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Test Server Erollisi Day Party #EQ2

Last night I patched up the test copy server and headed over to join in the festivities and spread the love (so to speak) a bit with other players. Amnery’s graciously hosted an Erollisi Day event and explained that while she would have loved to hold a party on every EQ2 server, it just wasn’t possible with so many other things on the go. I realize it’s only too easy to point fingers and blame the lack of personal attention on community managers (since it is their job) but they too only have so many hours in a day in which to get things done. I was thankful for the party none the less.

There is a second party being hosted on the EQ2X server on Thursday February 17th at 9pm PST so if you didn’t get to make it to the test copy server but still want to celebrate you may want to head on over to the Freeport server.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Prismatic 1.0 and Progression #EQ2

With the Fippy Darkpaw EQ1 progression server opening on the 15th, I can’t help but wonder if there are any plans in the works for EQ2 to add some progression servers. I know there are a handful of progression guilds (especially on Antonia Bayle) that are level locked and working their way through old content, and I really think that this is something that players would like to see more of. After all, how many people actually did prismatic 1.0 ‘back in the day’ when Solusek Eye was a zone to be feared. When every giant saw through invis, and there was NO way to port down to the bottom to visit Darathar – and you needed to visit him a lot. Back in the good ‘ol days when you had to do ‘To Speak as a Dragon’ on each individual character instead of just visiting the Shady Swashbuckler in Nektulos Forest and purchasing the heirloom tablet. Ah, the good old days.

I mentored down with a guild mate and together we completed all of the quest chains for Prismatic 1.0 and then eventually showed up on the Isle of Dawn (which you will now never even get to see as a new player UNLESS you do Prismatic 1.0) to face Darathar. I took a video of the fight, but haven’t processed or uploaded it yet. Hopefully I get around to that before too long. The fights were pretty trivial. Level 90’s mentored down are still incredibly over powered, and it didn’t give me that old school “we’re all going to DIE” feeling that I got back in 2004.

It amuses me that we went through SO MUCH effort for a legendary weapon (and a title). At the time the prismatic 1.0 was the best weapon in the game. It requires 7 raids from start to finish, and that’s if you succeed at them all. It used to require more but there have been some changes over the years, like the beginning of the quest that you obtain from Maiden’s Gulch in Lavastorm is now heroic instead of an Epic x2. Maybe I spend too much time looking backwards instead of forward (there have been far more posts about what I ‘used to do’ in EQ2 then there have been about DoV for example) but that’s just how it is for me.

What do you all think, would an EQ2 progression server be fun or what? Maybe we can convince the folks at SOE to entertain the idea.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Tattered Wings #EQ2

When Fortune League for facebook came out, I knew it wasn’t really going to be a game that I got super involved with because it’s not really a game per say (I’ve already written about this, and directed folks to Tipa’s wonderful post about it). I did pretty well my first run through, not so well my second. It doesn’t matter how well you do, you’ll still win little potions to use for experience / achievement gain and those are pretty worth while to me.

There are still a lot of glitches. You still need to petition to have your EQ2 account linked to your facebook account and more often than not when you claim a prize it will tell you that there’s been an error – but then it will show up in game if you type /claim none the less. The game IS in beta, or maybe alpha, I can never remember. In any case do NOT go in expecting things to work or even to understand how to play. It’s confusing and annoying. My rank has slowly been decreasing as more and more people figure out how to play so I count myself incredibly lucky to have won these at all. Plus not only did I win them, I discovered them for my server.

I do think those wings are custom made for Ratongas, Goudia wears them especially well. Have you been playing Fortune League? What are your thoughts so far? Let me know in comments!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Love Is In The Air – Erollisi Day Festivities #EQ2

It’s that time of year once again, where we annoy and disgust our closest friends by drooling all over our latest love interests. EQ2 started their Valentines Day celebrations this week although it was not without glitches. There is a long list of patch notes for today about them, in fact. Just one problem, the issues that I was experiencing don’t seem to be common nor are they listed here. I use the streaming client and I am unable to see any of the new Erollisi Day items – this includes the gazebo, the new divider, the crafted books, tables, chairs, and candles. I posted on forums but no one got back to me about any of the issues nor did I see anyone mention that they had the same problem so I really have no idea how to fix this. I’ve scanned twice without any luck. Hopefully the patch today brings some light to the matter. The items are in my inventory, they’re just not able to be placed / seen.

