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A Tale of Two Deeds Part One – Novus

For those who know me in Wurm Unlimited, you know that I have never been the greatest fan of building deeds. I used to, long ago, but I’ve been playing this game for many (many) years now and I just don’t find the same thrill in it. What I have done for the past few years and my preferred method, is to buy a completed deed that has everything I want. 

In Wurm Unlimited this is sometimes difficult to do, as everyone I’ve met enjoys building up their own places and are reluctant to part with them. What I did instead was post a WTB post, and hire willing players to build the deeds for me, giving them complete control over pretty much every aspect – with a short shopping list of what I deemed requirements. 

The deed pictured above is my home on Novus, a newer server with a higher population. It sports an amazing cottage with working kitchen, a nice workshop, storage area, and many animal pens. The whole deed is surrounded by maple trees (my favourite) and has lots of room for animals. It also has a sizeable mine. I originally wanted the deed built for my Fo priests, but decided to keep it for my main character, Stargrace, instead. Barefoot took on the challenge of building it for me, and I’m so thankful he did. 

I love owning completed deeds. Then I can focus on what I enjoy doing – crafting, working skills, breeding animals. In the past I would do a lot of exploring but my time these days is limited, so I haven’t done as much of that. 

clay and peat area being built 
A look into the main area as it was being built 
Temple area, and a view of the stables 

Christmas in Wurm Unlimited

This year I decided I would run a secret santa event on Sklotopolis for Christmas, and I had 40 participants sign up – I’m so excited! I’m hoping for unique and thoughtful gifts for everyone, and I hope everyone has a lot of fun with it. Little did I know that one of the first people who would receive a secret santa gift would actually be me!

My alliance got together and painstakingly gathered up four champion trolls (two breeding pairs) and hitched them to a beautiful wagon that Elfin created. a kind GM gifted me one of the skins of my choosing as a thank you, and the alliance filled the wagon with goodies, and left it on my deed. Taka, who is at my Liberty deed currently building on the property, contacted me and told me she needed me to log in to help with something. I figured it was placement of a bridge or something like that. I had no idea it was to reveal the champion trolls pulling a wagon!

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. I was absolutely floored. The thoughtfulness my Liberty alliance displayed was amazing and completely unexpected. Elfin thanked me for being such a staple to the community (I’ve only been playing on Sklotopolis for 2.5 years now…) and I am pretty sure I turned beet red. I am just another player, and while the community IS key to me, I don’t think I’m anything special. I just absolutely love the server (and the palyers). This generous gift is one more reason why. 

Pokemon Let’s Go

I don’t really keep up with Nintendo, even though I own a Switch I’ve had the same 3 games for a year now. Then people in my timeline on twitter started talking about the newest Pokemon game, and I knew I had to get it. The last Pokemon game I got was for the 2DS so it had been ages.

The game serves as a great base for people unfamiliar with the franchise. It’s very traditional, and that’s what I love about it besides the fact that I can play it on my TV. I spent most of last night wandering around with my Evee capturing a few new Pokemon and doing some simple battles. Then I learned I could change my Evee’s clothes, and via touch screen interact with her.

It’s all just too cute, and that’s exactly what I wanted.

You can friend me of  course, my Evee is level 10 so far and I’m taking things slow. I’m also paying more attention to what Nintendo has coming down the road so I can work on expanding the collection a bit. First I’ll need to get a micro SD card since my space is limited. Hopefully I can find one on a black Friday sale.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Goodbye, Stropp

I’m getting to an age now where friends I’ve met online I’ve known for 10, 11, and 12 plus years. They’re friends I talk to on a daily basis, people I care about. When one goes missing or is suddenly quiet, we notice.

In most cases it turns out to be nothing serious. People step away from their online lives. Social media can be overwhelming. Family emergencies crop up.

In other instances, this isn’t the case and that’s how it was with John. I knew John for a long time. We were friends on steam, facebook, twitter, and hung out in the Combat Wombat discord. We talked games. We talked food. Hell we even talked politics. Around the end of September we stopped hearing from him in our discord, and today we learned that he passed away October 6th. I still don’t really know what to make of it, or how to talk about it because it’s not a comfortable situation. I’m sad.

Stropp. John. Your comments, blog posts, conversations, and friendship were felt by many, and you will be missed.

To everyone else – don’t wait until your friends are gone to tell them how much they mean to you. It does not matter if you’ve never met in person, some of the strongest friendships are those types. Be sure your companions know just how important they are.

