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It’s Raining Cats & Dogs

Long time sims 4 player here (just in case you didn’t know) and I have been waiting for them to add pets to the game for a while. Sure, it’s not the horses and other animals that I saw in Sims 3 – but it’s a start. I immediately loaded up my legacy family (we’re on the 3rd generation if you recall) who I have neglected for the past year or so. Emily Little got on the phone and requested the adoption agency stop by with cats. You’re allowed to pick three of them to visit you, I picked two (for now).

The adoption agent comes by and plops the little kitties down in your home for you to visit with and interact with. If you like them you can adopt them right there on the spot. I ended up with both, Missy, and Potsie. They’re adorable.

Potsie is scared of the TV, so I turned it off immediately. Missy went and hid under the couch right away. The amount of detail that goes into interacting with them is fantastic, and you can customize pet creations in so many ways it makes my head spin.

Then of course there are the household items you can purchase for your pet. Beds, houses, litter boxes, toys, food trays, automatic or not, in any colour you can dream of.

I’m still missing quite a few of the smaller game expansions (stuff packs, game packs, whatever they are) but I’m hoping EA has a black Friday sale and that I can pick them up then and complete my collection. In the meantime, I’m having a blast with their latest one, and I can’t wait to adopt a dog next.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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Dusting off the Hunter

Bouncing around from character to character is sort of my thing in World of Warcraft until something ties me down and I finally settle. Sometimes that’s a quest line I want to work on, achievements, leveling, a guild, or a friend playing with me. Since returning about a month ago I was having a difficult time deciding who I want to play. I briefly discussed it in another post, the fact that I have characters on four different servers, all different factions.

In a sporadic move, I decided to play my hunter just to see where she was at – and after a few days of wanting to play only that character, I settled into a familiar pattern. I forgot how fun it was to shoot at enemies, with a pet (while I’m by myself) or without my pets in a raid situation. I’m not sure what happened to having to level up my epic weapons, but I went from an artifact level of 12 to 51 in a single night. I know that’s not much by the current game play standard, but it was a lot for me.

Her gear was mostly blues that I obtained while leveling, so I set out to complete the world quests that gave gear for a reward. I was too low ilevel to participate in any raids so those would have to wait. Before my first evening was done I had shimmied up to ilevel 825 and could go on the first round of raids.

I didn’t win any loot from those, but it was fun to be playing DPS instead of my holy priest. I adore my priest, but I tend to play that character alongside my husband, and with him still months away from playing, there just isn’t any desire for me to play her.

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing in game and I quite like it that way. I’m having fun bouncing around completing my smaller random quests and getting re-familiar with what was going on in Legion. I do need to work on some appearance gear, but that’s not a big deal.

Will I stick with the hunter? Honestly I’m not sure. For now she’s a fun distraction, but I really wish all of my characters were on the same server, if not the same faction.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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Making a Splash with eSports

One of the many events and celebrations that came with BlizzCon this year was a whole lot of esports. Now, I’ve never really understood the madness that comes with this new event, but I also don’t believe that everyone has to love everything, so if people out there want to go crazy for it then all the more power to them. Just because I’m not a huge fan of baseball doesn’t mean that I should discount those who are fans and who follow it with excitement.

Blizzard hosted the Overwatch World Cup, the StarCraft World Championship Global Finals, and the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship – plus a few more during their BlizzCon, and it’s safe to say they’ll continue to do so as esports grows in popularity. It’s an area of video games that involves a LOT of money, both for participants and advertisers. It has become such a big thing that earlier this year Blizzard announced they would be opening their very own esports arena in L.A. for Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone competitions. They’re getting in on the ground floor, and I can’t say I blame them. Even looking at the twitch streams that broadcast esports you can tell that this isn’t something that’s going away any time soon. Thousands of viewers spend countless hours watching the battles take place and even placing wagers on who they think is going to win it all. There has also been a fair bit of drama regarding teams involved in esports over the years, everything from people getting kicked off of teams to not being able to compete because they can’t enter the US.

