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DailyCreative Goals – November 2021


Once again I didn’t actually complete too many of my goals, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a creative month. In fact, it was probably one of my most creative months yet, which is wonderful. I did not finish the back of my cable crush hoodie, and I did not complete my Halloween storybook SAL cross stitch, but I did get pretty close. I trailed off at the end after a few bad days. I’m planning on using it as a book binding, I just have a few squares left.

I also completed a few pieces of art, including the mock watercolour digital picture above. I attempted some traditional art, too. I made two Halloween pieces and framed them for decoration which I am quite happy with. I also bought some actual watercolours, but I’m brand new and have no idea what I’m doing so that’s going a bit sideways at the moment. Still, I’m persistent and going to stick with it.


  • Cable crush hoodie
  • Halloween SAL

November Goals:

  • Work on cable crush hoodie
  • Complete at least two pairs of socks (cranked)
  • Complete two christmas balls
  • Complete the Halloween storybook SAL
  • Finish one or more other creative projects (drawing, etc)

This is a more adventurous set of goals for November, mostly to remind myself to budget my time and to prove to myself that I can get things done as long as I schedule myself and actively work towards goals. No big deal if I don’t actually get there, but that is the goal, in any case.

Thoughts on ProCreate

I got myself a new iPad a few months back, along with an apple pencil to try out. I get daily use from the iPad especially on days where I find doing day to day chores difficult, since it lets me organize & entertain. I am all for traditional art, but it is not kind to me due to both space required, and physical limitations. I grew up drawing, set it aside for about 20 years, and then decided why on earth did I ever give that up. It’s a hobby I feel passionate about and that I love for many reasons.

Anyway, I searched around for iPad apps that were user friendly, cost effective, and had features that I’d actually make use of. There are a ton of them out there, including a subscription version to Clip Studio Art, which is what I use with my Huion tablet on my PC. Unfortunately from reviews I’ve read it doesn’t translate very well to iPad, and while I’m not against paying a subscription, there were other options available where you could just purchase the product.

One of those apps suggested was ProCreate. A hugely popular iPad only program that has a very low entry fee. It does almost everything I want it to as a beginner, and it’s really easy to find tutorials and get into things. I’ve spent a few months now working with it off and on, and I’m a fan. I do wish there was just one program I could use across both my PC and the iPad, but for now this works.

After spending a few months doing illustrations and using simple brushes, I decided to give the watercolour brushes a go. I’ve got zero experience working with watercolour, but I learned that you work light to dark, which is the opposite of what I’d normally work. The picture above is a simple digital image I did – and my most favourite part of this piece is that to me it doesn’t look digital at all. It might not be particularly good, but I think the overall effect is great and someone with a lot more practice than me can probably do wonderful things with these tools.

In any case, I do have a DeviantART account over here, and I have a twitter account just for art related stuffs. It’s a nice quiet place where I can quietly (and completely) change my focus / noise, and I’m really glad I’ve separated it from the regular ‘noise’ of the rest of my hobbies (including gaming). I don’t imagine I’ll be doing any legendary artwork any time soon, but practice, practice, practice, and we’ll see where this goes.

Halloween SAL Day 25 – Snow White

This version involved iron shoes, tongs, hot coals, and dancing until someone fell over dead. Not a pleasant version of the story we’re all pretty familiar with, this one is from the Brothers Grimm.

My cross stitch is coming along, and is nearing completion! I’m glad, it has been interesting but very difficult to keep up. I haven’t decided how I’ll finish the piece yet, but hopefully I get it hanging on the walls in time for Halloween.

Halloween SAL day 24 – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Halloween SAL day 23 – The Exorcist

I’m not actually sure what a Ouija board has to do with The Exorcist, I remember the creepy girl but not much else about this movie when I watched it. I’m honestly not a big horror fan, so that’s no surprise. In any case, we’re getting close to the end!

Halloween SAL day 22 – The Picture of Dorian Gray

Halloween SAL Day 21 – Slenderman

Storybook Halloween SAL Update

Today’s cross stitch square was The Flying Dutchman, I really enjoyed how it turned out. Won’t be long until I’m finished and can then hang this up for the season! Considering it’s my first SAL I’m quite pleased with how it’s coming along.

Miniature Painting

It is of course the month of Halloween and so I decided to do a small series of three paintings to hang together in a frame (or at least that’s the idea). This is the first one I did, and I think it turned out adorable. Medium is acrylic paint on canvas.

DailyCreative Goals – October 2021

Normally I have this categorized as ‘knitting’ goals each month – but I do a lot of creative stuff, and I was feeling a bit off about the label so moving forward we’re just going to call this DailyCreative goals. Again the inspiration (and motivation) comes from this amazing blog that I’ve followed for years now. It just puts me in such a happy place. Anyway, it’s a new month so let’s see how we did.


  • I didn’t complete any projects for the month of September, but I did get a lot of progress done, and that’s always nice.


  • I finished off the front of my cable crush hoodie and am now working the back. Once the back is done I’ll seam the shoulders and I believe the sleeves will be next, then the hood. I’m trying not to stress about the hood because I really want it to turn out but I’ve never knit one before.
  • I also started my very first stitch a long! It’s a Halloween one, and we’re 15 days in so far. This gives lots of time to finish before Halloween so I can use it as decoration. I’m not an enormous fan of the daily images, but adding some backstitch has helped.
  • Scrap blanket is still in the works, but I’m thinking of changing it to a 10 stitch blanket instead of squares that I keep having to seam together. We’ll see how that goes.
  • I did crank out some tubes for socks, but the gauge was off, so I frogged them and need to start over. On the plus side, my circular sock knitting machine is oiled and ready to go.

October goals:

  • Finish off the cross stitch SAL – I am HOPING I’m able to complete this. So far I’ve managed just fine, but I never know with my hands.
  • Complete the back to my cable crush hoodie. I was feeling a little too adventurous thinking I’d be completely done it by now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make some awesome progress on it.
  • Finish one more creative project, either a smaller knit project or maybe a smaller cross stitch kit. I have a few now that I’ve been saving up and they’d make perfect weekend projects to gift to friends.

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