Diving into LotRO

It has been years since I played the Lord of the Rings Online, and even though my other half and I used to play it together for some reason it is one of the very few games that we actually did not return to year after year (unlike EverQuest, or WoW, or EverQuest2). When they announced a legendary server would be opening (much like the progression servers we know at Daybreak) I perked up a little. It didn’t take much hype before I was fully on board and planning out the characters I would play.

My husband also decided to play, and though we faced a queue any time we tried to log in we both managed to make new characters – yay! He’s playing a Warden, and I opted to try out a lore-master this time around (the one with the pets). I also have a hunter for ease. Last time we played he stuck to a guardian and I bounced between my rune-keeper and my minstrel. We finished the tutorial starter and headed off to Combe to pick up some crafting vocations. This time around I decided to go Tinkerer, and he went Explorer. It should compliment one another well, and if not no big deal we’re not exactly min-maxers anyway.

It’s really nice to be playing again, even if we’re frantically trying to fit those minutes of gameplay in between everything (ie: life). Since we met in a video game (EverQuest 2, for those curious) it seems only fitting.

The server has had a lengthly queue every evening, but during the day it’s not too bad. There are all sorts of returning players checking it out, though a fair portion of my twitter friends are reluctant to start on the new legendary server and have opted to remain on the regular servers – nothing wrong with that! I hope this brings the game some money and more business is never a bad thing.

We’ll see how long I end up sticking with it. I’m hoping to be able to play a few times a week, even if I don’t get much done. I believe expansions release every 4 months, so there’s plenty of time to catch up to “end game” though I have never actually been end game in LotRO before. There is a first for everything.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Events, Deeds, and an Anniversary

This week Sklotopolis turned 3 years old – an amazing feat for a Wurm Unlimited server when in so many cases they tend to fall apart and become empty within the first few months. It’s thanks to our amazing staff (and players) that this place is so great, and I made sure to thank them all for their hard work. I couldn’t see myself playing anywhere else.

Barefoot is just about done with my new deed on Novus, and it’s looking spectacular. I’ll add some screenshots later this week to show it off, there’s still a few odds and ends that it is lacking and the workshop building isn’t quite done yet. It has lots of room for expansion, which I love.

In the meantime I looked for a small counter-deed on Liberty, and ended up moving (again) where I had settled. Originally I found a place along the East Coast, but sailing from Novus to Liberty (although quick) was still too much of a pain – so I decided to see what was available if I sailed straight from one deed across to the other server.

As luck would have it, I found an enormous deed that was recently disbanded. I claimed a small area of it with Minxes & moved my other Fo priest over there. Now I have two well sized deeds, one of Novus and one on Liberty, and I’m quite happy with the choice to re-locate. I’ve been playing on the Sklotopolis server for over two years now (off and on due to real life breaks) and I needed a bit of a change. Never a bad thing.

This weekend was also another double slaying. We took down a white drake (baby dragon) and a goblin leader over on Liberty. After there was a Ritual of Spring casting, so my main earned herself 5 hours of sleep bonus and a little mind logic. I’m almost at 60 mind logic, which will give me 7 actions – something I am REALLY looking forward to.

Otherwise, things have been quiet. Working on my deeds, meeting new players, making a few sales, the usual, and just how I like it.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Farm Together Made me Hate Pumpkins

I was gifted this ultra casual super cute steam title called Farm Together by a good friend, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it – until I got wind of their Halloween event. It starts out innocently enough. Harvest 100 cursed pumpkins. Once you do that, you need to harvest 1,000. Then you need to harvest 10,000 – and 1,000 special trees.

You can harvest in a 3×3 area thanks to vehicles and gas – if the farm has those, but each cursed pumpkin costs 500 gold, and when you harvest them you get zilch in coin back. This makes it an incredibly difficult challenge especially for beginners like me. Thanks to the kindness of friends I was able to reach 3,000 pumpkins or so harvested (after blowing absolutely all my hard earned money on the crop before I realized they reward no coin in return) and I decided I give up. There’s a time limit (ie: harvest them by halloween) and 10,000 is just way. too. many.

You want to be a good neighbour, so you not only harvest in a 3×3 area, you till the land, and re-plant. Each action uses gas (or takes you forever by hand) and you can only plant in fall, which has a 17 minute window. The cursed pumpkins take 8h to grow (4h if you water them) and just.. no. NOPE.

This event is NOT FUN. It’s a grind that entices me because I WANT to unlock the cute halloween decor, but after 3k pumpkins I have put my foot down and I am NOT harvesting any more.

Sorry, Farm Together, your event is just more chore than fun.

