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Will I Ever Tire?

I keep trying to play other games, but honestly, Wurm has so much of a hold on me it’s unbelievable. The graphics and changes they’ve made over the past few years are just astounding, and I can’t really imagine playing anywhere else.

Sales & Expansions

I’ve been doing quite a bit of archaeology in Wurm Unlimited lately, on my server of choice (Sklotopolis) trying to reach 90 in the skill (I’m still a ways away). I have managed to collect a few rare items though, including the pickaxe, shovel, and 2 handed sword pictured above.

I’m attempting to sell them so I can expand my deed. I disbanded my volcano deed so that I could expand over that, and I’ve recently added some farmland. Last, there is a mine to my north that I have deeded as Quail Caverns, but I’d really like to bring it all together under one deed. Less things to monitor, less deeds to have to log in alts for and less chance of being disbanded.

I need about 60-70 silver to cover the area I’d like, and more would be better. For now, I just hope to get a few more sales.

Rare Smelter – YAY

I finally created a somewhat useful rare in Wurm Online after all of this time! The first thing I created was a rare forge, which I have been carting around with me from deed to deed. Today I started smelting some ore and on a whim I improved the village smelter – which also turned rare. YAY! I believe this works the same as a rare forge, it will burn longer, faster. Perfect.

WTF Wednesday

Welcome back to another weekly installment of “WTF Wednesday” where I talk about a game the developers didn’t ask if they should make, before they decided they could.

The game for this week is called My Name is Mayo – and I know, it has mostly positive reviews, but hey it’s opinion and why not count mine. You have to pay for the game which is the main reason I’m putting this game up for WTF Wednesday.

It’s a clicker game, and there are lots of them out there. That means literally all you’re doing is clicking on a jar of mayo. Over. And Over. And Over (Over 8000 times). Sometime stuff is added to the screen as you click, and little sayings pop up, but in the end you’re just clicking and you’re paying for the right to do so.

This game preys on those gamer’s who are obsessed with achievement hunting, and sure developers are entitled to compensation for their time – but come on, really?

Road to 5 Million for the Ultra (Ultra) Casual (Update)

I moved my horde character over to Dalaran – and put about 100 items for sale. The crafting supplies that I carried over all sold, but not much else has. I also haven’t played hardly at all since I moved though, and like I said in a previous post, to make money you need to be at least somewhat active.

Part of the reason is because I just bought a volcano island in Wurm Unlimited, am also playing Wurm Online, try to spend time in a random game once a week, and I’m taking classes, while being a full time mom to two kids who use up pretty much 110% of my time.

Am I doing too much?

Probably. Something will probably have to give but for now I’m not sure what, and I don’t feel too bad so I’m going to keep juggling all of these balls until I can’t any more. Goals? Running some solo raids (older ones), getting into the BFA raids (I’ve only done the first one), monitoring sniper more frequently (I’m supposed to have scheduled game days but I keep flubbing because right now Wurm Unlimited is more interesting than other games I’m playing due to of course the volcano island) and .. crafting. Poor, neglected, crafting. When BFA released I was just so turned off from the changes that had happened that I couldn’t get back into the swing of things and I’d like to change that.

We’ll see how it goes. For now, I’m still on track at 1.5 million gold. Will it last? CAN it last? Who knows. I’m hoping for some happy mailboxes soon.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Wurm Unlimited Sale

I’ve entered into a partnership with an alliance member of mine, since 90% of the time I’m stuck on my deed unable to go any place because I might have to AFK (having kids will do that to a gamer) he is the adventurer and I am the crafter. He goes out looking for treasure chests and other articles of interest (Deathcrawlers in Caza) and then sends the items to me, where I make tools and then enchant them to prepare them for selling. We split the profit 50/50 and this way I get to make some neat things, and he gets to do what he loves which is adventuring and exploring.

It’s a way for me to feel ‘active’ in the game even though I’m not really that active. I love keeping the market alive, helping the server grow, making items for people and then taking their hard earned money and spending it on other things that I really dislike crafting (a good example is support beams. I really REALLY dislike crafting those, and so I purchased 200 from another player for 10s).

In Wurm Online we’ve moved our deed, hopefully to our last location. The previous place was great except it didn’t have a mine and that limits your space. If you have a mine you double it, and can put a distillery and all sorts of buildings under there. We did have a mine a short way away, but items left inside wouldn’t be secure, and that’s not cool.

