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The Road to Level 100


Originally I had planned on playing my defiler, Stargrace, on the Antonia Bayle server. Of course I never follow plans and instead I played the illusionist, Seduit, that I have over on Maj’Dul. She was level 95 and I hadn’t even set foot into Altar of Malice (let alone the latest expansion) so I began with that. Questing was slow. Really slow. I can understand why people prefer to group elsewhere. Over the course of the weekend I did manage to level to 97, so that’s nice but I’m not sure if I have the patience to continue on with that method. I’ve been debating grinding out the levels in another zone (skyshrine comes to mind, though I understand that place is typically still packed) or maybe just going through older content. Thankfully there are options.

I also reached 98 provisioner by completing the Altar of Malice quest chain. I was contemplating grinding writs to reach 100 but decided against it because I don’t have a lot of spare resources right now. Doing the daily and weekly crafting quests should bump me to 100 before long.

Last but not least I started this character down the harvesting quest chain from the Isle of Mara. I’ve collected food items from the starter zones, antonica, and now I’m headed to Nektulos Forest and Thundering Steppes. It’s quite relaxing to be able to sit back and harvest, though I am eager to get it completed. I’ve been going through the giant list of tradeskill quests I want to get completed, it’s really amazing to see how many there are in the game when you’re looking at them in list format.

I don’t know anyone on Maj’Dul these days, but I continue to listen in on channels and I am enjoying the current population. Long term I hope to hit 100, continue to work on gear and spells, and maybe even be able to participate in a raid or two if I can find a guild that accepts alliances. I’m in a guild on my own and I don’t want to leave it because it compliments my play style, but I do like to participate in raids and other events. We’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


The 3+1 Guild


The year was 2008. The server was Kithicor. I transferred there on a whim and I met some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. Unfortunately the rest of the server was not kind. In 2009 we made the decision to transfer to Antonia Bayle and we packed up our homes and most of the guild hall, leaving one character behind to keep it safe for us. We set up a memorial for others to visit for as long as they could. On top of each tomb was a player written book describing our adventures and what we had done on the server as an incredibly small team.



Today I went returned to check in for the first time since we left. I didn’t even remember that we left the memorial. I’m still friends with everyone from the 3+1 guild. I’m the only one who still plays EQ2, but that’s OK because we have ties that run deeper than the game even if it is the game that brought us together.

I owe a lot in my life to video games. Everything from friends I have made to jobs I have held. I can honestly say that without EverQuest 2 I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I think that’s pretty amazing.


When in Doubt – Craft!


I had done it. I had made the decision to return to Norrath – not a huge commitment because my account has station access until July to begin with, I just hadn’t been actively playing. I don’t mind, it’s just a way for me to show my support to developers but I’m glad I made the decision to try to actually make use of it instead of subscribing to yet another game (that I would lose interest in after a few months, as I always do). My adventure level main is only 96, and there’s two expansions worth of stuff I am behind on. For some reason the level cap on guilds is 115 when the level cap on characters is 100.. Edit: I have no idea what the cap is for guilds if there even is any. I saw guilds at 120+ last night… Odd.

No matter how confused I am when I return to a game, one thing that rarely ever changes is crafting. It’s an old friend that I can start questing with right away, and returning to EQ2 was no different. I promptly got a a message in game about where to go and what to do and who needed my help. Perfect. I was already level 100, having completed the Altar of Malice craft chain during my last brief visit, so I was able to dive into the latest expansion right away. Before long I was running through the halls of Maldura and flying through Thalumbra (over and over again) playing games of talk to X npc then talk to Y npc then craft X item and deliver it to XY npc. Sure, it’s not exciting, but the lore and story at each npc is quite entertaining, and I did get a really nice piece of gear. Two, in fact. One crafter piece and one adventure piece that I can’t wear yet. I’m calling that motivation.

Once I completed the main chain I decided to work on the weekly tasks which you can snag all at once if you want, or space them out. Learning my way around the areas was frustrating. There’s always that one quest icon that you just can’t seem to reach, and of course I died to a few things. Guards before I managed to get faction, a cliff I thought was passable, etc.