If you’re interested in a rundown of the events for 2011 you can find some great write-ups over on Eq2.wikia:

My Romantic ReputationEdit My Romantic Reputation section

Shortly after you log in this Erollisi season, you will receive the quest My Romantic Reputation.

Your Secret AdmirerEdit Your Secret Admirer section

Once again your admirer is back, mailing you a fresh-cut rose. This will help you get started on My Romantic Reputation and earning Titles of Love (see below).

CollectionsEdit Collections section

New with 2011 Erollis Day festivities is the collection quest, Romantic Flower Petals.

Gift MerchantsEdit Gift Merchants section

The merchants (Douglas and Steven) are once again to be found next to the mailboxes outside the taverns in East Freeport and Qeynos Harbor. New items this year include Blushing Lover, Puppy Love Plushie, Shard of Love Stag Plushie, and the amazing Pink Unicorn steed.

Titles of LoveEdit Titles of Love section

Earn one of several suffix titles by gifting others with fresh-cut roses. You can harvest roses in the Enchanted Lands.

Find ’em a Find, Catch ’em a Catch!Edit Find 'em a Find, Catch 'em a Catch! section

The quest Find ’em a Find, Catch ’em a Catch! returns again to Norrath (see 2009 section below).

Love LinesEdit Love Lines section

The two NPCs Dalron Pinot (North Qeynos) and Dalron Pinot (East Freeport) also return this year (see 2009 section below).

Total Eclipse of the HeartEdit Total Eclipse of the Heart section

New for 2011, Priest Aaronolis Swornlove offers the quest Total Eclipse of the Heart in New Halas. You will find Aaronolis near the shrine of Erollisi. You will need to complete his previous questline (Bouquet of Trust, Harts Full of Trust, and Sacrificial Trust) before he will offer it to you.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?Edit What's Love Got to Do With It? section

Priestess Annalisa Swornlove offers the quest What’s Love Got to Do With It? in New Halas. You will find Annalisa near the shrine of Erollisi.

Since I skipped Erollisi Day last year almost all of the quests were new to me, and I had a fun time completing them all. I didn’t experience any of the other bugs that players had such as crashing in Halas or having issues completing quests – but again I’d really like to be able to SEE my rewards.

Do you have any special in-game plans for this Erollisi Day? Let me know in comments!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Destiny of Velious Developer Chat – and Musings #EQ2

Posted above is the 2nd EQ2 developer chat regarding DoV which is due to release February 22nd (pushed back from February 8th). There is still an NDA in effect for the expansion, but I wanted to talk a bit about what we know so far. We learned from the first dev chat that there will be an in-game calender added. I am incredibly excited about this as it’s a feature that I’ve /feedbacked numerous times while playing. From what we’ve been told it will be able to track things like the Moonlight grotto events, and you’ll be able to add guild events to it. You can liken it to the WoW calendar that they’ve had in game for quite some time. What surprises me is that it wasn’t added when the EQ2 guild window underwent a revamp. In specific the guild window allows you to track “DKP” and assign numeric values to each member in the roster. It’s not very fleshed out and I don’t know if any guilds actually USE this feature aside from goofing around but it’s there none the less. I think adding a calendar at that time would have made sense, but it’s better late than never.

Flying mounts – I’m actually not excited about these, for a few reasons. Number one I’ve spent a lot of time collecting ‘ground’ mounts, and once flying is introduced it’s going to make those worthless (I could be wrong here, this is just me stating an opinion). I’ve also considered a lot of the EQ2 zones as being ‘flat’ with very little that I would ever need to fly over in order to get around. I realize that Velious zones will be tailored to suit this new form of transportation but I just don’t see it as a big deal.

Public quests really interest me and I’m curious about how well they’ll scale up and down as well as the basic mechanics. There are many spells I have as a healer that I can’t use outside of a group, so I wonder how the game will accommodate that. I also wonder how participation will be rated, and if they’ll even be popular in a game like this. We’ll just have to see!

