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Lets Play – Sparta: War of Empires

Haven’t you always wanted to control your own Spartan city-state? I know I have! I’ve always been fascinated by the history, and if you’re looking for a great game to explore, then Sparta: War of Empires may just be the one for you. It will provide a few distracted hours of entertainment at the very least.

Of course you can’t conquer other cities all alone so you’ll need to recruit a slew of different military units to defend your city – or to take over other cities. You’ll raid them of their wealth and resources and boost up your ranks with these military units. By completing objectives you’ll help your small city grow into a mighty empire and eventually you’ll lead your mighty Spartan army to victory against Xerexes’ forces. To battle!

Captivating artwork draws you in right from the get-go, and let’s not forget just a few of the game highlights featured on their web site:

  • Develop your city into a major military and political power and save Greece!
  • Inspire over 30 different mighty warriors from across the ancient world to aid your cause.
  • Use trade, diplomacy, guile, and raw military power to rewrite history in your image.
  • Battle NPC enemies and rival alliances, join in cooperative missions with your friends, or go up against a massive community of live opponents – the choice is yours!
  • Immerse yourself in deep MMORTS gameplay, AAA artwork, voiceovers, and an original score by BAFTA award-winning composer Jesper Kyd.

An active and robust community is just one more enticing feature of this MMO as you can tell by their twitter account where they announce cash shop sales, contests, and general happenings. You certainly won’t be finding things growing stagnant here! You may even want to bring along a friend or two to form an alliance, or you can all join a coalition together and combine those forces with others to ensure greater victories.

Browser games like this are especially appealing when you may not be able to get to your gaming PC, or you may only have a little bit of time at your disposal (like you’re taking care of your young one, or you’re waiting for an oil change) which makes me incredibly thankful for them. The diversity in these games means there’s something for everyone.

Have you given this game or a game like it a try? What did you think? Be sure to share your comments below!

Getting into Horizon: Zero Dawn

It has been ages since I plugged in my PS4 – in fact last time I did, I was planning on selling it, and it was before my son was born. I ended up not selling it and I’m glad that I kept it (even if it has been neglected). Last week I saw people playing Horizon: Zero Dawn and I started watching a bit of it on Twitch – then decided that the game was just so beautiful and entertaining that I wanted to get a chance to play it myself and I didn’t want to spoil the story, so I stopped watching and swapped over to watching Zelda (which a lot of people have also been streaming, what a great time to be a gamer).

I decided to splurge and picked up the game from Amazon where my prime membership meant I would get a 20% discount. That saved me a whooping $15 (not sarcasm) – a big deal when it comes to console games. They’re typically around $80 Canadian when purchased new.

I set the PS4 back up, patched, logged into the PSN (I think I’m Stargrace if you want to add me) and added random friends who have purchased a console over the years. I only own a handful of games which seems quite pathetic. There’s Pinball (which I happen to play the most), Diablo 3, FFXIV (which I’m not even playing since it requires a subscription and I simply don’t have the time), and Little Big Planet 3 (I think this game is free atm if you have a PS+ subscription). Horizon showed up at my door two days later (yay) and required only a small little patch so I was up and playing within minutes. Ah, technology.

The game is absolutely stunning. PS4 share means I can show it off to everyone on social media, or save it for myself to view or make into a desktop. I will admit, one of the more appealing aspects of the game is that I don’t have to play a male character. I know, males play female characters all the time in video games when they have the choice (let face it, that choice isn’t around as often as it should) but I just relate more to playing a female character. You play Aloy, an Outcast. I don’t want to give things away, but lets just say that an absolutely gorgeous world combined with a strong female lead, and incredible mechanical beasts makes for a game that I won’t be bored of any time soon. There’s questing, adventuring, crafting, and just so much to do. I’ve barely scraped the surface because I keep stopping and pausing the game in photo mode and taking screenshots.

It is taking me a bit to get used to the controls – not because there’s anything wrong with them or it’s difficult in any way, but because I’ve always been a strict PC gamer, and controllers are still “new” to me. Eventually intuition takes over and I won’t have to keep looking down at the controller to see what buttons are where.

If you own a PS4 (or a PS4 Pro, or whatever they’ve come out with these days) I HIGHLY recommend picking up this game. There’s just too much good to say about it. In fact, I suppose I’ll get back to playing.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

1.3 Hype

Today is the day! The 1.3 update is coming to Wurm Unlimited. I’m incredibly excited about this update (as you may already know). While the biggest change is the cooking update and the addition of carbs / fat / protein to our health bars, there’s so many other small components to the update that there’s pretty much something for everyone.

