll start shaping the heel.

Getting Creative with Animal Crossing

I’ve been playing a lot of animal crossing lately – and for the first time ever decided to get into a little bit of designing. I created the Quail Cove flag (pictured above) that I just adore. I’ve also been looking at other QR codes like Hufflepuff outfits, and I can’t wait to lay down some path around my place leading to buildings. So far, I’m just having a great time with all of it.

Not Quite TAAT Socks (1)

While technically I am knitting them two at a time, I’m using two 9″ circulars, my needles of choice. I’m making the pattern up as I go along, but I think they’ll be fraternal pairs, and short ankle type socks. We’ll just have to see!

Here’s hoping I finish them this #Blapril2020 but if not that’s OK too. I’ve been trying to get a bit of creative stuff done each day to ease some stress, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

A Little Minecraft

I’ve been playing some minecraft with friends lately to try to curb the onslaught of negative news that comes my way on a daily basis. It’s a lot of fun, even if I haven’t been able to stick around for any great length of time, and today I finally found the village that I would call my own.

I set up my blocks, and proceeded to clean up the area by removing trees and fixing homes that were damaged during the village’ creation process. The game doesn’t know that the ground the village sits on isn’t flat, so things go a little wonky with these pre-generated homes.

Still, it’s nice to have a place of my own!

Circular Sock Knitting

The above machine is from 1893, created by a company called Creelman Bros which was based here in Canada, in Georgetown Ontario. The design is quite simple, you crank a handle, needles move, yarn moves, and it stitches for you. There’s an attachment that fits in the top so you can do ribbing, too. They’re solid machines, weighing about 28lbs – and I recently purchased one off of EBay.


Because these textile machines absolutely fascinate me – and they’re no longer in production except for one company that creates reproductions for upwards of $1200 USD. It honestly blows my mind that something I am so incredibly passionate about hasn’t actually evolved or changed over time, it is that niche.

It hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m excited to try it out and see how well it knits. The test samples shown seemed to work well, but sometimes you just don’t know when it comes to EBay. I certainly didn’t pay as much as the reproductions go for, but it wasn’t a light sum, either. Hopefully I’ll have an update on the purchase in a week or two.

First C2C – Complete

Well, almost. I’m still adding a border to it right now (I’m doing two rows of grey then a row of black then I’ll assess if I want more) but it’s looking really nice and hopefully my daughter gets lots of use out of it. It was simple, a lot faster than knitting a blanket (bit over a month, at my pace that’s pretty good) and a pretty good size, too. I’ll most certainly try more C2C blankets in the future.

The Whole World Went to Shit – Lets Blog

I’ll be participating in Blapril (an early Blaugust) and hopefully blogging lots over the next little while – but – it will more than likely be a lot of craft-related posts, because honestly that is my happy place, and with covid-19 taking up 99.9% of my life, I NEED that happy place.

No idea what Blapril is? Read about it over on Belghast’ site, sign up, connect, be together and all that good stuff.


I’ve been doing a LOT of the restoration project. I reached 60+ in all crafts and harvests, and also picked up this really neat parasol!