Now that those are done, it’s time to settle down and do a bit of leveling. My goal (har) is to be 97 by the time this post goes live on December 4th at 6am. Right now I’m 83% into level 96, so I’m pretty confident that I can do that. I know a lot of people like to just grind out experience in Skyshrine or another contested dungeon zone, but I imagine I will quest my way as far as I can so that I can get gear upgrades and hopefully progress some story lines.

It’s nice to be back, comfortable. I’m not quite “there” yet and I won’t feel like I am until I’m at least level 100 and know my way around things again, but it’s not completely out of my realm of possibility at least. I also took advantage of the free server transfers and moved two characters. I put an illusionist over on Maj’dul, and a ranger wandered over to Halls of Fate. If it turns out I don’t enjoy Antonia Bayle, or I want a break from things for a bit, or I want to visit friends, well, I have options. Options are always good.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.



Lets Talk about Fan Sites


Earlier this week I mentioned that I had started playing EQ2 again on a whim (that’s how it starts). I decided to dust off my 96 defiler and work on some older quests. I never completed the previous expansion (Altar of Malice) and while I did cave and buy their newest expansion (Terrors of Thalumbra) I wasn’t quite ready to dive back into things. The point of this rambling being that I’ve missed a lot of changes over the years and had no idea where to start. Video games do a bad job at telling you what has changed since last you played. Sure, you could try to go to their web site and find a list of all the patch notes, but it’s not going to explain things in depth because patch notes are meant for people who are actively playing, and it’s a lot of information to take in at once. Places that do present to you the changes in a fantastic way are typically fan sites.

I love fan sites. I think they are the bread and butter of any game, and the communities that surround them are amazing. They can include any professional or non-professional site that is run by – you guessed it, a fan. One of my favourites for EQ2 happens to be EQ2wire which includes the latest changes along with author commentary. I don’t always agree, but I don’t always have to. The site itself is good, the owners work hard at it and have a passion that shows through. My absolute favourite part of their ‘Wire Network’ though is of course the portion. This lets me take an in-depth look at my characters, the quests they’ve completed, what major quest chains I have yet to begin, what gear I’m wearing, adornments, and basically everything that I could ever want to know – and what’s even better is that I can search for other characters. Something I’ve done in the past when I was curious about a specific build someone may have been using.

I think it’s important to show these types of sites that you support them, that you enjoy what they do. All too often you start using a site only to have the creator take it down for xyz reason, and then those resources are lost forever. Vanguard was a fantastic example of this happening and it was always sad when a fan site vanished.

Other EQ2 sites I absolutely love and use any time I’m playing include:

Of course there are a few blogs here and there that still talk about EQ2 as well, like my friend Bhagpuss. I used to really enjoy ZAM as well, but the network has since let go of all my favourite people which sucks because they were amazing and passionate. Don’t forget to support that small fan site that you use, even if it’s just a little notice to the authors that you appreciate their work. It does make a difference.







Some people really like managing money, even in video games. Me? I worry enough about money concerns in my day to day life, when it comes to video games keeping track of what I can afford and what I have to hold back on is something I rarely devote any time to. As games age of course inflation happens. People who have been around for a while earn more money, quest rewards are greater, etc.

The economy was already pretty established when I started playing EverQuest, but since I started EverQuest 2 when it released I was able to keep up with the economy changes pretty well. Until I took my breaks, of course. Yesterday when I was leveling up my brand new zerker I was watching an action going on – and the bids were over 30,000 plat for a single item. There’s one major reason that stands out for me as one of the causes for this increase. Loyalty tokens used to reward 75p for 5 tokens, and a subscriber would get 2 tokens every day if they completed the daily objectives. That reward has been changed to 500 plat, in itself not an enormous change since it affects everyone – but the 12 year veteran reward, well that’s 375 tokens. That’s a lot of plat if you decide to spend your tokens on coin bags.

It’s no surprise that I’m seeing things for sale on the broker for hundreds of thousands of plat.

