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Holidays and Games

It’s hard for me to believe that 2016 is almost over. This year has been such a mixture of emotions that I honestly don’t know if I’m happy to be starting 2017 or if I’m sad to be leaving the year behind. Even though I haven’t been posting very frequently here on MmoQuests, I HAVE been getting some gaming in daily – in between doing the whole new Mom thing which eats up about 99.9% of my time. I’m STILL recuperating from my c-section back in September. My hematoma isn’t completely healed, and I still have home nurses coming to pack and bandage the wound. I had hoped this would be over by now but apparently my body had other ideas.

Leo is now 13 weeks old, 8 weeks adjusted (because he was 5 weeks early). He’s thriving, and growing by leaps and bounds – but it’s also a difficult time as he has pretty bad colic and suffers from gas, so he spends a lot of his days crying every time he wants to fart or poop. It makes for a very tired Mommy and Daddy but we hang in there.

This Christmas is the first where I won’t be doing many of my traditions because I’m just too tired and there simply isn’t enough hours in the day. I have no family here, so I don’t have any parties or dinners to go to, but I still have simple traditions I like to keep up. I didn’t get myself (or Leo, too young) an advent calendar, and because money is tight we only bought Leo two presents and we’re going to hold off on anything more. I did send a few gifts as a secret santa exchange with my family, but I didn’t even get around to mailing out Christmas cards this year, and I only received two cards from others where I’d normally have 15+ displayed on my walls. I did put up the Christmas tree, but after a week the lights all burnt out and I haven’t replaced them. Sounds pretty pathetic, but I’m hoping that next year when Leo is older things will slowly get back to what I consider “normal”. I’m quickly learning that parenting is hard, and as much as I love kids I may not actually be that fond of babies. I haven’t had a lot of chances to vent (or places to vent) so.. there you have it. Now, lets get on to gaming!

After attempting to play on the EverQuest progression server I decided that it just required way too much time and attention, so I swapped over to EverQuest 2 and my old characters there. I quickly fell in love as I was reminded of all the joyous occasions I’ve had in game even though it has gone through some significant changes. I purchased the latest expansion, and my little guild of three people have been playing together once again.

Things have changed since Daybreak became a thing. Antonia Bayle is no longer the most populated server, and groups are hard to come by. Since I don’t really have time to do dungeons this doesn’t bother me too much. What I’ve been doing is working on getting my characters to 100, in both adventuring and crafting, doing the Kunark Ascended timeline, and then ascending my characters into their respective classes. I also created two new characters, a troubador named Mousical (ratonga of course), and a necromancer named Quails (also a ratonga). Add that to the 9 characters I already had, and it’s a pretty full house.

I haven’t started the crafting timeline yet, but it rewards a really nice cloak and that’s next on my list of things to do. There have been plenty of in-game events with Frostfell going on, and I may have spent a day or two crafting various housing items so I could decorate the guild hall for Christmas. My guild mates have been fantastic about my need to randomly go AFK, so I spend a lot of time on autofollow as we complete various solo / advanced solo dungeons, or just play around in older raids. We attempted a few of the “new” (a few expansions old now) fabled raids, but those kicked our asses, so they’re on a wait list while we gear up.

Inflation has become a HUGE issue. A krono sells for 300,000 plat, and people are not shy about throwing that sort of money around. I have a grand total of 40,000 plat, and thought that was a large amount. I often see loot being sold on the auction channel for 100-400k which is just insane to me.

Despite all of this I’m having a lot of fun. If you happen to be in game, please don’t hesitate to look me up! You can typically find me as the two characters mentioned above, or Stargrace, or some other rendition of me. Doing a /who all torrent knights will bring up either myself or one of my two guild mates.

I’m also contemplating diving back into EVE Online as it’s something I could play without too much trouble from my laptop, and hanging out in highsec doing mining missions or some such wouldn’t be that difficult if I had to randomly AFK. I spend most of my days with twitch on the television and I’ve had an absolute blast getting to know other streamers and refining what it is I like about some streamers vs. others.

All in all, things are going. It’s not always bad, it’s certainly not always good, but the days keep passing and we all keep trying our best.