I can’t wait to see what sort of things we sell, hopefully it all goes well! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

My Volcano in Wurm Unlimited

I saved up and bought a wand of the seas for 2g. Little did I know that when I used it, the volcano island I spawned would be right under my feet. . . I died almost instantly, dropping all of my precious items in the lava. Thankfully lava in Wurm is a slow burn, approximately 1 dmg every 15-20 minutes.

Even more thankfully, a GM came by and saw my mishap, and moved my ship and corpse onto lava free land. Shew. That was an exciting and stressful few minutes.


This week I’m feeling a bit lack-luster in my gaming. It might be because of the weather (it has been between -30C and -50C for over two weeks now) or maybe it’s just lady issues, or just the generic feeling when winter starts dragging on for too long. In any case, I’m not really playing anything that any of my friends are playing, and I’m feeling disjointed and annoyed by simple things.

I’m currently playing WoW, Dwarf Fortress, a random game (once a week), and both Wurm Online and Unlimited. What am I up to in those games?

In WoW I’ve moved over to the Dalaran server with my 120 monk and I’m playing horde. I was hoping that a more populated server would inspire my gameplay. I had previously been playing on the Argent Dawn server (alliance) and the population is pretty low. I love the server, but I wanted to explore what gold making is like with more of a population. A lot of people really enjoy the lower populations but I just wanted a bit of a change.

In Dwarf Fortress I started up another fortress and was almost instantly mauled to death by 4-tusked mastodon’s. Then they entered my base and slaughtered everyone who was left (it was early on in the game and I only had 9 dwarves). Time to start over again.

In Wurm Online I have been working on getting settled on Independence with friends. Our deed is lacking a mine and that’s a downfall, so we might be moving (again). I also did some mining, but it takes 1h for every .17 gain at 74 skill, so it’s pretty slow (as it should be).

In Wurm Unlimited I recently purchased a wand of the seas which will create an island and raise it from the ocean – unfortunately it’s not working on my main Sklotopolis server. I’m hoping the developers can look at it, but if not I’ll have to find a place on Novus to use it.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

First Time Friday – Old Man’s Journey

On Thursdays I’ve started using a random number generator to pick a game from my steam list to play, and then write about on Friday’s (which I’m tentatively calling First Time Friday). I own hundreds of steam games, but there are plenty that I’ve never played before and I wanted a random way of picking some throughout the year.

The first game it came up with was Old Man’s Journey – a game I think I picked up from a humble bundle in October. The game is mostly story, with a bit of puzzle. In it you follow an old man through the journey of his (really depressing) life. Without too many spoilers I will say I almost had to break out the box of tissue for this one.

The art style is amazing, I loved everything about it from the game play to the cut scenes. The music was OK but didn’t really strike a cord with me personally. It is a pretty short game from start to finish, but it’s 50% off on steam at the time of this post (and like I said, has been on Humble Bundle before) and I highly recommend picking it up if you like those sorts of games. I’ve set some of the screenshots I took as desktop background just because the whole thing was so beautifully done.

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress

One of the things I enjoy the most about RimWorld is that you can expand and customize gameplay with mods. The steam workshop is filled with hundreds of them, and I can spend hours picking and choosing which mods to incorporate in my game.

Dwarf fortress plays a lot alike. There are extensive mods that can customize the game for you.One of those mods is Masterwork Dwarf Fortress (MDF). The wiki explains that it makes DF 4 times as big, but still keeps true to the original atmosphere of the game. It adds buildings, restrictions, creatures, races, utilities, and other quality of life changes. One of my favourite changes is the ‘generic materials’ system. Instead of having leather from 40 different creatures, you just have leather. Instead of having milk from 5 different animals, it’s just milk. This helps my Dwarves organize by not requiring a different container for each and every type of item.

I had my husband set up a world for me and choose the embark location. I like to be surprised and I figured why not. Almost immediately shit started going downhill. First, I live in a weird hole in the ground made of rock (I mean the surface is rock) with vegetation above me. There is a tiny little lake for water (supposedly there’s an ocean nearby but I haven’t seen signs of one) and I have no idea who my neighbours are but I was under siege from undead almost as soon as I landed.

I received a warning that the undead walk and all my Dwarves should run away and hide, so instead of finding the undead on the map I frantically made 6 floor hatch, designated a burrow, and stuffed everyone downstairs.

Then the siege passed, the undead were off the map. My animals untouched. Can they not reach me in my little cavern in the ground? Maybe the sun frightened them away? I have no idea.

At least we’re safe.. for now.

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