It’s comfortable to be back in EQ2. I’m even debating picking up their latest expansion even though I haven’t completed the previous one yet. Then of course there’s the decision of who to play. My current characters include (feel free to friend):

  • Stargrace – 96 defiler / 100 tailor
  • Milay – 10 berserker
  • Minxes – 91 ranger / 95 armorer
  • Petites – 95 inquisitor / 95 jeweler
  • Jacquotte – 95 swashbuckler / 95 weaponsmith
  • Arysh – 91 warden / 95 woodworker
  • Seduit – 95 illusionist / 95 provisioner
  • Ellithia – 95 dirge / 95 alchemist
  • Ishbel – 95 coercer / 95 carpenter
  • Seduisant – 95 shadowknight / 95 sage

All located on the Antonia Bayle server. I’m debating between the dirge, coercer, shadowknight, and defiler because those are my preferred classes, but I’m much more likely to just play whoever interests me in the heat of the moment. On that note, I managed to ding the guild 79, too. That’s a huge accomplishment considering I’m the only one active in the guild, and we were only ever a guild of three people to begin with. Took some time, of course, but I’m still really glad.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

IntPiPoMo Day 1-4

Never heard of IntPiPoMo before? Well, no time like the present! I’m going to swipe the information from Gamer Girl Confessions, and you can find the post about it here.

NaNoWriMo is about writing 50k words throughout the month of November. If a picture is work a thousand words, that would mean we’d need to post fifty pictures!

These can be screenshots from any game, or even photographs you take in real life and want to share on your blog. They can be anything–character selfies, shots of combat, sharing your game UI, showing off that awesome-tacular Deathclaw kill you got in Fallout 4… you get the idea.

So without further wait, here are my first four screenshots for the IntPiPoMo of 2015. First up, EverQuest 2. Long time readers of this blog will be very familiar with my love affair with this MMO. I played it fairly steadily for 7 years before wandering off – and returning – and wandering off – and returning. It has been a few years since I’ve played with any sort of consistency, but  that seems typical for video games. Below I’m wandering around in Commonlands, enjoying the sunset.


Next up, another of my MMO loves (and my current one) Wurm Online. I’ve been playing Wurm for 6 years now, and if ever there was a sandbox to love, well. This is it (at least for me).


Next up, Cities: Skylines. This game (to me) was everything that Sim City should have been, at a more cost effective price. Bugs? Sure, all games have a few of those, but it ran the way I expected a polished product to run, and I had hours of enjoyment from playing. Now they’ve released a few DLC, and while I haven’t picked those up, they are on my wish list.


Finally, we have Tropico 5, and my island being pummeled by natural disasters. That’s OK, my citizens didn’t need homes anyway…


There you have it, the first four days of IntPiPoMo, underway. Expect more screenshots throughout the month, I’ll probably post them in a bundle like this every couple of days instead of posting them individually. Don’t forget, you can participate too! The rules can be found on the post linked above, and it’s a really simple little project to get into. Plus it gets you looking at your screenshots folders – and lets face it, there are probably a lot of those, along with some fantastic memories stored up.

Happy gaming!

New Header, New videos



Pictured above is a new header I had designed by Belghast, yay! I’ve been trying to get a new header for my blog that I could use on various social media sites for ages now, but lets face it, my skill in creating these headers is pretty much zip to none. In instances like this instead of getting upset that I can’t create the header myself, I decide to find someone who can. On that same note I’ve also commissioned someone to create a new cartoon-esc avatar for me to also use across social media, so I don’t have to keep using my real picture. Now, why would I do this? It’s for a few reasons. Number one is that I’d like things to be uniform across all of these places. Number two, I’d like to do more streaming on twitch / youtube, and I don’t particularly want or need my real image gracing the pages. It took me a few days to find someone who was willing to give the avatar a try, but I’m confident that I’ll be happy with the results. I’m incredibly happy with the new header for the blog, and I’m looking forward to transitioning that header over to other media over the next week.

Speaking of media, I did do two twitch streams on Saturday. I did a short recap on Wurm Online (where the sound is absolutely horrible, my apologies. If you want you can fast forward past the part that’s playing music so it doesn’t drown out my voice so much) and then another stream later on in the day where I was exploring the Festival of Unity SPLAT event on Antonia Bayle (so much fun). I plan on picking up a new mic before too long, and I’m also picking up a webcam, something I’ve actually never attempted to do in my streams. I would like to make these streams a weekly thing, but that will depend on how busy I am and what games are on my plate. Wurm Online for example is not the most thrilling of games to broadcast unless you’re going out on a hunting trip or are working on terraforming the property.