Are you excited about DoV? What part are you most excited about?

For me personally, at the moment – it’s crafting. I’m looking forward to a new epic quest chain, new recipes, and owning multiple homes. As for the rest, well. We’ll just have to see when the expansion releases.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Trading for House Items in Legends of Norrath #EQ2

LoN has a new house item, a fantastic looking (empty of fish) aquarium. In order to make sure I got one, I took part in the promotion they had going on where you could purchase a tournament pack which included three boosters and the aquarium for $10. Since there’s no guarantee that a booster pack comes with a loot card (and that’s pretty much the only reason I play LoN, is to win goodies) I decided to trade my booster packs for loot in the trade area. I came away with 2 paintings, a pack of shrink potions, a tapestry (house item),  and a storm in a tea cup (another house item) from trading with other players. I may not be the best player, but I really enjoy LoN as a way of wasting time while LFG etc. and winning items I can use in game is always a plus.

I’m still working on my Norrathian museum and have obtained a few more books through donations (thank you!) which I’ve added. I think I am at 405 books now give or take a few because I’ve been slightly neglectful of adding titles to my list. There are a lot of items I still have to get, like the tapestries in Sinking Sands and I haven’t even begun to work on faction for that yet. I love collecting these items that continue to tell a tale of my character.

Once the multiple house ownership goes live (I expect it will be a few months after the expansion comes out) I’m looking forward to adding an “actual” house to the museum via portal. I’d like Stargrace (pictured above) to have a living area, which is something I don’t currently have because I’m always adding relics instead. Not that it’s a bad thing! I really wish more games took the time to implement player housing, I understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but there ARE a lot of people out there who find this a nice relaxing way to enjoy their game when they don’t feel like quest grinding and partaking in PvP etc. Ah well, one day, maybe!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

City Festivals, Leveling, and other Games #EQ2

Looking over the ruins in West Freeport (can you spot my trusty billy in the shot?) I wonder when they’ll finally rebuild. It’s been a really long time now and I think Lucan needs to hire better city workers if they can’t repair a simple building.

This week the Kelethin city festival is going on which I am quite excited about. They’ve added some new housing items to the festival and I’m eager to check out the doors available. Remember each city festival only happens twice a year so if you want to stock up on your favorite item now is the time.

These past two days I’ve been leveling a new swashbuckler. I have one on a second account but decided it would be nice to have on my main account. I’m currently level 73 I believe, thanks to the awesome leveling powers of Ibeogur, a guild mate (berserker). It also helps that I have 120% bonus due to other level 90 characters, and typically have an experience potion running. Of course once again the argument of ‘why are you rushing to the end!’ comes into play, but I actually have characters at all tiers, and some I quest with some I craft with and some I just want to do current content with. It simply depends on my mood. I also deleted a 90 dirge not that long ago, growing bored with her lack of progression. I may end up recreating, I haven’t decided quite yet.

What has everyone else been up to? Playing your game of choice? Holding off for something else to release? Personally I simply can not wait until Sims Medieval releases. I’ve been playing games from the Sims franchise for years now and I don’t expect this to be any different. Dragon Age 2 is also another big title I am waiting for, but I haven’t pre-ordered it yet. I think I will pick that one up at EBGames when it comes out. Then of course there’s rift at the end of this month – and oh what a slow month it is!

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Godking Weapons and other Musings #EQ2

I barely played the Rift beta this time around. The game releases (at least for pre-orders) in less then a month and I really didn’t want to get any more burnt out than I may already be feeling. I also feel that a lot of the changes lately tone down the ‘unique’ feeling that the game gave me in the first few  betas. That, coupled with the fact that the flood gates were let open for a server stress test and I simply wasn’t in the mood to deal with the masses meant that I spent most of my weekend wandering around more familiar paths.

