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To Speak as a Dragon (again)

If there’s one single quest I had to pinpoint as being absolutely essential to have completed at any level, it has got to be “To Speak as a Dragon”. This quest was released when EQ2 first came out way back when, and has been used in every single expansion in key quests all over Norrath.

Lets go back in time, to when EQ2 first released and the level cap was 50. To Speak as a Dragon used to be an epic encounter just to start the quest (it’s since been changed to heroic). You needed to speak the language of giants in order to progress the very first step of the quest – and of course the most difficult aspect of all, you had to go visit Nagafen multiple times in Solusek’s Eye to progress it.

Solusek’s Eye has changed a LOT since release. It was an “end game” zone, and the mobs saw through invisibility. That means to even get to this quest (after picking it up) you needed a full group. It would take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to clear your way down to Nagafen’s lair (remember, this is before the times of any gate potions, veteran rewards, or call of the hero) and there was no short cut port to skip the cave area.

Since that time things have changed. You can bypass a lot of the walking, especially if you know a friend who may be close by that you can port to. The mobs are gray, and while the annoyance of running all over Norrath for updates hasn’t changed, getting around Norrath certainly has.

So why am I doing this quest?

As I said, it’s the “key” quest in pretty much every expansion. You needed it for Prismatic 1.0 (Darathar raid anyone?) you needed it for Claymore. Soulfire. Multiple deity quests (one in specific where you have to speak to Wooshi in an instanced version of Emerald Halls). You need it to convert your mythical weapon into a buff – which is why I’m currently doing it.

Nagafen is one of the most imposing dragons EQ2 has to offer, and the zones leading up to Nagafen’s Lair are absolutely stunning. Everything from Lavastorm, to Solusek’s Eye, to Nagafen’s Lair screams of molten lava and pain. Or maybe that’s just for me, because I have such fond memories of doing my prismatic 1.0. Back when we did x4 raids for legendary weapons and thought they were the best thing since sliced bread.

I really miss those days.

The Climb to 90

I have a lot of characters (dur) and one of the toughest decisions I ever have to make at any one time in game is WHO to play and who to work on next in terms of progression. While many people tell me they wish they had as many characters as I have, it’s an issue of “the grass is always greener on the other side”. It was discussed in guild and decided that perhaps I should level up my paladin, so that the guild could have another tank to do things with, as of this moment we only have one “main” tank, and a second that’s the alt of our main coercer. I enjoy my paladin a lot despite the fact that she was heavily power leveled, and I’ve never actually dedicated any time to playing a tank – and thus I decided to work on her almost exclusively.

The paladin is sitting at level 86 at the moment, and yesterday I managed to complete my fabled epic with the help of some friends. I’d like to get the mythical version done, but of course I don’t have to speak as a dragon completed, which means I’ve got to run all over Norrath picking up runes first before I can begin that quest.

I spent 200 plat on kaborite clusters to make skills, and picked up a few cheap ones from the broker that don’t get upgrades. Her achievement list is VERY low, but again that’s something I can work on. I’ve also been stashing aside level 90 tank gear so that when she finally reaches the appropriate level I have some things tucked away.

Am I any good at playing a tank? Well, I’ve boxed one quite a few times even though I’ve never actually had my own. That doesn’t exactly make me a good tank, but I like to think I’m not horrible. Really, only time will tell.

Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

Decorating, Decorating.. and yes, More Decorating

I’m still here! Ok so I’ve been neglecting posts on MmoQuests lately, but I’ve been incredibly busy in real life (gasp) – that doesn’t mean I haven’t been in game! Things have been pretty busy there too. When I left off I had just purchased a T1 hall for my latest endeavor, Dragon’s Flight. Decorating it has been a LOT of fun, although it’s only getting done in bits and pieces I feel that this is actually a preferable way to decorate. That way you don’t get burned out. I’ve been working on creating display cases (like the one pictured above) for the trophies I’ve gathered (ok, I didn’t gather them all a lot were donated, thank you Pennie and Shadowgeist) and some sort of ‘central’ area. Kasul has been busy working on the library portion as well as living quarters. The crafting area is complete, and I really like the way it turned out this time around. As for what else, well. I haven’t decided yet. Probably another stage / bar area, and I’d like an aquarium. Once the hall is completed I’llĀ  be making a video of it and posting that here for people to watch (I’ve been neglecting my videos).

Other then that, well. I’ve been leveling up a lot of characters, and doing some quests. More about that in another post though!

Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

Ding, Level 30 (again)

I’ve had a level 50+ guild on Lucan D’Lere (or used to at least) called Fire and Ice. Started with some good friends of mine back when the game first came out. Najena? Sure, I’ve had a level 50+ guild there, called Nostalgia. Kithicor? Sure, I’ve had a level 50+ guild there whose name escapes me, too early. Antonia Bayle? Torrent Knights is there, and the guild is 50+ with a T2 hall and still going strong despite me having moved over to Oasis full time. Of course, I started a guild here, and yesterday hit level 30, and purchased yet another hall. Dragon’s Flight is the guild, and even though I have paid for and purchased numerous guild halls since they first came out it was still just like the first time around excitement wise. Maybe even a bit more then usual.

Picking out amenity is always a difficult task, at level 30 I’m only allowed 5 of them. Broker, Banker, and Call to Guild ability are a must, as was a depot box to store the huge number of crafting raws I’ve accumulated on all of my crafters. For the 5th choice a wizard spire porter joined the ranks, which takes over the place of the typical “bell” I would have purchased.

Experience from 30-35 is quicker then 20-30 so I’m looking forward to gaining a few more levels (and thus more amenity) for the tiny hall. In the mean time decorating has commenced, and yes, I’m excited (and this is pretty much the whole reason I keep buying halls).

In order to reach 30 Kasul and myself grinded crafting writs for most of the day, and Pennie donated a lot of items to help boost us up there.

My carpenter is now most of the way through levle 88 (starting at level 82). The woodworker and provisioner are both at 85, I wanted to try to stop them there so that they could finish the Sentinel’s Fate crafting quests and obtain their neat weapon – and maybe make use of that 1% experience boost before hitting the level cap. I’m very close to having a 50% bonus to all of my crafters again, which is something I really loved. Two more adventurers and I’ll be at the 50% bonus there, too. Leveling in SF is incredibly easy. It feels a bit like SOE is trying to push people to end game (Battlegrounds don’t even start until levle 80+) and I guess that could be the reason.

April Fools day is tomorrow – and of course I want to try to take advantage of the quests in game for that day. Whether or not I will manage it is something completely different, we’ll just have to see. Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

Those +Harvesting Skills are Not Useless!

I used to wonder what harvesting skills were good for. I never bothered actually putting ON any of the gear that would raise the stats, unless I was in a zone where my skill wasn’t high enough to even reach the nodes.

Until Sentinel’s Fate, and I required rares to make expert spells that I simply didn’t want to fork out the cash for. To the left is what my current harvesting skills are at. This is with Ellithia (wood elf mystic) using the Grandmaster crafter earring, the reinforced dwarven work boots (drop from the final named in unrest), the harvesters cloak, tinkering tools that raise the stats, the harvest mount sold in Mara (10 tokens and 40k faction later), and the artisan tool set that raises harvesting statistics by a little amount.

For those who don’t know, the chances of you getting a rare are based on your skill vs. the skill required by the zone. The higher your skill is OVER that level, the higher your chances of getting a rare are.

To test this theory I set out on Ellithia for three hours, running around Sentinel’s Fate zones. Most of my time was spent actually looking for places to harvest that wouldn’t require too much killing, or having to fight off other players. By the time all was said and done I walked away with 15 rares, although for some odd reason not a single rare pelt was found despite the fact that I harvested more pelts then anything else (I mean significantly more). Pleased? Yes, I really was. I’ve stashed all of these rares along with Hamal’s rares in my guild bank for the time being. Set aside to make pretty furniture for the guild hall that should be coming up VERY soon. Dragon’s Flight managed to clench on to level 29 yesterday, which I am very excited about.

Brisbane day starts tomorrow, which is always great for a laugh. Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

Dirge Mythical Obtained

Not as much gaming was completed yesterday as Saturday, but it was still a fairly good day none the less. Especially for one main reason. The dirge (who had only completed her fabled epic weapon, and not the mythical version) completed the quest that converts that weapon to a buff. Now, if you’re not aware when you do this and you only have the fabled epic, it converts to the mythical buff + mythical weapon (minus those effects because they’re placed on the buff). So essentially this allows you to only complete the fabled epic + the quest to obtain your mythical weapon.

I’m torn on this. On one hand I think it’s silly because we worked really hard to get those mythical weapons. On the other hand they’re now two expansions behind and I don’t imagine too many folks are going to want to run Veeshan’s Peak especially when it’s green. It allows half of the quests to still be relevant (the fabled versions) without forcing people to raid obsolete content.

The little guild I have over on Oasis is inching closer and closer to 30 (we’re almost 29) and that means a new guild hall. Since I’ve cut down on the servers I play on and am now only located on Oasis (I’ve written about why already) it’s been much more relaxing. I am however still in three separate guilds, which makes for interesting times (two if you don’t count my personal guild).

One guild is Iniquity, which is a fantastic bunch of people who have known each other for quite some time. They’re a little more casual then previous guilds I’ve been in, but are a lot of fun. Last night they invited me along for the crafting instance, which I haven’t done since achievements came out. I took my little tailor along for the ride, picked up a new crafting book, some faction, and had a blast.Now I just need to get that done on all my crafters.

