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Living World Season 2

I’m slowly working my way through living world season 2 – even though I’ve already completed HoT. I decided it would be better to continue as much in order as I can (I’ve also done some of season 3, and some of PoF, but I have not completed either of them). In some ways I’m happy I’ve completed HoT before doing season 2 because I understand what’s going on a lot better and I can see where it’s leading. Of course that also means there isn’t much of a surprise.

I’m pretty close to reaching 3,500 achievement points and obtaining a new reward. I’m excited about that! I’ve been working on daily quests, along with doing the living world, and some map completion. I’m only 64% of the way through map completion so there’s still TONS to do. I’d also like to start working towards a legendary claymore, but I heard someone talking about how a new one will be released before too long (next month?) so I may hold off.

What is everyone else up to in game? Let me know in comments!

Closer to those Goals

I’m on the final story quest in Heart of Thorns expansion, and I’ve actually managed to complete one of the maps – I’m also pretty close to completing the final two maps thanks to some HoT HP trains that have been running over the past few weekends. I’ll need help with the story (which irks me a bit, seeing as the entire rest of the story I was able to do solo) but I’m REALLY looking forward to finally completing this so that I can move on with the living world stories, and then move on to PoF. Unlocking the mounts that are available is something I want to complete, and maybe I’ll even get caught up with the current living world story.

Stranger things have happened!

Pretty Much….

Sock Progress

I started this pair of socks last year, but as usual after finishing the first one I procrastinated starting the second and here we are now. I have gone back to knitting the foot, then all I’ll have left is the heel and the cuff – not a whole lot but when every second of your time is taken up it can be difficult to complete things.

Donating towards the Guild

As much as I love GW2 and my adventures in it – there is one very big major issue I have, and that is how smaller guilds are blocked from ever achieving any of the really neat guild hall upgrades, and sometimes even the guild hall itself.

I wish you could unlock it with gems, or gold, or harvested items, or anything that didn’t necessarily require you to have a group come together all at the same time. I feel like guild halls should be something that everyone gets to enjoy, whether you are in an enormous raiding guild that does fractals on a daily basis, or you’re in an ultra casual family friendly guild with friends who meet up once a month.

The way that guilds are handled bugs me. It always has, and unless something changes, it always will.

Still, it doesn’t stop me from donating as much as I can to ours, in the hopes that we earn enough guild status from one of the few events we can complete to actually get something done. The members of KR have worked really hard to reach the level and outpost that we have so far, and I want to continue to help and level it further, but with one person it’s not that easy.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Whether you jump in and celebrate, or avoid the internet for the remainder of it, I hope you’re all safe and happy.

Achievements to Mark Progress

I admit, I love achievements. I love the satisfaction of completing them and I love how they make me feel when I can’t always see what I’m working towards. I love that they give me a goal in game when I’m floundering on what to do.

There are a LOT of achievements in GW2. Some are easier to obtain than others. Some I know I will never get. Some I didn’t even know exist and come as a surprise after they show up (usually after a world boss or a meta event that I haven’t checked out before). I like that we’re rewarded for the number of achievement points we go after, and it motivates me to keep doing things.

I know it hasn’t always been this way, and I know a lot of people do not like achievements, but I think I like the combination of being able to work on them when I want to, and ignoring them when I just don’t care. Some days I just want to look for cats, for my housing instance, and that’s OK too.

Happy gaming!

GW2 Goals

I have a few goals I’m working on in GW2 now that I have my ascended weapon completed. I want to finally finish the Heart of Thorns story line – I’m very close, and I’m also close to map completion which really pleases me. I’ve been fitting in some time between doing everything else life requires to get hero points, experience, and all that good stuff. I was lucky enough to tag along a few trains over the weekend to get things I was missing, and while I couldn’t stay for an entire train on any occasion I was able to re-join during the portions that I needed next time around.

I have a necromancer sitting at level 67, so another goal is to reach 80 on that character. I also need to level a few crafts up to max level – in my case that means leatherworking, artificer, and huntsman. None of them are cheap, which is why I’ve been holding off. It will cost me a bit over 200 gold. Thankfully I do already have the others maxed out.

Once I’ve completed HoT I want to move on to the living world stories that I’ve neglected, starting with season three. Then progress through Path of Fire, and Living World Season 4. I’m sure all of it will take some time, but it’s nice to have goals to work towards.

I’m also working towards ascended gear on the guardian (my main) and map completion because she’s still not quite there yet. I’m inching towards 3500 achievement points which means another nice reward from ANet. I love going after achievements, and while it’s slow going, it is rewarding.

What is everyone else up to? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Fun Conversations

Super Adventure Box Festival!

It’s here it’s here it’s finally here!

Super adventure box is a retro style area in guild wars 2 with confusing puzzles and levels that you need to solve while trying to stay alive. I love it. It’s cute and a huge difficult pain in the arse.

The zone was packed, I am not the only asura who made her way there as soon as the zone became active, that’s for sure.

Are you checking it out? Let me know in comments!

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