Pictured above is my character in Maj’Dul (along with billy, her trusty doll) working with Ibeogur on the Godking (also known as the Peacock Club) quest chain. On this particular step I’m required to kill sweepers who each have a key belonging to one of the three factions, court, blades, and truth. After I’ve collected all three I do a little mini instance relating to them all before I can move on to the next step. I really love the quest chain and it was fun to mentor down and avoid the orcs in Maj’Dul as someone else was working on the Hand of Fate which changes the mobs you may encounter in the city.

The weekend was filled with much more then that though. Guild mates and I decided to run around Wailing Caverns and Fallen Gate on newly made characters, earning a handful of levels. I started up a new swashbuckler, named Jacquotte Delahaye. The phrase “back from the dead red” just struck me as too amusing not to use.

There was also a lot of instance running going on which was a refreshing change of pace compared to my usual slack. Guild mates and I ran through Erudian Research Halls (also ERH on Antonia Bayle, it seems like every server has their own short forms), Cella, Conservatory, and one more instance that I can’t recall at the moment.

An interesting thing happened with one of the members in group, a dirge. They rolled need on a dirge master that dropped – and then someone in group called them out for it and asked why they were rolling need, they’ve been mastered for months. The dirge admitted that they had the spell already, but that they always roll need on anything from their class. While I do not appreciate this concept at all – they also told the group that we could random 1000 for the master in question and he would give it up. I just wish it hadn’t of required someone else calling the player out in order for him to have this change of heart.

On that same note, while they were discussing the subject another party member mentioned that they always roll need on all shinies, whether or not they actually need them. Because they do need the coin from broker. I’ve been pretty strict in my ‘I only roll need if I need it’ intentions, and some times I won’t even roll need then. I don’t see this changing any time soon no matter how bad I may WANT the money that comes from winning an item. It just does not sit well with me morally for whatever reason.

I hope everyone else has had a fantastic weekend, no matter where you find yourself. I’m also downloading Magicka right now from Steam, looking forward to giving that a try. Happy gaming!

Friends Stop Friends From Going Down the Crapper #EQ2

A friend of mine was showing off his home this week and mentioned that the bathroom was tribute to his feelings about the game, that any time anyone used the toilet, the waste would just get sucked into the void never to be seen again – for those who are not familiar with the game the center of the toilet bowl is actually a “void” house item, that players can click and it transports you to the Moors of Ykesha. It spins around in dizzy circles which doesn’t show up very well in the screen shot.

When asked WHY he was still playing if he felt this way, he gave me an answer that I’ve heard too many times (and have in fact used it as my reason for playing as well). It’s the friends we make and the friendships we have that cause these games to be their most enjoyable. The problem is that this day in age there are so many games it’s very rare that we all meet up again some place if we do decide to move on from where we once all “met”. There is a certain fear associated with leaving ones game of choice and thus leaving behind friends. If I can not convince friends to come try a new game with me, it’s very rare that I will actually leave for it, even if the game I’m currently playing is a wrong fit for me on every level. My friends can make the darkest days seem brighter, and the stories I tell about game play happen not because of what I’m doing in game per say, but what I’m doing with friends in game.

Would you play and continue to play a game that you didn’t exactly enjoy if you had a bunch of friends playing with you? Would you over look the blatant faults because friends make it all worth while? I certainly would (and do) – I’m just curious if others feel the same way. Let me know in comments!

Also happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself and woohoo it’s FRIDAY!

BiblioNorrath #EQ2

I was reading through the EQ2players forums yesterday and came across this post regarding BiblioNorrath – a site dedicated to recording the titles of all the books and scrolls available in game. More recently they’ve started adding the titles to player-written books, and so I decided to volunteer my collection of titles for the project. I’m still just on the cusp of owning 400 books, but I know I’ll get there before too long. The site itself is quite wonderful, you can use this as a check list of books you own compared to which ones you still need to obtain, and it’s a wonderful way for players to share the player-written books that they’ve collected on their servers.

I’m quite proud of my personal collection (obviously since most of my posts this week have revolved around that) and I was only too happy to share it with everyone else. If you’re interested in books at all I suggest you check out the site, register for an account, and start tracking!

Also, anyone check out the super neat announcement yesterday regarding housing? Multiple homes? Yes please!

Thoughts, comments? Let me know below!
Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.

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