Like the new storage options that are coming. There are racks for barrels, planters, and amphora. There’s a new alchemy rack to store potions (that’s something I’ll certainly be making use of). There’s the new beehives, and the honey making mechanics that I can’t wait to dive into.

Mine entrances are going to have the ability to become three tiles wide – fantastic for people who have boat caves.

On my server of Sklotopolis there’s also a number of smaller changes and fixes being added, it’s the perfect time (so long as nothing major breaks). Will things break? Probably, this is still Wurm after all.

I’m eager to get out there and start foraging for the new food items, and get new farm fields planted. My foraging and botanizing is pretty high as I use it quite frequently for my natural substance / alchemy skilling, and I hope that means I won’t have to spend all day hunting down the newest components. I’ve also created a spoon, knife, and fork, and improved them to 80ql. I’ll need to gather some marble to create a mortar and pestle, but I should have the components for everything else.

Are you looking forward to the 1.3 update? What are you most excited about? What do you think you’ll do in game first? Let me know in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Casino themed MMO games

The internet has helped to establish different trends in the gaming industry. Among these are online casinos such as which permit players to gamble from anywhere they can get an internet connection. Another development in gaming is the creation of MMO (massively multiplayer online) games. Naturally, these two popular gaming trends have come together to offer gamers online casino MMO games.

Four King Casino and Slots

This game combines a social experience with a 3D casino simulation. Players begin by creating their own 3D avatar. There are ways in which to personalize the avatar with other customizations opening up as players move up levels in the game. The rewards amount to stylish clothing. When your avatar enters the casino you can select from some of the most popular casino games such as roulette, video poker, craps, baccarat, slot machines and more. The game also allows players to play at the pace that fits their gambling experience. Choose from a no limit table or opt for a low stakes table.


Like Four Kings, this casino MMO also has options for customization. However, in this game players can work up the levels to create their own casino. These casinos then are available for other players to use. Expect to find 2D graphics in this game. One benefit of playing CasinoRPG is that players have a large community open to them. This includes global chat options which permit players to chat with others while gambling making this casino game seem even more lifelike. Unlike Four Kings, players must move up level in this game to wager larger amounts of money.

Both of the casino MMOs let gamers enjoy a simulated casino experience by wagering in-game currency. These games provide good practice for when players are ready to try their luck at an online casino wagering real money.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

If you’re looking for a pirate themed browser game to play, why not check out Pirates: Tides of Fortune. This MMORT (massively multiplayer online real time strategy game) was created by Plarium, and in it you build your own pirate bay and your ships fight against other players in sea battles. You can also sail around making discoveries for a bit of scenery change.

Once you create your account and log in you’ll want to complete the tutorial because it rewards you with some pretty valuable items to improve your bay, and you can’t go back and complete them if you skip out. Don’t forget to turn the volume up – this game has some fantastic tutorial voice-overs! While you’re making your way through the tutorial you learn that resources are used to improve your buildings and you’ll want to build things like rum distilleries and mines to ensure you have enough production. At the same time you’ll want to level up as a pirate, and that means battles. Lots and LOTS of battles.  

Although you can play alone, it’s recommended that players band together in Brotherhoods in order to take on more difficult foes. If you’re looking for Brotherhoods you can check out the active game forums, there’s a section just for joining up with others, and you’ll find a ton of information about the game there too. Community really is key to making a game great, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for why not try making one yourself?

When it comes to gameplay there’s a bunch of missions that players can complete for loot, and the loot is better the more people that are involved (more of a reason to jump into a brotherhood when you get the opportunity). Missions are like your typical MMO daily quests, there are solo versions as well as group versions (and even PVP).

There’s a lot to do, which is a refreshing change of pace. The tutorial teaches you how the UI works, how to build structures, gather resources, and participate in battles. Then you learn there’s also a talent tree, and as a new player you’re shielded from high level attacks until level 30 which gives you a bit of breathing room. It takes time to do each of these things, and that’s where the in-game cash shop comes into play. You can buy rubies (the game’s currency) and speed those timers up, making you stronger faster. You’ll also earn rubies for completing objectives, but it’s much slower (and a much lower amount). A great way to catch deals going on in the cash shop is to follow the active twitter account where you’ll also see news and contests posted.