Happy holidays, from my little family to yours.

Learning How to Game


These days video games are more involved than ever before, and this has allowed for the creation and popularity of web sites that provide guides and walk throughs, no matter the game in question (chances are, if there’s a video game out there, someone has written some sort of guide for it to help others). If it wasn’t for WoWHead I’m pretty sure I’d be lost on a number of the new World of Warcraft Legion quests. They’re no longer the simple ‘Kill 10 Rats’ quests that I’ve come to know in the past. Instead they require me to figure out puzzles, learn the lore, explore, and numerous other little hints and tricks that I probably wouldn’t be able to figure out all on my own.

You can find guides and step by step help for all sorts of genres, from how to play online casino games, to deeply involved RPG walk-throughs. These can be player-run sites, professional guides, or even news sites. I like to think that there will always be room for these types of sites because no two people learn exactly the same way, using exactly the same method. Some people enjoy watching YouTube “lets play” videos to meander their way around and to learn. Others appreciate a more casual approach, and still others would rather a methodical method of learning how.

When I first created MmoQuests I had a weekly quest walk through posted, typically one of the bigger EverQuest II signature / heritage quests that were in game. Over the years I’ve slowed down talking about them because there are just so many and it was getting hard to narrow down my favourites. Still, I like to think that these guides have come in handy over the years, and the pages still get a number of hits from those looking for a bit of help.

Have you ever thought of starting up a site for guides and walk throughs? Do you use any yourself or do you prefer to keep things as a secret to figure out for yourself? Let me know below in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Throwback Thursday

It’s amazing how we look back at things we’ve done throughout our lives and suddenly realize just how much time has passed. 8 years ago this month I was writing articles for Beckett Massive Online Gamer about EQ and EQ II. Today I took a bunch of time to go through some of those articles and just reminisce. One of my favourite features was doing the class guides, especially bards. I got to interview some really fantastic people (some who I’m still friends with today!) and I had a blast doing it. The four years I spent writing for Beckett was (I feel) some of the most rewarding writing I ever did and not only because I could pick it up from a local book store as a physical object (how cool is that), but because of the leeway I was given in my articles to write my way and not have to follow a lot of strict rules. Ah, memories..




Forever Wandering Through Games


How long has it been since you stuck with a single MMO for at least a year? I remember when Tipa used to put out a challenge to people to stick with a single game for a year, and almost no one could accomplish it even when the choices were much more limited, let alone these days where there are games for every genre you could possibly think of. Sure, we may play one game at a time, or two games, or have some combination of F2P & subscription, but more and more I notice that we are ALL becoming nomadic gamers, bouncing between games when the mood strikes (or when that new shiny pops up on the table).

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just something I’ve noticed over the years. I would love to be one of those people who stick with a single game for any length of time but I simply don’t have that in me any more (for a few reasons). One reason would have to be the price point. Money fluctuates throughout the year and my game choices will change based on that. A good example is EQ2. My subscription expires the 2nd week of July, so I find very little motivation to log in and play right now as I know I won’t be re-subscribing (baby on the way, I simply have to re-allocate my funds for a bit). I’ve never really enjoyed playing games with a sub as a F2P player, not because I think F2P is “bad” but because I’d rather have access to the entire game. Speaking of – why doesn’t Trion offer some sort of bulk subscription plan that offers access to all of their games, much like station access? Rift and ArcheAge would certainly be two games I’d love to check out more of, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about the F2P options (especially in ArcheAge where owning land is tied to having a subscription). Offer a package deal and those subscriptions become a lot more favorable. I blame Belghast and Bhagpuss for my sudden interest in Trion games, both of them have been posting about Rift / ArcheAge on their blogs. I was interested enough that I updated glyph though I haven’t actually logged in (yet).