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One of the good things that happens by these types of interests cropping up is that there’s room for all sorts of expansion outside of the actual esports events. New websites pop up, new fan sites, new interest and hype for the fans. You can check out William Hill’s latest e-sport matches, read up on the latest team drama, and even place bets on who you think is going to win. There is a lot of room for growth because it’s a relatively new development still, and if it’s something you’re particularly passionate about then that makes it even easier. I love watching the hype and excitement.

None of these things is bad (IMO) even if I don’t quite understand the whole following. I’m not that big of a golf fan either, but that doesn’t mean I discount it as a sport (OK, well, I do, but that’s not the point here). Maybe one day we’ll even see esports as an Olympic sport, though I don’t think we are anywhere near there yet.

Did you watch any of the events at BlizzCon or have you ever watched any of the esports events that have taken place over the past few years? What were your thoughts? Are esports really “sports” as we’re familiar with the term or do you think they need their own non-sport category? As always, let me know in comments!


The Count Lucanor

You’re a 10 year old boy named Hans, and it’s your birthday. Instead of being happy for surviving another year, you’re angry at your mother because your father is off to war, and she doesn’t have any gifts or sweets for you.

So you decide to leave, in search of fame and treasure.

That’s how my experience with The Count Lucanor started out. I believe I got the game as part of a humble bundle, and I decided that I should try to play through some games that I wouldn’t normally play. I may not get very far in them, but it should make for an interesting post.

This game is a pixel rpg game, and I had no idea what to expect.

Hans set out from his home with some coin, a cane, and some cheese. He ended up finding a bone for his dog first – the start of many good deeds he thought he was doing. As he wandered away from home he gave his cane (his mother had given it to him, it was an heirloom from his grandfather) to an old woman who said she needed it. How was he supposed to know she was going to use the cane on her poor pig to whip it!

Continuing to walk along, he came to a donkey that looked like it was starving, so he fed him some apples. Then he found the donkey’s master – and the guy stole gold from Hans! He had intended on giving the guy just one gold coin but he took two of them, leaving Hans with one gold remaining. Mother did tell him not to be wasteful.

Walking even further, Hans spotted a shepherd with his goats. The shepherd was hungry, so Hans offered to give up some of his cheese. The shepherd said he had some wine he could give Hans in exchange, so they had a lovely picnic together – until Hans passed out from too much wine.

When Hans woke up.. creepy weird stuff was going on. With goats.

The shepherd was dead, his head sitting on a log, and he was surrounded by evil goats. Hans ran. He ran. He ran.

He didn’t make it.

This is a VERY weird game, but I’m enjoying it so far. We’ll have to see what adventures Hans gets to next time. Maybe he’ll hang onto that cane and try to take down the goats.

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Catching Up on BlizzCon

I did end up buying the virtual ticket for BlizzCon this year but because so many things were all happening that weekend (husband home for a visit, extra life, etc) I didn’t get a chance to watch a single presentation, so I followed along on twitter and picked up what tidbits I could.

First of all, I was incredibly pleased to hear that the Hogger costume won first place. I follow the creator on twitter and watching the costume process was incredible. There’s a whole lot of talent there.

Of course I heard about the new Vanilla servers – people have wanted this for ages, and I’m glad they’re going to get it. Will I play? Probably. It’s not a big deal to me though. I don’t lament for those days gone by like I did with the EQ2 progression servers. It will be something neat to check out and that’s about it.

The next expansion has been getting a fairly luke warm reception from friends in my circles, and I haven’t really decided how I feel yet. Most of them are tired of the same ‘Alliance vs. The Horde’ mentality, and would rather see something new. None of the expansion details grabbed at them like artifacts did in the past (or garrisons). I was hoping to see something big like player housing or maybe news that pet battles would be moved to mobile. New races are fun though and I’m sure I’ll make a new character or two to check them out as well as the lore behind them.

I’m enjoying my time in WoW quite a bit. I don’t get a whole lot of time to play, but I’ve been working away at those older achievements and leveling up my gnome warrior. I still prefer to play Horde, but bounce between things. It’s still quite some time before my partner in crime returns to game (3+ months) but there’s lots for me to do on my own.

Anyone else have some thoughts about the announcements? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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