If you happen to be a part of a great Brotherhood (or maybe you run one) why not let me know in comments below, so I can check them out!

More Kindness on Sklotopolis

I’ve been sticking pretty close to my deed lately since 90% of the time I’ve got my little guy squirming in my arms or on my lap or I’m sitting on the floor with him on his play mat or something like that. I can’t really travel to adventure or wander around because I’m not sure when I’ll get pulled away and need to AFK. It was during once such time that I noticed Resa was talking to me in local, they had come by with a gift – something they had hanging around on their alt deed, they said.

So I passed the little guy off to his Dad and told them I’d be right there.

Turns out they had two of my original horses from before my place was disbanded. Stargrace (the character) was caring for them which shows up in examine. They brought them back for me – a simple grey and pure black pair. I was incredibly grateful.

My deed was disbanded when I didn’t log in for a while, just one way of keeping the server fresh for the new players. I hadn’t left word with the staff that I was going to be gone which is why it’s important to make use of the forums. Thankfully my walls and buildings all stood, but the horses and animals I had been breeding were gone. I’m not sure if someone bashed down the single wall to get in, but it hardly matters.

As I mentioned before I re-deeded the place when I returned, but did have to start from scratch when it came to my animals. The fact that Resa still had two of them and returned them means a lot to me. I’m very grateful for the kindness of players – and of course I think it’s equally important to be just as kind.

There’s a Kyklopse event coming up on March 4th (5th? I forget the exact date, but it’s one of those) and I’m donating a rare tool to the raffle at the end. I hope someone can make some good use out of it, and I’m looking forward to seeing the server come together again for such an event.

Yesterday 1.3 also went into open beta. I’m INCREDIBLY excited about this update – and the Wurm Online developers have decided to include the 500 cooking recipes that they were previously leaving out. I think this is a VERY smart decision and one that should have been there from the start. Now they look like the good guys and I wonder if they planned on including the recipes all along. It doesn’t really matter, but it does make me wonder. In any case, it’s an update that I’m really (really) looking forward to. It changes the way Wurm is played, and offers so much new content. Hopefully we get to see it on our live servers within a few weeks. My guess is somewhere around March 20th, but we’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


Priest Shenanigans

I’ve got a total of four characters on the Sklotopolis server. I typically have two logged in at once, but I have been known to log in all four on occasion (happens very rarely). Why do I have so many characters? I have two vynora priests, and two fo priests. While there’s no detriments to becoming a priest on this server, you do still need to link up to cast the higher level spells (so you need to pool your favour / mana) and priest spells are still restricted by priest type. I have two fo so I can cast LT on my weapons, and that’s what I plan on working on in the next little while. My fo channeling is abysmal, and grinding channeling in general is a pretty dull task (yay for GL-Freedom and Netflix to help combat that).

Yesterday I had an order from Fescue for some tools, six in total. I got them created and improved quickly enough and then they wanted them all enchanted with circle of cunning, so I spent a bit of time doing that. My vynora channeling is pretty good but RNG was not on my side and I kept coming up short. It happens, but I wish it happened less often. RNG is the bane of Wurm (both Online and Unlimited).

Besides that I also spent the majority of yesterday working on improving tools in general. I have a forge I renamed to [Requires Imping] and a second forge renamed [Finished]. I spent the day improving the items from forge A to 80 and shuffling them over to forge B. Now I have a little stock pile of 80ql items, for selling or for my alliance mates to use. Until I get my mining to 90, 80ql is the best I can do. Mining is another one of those “wow this takes forever” skills. I’m at 85 right now, and it’s next on the list of things I want to work on.

That list just keeps on growing.

Kindness on Sklotopolis

When I returned to my deed on Sklotopolis, all of the horses that I had were either dead or dying and so I put out an advertisement to purchase some new 5-speeds. Before too long I had a reply from Sneevax (my apologies if the name is wrong, it’s early, but I think that’s who it was) telling me that they could donate a few horses to me since I was coming back and didn’t have any. I’m used to the kindness of players in Wurm Unlimited, especially on Sklotopolis, after all they have an amazing community – but this player went above and beyond what I was expecting.

I told them I couldn’t come pick up the horses because I was dealing with my little guy (in real life) and I wasn’t sure when I’d have to go AFK randomly (in other words, I’ve been sticking close to the deed for safety reasons) and they offered to deliver them for me. I was expecting two horses (a breeding pair) but when they showed up they delivered four to me.