You can follow my twitch channel if you want to be notified of streaming, or if you’d like to see the videos I’ve made in the past, I have most of them over on my youtube channel. Again I can’t promise that I’ll actually go anywhere with any of this, but it’s a nice fun little hobby on the side, and who knows. Maybe I’ll develop a knack for it over time. In the meantime, I’m incredibly happy to finally have updated my site a bit. After all, it has been 9 years since I started blogging on MmoQuests. It was time for a facelift.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Lets Talk AddOns (Again)


I love games that allow players to create 3rd party addons to help enhance game play or solve UI issues I may have. In many games I prefer to load just one overall addon that takes care of everything for me, but that isn’t always how things are done. Take WildStar for example. I use a number of individual addons there, and it works out great. Sometimes people wonder if addons make games too easy, or if they’re technically considered cheating. For example in WildStar there’s an addon that lets you relax when the simon says games are going on. Those are the challenges that flash a pattern of colours like a bop-it and you need to match the pattern. The addon responds automatically, saving you a lot of potential frustration.

In EQ2 I use DrumsUI. I used to use Prophet, but it stopped getting updated. Now, Drums hasn’t been updated in quite some time either, but it’s still a working UI, and it does everything I need it to do (which is replace the entire UI for the game). I could get by using the default stuff, but after so many years it’s just not comfortable and it feels outdated.

In World of Warcraft I use ElvUI and like all addons and mods out there, some people love it and some people hate it. This UI mod has a bit of a reputation because so many players use it and it’s seen as a ‘n00bs’ UI of sorts. Despite the negative connotations that I see floating around, it works for what I need it to do as a causal gamer. I also discovered HandyNotes which is by far the most amazing addon I’ve seen so far (especially with WoD).


HandyNotes updates your map and mini-map with every named, treasure, collectable (toys, pets, etc). As you collect the items (or kill the bosses), the icons vanish from your map. This is especially handy if you happen to hunt for achievements that require you to collect everything under the sun. Now, again this addon is not going to be for everyone. Some people really love the discovery and they don’t want any help at all – but others (lets say, completionists) want the ability to finish off these items, and that’s where this addon really shines.

I also have a few pet addons, deadly boss mod because it’s awesome, and an auction house addon here and there. Nothing all that fancy, but it suits my play style.

In games where addons are an option, my decision is usually to always go with one (depending on their availability and how easy they are to install). I like to have the option, even if it’s not for everyone.

Do you tend to use any addons in your games? Would you rather not have the ability to? Let me know in comments!

Saturday: Video Game Roundup


I’m not playing nearly as many games at once as I used to play, but I still manage to keep pretty busy. I decided to do a weekly roundup of the games I’m playing with a little bit of a blurb about each one. I don’t really know anyone who plays only one game these days – so if you do, let me know! I’ve always been envious of those who were able to commit to just one game at a time. First up!


My alt leveling has been put on hold while a friend of mine returns to the game. Right now they’re making their way through Whitevale and I’ve been having a blast mentoring them. I’ve found soldier holdouts that I missed when I was passing through along with other collectibles. I’ve mentioned this a few times now, but I’m very happy that WildStar has a mentor system, and I think all games (I’m looking at you WoW) need this sort of system. It encourages me to play with friends and motivates me to explore zones I’ve already been through. I always found it sad when games give you zero reason to revisit an area after the developers put all that work into it. When a new expansion releases if you travel to the older zones they’re always empty. It just seems like a waste.

Diablo 3

Not exactly an MMO, but I’ve been playing this on the PS4 (my PSN is Stargrace if you’re looking to add me) and I’m having a lot of fun. Unlike on the PC, my hand never gets sore from holding the controller buttons down while I attack. I purchased the game some time ago but today was the first day I actually spent any time playing. I’m level 20 now, and I also had a mailbox full of legendary items for me to open. One really neat thing about Diablo 3 is that when you’re playing it you’ll occasionally get items to drop that get sent to your friends. They’re great ways to motivate them to log in! I had to be level 11 before I could wear the items but once I did mobs just melted away. I’m still trying to get a hang of the controls, but I’m not doing too bad. Since I haven’t actually completed the game on the PS4 before, I can’t play at a very high difficulty, but I’m hoping to ‘beat’ the base game and unlock the other modes. One thing that frustrates me is that this game is not cross platform, so even though I can play on the PC and on the PS4, my accounts don’t really interact together and my PC characters don’t show up on my PS4 or vice versa. I wish it were more like FFXIV in that regard.