Change is Good

I recently started playing Wurm Unlimited again, on the Sklotopolis server. Let me start off by saying that yes I promote this server a lot because it’s absolutely one of the best ones out there – and it keeps getting better. The developers recently coded a bot that hooks into the Wurm API and we can now talk back and forth between discord and game. It’s fantastic. It strengthens an already strong community, and I just think it’s a fantastic feature. I also think it’s impressive that this is a feature on a small independent gaming community, and not a larger company.

Anyway, that’s not the theme of this post. What I wanted to talk about in this post is how I’ve recently disbanded my two main deeds, keeping my 3rd smaller coastal deed on Liberty, and moved to Novus.

What spurred this on you might ask?

I recently posted looking for a pre-fabricated deed because I simply don’t have the time to design a new deed from scratch, and at the time I had no coastal home (after the fall of Moumix’ place). Barefoot responded, and offered to build me a deed (with payment of course) on Novus. He found the perfect location, asked me about the smaller particulars (buildings, landscaping, etc) and set to work.

I also joined a new alliance on Novus. I love my alliance on Liberty, but it’s hard to get people talking or to feel really involved because they have known one another for a very long time. My hours also don’t really match up, and while I know people come and go from the game I was feeling a little lonely. Being on a more active server (a lot of people left to Novus when it was linked to Liberty) has helped me feel not quite as lonely.

I do still have one smaller deed over on Liberty, in a new location. I took down Quail Keep and Quail Castle, and created Quail Cove over on the East coast. I’m hoping to slowly (ie: very slowly) turn it into a small town hub for when I go to Liberty events, and for alts. So far it’s going quite well, and despite all the changes I’m feeling happy and confident about them.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Yarn Review – Boss Lady Yarn Co.

Earlier this year (or maybe it was late last year) I had gotten it into my mind that I wanted to review (for my own reasons) yarn dyed by indie dyers – preferably Canadian. It didn’t exactly take off as I had way too much on my plate, not to mention the cost involved was more than I could spare. I’m hoping to bring that feature back at least once a month. Last month you may have seen me review this yarn that I was absolutely in love with so lets start with the second yarn I chose to review.

The sock above was knit with a yarn called Ivy, by Boss Lady Yarn Co. While it knit up well enough it was not what I was expecting when the package arrived. Because it had been vacuum sealed unwound and no label, it was incredibly messy and easy to get into knots as I opened it. The colours were nothing like what I had seen on the web site and I was really disappointed. They did include a wooden stitch marker as an extra that I appreciated a lot. Notions are a great way to win over an audience with an extra perk.

That’s the picture of Ivy in the shop. Really strong blues and greens, and a white base. What I got was a very speckled off-white base without the strong greens or blues that I had hoped for. I purchased the yarn from the sellers Etsy store, and I left a less-than-stellar review because I was not pleased with the yarn I received based on the shop pictures. Below is what I received.

The owner of the shop wrote me back and stated:

“Leaving a negative review should be a customer’s last resort.”

Let me mention that this was the first time I had ever been unsatisfied with a purchase and left a negative review. I didn’t feel the same way as the seller and it felt as though they were talking down to me as the customer. I felt that a dissatisfied customer should have the opportunity to leave their feedback, and that it was the whole reason there was a feedback option to begin with. I noticed that the new website does not allow people to leave reviews, and I find this a bit troublesome.

I understand that colours show up different depending on your monitor and that batch dying as a small company means there are going to be differences in the skeins, but this just felt like it was not what I had ordered at all. Something for the buyer to beware of. In the future I’ll also be looking for swatches knit up so I can get a better idea of what the yarn will look like if there are multiple colours used.

Wurm Unlimited – Sklotopolis

It’s fall, I’m feeling nostalgic. I decided that I had just enough free time to dive back into Wurm Unlimited (the steam version of Wurm Online) and meandered back to my old server of Sklotopolis. I’ve been logging in semi-regularly to keep my deed from vanishing, but other friends were not so lucky. Pictured above is Moumix’ deed that has since fallen, which made me pretty sad because he put a LOT of work into his grand castle of a deed. Maybe too much work, because eventually we all burned out.

I’ve got two deeds at the moment, Quail Keep which is an underground dwarven deed, and Quail Ridge, which looks more like a European village. There are sprawling buildings for each craft, fields, and horse pens. Since my return I’ve continued to work on the tunnel that spans between the two deeds, widening it to 3 tiles instead of the current 1. I’m hoping I can complete this project and then reinforce the entire thing, securing it. We’ll see how that goes.

If you’re looking for a fantastic Wurm Unlimited server with some of the kindest people you’ll meet, then I highly recommend Sklotopolis. The players and staff are both incredibly friendly and it’s just a good place to be.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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