Not only that, but two of the horses were the ‘pure black’ ones that were added not too long ago along with one ‘pure white’. Beautiful creatures by any standards, all 5-speeds, and typically worth about 5 silver each.

I was blown away. I insisted that I pay a bit for their time but they declined. I told them that I’d pass the good karma along to another player instead, and keep the kindness training rolling so to speak. It really made my day that people were willing to help me out so much. They also told me that if I had any needs I should feel welcome to contact them and they’d help me out. I’m pretty self reliant in Wurm, but it’s nice to know that if there is something out there that I need, that I can call on people who live pretty close by. It just left me with a nice warm fuzzy feeling all day long.

Which brings me to my next point. If you’ve wanted to play Wurm but you’re reluctant because you hear about the griefing and problem players on the original MMO servers – I once again highly recommend picking up the steam Wurm Unlimited version and trying a server there instead. I know there are other great ones besides Sklotopolis, and I won’t lie and say that there’s never any drama out there (in fact some of those servers are so filled with drama it makes my head hurt to read about it on the Wurm Online forums) but chances are you’ll stumble into a winner, with a great community and wonderful players. It’s worth the cost of the game at least, especially if you find it on sale.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Sybaris Continues

While I’m disappointed that Wurm Unlimited won’t be getting everything in the next large update that Wurm Online received (500 recipes mainly) that doesn’t stop me from being excited about the changes coming. It will add a lot of content to the game and I know it’s still in alpha testing so I may not see those changes for some time, but I’m already preparing.

Sybaris is coming along nicely. Moumix has done a fantastic job at getting our deed looking amazing. It’s surrounded by a fancy stone wall with arches at the N S E W entrances. I worked on the waterfront portion, and his wife has done an incredible job with the farms and stables. We’re still lacking a few buildings and the walls are not quite complete yet (plus the smithy building needs a roof) but I have loved watching it all take shape. I also have my smaller deed not too far away and I spend some time there each day doing the farming and taking care of a few animals that I own (sheep, pigs, a horse or two). It’s not as enormous as the main deed, but I wasn’t looking for anything very big.

There’s another server event coming up shortly (remember I play on Sklotopolis), a Kyklops slaying. I’m looking forward to that. The previous event (troll king) was a lot of fun. Being able to teleport to the events has made a world of difference to me.

I’m not sure what skill I want to work up next as far as grinding goes but I’m sure I’ll decide on something before too long. Making cheese is pretty high up on my list for whatever reason. Maybe trying some fishing, too.

Moxie started playing on the server a few days ago, she’s a fellow gamer friend of mine. It’s great to see a few familiar faces. If you’ve never tried Wurm Online but have been curious about it, Wurm Unlimited goes on sale sometimes on steam, so you may want to add it to your wishlist and be informed when / if that happens. Of course since Wurm Online is free to play (technically, your skills are pretty capped though) you could always try it there first and see if you think you’d enjoy it before shelling out any money.

I have certainly gotten more than my $30 worth out of playing. I think I have over 1,000 hours logged in the game on steam… sure a lot of that is AFK hours, and pre-baby hours, but either way.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Vikings: War of Clans

It’s not very often that I stumble across games in the google play store, but Vikings: War of Clans caught my attention right away. Before playing I took a quick peek at their website and then decided to jump in (you can also find a browser version of the game, along with an iOS version if you’re interested. I just happen to use Android).

The game is multiplayer, and you’re in charge of creating and developing a clan – or you can join one already created. Once you’ve created you’ll want to (of course) upgrade – and the upgrades cost resources. The more upgrades you have, the stronger you become, and the easier time you’ll have at winning against other players and capturing the Place of Power (a central location within a map).

It’s not just about the brute strength of your clan, either. The game employs strategic thinking, and you’ll find yourself using trade or diplomacy in order to win rather than just throwing your men at the gates of your enemies.

Of course in free to play games like this, a shop is typically expected. In that regard Vikings: War of Clans is no different. You can purchase items for real life money, but it’s not an absolute must. The game is free to play and you can jump right in without any barriers which is particularly nice.

They have also had a number of updates over the course of the game’s release. The developers are active and interested in making sure that the game stays interesting to players – something I’ve always appreciated.

If you’re looking for more information or just want to check out their social pages, why not pop on over to the Vikings: Clans of War facebook page (which is very active these days), or check out the Plarium web site.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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