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B’aal – One Day

My latest endevour is getting working towards getting the B’aal pet… we’ll see how that goes.

Warcraft Classic Gold Making

I started over in World of Warcraft classic with gold making, fresh character, wanting to see how much I could earn and aiming for 1k in 365 days just to have a goal. A few weeks in and I’m over 200 gold now, with about 200g worth of items on the AH (not all will sell). My character is unfortunately still level 15, and will probably stay that way, so even though I have all this gold, I have very little use for it except to buy more things to sell. Fun experiment, but since everyone in my guild quit in protest of Blizzard, it’s lonely times and not much fun for my mental health. I log in and do some AH stuff then tend to log right back out.

Retail is a bit better, at least, especially since my husband is playing. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Thanksgiving Challenges

My husband was actually off this Thanksgiving, so besides the turkey feast we had, we also played WoW together and challenged one another to run dungeons and collect transmog and recipes to sell. It was awesome – except he also fell asleep for a bit, so I naturally won (and earned a foot rub with the deal, woot). He’s working on B’aal and his Bee Mount, and I’m working on getting flying in BFA – overall, I’m just really excited he’s playing again.

Daily MailBox (Classic)

Pretty caked yarn

I decided to knit up my corridale into a scarf, and I’m tickled at how pretty the yarn looks all caked up. Not bad for this beginner spinner!

Flips in Classic

The first money column is how much the item sold for. The second is what I paid for it (in red) and the final column it the profit I made.

Classic AH flipping is pretty fun.

I believe I can (almost) Fly

I’m getting so close to being able to fly in BFA!

Spindle Work

A little action on my turkish spindle this week since I couldn’t get time to use my wheel.

From Fluff to Yarn


I started spinning my first ever rolags in a colourway called Monet’s Lily Pond. So far I’m learning a lot, I need a lot of twist into the singles. I’m hoping to get a 3 ply striping yarn for socks with this, but we’ll see how it goes…

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