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Dragonstone – 1

Now that my wash cloths are done, I’ve picked up a new project. I’m knitting a shawl called Dragonstone, which is a simple garter stitch body & some mosaic with lace detailing at the end. I decided to knit it with a tweed yarn, and I’m excited to see how it turns out!

Processing Fleece

I recently came into a 3.7lb fleece, from a leicester longwool sheep named Truman. While Truman was not a coated sheep, his best friend was – so the fleece came with minimal vm and cleaning it was pretty easy. What I didn’t realize is just how much floof 3.7lbs of wool is! I processed a tiny portion of the darker fleece to begin with, just to get the hang of things. Then a few weeks later I did the remaining fleece. I wanted to get it all cleaned and ready for storage.

My goal is to use my new drum carder (on the way) to create roving – and to spin it for the Tour de Fleece that’s happening at the end of this month. It will be the first fleece I’ve taken from start to finish, and I have plans on knitting a cardigan with it once it’s all spun and plied.

I’m incredibly excited! So far the entire process has been a learning experience, and it really speaks to my soul.

A Gift

I don’t make friends easily. I’m quite introverted, and I’m hard to get along with. I’m opinionated, and I’m not good at just letting things go. When we moved to our isolated post I knew that these characteristics might work against me.

My neighbour is another RCMP family, and they’ve done everything within their power to make us feel welcome in the community. They’re finished their duration at the post, and are on their way to another – and I’ll miss them dearly. I decided to knit them a set of cotton wash cloths as a thank you for everything they’ve done. Cotton wash cloths are one of my favourite things. They last a good while, they’re super scrubby, and they’re just comforting. I hope they like them!

Multiboxing Goals Accomplished

As of this post, my team of 5 are level 35, and still doing random dungeons. The bonus you get for joining a dungeon queue is pretty nice, especially since there’s still 100% bonus. It could be a lot faster but I’m still learning – and man do I have a LOT to learn.

Yesterday I spent some time watching YouTube videos on how to set up VideoFX within ISBoxer. This is a pretty simple concept and it’s how most multiboxers fish, if you’ve ever seen that happen.

You set up one person (or multiple, if you wish) as a source, and then you create a little source area that covers a portion of their screen. In my dungeon case I’ve covered my grid area, where I’m using clique to heal. Basically just a rectangle with my group. When I mouse over the rectangle (while on my druid healer) and use a hotkey, she’ll heal. Left and right mouse and center are all bound to heals.

Then I set up a viewer window. In this case I’m using my main account on my main monitor, and 4 other accounts on my secondary monitor in a tile layout. Anyway, with a source, and a viewer, the rest is simple. It simply broadcasts that small portion of the healer onto the main window I’m playing on. Even if I swap characters. This is a feature in microsoft that ISBoxer makes use of, and it means I can be on my tank, tanking, and then mouse over that grid/clique area and use my hotkeys to heal without having to actually turn on broadcast, or swap to my healer.

It makes things a LOT easier. Of course my druid also only has a handful of heals at 35, so I’m still learning, and I haven’t hotkeyed everything – but I feel like I’m making some pretty good progress.

Aside from the levels, I also set everyone up with a guild so they have a place to stash goods, and I got everyone some engineering. I’m not convinced I need even more tailors at this time, I might set them up as tailors for now just for extra cloth and then we’ll see later on. I’m also planning on moving most of these characters to my main account once they’re leveled up. Blizzard makes it pretty simple for players to pay to transfer characters between their own bnet, so I’m not expecting any issues.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Multiboxing some Dungeons

I don’t really enjoy leveling up in World of Warcraft these days because I have done it so many times in the past (I have all classes at 120 for alliance, and most for horde). Thing is, if you want to unlock heritage armour (especially for allied races) you have to level up. Not boost.

That’s where the decision to create a dungeon team that I could level up with came from.

I made a vulpera monk, vulpera warrior (just because), a mag’har orc mage, a highmountain tauren druid, and an orc hunter (I haven’t unlocked all of the horde races yet). I multibox all on one PC thanks to some upgrades (5 is pretty easy, I typically do 8) and I use a few addons like EMA, Dejunk, GSE, and one 3rd party software called ISBoxer. ISBoxer has been around for ages, and before anyone asks, yes, it’s completely safe to use and doesn’t violate the TOS for Blizzard. In fact the ISBoxer community is some of the friendliest and dedicated bunch I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking with. Their discord is filled with multiboxers of all ranges, from beginners to those so well versed they’re running mythic+ with their teams. It’s a passion, just like gaming.

Anyway, I haven’t optimized ISBoxer yet because honestly even though I’ve been playing 5 accounts for a while I’ve just never taken the time to set it up properly. For dungeons, you REALLY want to set it up. You want hotkeys so your healers actually, you know, heal. At the beginning this isn’t a big deal. I have a very simple macro my healer spams to heal the tank. That’s it.

Later on I’ll want her to cycle through the group, and I might even swap my tank from the monk to the warrior and then have the monk do both dps & backup heal. You can get REALLY creative with things. I’ll probably want to get more heal addons like clique or healbot, and I need to keep learning ISBoxer because it is just amazing what you can do with profiles.

The team went from 20-24 last night with 2 dungeons. I didn’t bother doing any quests as I wanted to learn the ropes. I had an absolute blast though and finding little challenges like this to do always gets me so excited to play.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Hello? Is this thing On?