Speaking of EQ2, a new server opened up yesterday. It’s the Isle of Refuge, and it runs just as all the other servers in the EQ2 line up do, except the majority of items can be sold / traded and don’t have the heirloom tag. There’s a great write up about it over at EQ2wire, and the server reminds me a lot of Firiona Vie, the RP server over on EQ. There are a few other rules to the FV server besides that but it was one that stuck out to me. Why Daybreak has added such a server I have no idea (nor does anyone else it seems if you read through the comments on the article) but it’s nice to see things are not completely stagnant.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Beautiful, but Slightly Annoying


I’m questing through Altar of Malice right now in EQ2. It’s the expansion that took us from 95 to 100, and it’s a few behind these days so everywhere I go is pretty empty as players opt to get to 100 by experience grinding elsewhere (I can hardly blame them). My first days in Tranquil Sea were uneventful. I didn’t enjoy the quest lines and the story didn’t pick up until I got to Phantom Sea. Then it all got much more interesting.

One of my least favourite type of quests are the ones that require you to harvest something but as you’re harvesting you get a message like the one below.


That’s right, you managed to pick up the item but OH NO it crumbled to dust! Now you have to harvest another one. Honestly, these quests are nothing but annoying, especially when (as I have mentioned numerous times) RNG and I are not friends. There’s a handful of these types of quests scattered throughout the Altar of Malice timeline, and every single one made me groan. Just let me harvest double the amount instead of tossing in these failures! At least then I have some idea of progression and achievement instead of feeling bad that I’ve failed, again.

With that annoyance out of the way.. the expansion is amazing looking. It”s probably one of the prettiest places I’ve seen in EQ2. The dungeons are beautiful, and I found myself taking a lot of screenshots.


Now I continue to work my way to level 100, so I can at least have one character at the cap. Sure, I’ve got two crafters (out of 9) at 100 already, but that doesn’t really give me the same sense of achievement. Ideally I’d like to get a few more characters to 100, but we’ll see how that goes (as always). It’s nice to be playing in Norrath again, even if my subscription is up in a month. I’d like to be able to afford a krono or some other means of subscription but at 100,000 plat that’s just a bit out of my range.

Still, I’ll enjoy things in the meantime.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Comfort Gaming


I’ve talked about this before in-depth, but this week more than others I find myself drawn to “comfort gaming”. Basically just like comfort food, we all have games that we’re very comfortable with. Maybe we don’t give them as much attention as we wish we did, or maybe we’ve moved on over the years to something more shiny, or maybe we’ve just stopped playing for whatever reason. Whatever the case may  be, this week  has been all about comfort gaming for me, and nothing gives me that feeling like EverQuest 2.

Lets face it, we all have a really bad week here and there. Mine started out with a doctor appointment that I was pretty sure was going to be bad news. Turns out, it was. There’s potentially something wrong with my pregnancy so now I have to fly to Vancouver for testing (in approximately a week) so I can find out what’s wrong, and how sever it is, and what (if anything) I can do to prepare myself for whatever comes next. Getting bad news sucks. Getting bad news and then having to wait a week before knowing anything sucks even more. Getting bad news, having to wait, and then having to take an unexpectedly expensive trip to find out results is even more stress. Then I found out my friend in EQ2 passed away after losing his fight with depression (which I wrote about here, too). Needless to say my weekend and the beginning of this week has certainly been filled with far more downs than ups. I’m ready for something good to come along.

That’s why turning to these comfort games is something I fully embrace. I’m not saying ignore the world or pretend the problems don’t exist, but give yourself a bit of a break. You’re dealing with some pretty rough times, you need some space to step away and collect yourself.

I decided nothing really gave me that feeling as much as leveling up a new character and so I created two. One is Milay, a berserker, and the other is Quails, a channeler. I logged in a second account and decided to power level both characters (one at a time) because what I really wanted to do was just plow through content without any thoughts at all.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Both characters are now at level 50, brokers are stocked with lots of yummy items for sale, and I feel a bit better about things (or at least calmer). Is it a perfect solution? No, of course not, but I can’t stress enough how much gaming has helped me keep my sanity in otherwise impossible situations. I had a lot of fun, and got to relax. It’s a great combination.

Goodbye, My EverQuest 2 Friend

I have a habit of always wishing people happy birthday on whatever social media they happen to use (that I also use). Facebook, G+, twitter, you name it, I’m there obnoxiously wishing you a happy birthday, year after year. Even if we don’t know each other that well. It’s just something I always do.

So like every other year I wished my friend Jean a happy birthday.

