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Daily Mailbox

Not huge sales, but every little bit helps!

Classic Sales

I’m slowly building up some stock on classic to sell. I keep 10 gold on my AH character and everything else I’ve been shifting off to a banker alt. I spend the 10g, replenish the supply (and keep 10g I’ve earned back, on me) and it seems to be working out quite well so far. I’m also still doing some snipes on the auction house and getting things for below vendor cost, so it fills in some gaps.

Coffee Socks

Now that I’ve finally finished knitting my sweater, it’s time to move on with some coffee socks. I am knitting these in a grey/pink combination and I can’t wait to see how they turn out! I haven’t done a lot of colour work in the past, so I hope I can do them justice.

Finished my Love Note Sweater!

I absolutely love how this sweater turned out. It’s incredibly soft, warm, and just beautiful. It took me just over two months to knit in fingering weight because I barely get any time for knitting, but I am proud that I completed it, and now it makes me want to have an entire wardrobe of hand knits to wear.

AddOns to Help you Make More Gold

I am a huge fan of some pretty specific addons that help me make gold easier. They won’t do the heavy lifting for you, but once you figure out how to use them to your advantage you might wonder how you ever managed without.

First up – Tradeskillmaster. This is an enormous auction house suite. I’ve been using it for roughly two years now and it’s my absolute go-to as far as making gold. It tracks sales, expenses, and allows you to create groups of items and then assign operations to those groups. What does that mean? It means if you’re looking to buy xyz item under a specific amount and run sniper, you can see it show up. It means that if you want all of your potions to be posted in groups of 5 10 15 and 20 you can do that. If you want to vendor items that have been up on the AH for x amount of times, you can do that too.

The thing is there’s quite a learning curve and it’s easy to be intimidated if you’re unfamiliar with the language. Thankfully, there are TONS of resources out there. I use pre-made groups and then assign my own operations based on what I want to do with those groups. It’s HIGHLY recommended that you learn how to use this program and don’t just copy & paste someone else’ operations, because you might not want it doing what they have it doing and you won’t even know because you don’t understand the strings. Believe me when I say this, it is worth it. Stick with it. If you have questions there is a very popular discord or you can even give me a nudge and I’ll do my best.

TSM also replaces the crafting window with a lot of incredibly useful information, like who you need to log to next to make use of their cool down crafts, and who has what in their bags for crafting. You can also queue crafting, and it will direct you on who to log on. You can also see what craft items are selling, and for how much. Like I said, there’s a TON to this addon, and it’s completely worth learning.

MogIt is another addon that I absolutely love because I can see what something looks like just by mousing over it. Important for those transmog purchases (or sales). I combine this with All The Things, which basically lists absolutely everything there is to collect in game, and whether or not you own it. I do mean EVERYTHING. The addon is amazing.

LootAppraiser is another that I love. It shows you the value of items as you loot them based on your TSM settings. Server wide, region wide, it will give you an estimated price based on the blizzard API and scans of the auction house. I used to use this one in challenges with my husband but it has been a little while now.

Altoholic is one of those that some may find useful and others may not. I use it to show me what characters I have, the coin they have, tokens, and useful pieces of information like that. While it doesn’t directly help me make any more gold, it is all information that I appreciate having collected all in one spot. I tend to have a lot of alts.

That’s it! Those are my most used addons. Every so often I may add one here and there, and it doesn’t take into consideration all the pet addons I have, but for making gold, these ones (especially TSM) are my go-to.

Flipping for Profit

The best way I have found to make money in world of warcraft – is to branch out in many different markets, never staying with just one, and learning your server as patches and raids evolve and change. I happen to play on a lower population NA realm, and my sales differ compared to a high population. Things tend to move a bit slower, and potions are not a big seller on raid night compared to other servers.

That being said, there IS money to be made. It’s only by branching out that I get to discover this. Posted above is my most recent sales and flips. Items I purchased for one price and then sold for a higher price. When the market is flooded the price dives down, but on days where the items are used in a quest they tend to go way up. You can see my largest profit was from reselling a flask of the undertow that I purchased for 499g and then sold for 902g – but I only sold one out of the 4 I bought so far. Bigger sales but smaller profits include ink, battle potion of intellect, leather, and silk. These are not consumables, but are still money in the bank.

Problem is of course you’re not the only person out there doing this and the market can get flooded. Someone put up 28 stacks of 200 for well under the normal cost and there’s no way I want to try to sell all of that off unless I can craft it into something that would actually move. It really does take a bit of time and effort to learn your server, but once you get there the rewards are certainly worth it.

My Celestial Family

After years of working on the celestial tournament I FINALLY finished picking up all 4 pets that you earn from it. See, it’s not defeating the tournament that was the issue, but each pet required 3 tokens and you earn 1 token a week. I would often just forget to do it, or miss it by a reset, or just get distracted or frustrated with xyz thing and move on to something else.

Today I finally picked up Zao, and now I own all 4. I don’t think I’ll continue doing the tournament weekly, either, because you can’t sell the pets, and there’s really no reason for me to put myself through that any longer. Instead I’ll work on completing the weekly pet battle dungeons and obtaining the pets that come from those. It’s a lot like the celestial tournament in that you require multiple weeks to earn a currency to purchase the pets, but with a bit of time (and a few years) I might actually collect them all.

Speaking of collections, I took a look at my standings and it looks like there may not be very many pet collectors around because I’m ranked 22nd over all! This is a combination of pet achievements, levels, and the collection in general. Technically there are two sites with rankings, and each one gives me a different value so I’m curious as to which one is more ‘true’ – but either way, I’m pretty happy.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


I have been waiting for years for Steam to update their library UI and they FINALLY have. I can’t wait to organize it all (again) and see how well it works out this time.

Anyone else giving it a try? Right now I believe it’s still in beta, so you have to opt in through the steam beta options, but it should be open to anyone for trying. Let me know what you think!

Road to 5 million (again) in 365

I am a firm believer that it is never too late to go after something you want. You might have to approach it from a different angle than you had originally imagined, but eventually, you’ll get there. Thus, when I decided that I really did want to earn that 5 million gold mount even though I had squandered away almost all of my millions and making money in BFA is more difficult than it had been previously (especially with folks jumping ship to classic left right and center) I knew it would be an achievable goal. Eventually.

I’m a casual player at the best of times, so I set myself with a 365 day goal. A year. That means each day I should bring in at least 13,699 gold. Some days I’ll get more, some days I’ll get less, but overall it should be roughly that amount in order to hit my goal. I’m hoping to achieve it in MUCH less than 365 days, but that would just be a nice bonus.

I’m back to playing just alliance, I faction changed my monk (my main for the past few years) and organized all of my items and characters. I’m still playing classic but it’s much more of a ‘playing the AH and not much else’ game these days. I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it that it requires. NOT the fault of the game. After all, 15 years ago when I played I wasn’t married, didn’t have a kid (let alone two) and time was readily available even though I may not have known it right then.

Excited? YES I am. I love giving myself goals like this in game. Will I succeed? Who knows, last time I failed gloriously. I reached just over 3 million and then spent it on a lot of stuff. We’ll see if I can stick with it this time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


I spend a lot of time at the AH just waiting for a good deal – and lately, classic has provided a ton of them.

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