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Economy Update

When I formatted my computer 10 days ago I lost all of my sales data, so I’ve started over and this information is from the past 10 days or so. In order to purchase 1 token a month to cover a subscription a player (on the North American servers) has to profit around 6k a day, anything else goes to generic purchases (repairs, etc). As you can see from the chart, I’m bringing in around 28k the past 7 days, 27k after expenses like repairs and any flips I buy. That’s a pretty nice chunk of change. I’m in game quite a bit but I tend to be AFK and I play sporadically, you can usually find me playing during my son’s afternoon nap, and the 2h period I have when he goes to bed at night. Otherwise I tend to be in front of the AH looking for things to snipe. I spent money on ghost iron ore because I turn that into living steel so long as the price still gives me a profit. My order hall nets me a huge chunk of change, and now that I have 5 level 110 characters I can start doing Argus with them and the order hall can technically pay for my token easily even if I were to do nothing else.

My latest project is a baby monk I’ve been leveling up for farming. Right now I have her at level 103. I’ve picked up some macros for her windwalker and brewmaster spec that make farming a lot easier (ie: one button commands). I’ve decided to go engineer so she has access to the loot-a-rang, and I can macro that as well.

My low population RP realm has an odd market. I’ve sold a mog or two for 10k+ but battle pets have so far been a slog to move. As is food. The funny thing is I’ve been selling darkmoon fair recipes for about 6-7k each and they only cost 25 fish.. which are around 7g right now. Patience as always is the name of the game.

I haven’t been flipping or reselling at all. Nothing has come up that was worth trying to flip, but I keep hoping to catch something big. Learning the market has been fun and interesting and I’m having fun sticking to one server instead of 4 and just learning the particulars of this one. I may not pull in hundreds of thousands of gold daily, but I do well enough for my satisfaction.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Movies and Games: Perfect Match

Unlike their comic book cousins, blockbuster movies based on video games often seem to struggle, not only with the critics and fans, but also with that most important measure of all—the box office take. Despite having what one would think is a ready-made audience, game-inspired titles simply don’t seem to have the same impact or appeal. So, what is the problem with game-based films, and are they always destined to fail?

The $240m made by last year’s Assassins’ Creed was a fair return on its $125m budget, but it still pales in comparison to the $853m made by Thor: Ragnarok or the $863m made by Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Meanwhile, Marvel’s Black Panther is still beating the new Tomb Raider movie to the number one slot at the U.S. box office five weeks after its release, passing the $1bn mark along the way.

BBC Radio Five’s Mark Kermode thinks that the problem is a fundamental one. “Games are designed to be played; they are designed to be interactive,” he explains. “You are not a viewer; you are a participant. Take that on to the big screen, and you are just watching someone else playing a video game.”

And therein lies the problem. The appeal of most video games is the chance to be the hero yourself and directly influence the action. Often games will echo the kind of scenes you are familiar with from a typical action film, sci-fi space adventure or war movie, but they allow you to play the lead role. When you transfer that game back to the cinema, you lose that critical first-person connection. It becomes a case of cinema imitating games that imitate cinema.

Lara Croft may have become ubiquitous, appearing on everything from backpacks and t-shirts to her own slot machine game. But that doesn’t make her any more real, and she is still just ‘us’ when we play the game. But in the film, she becomes someone else.

To be fair, the new Tomb Raider film does try its best to bridge the gap. Alicia Vikander’s version of our titular heroine, Lara Croft, is a long way from the fantasy figure that Angelina Jolie offered us. She is less invincible and more vulnerable, gets properly hurt (and even dirty), and cannot take on seventy men at a time and come out without a scratch.

Vikander’s Lara draws on her tenacity, street smarts, determination and drive, rather than impossible CGI stunts and superhuman powers. More notably, in a world stuffed with shoot-em-ups, she is moved by having to kill someone in her first fight. It’s all a far cry from the ‘wham, bam, thank you, Ma’am’ of the earlier outings, but, nonetheless, it is still a game-based film.

For all its politically-correct costumes and appropriate emotional responses, the disconnect remains, and it becomes more and more frustrating as the film goes on. Once we finally reach the tomb referenced in the movie title, the action quickly degenerates into ‘Tomb Raiders of the Lost Ark’, and you find your thumbs searching the cinema armrest for the ‘jump’ button in an effort to help Lara Croft avoid the spikey, swinging logs and spring-loaded spears.