Then his daughter contacted me to tell me that he had lost his battle with depression back in March, and was no longer with us. His wife posted the same message, just weeks earlier.

I had no idea.

I felt.. well, I don’t even know how to describe what I felt. I felt ashamed that I hadn’t kept in touch better. That I didn’t know that he had died. That I had posted a chipper happy birthday message to his facebook wall for friends and family to see and probably stir up some memories. I removed my message right away, ashamed.

Instead I posted one expressing my condolences, and telling Jean and his family that I won’t ever forget our talks in EQ2.

Yep, another gamer. Just like all of us.

I “met” Jean in EQ2 years ago. I don’t even know how long it has been now. He was instigating arguments on the public channels of Antonia Bayle. Arguments that I didn’t agree with. It was something against the US military, in a time where that was (I suppose it always is) a pretty volatile statement to make. Needless to say, the entire server ganged up on him to try to ‘take him down’ due to his harsh statements.

I felt like it wasn’t fair to gang up on a person just because of their opinion, whether or not you personally agreed with that opinion. I didn’t like that a mass of players were verbally attacking one single person due to the tone of their comments (whether he deserved it or not). So I started sending him tells. I had never spoken to him before that but something told me I should reach out, so I did.

We were never really ‘close’ per say, but I knew he was battling depression and that he had been for years. I knew about his family, and we became friends on facebook. I thought I’d share one of our last conversations. His part is in italics.

  • You were there for me when I was in dire need of some human contact and I know I’m not easy to deal with, lotsa obstacles: low self-esteem, anti-social, etc. I know it’s awkward to even talk to me. anyway, just in case I never said it, thank you for being there when I needed it. For you I’m sure it seems like a sordid memory. I know it was a weird time for me.
  • You’re more then welcome. I’m always there for anyone I consider a friend or who needs it. I try, at least.
  • like I said, a saint

Our final conversation was about some anime, back in January 2015, followed by (you guessed it) the typical birthday wishes. I think about how many people out there are suffering in silence with depression and I constantly wonder “what can I do?” it seems like an impossible task to take on.

You never know what someone’s personal situation is like, so please, be kind to one another out there. You just don’t know what it will turn into one day.

I’ll miss you, Jean.

Ding! 97 Defiler…


Yesterday the chronoportal event started in EverQuest 2, and being such a fan of nostalgia I decided to log in and take part. I still have Station Access for a few more months even though I’ve wandered away from the game, so I claimed my 500 daybreak cash first. I had a bunch of Ancient Coins saved up from previous events, so I headed to Commonlands to the merchant there and picked up the new items. There was a title I hadn’t obtained yet (no idea when that came out) along with three paintings. I put them into my Norrathian Museum, and then noticed that my defiler was almost level 97, about 20% away.

One of the easiest ways to level used to be from turning in collection quests, but experience from that has slowly been nerfed over time. Not a big deal, but I miss the massive amount we used to gain. Now each collection rewards about 1-2%. No matter, I hadn’t done any of the latest collections. I filtered collections through the broker and set to work buying up the least expensive ones I could find (basically anything between 50g and 100p). It wasn’t long before I had an inventory full of items to turn in. I noticed there were actually achievements for completing the collections this time around, though they were not worth any points. Rewards varied from gear to housing items and of course more shinies.

I had some spare collection items stored on my character so I put those up on the broker and then added the housing items to my museum. I was going to get started working on some old quests (in specific heritage quests I’ve had for years now) but alas it was time for dinner and I had to log out. I like wandering back into EverQuest 2 every now and again, it’s familiar and it’s easy for me to pick up where I’ve left off because of how familiar it is. It may not be the one game that I’ve dedicated myself to like I have in the past, but there will always be a spot for it in my games folder.

Games for Christmas


The hustle and bustle of Christmas is coming to a close, and I hope everyone has had a happy and safe holiday. It’s a bit of an odd time of year for me. I love Christmas, it’s one of my favourite times, but it’s also incredibly lonely. My family lives too far away to visit, and I don’t know a lot of locals. My online friends are typically busy with their own happenings (as it should be) and so I watch from a distance, happy but sad if that makes any sense.