I heard that crafting writs won’t be fixed until Tuesday and that has slowed my progression down a bit. My coercer is still sitting at level 28, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get 29 today or not. I think I’ll attempt it, but I’m taking a much more casual approach now, so we’ll see how it goes. I did manage to level up a few of my other alts to 10 since there’s no writs to do, but I’ll hold off before getting them above 15. I may take them to Halas to do the crafting quest chain that’s available there (it gives a nice selection of rares, and the ability to purchase the 10-19 advanced books). I’m still having fun playing, and that’s what really matters.

Wurm Online

I’ve been logging my priests in to get their max allotment of prayers each day, but I haven’t done a lot else besides that lately. My Najho priests are just over 42 skill, and it’s not until 70 skill that they’ll really open up as a priest. Then I’ll be able to cast strongwall along with genesis, two skills I’m really eager for. Once I’m able to strongwall I can fix the mine that I broke over at my main deed. I ended up mining straight and creating a drop shaft instead of mining up. An easy fix, once I get the proper faith to be able to cast the spell. I’ve also been working on my animal husbandry and breeding horses / sheep / cows / bison. I’m trying to get a few 5 speeds, but since my skill is only 50 at this time (on both Stargrace and Maivis, my Vynora priest) I typically end up with 4 speeds + one extra useless trait. I know it takes time, and I have the patience to see it through.


Besides the big names at the top, I’ve also spent some time playing Tropico 5 on steam (I’m Stargrace there, too, if you want to add me). The humor just fits with my mood perfectly, and it’s very relaxed and casual. I’ve also spent some time playing Terraria, working on my home and building up a supply of components for future projects. I think I would still rather play Minecraft but since I reformatted my machine not too long ago I also forgot to save my Minecraft world, along with the castle I had built, and that really deterred me from starting all over again. I’ll probably create another world before too long just because the game is so dang fun.


That’s it! Those are the games I’m currently playing and what I’ve been up to. I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend so far, and that you find yourself with at least a little time to play a game or two that you adore. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


Hanging Out in the Cities


The coercer is level 28 now, but it was a difficult run. I hadn’t earned very much vitality last night so even though my UI told me I had enough to make it to the next level it ended up running out about 70% of the way through my level. I decided instead of grinding without vitality (it really is the slowest thing ever at 0.2% per kill) that I would work on uncovering the rest of Thundering Steppes. When that was completed I headed back to Freeport to check out the market and pick up a shiny collection or two that I hadn’t completed yet in the hopes that I could earn the last bit I needed. That ended up being no problem at all, and I found myself 16% of the way into level 28. Shinies are lovely, but they’re also very expensive because lets face it I’m certainly not the only person doing these collections. As the player base rises up through their own levels and populates the zones, the collections get cheaper (because so many people are harvesting them and already have the pieces they need).

I had been looking forward to working on my carpenter skill a bit, but at the moment writs are broken and they’re not rewarding any coin – which wouldn’t be such a big deal except that it includes the cost of fuel not being returned. Fuel gets expensive. It could be that this change is intended in an effort to offset the few quests players were abusing to rack up lots of coin, but it punishes those who were not making use of those systems and who were only trying to level up their professions or guilds. Instead of working on my already-established crafters I plan on leveling up a few more to 10, since you don’t get any writs at all until 15+ and you don’t get rush order writs until 20. Next on the list is my illusionist who is going to be a provisioner. I go through a lot of food and drink (since I’m online a lot, it’s no real surprise) and I don’t like having to buy it all of the time. Plus it’s just a handy craft to have.

One thing I have really enjoyed since playing on the progression server is the fact that there are no guild halls, so everyone is out in the open. The cities are busy, ALL cities are busy. I see people everywhere and I love it. That’s what was missing for me in the older versions, and I’ve said it a few times now – games need a central location for players to gather and meet up. It’s important that we “see” others around. It makes the world feel more robust and populated, which is a great thing.

Have any special plans for EQ2 (or any other game you may be playing) this weekend? Let me know in comments, and happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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