Perhaps video games are just not meant to make the transition from the small monitor to the big screen. Perhaps even the best actors cannot make us feel as involved as we do when we take the controls ourselves. But with new Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog films on their way this year, a second Angry Birds movie due in 2019, and Tomb Raider all set for an eventual sequel, it certainly won’t be ‘game over’ for the genre any time soon.

PC Woes

I’ve been saying I’ll get back into streaming for a while now. Set up at our new place, our schedule is a bit flexible since my husband does shift work, but I wanted to eek out some time here and there to get a stream in. Unfortunately, the issues I had with my PC kept expanding and it seemed like no matter what I would do, I couldn’t fix them or narrow down the problem.

It started out simple enough. I had the movers take my computer tower, but they didn’t insulate it or even wrap it up. They just tossed it into a box along with a bunch of my son’s toys. The travel was in -40C weather for two weeks, and I completely forgot that this could have an adverse effect on my water cooling system.

When I started up my computer after the move I was experiencing some serious lag. I would lag while gaming, I would lag while typing. I ran memory tests and disk drive tests but everything came back normal. This marked the beginning. I upgraded the CPU, the motherboard, and the RAM. I reinstalled windows. My lag was cured and I could game again but then other oddities started to happen.

Once every two days or so I would have a BSOD, and a dump file would fail to be created to give me more details. I’d have random video game crashes that referenced memory, and a few other variety of crashes. I was getting a message about my CPU fan and PC temperatures but I didn’t understand why because what I could physically see was all fans working. I installed a program to monitor the temperature and found that all 6 cores would boot up at 85C and then if I did anything at all, they’d jump to 100C and stay there. Well, that wasn’t good.

I was also experiencing an odd bug of white noise when my mic was on mute. I had no idea where it was coming from.

So I got a new fan and heat sink, then my husband bought me a new fan for my case with fancy LED lights. All of that was installed and the temperature warnings stopped – but the BSOD did not. The white noise when my mic was muted also went away.

When I opened the case to install the case fan, I was unable to get windows running. It kept telling me that a component couldn’t be reached and that I should hit escape or F8. Neither of those did anything. I popped in my USB stick that has a media file of windows 10 and tried to repair, that wouldn’t work.

I decided that my SSD was probably the culprit, and I removed the SSD. I tried to install Windows to one of my two remaining drives, but the USB version of windows was also corrupted (even though it was brand new and I had just used it the previous week) – so I had to make a new media file. THEN I installed windows.

That was two days ago, and so far I have had zero issues. Of course right now I’m keeping things incredibly bare bones, I have discord, WoW, and that’s about it. I wanted to make sure the computer ran well for a few days before I started installing other things like xsplit.

This whole ordeal has taught me a few things, like next time we move I’ll be taking my computer with me. Thankfully our items are covered by our movers and I can get reimbursed, but spending a month trying to troubleshoot these issues has been a real pain. I’ve had multiple good friends helping me out, offering advice, providing tech support and showing me what tests to run – for that I am grateful. I’m not a very tech savvy person but I’m a quick learner and I like to think I can at least handle the basics of my own PC.

Now that it appears things are finally solved – lets get to streaming!

So. Much. To. Do (so little time)

Even though I’ve been playing WoW steadily for almost a year, I still feel incredibly behind and there’s always something to work on. This is a short list of what I hope to accomplish, and things I want to get done in the near future.

  1. Argus campaign on all of my 110 characters (so far this is only completed on 1/5)
  2. Order hall campaign on my main
  3. Class mount on my main
  4. Rank 3 on legion crafters
  5. 800 in all professions
  6. 800 in all secondary professions on my main
  7. Champions tp 950 on all of my 110 characters
  8. 101 twink alt for fun (decide on a class)
  9. Remove the level 2 rogue that I was using for sales, and shift sales to a main character
  10. Order of the Serpent faction
  11. Faction for allied races

There’s a few other things I’d really like to do, and I’m sure I’ll switch things around (for example I’d like my druid to drop inscription, my warlock to pick it up, and my druid to pick up mining instead) as time goes on, but those are the main things. The top of the list is the one I’d most like to accomplish but it depends on how long I can stomach Argus for. I love the final zone of the three, but the first two always feel like a slog to me, I just don’t enjoy the story or the zones themselves.