I did get a handful of great games from friends this year which was really awesome of them. I got enough WoW time to keep my account active for the next year (thanks Kasul and Shadowgeist!) I also received Stonehearth (thanks Scarybooster!) The Men of Yoshiwara (thanks Moumix!) and Aviary Attorney (thanks again Shadowgeist!) so even though it wasn’t quite the holiday I had planned in my mind, it was still very lovely. I didn’t spot anything in the steam sale that I wanted to pick up, but it’s always a great time for me to pass on some games to friends when funds are tight. I know Christmas is not all about the gifts or what you get from other people, but it does feel nice to be able to give and make someone smile.

I also decided yesterday to start up Minecraft again. I installed the new Infinity Evolved pack from Feed The Beast, and set the game to expert mode. This creates a more ‘difficult’ timeline in order to get things done, but what they mean by ‘difficult’ is ‘time consuming’. It’s not hard, it just takes a lot more time. One of the mods included makes it rain chicken / pigs from the sky on Christmas day. That would be what is showing in the screenshot above. I set up a home next to a mountain and began collecting items to better gear myself. The server is a bit crazy, I walked through 5 towns just to get to the place I wanted to settle. Each town had bits and bobs that I wanted to loot and take with me, so by the time I actually built my house, I had everything well established.

I’ve also been playing Wurm Online and World of Warcraft. In Wurm players received a reindeer decoration item which was pretty cool and nice of the developers. I didn’t log into EQ2 at all this holiday season, and a lot of the reason behind that is because I can’t seem to ‘get into’ it in such short spurt play sessions. I can’t do dungeons or raids simply by queuing, and I really wish I could.

A lot of my gaming has been limited because of a bug with Windows 10 and my mouse, too. For some reason it keeps performing double clicks when it shouldn’t. I know this is an issue with my logitech G700 mouse, I’ve seen lots of threads about it, but there’s no solution to keep it fixed permanently at this time and it bugs me to no end. It makes playing any game with mouse direction or clicking at all almost impossible, or at least incredibly frustrating. I’ve been plugging in the laptop mouse to game in the meantime, but that mouse is tiny and awkward. I keep holding off on purchasing a new mouse (like a corsair) in the hopes that microsoft or logitech or whoever will actually fix whatever my issue is (I’ve tried multiple drivers, I’ve tried no drivers, etc) but it’s certainly not happening any time soon.

Anyone else get any awesome game related gifts this Christmas? Let me know in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Do You Need Combat in your Games?


Spurred on by a conversation on twitter with Belghast and Adrel I started thinking about the games that I play that I enjoy more than others. Two immediately came to mind, Wurm Online and the Sims franchise. Both are games that (due to my play style) have very little if any combat – and I love that about them. Yes, arguably you can combat as much as you want in Wurm Online but that’s not how I tend to spend my time. In the Sims games there’s almost never any combat, not in the traditional sense. Of course there are ways to encourage combat if you want (you can make enemies and start fights) but for the most part the game is pretty peaceful. Then there’s all of the visual novel games that I enjoy playing, games like If my Heart Had Wings, and Dandelion – Wishes brought to you. Mindless games I enjoy just because like Cook, Serve, Delicious. Building games like Cities: Skylines. These are the sorts of games that entice me the most and I suppose until I sat down and looked through my games it’s not actually something I noticed before.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy combat in games, too. I do. Diablo 3 is pretty much nothing but blowing things up. The thing is I get very bored of those games very quickly – just like Belghast tends to get bored of games that don’t have combat in them (per our conversation earlier). I think that in the majority of games I play I spend my time equally between combat and no combat depending on the game. EVE Online is a good example. There’s combat, and I do combat via missions, but a lot of the time I’m running delivery missions or I’m mining or I’m doing industry things that don’t involve any combat at all. The same can be said for EQ2 and WoW, sure, there’s combat, but a lot of the time I’m harvesting, decorating, or crafting and none of that (at least for me) involves any combat at all.

Do you have a preference or are you about equal in terms of combat vs. non combat gameplay? Would you tend to fall asleep if one or the other aspect was missing from your game of choice? Let me know in comments!


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