Welp. I haven’t written since the 1st of May – though I may go back and change that with backlogs, we’ll see. Why haven’t I written? There’s a number of reasons but the first one is because I simply haven’t had the brain power or the time.

We’re under lockdown with covid-19 and have been for some time. Complete lockdown. We can’t even go out of the community for groceries. At the same time that all of ‘that’ happened, we got the official diagnosis for my son – autistic, echolilalo, and learning disability.

At the same time as that, our basement flooded with sewage, the tire to the car was flat, and other every day things all happened. All the things. All at once. It has been too much for me. Wait, no, saying it has been too much for me is an understatement.

There’s no family or friends to help and there’s no escaping the stress because we’re not allowed to go anywhere, so I’ve been trying to maintain some semblance of normal by knitting, spinning, gardening, taking care of the family – but absolutely nothing is ‘normal’ these days, and I dislike everything about this new way of life we have.

Hopefully I get back to blogging soon.

Shadowlands Goals

Looking at the bigger long term picture there’s some definite things I want to get done before Shadowlands comes out. I’ve been trying to put them on paper so I have a little bit of direction, even if I don’t accomplish it all. It’s just meant to give me a bit of a ‘hey why not work on this’ feeling, not a strict rule or anything.

  1. Level all of the crafting professions on my main account (so far I only have tailoring, enchanting, inscription, and engineering finished, and only two of those are on my main account).
  2. Unlock the rest of the allied races (I’m very close on this one at least).
  3. Level up a warrior.
  4. Obtain the monk class mount (for some reason I’m struggling with this, I can’t seem to get the chain for it working properly since I swapped to and from alliance/horde a few times).
  5. Work on getting a few pets I still don’t have (some TCG, quested, etc).

There’s more that should be on the list, but I can’t think of it right now so I’m going to move forward with what I have and perhaps add on to it as time goes on. We’ll see. Hopefully I at least get the crafting portion done, because that is something I really want out of the way. I imagine once BFA is done I will have very little desire to ever craft that stuff again (especially not having Rk3).

Super Squirt Coming Up

May 3rd is the next Super Squirt day for North America and I’m hoping to get the last few pets I have leveled up. I still need to turn a good portion of them rare, but that will take me a lot longer. I’m really proud of my collection, it’s one thing in world of warcraft that I really enjoy doing and working on. I’ve been collecting the trading card game pets for some time now, and I only have a few more left to get.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Wanting Something Different

I’ve been multiboxing 8 accounts for a little while now – on two different servers. The screenshot represents the statistics to one of those servers. I do a really simple farm and the problem is after doing this for some time I realize I’m not actually having fun.

Making gold when you’re not having fun is a bit pointless, it’s a video game, if I’m going to spend money playing it, I WANT to have fun. I decided it was time to take a step back and reevaluate things. What does this mean?

I’ll probably let a bunch of my multibox team lapse, honestly I’m just much happier playing 2-3 characters instead of all 8. I’d also like to look into my old methods of making gold instead of constantly relying on a vendor shuffle. The great thing about vendor shuffles is they’re guaranteed money because you’re not dealing with an auction house. The bad thing about vendor shuffles is they’re BORING. The two most popular vendor shuffles involve pants, pants from legion (requires faction to get rank 3), and pants from BFA (requires nothing except leveling). You can typically buy tidespray linen (or farm it) and buy shal’dorie silk (or farm it), craft pants, and vendor them for a profit. Anything under 2g is typically going to net you a profit under those conditions.

It’s boring. I’ve made hundreds of thousands of pants and sold them to vendor on various accounts and what I’ve come to realize is I actually want to – you know – play the game.

I only have TWO max level crafters. I used to have all of them max but the new method of having to grind faction in order to unlock rank 3 REALLY did me in this expansion. I just absolutely do NOT like this method. In order to make any profit you basically HAVE to grind on anyone who is going to be crafting.

I hate grinding.

Why do I do so much of it then? Because it’s simple and mindless.

What I’d like to do is set up some pre-shadowlands goals for myself. Things I want to get done before the pre-launch stuff happens. That includes getting everyone maxed in their specific craft of choice (it doesn’t mean getting rank 3), and maybe even leveling up a few straggling alts. I once had a dream of having 1 of every class as alliance, and of horde, and I honestly wasn’t too far from accomplishing that. I just need a warrior to finish off the alliance side, and I think I have 4 characters so far of the horde side. There are still some pets I want to get, mounts I want to unlock, and achievements I haven’t gotten yet.

I don’t NEED to farm gold, though I do enjoy it a huge amount. Honestly, with everything going on in the world lately, I’ve just been really depressed and not getting the same amount of joy that I used to from things. I’m hoping changing it up a bit might help. We’ll see.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Some RL Guilds

Yep. There’s a circular sock knitting machine society, and I decided to join it. Membership is for three years, and it doesn’t exactly provide a whole bunch, but I still think it’s pretty cool. You can find out more about them here.

I also decided to join the Saskatchewan weavers and spinners guild. Everything is on hold lately as far as get togethers due to covid, but it’s still a sense of community in these trying times.

My sock machine is put together and working fine, but there’s some learning curves to overcome. I ordered new needles, I need to order mineral oil, and it still needs a good cleaning. I could also use a better basket for it as mine is quite rusted. Once I get these issues taken care of we’ll see how she runs! I know it will take some practice.