What are you working on in game? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Expanding my Gold Making Empire

Flipping items and selling battle pets has been kind to me over the past three months, but I wanted to expand a bit and explore other options. I’ve been hanging out in the WoWeconomy discord for a few weeks and I’ve picked up some really amazing tips that I’ve been trying out on my home server (the one I actively play on). Flipping and battle pets don’t do well on that server, so I have a second server for those sales – it was time for me to find out what DID sell. Every server has SOMETHING that sells.

The first thing I did was purchase a handful of lemon herb filet recipes, using one for myself. The fish were going for 7g – but the food was going for 246g each, so for a 14g cost I was raking in profit. I bought 7 recipes for 25 fish each, and sold them for 4-7,000 gold. I have only sold two so far, I’ve been spacing them out so as to not flood the market. Now that the Darkmoon Fair is over for this month, those prices will go up. I’m the only one selling the food on my server (for now). They’re not fast movers, but they do move. I’ve also been selling bear tartare, which is a fantastic food for doing old dungeon runs and other types of farming as it gives you a speed boost.

Listening to the goblins in discord taught me some pretty important things about crafting which I had not realized before. Things like unique profession combinations that work together. Other terms that they used was ‘craft swap’ which is just a fancy way of flipping.

This is what I focused on next. I mined ghost iron ore with my warlock who is still level 100. Then I turned that ore into bars. I traded those bars to my alchemist who turns them into trillium, and then takes that trillium and transmutes it into living steel. I have two recipes for living steel, one is a daily and one can be used multiple times a day but has a secondary component – spirits of harmony.

My alchemist has the transmute special, so on occasion I can proc between 1-3 living steel for each combine. Living steel sells for 2600-3500 each piece. I ended up creating 26 pieces. That’s almost 70,000 gold if they were all to sell. Why are players still looking for these items? They’re used in a handful of crafted mounts. I don’t happen to have the recipes for the mounts, but I do like supplying others!

The spirits of harmony are probably the hardest things to get. They sell for 375g each, and my husband happened to have 100 of them stockpiled from Pandaria days which REALLY helped me out. Even using three of them the profit of turning them into living steel was incredible. I used half, and am selling the other half. The “best” way to farm these spirits at the moment is to enter Heart of Fear and clear the first hallway and up to the first boss (but don’t kill the first boss) then loot and re-set the instance. You can enter 10 instances an hour account wide, and it takes approximately 2 minutes to clear. You get between 9-15 motes per run, which is almost a full spirit. Farming is slow, but it’s still one of the best methods.

I also ended up prospecting 1200 kyparite that was collecting dust in the bank. These prospect into the gems required for the jewel craft panther mounts. When all was said and done, I made 50k in the past two days, but I haven’t sold the 26 living steel pieces yet (those I just created this morning) so I should get quite a bit more (hopefully).

It’s not a perfect system and still needs some work and I’d like to keep branching out as I figure out what sells and what doesn’t on this server, but for now it’s nice to be making some decent money. My WoW account is paid until May 9th, and I’m hoping to earn enough to keep that going. Having two separate servers that I’m working from is a bit of a pain as my income is split, but one server or the other should be able to earn the required amount in the proper amount of time.

Of course there’s also the easy methods of making money like class halls, but I haven’t finished (or even started) Argus on everyone for that to be profitable. Only one of my 110 characters has it completed. I’ll get there. Eventually.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Old raids, Old Dungeons, and the Argus Campaign

One of my favourite things to do in WoW is to go through old dungeons and raids that I’ve never been able to complete before on heroic and mythic levels for the achievements. This week my husband had three days off after an incredibly long work week, so while I had intended on diving into some Overwatch instead I stuck with him and we explored some Pandaria and Draenor raids. We earned a fair share of appearance gear, and of course got some great achievements on the way. I broke 13k achievement points (a useless value, but nice to see) and also got a few new battle pets.

I also spent some time in the darkmoon faire which runs until next week. I did the crafting quests to boost my crafts by 5, and I spent the rest of my time fishing for Darkmoon Daggermaw. I bought a new pet, toy, and some recipes using those and turned the rest into food to sell on the auction house. Sales have been slow but steady, I’ve got about 30-40k on each of the servers I sell on. I’m thinking of cutting down one server, it’s easier for me to monitor two than it is for me to try three. At this rate I’m not sure I’ll be able to earn enough for the next month of WoW, and I’m glad it’s not essential that I do – though it is certainly nice. We’ll just have to see if sales pick up or if I can find a new corner of the market to make a little niche in.

I would also like to level up more of my battle pets. I have been selling off some of my more rare pets, and while I don’t necessarily think that has been a mistake it does make me think I should pay more attention to the pets I DO have. Especially since I have some pretty awesome pet mods that make leveling and creating a list of pets to level pretty easy. I have over 300 that are not level 25 yet. Whewps.

All in all, I’ve just been having a great time playing WoW with my husband. I’m still trying to get through the Argus campaign, I am NOT a fan of Argus, but I can feel the end coming closer and that brings me a bit of comfort, lol.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Continuing in Eco with the Combat Wombats

The Combat Wombats have set up a dedicated Eco server, we even have a group on steam for those on-server so we can post important announcements and server changes. Scopique has been adding a few mods to the server and even working on some projects of his own that will hopefully improve the quality of life as time goes on. Meanwhile, we haven’t destroyed the planet too much, yet. I think a lot of that is due to the dedication of Arkenor, who has created a sanctuary for our rice fields along with a doomsday bank of all types of seeds. He also repopulated the trees that we all cut down our first day. Having a player like this on your Eco server is incredibly fortuitous and I hope he knows how much he is appreciated.

It’s not just Arkenor though that makes this server a place where we can live for days to come. There’s Moumix who built roads so we can stop trampling the grounds, Scopique who built a kiln and created our town hall (which is amazing, might I add), arislyn who is a cooking fiend and tries to fill all of our stomachs with delicious foods, Hampooj the tailor who outfitted me with an awesome backpack that reduces my calories spent, CakedCrusader who is a jack of all trades and helps out by placing a lot of contracts for bits and bobs, and of course the rest of our Eco players who provide in their own ways, Werit, Phoenix, and Stropp. I believe we have one or two others who haven’t made it onto the server yet but who do plan on playing. If you’re interested, drop one of the core Combat Wombats a message (myself, Scopique, or Arislyn) and we’ll see about getting you set up.

Someone asked in discord today if the game had staying power – well, it IS in early access, so there’s some features missing and it’s not as robust a game as I hope it will become over time, but there’s still a lot to do and I’m enjoying myself quite a bit. Of course it’s only the first week and we’ll have to see how things go as time goes on, but I think it has incredible potential and I’m happy to hang in there while it progresses.

That being said – yesterday I FINALLY researched my lumber book, one of the final books I need to specialize down the carpenter line. It will cost me 50(!) points to train so I’m working on stocking up my store, making my house more of a home, and filling out contract requests while I wait for those points to tick. I have 32 of them right now so I’ll probably get it either late today, or early tomorrow, depending. I also picked up tailoring, which means I can make some pretty items for my home. The more specialties you select the more costly they become, so we’ll see what I end up with.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

A Day of Eco

Yesterday (no surprise) I spent most of my time in Eco, along with my husband and some friends. We’ve picked some crafting paths to go down so that we can get a bit of everything, and unfortunately for me, I went carpenter because I had no idea what I was doing. I say unfortunately because this is one path that uses a lot of trees, and I feel like I’m hurting the ecosystem much more than I would like. I am trying to pick trees that need to be thinned out and not absolutely destroy an entire forest by reducing my resources and increases my yields, but all of that takes skill points, and skill points take time. You can increase the amount of skills you gain daily by eating better food, and by having a fancy home. I’m working on both of those, but it’s very slow paced. Slow isn’t a bad thing in this case, it gives me time to learn the game and get used to everything.

I’ve progressed from making logs for houses to making latrines and iceboxes, along tables, chairs, and beds. Scopique is doing masonry, Arislyn is doing farming & cooking, and Hampooj is doing hunting which includes butcher and I believe he may also take up tailoring. There’s still a lot of skills we don’t have, like engineering, but I know we’ll get there.

The game is pretty complex and involved – a lot more than I initially thought. It is still in early access so not everything is working as it should at release (like laws and government) but I have come across only a small handful of minor bugs and nothing major. Every so often my carpenter table will tell me it’s not in a house any longer even though I haven’t changed anything, but I can pick it up and place it down again without any issues which solves the bug.

Now that we have a dedicated server set up, we’re also keen to see if anyone else is interested in playing with us. We’d like to stick to people we know for now as we’re just getting established, so if you’re interested be sure to drop one of us a ping and we’ll see what we can do. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Lets Save the World

Browsing through steam yesterday I noticed a game called “Eco” that had entered early access a few days earlier. Initially it was the bright and colourful graphics that caught my eye, then I watched the video which was pretty simplistic, but it seemed to be a game that was a combination of minecraft and wurm online, two games I enjoy a huge amount.

There’s single player, co-op, and multiplayer. The premises of the game is that a meteor is going to crash into the world (the timing of which you can control in settings) and your goal is to save the world – and develop your civilization far enough along that you can destroy the meteor, and also keep the ecosystem of the planet intact. You start out building rustic wooden houses and progress to factories and machines, I think in one video I even saw lasers taking down the meteor.

Everything you do has an impact on the ecosystem. Even where I’m building my single wooden house is already changing, the animals, the ground, the plants surrounding the area. I’m not very far into things yet, but I’m hoping other members of the combat wombat team get together and we get a server going where we can work as a team to save the planet. There’s crafting, harvesting, farming, building, hunting, and everything that makes these games a lot of fun for me. Character creation is lacking, but the game is also in early access. I didn’t run into any major bugs in my first round of game play, but to be honest all I’ve done so far is pick some tomato plants and chop a few trees, setting up the basics to my brand new house.

That being said, if these types of games appeal to you, I’d highly suggest checking it out. You can always refund the game on steam if it’s not your cup of tea, but I’m hoping this is one we all decide to stick with for some time. We’ll just have to see!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you fund yourself (oh, and expect a lot more Eco posts in the future. The game is complex. There’s government, shops, currency, and so much more to it that I haven’t even mentioned).

A return to streaming coming soon(tm)!

I had every intention of picking up streaming on twitch again once my family got settled into our new place but then my computer decided to break during the move, so now I’m waiting for replacement parts. This week the new processor and CPU I ordered arrive, and if that doesn’t solve my issue I’ll be getting new ram, and if THAT doesn’t solve the issue I’ll be getting a new power supply. If none of that works then I’ll be out of ideas because we already tested my video card and my drives, and none of those are having issues (swapped them out with the husbands computer and still had my jittery lag problems). Hopefully we figure out what is going on and fix it.

Once the new computer is up and running I’ll be figuring out a tentative schedule for streaming – I say tentative because I haven’t decided how I want to stream yet. My husband works odd hours, and isn’t exactly reliable to be home to watch Llama Bean while I stream, of course I could stream WITH Llama Bean like I was doing previously, but that limits my streaming options slightly depending on his mood and how clingy he decides he wants to be. I was thinking I could start streaming at nights again once Llama Bean goes to bed, but that would be 8pm central, closer to 8:30 by the time he’s actually asleep, and that might be too late for most of my audience especially during the week. It will be some trial and error while I find a comfortable spot to dive back in.

What games do I want to play? I really want to stream some Overwatch and show that it doesn’t have to be a scary evil thing to play a first person shooter even when you’re not that good at one. Plus it would be fun to stream my attempts. I’d also like to stream a few visual novels because those are some of my favourite games to play even though it would just be a lot of me reading. I feel the genre needs more exposure! I also have a huge library of steam games to go through and it would be fun to stream at least one new game a week. RimWorld was always a lot of fun, and I think some Sims 4 could be fun too though I encountered a major bug that broke a few of my games when I was playing in offline mode (grrrr). I’m hoping EA has a fix for them and that I just need to patch.

I’m excited to get back to things, and I’ll make sure to post the announcement of where and when I’m streaming here on NomadicGamersEh in the near future. If you haven’t tuned in to one of my streams before you can find me over on twitch and watch some older streams, or you can give a follow and catch the new ones when I go live (don’t forget to turn notifications on)!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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