I’ve also decided to (surprise surprise) betray another one of my characters. Which one? I’ll leave that for the masses to figure out!

Happy gaming, and I will see you in Norrath!

One Absolutely Incredible Weekend of Gaming

Wow. This was by far one of the best weekends (or at least Saturdays) I have spent gaming in a very long time. It’s not often I dedicate an entire day to gaming (aside from the basics of course) but Saturday was ‘the day’. No other real life obligations on the table, and the weather way too cold to wander far from home meant I could spend it gaming guilt free – and so I did.

My dirge was part way through 88, and I had ever intention of finally hitting 90 – which I did (and then some). I was sitting at a shameful 110 alternate advancement points, which is not bad if you’re a power leveled character with 4 days played time. I wanted to change that (and I did).

  • The Hole: Demitrik’s Bastion
  • The Hole: Outer Vault
  • The Hole: Spirit’s Resonance
  • Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs
  • Vasty Deep: The Conservatory
  • Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella

Each instance rewarded a LOT of achievements, experience, gear, and tokens to use towards shard merchants. I went from a level 88 dirge to 90 with 129 aa (still well below where I want to be – but it is a start). I did more quests in one day on that character that I had in the four days playing her.

I also managed to complete two very simple heritage quests in Sentinel’s Fate, Justice for JoJo, and Digging in the Dirt. Both of these rewarded weapons with really neat appearances, and the Grimblade was an upgrade over the master crafted I was wearing in my offhand.

I also learned about my newest favorite encounter, pictured above. Within the zone there are six npcs that players speak to and obtain as pets. Each one takes on a class role, and aid the group in encounters. I of course picked up the dirge – who kept over writing my buffs! It was both funny and sad at the same time. These npc are required for the final encounter, which is a x2 epic. They provide the group with the means to defeat it, especially because without them the x2 will complete heal itself. Not fun.

I actually found that all of these zones had very well done encounters (at least the final names of each zone) and I had a blast exploring them. The head of Queen Gwarthlea is hilarious, and I should be including some video of it shortly. I just love the snakes, what can I say.

How did everyone else spend their weekend? I hope it was fun! Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath.

Raiding, Adventuring, and Having a Good Time

What have I been up to in EQ2 lately, you may ask. Well. Things have been pretty busy – which is a sure indication of why I haven’t been keeping up as steadily with my posts as I should be! I have deadlines for work looming in and that always makes for some sporadic posting as well as a lot of real life happening at the moment. Things should settle back down in a few weeks (just in time for them to take off again, as always).

I’ve joined up with a new guild on Oasis, and I’ve been busy trying to get comfortable – which is harder then it sounds. All 12 of my EQ2 characters are over there now, and I’m happy that I seem to have at least broken myself from the multi server gaming habit. It was just getting too hard to be in three places at once and I was constantly left feeling as though I was letting someone down by not playing with them on their server. What’s the point if I’m not having any fun myself. I’ve added three of my characters to the new guild, my mystic, the dirge, and my paladin (mostly so I could grind crafting writs). So far things are going nicely. I got to explore Erudian Research Halls with them, and on Wednesday we did Ward of Elements, which was fun (especially since most of us were 90 and hence the zone was green).

The dirge is now level 88, and half way through 89. I’m excited, although I have a LOT of work to do on this character still. She only has 112 aa and that hurts very badly. That’s what you get from power leveling though. The paladin is also at level 82, almost 83, and I’ve been doing battlegrounds with her which I quite enjoy. There’s something decidedly satisfying about taunting attackers off of your dps so that your dps can cause their heads to explode. I’ve got her wearing the level 80 set of PvP gear, which doesn’t do much for me in terms of PvE, but that’s alright.

Crafting has taken a small back seat while I just roam around Norrath looking for trouble. I’ll get back to it before too long no doubt, as I’d really like all 9 crafters at level 90. We’ll just have to see how that goes.

In the mean time, it’s FRIDAY and I’m looking forward to hearing about everyone and their adventures at PAX East this weekend. I won’t be attending – but I WILL be going to the SOE Fan Faire in August. Hope to see everyone there!

Transmuting and Adorning, Oh my!

I’ve been working on my adorning, and my transmuting. Thankfully my character was already at 400 when the changes went in, because I’m not so sure that I’d want to level the two skills up separately. Right now I’m restricted by my adventure / craft level. Transmuting is one of those subset of skills that have a max based on your level. At level 82 I can only transmute up to a skill level of 410 out of 450. This allows me to transmute items up to around level 84, but no higher. Ideally I’d like to be able to transmute items that are level 90 which means I need to be of an adventure or craft level of 85.

On the plus side I can still create adornments for levels 1-90, my last book having already been scribed. I also enjoy the new revamp of adornments, I really like how no slot really feels useless now. Like belts. There were barely any good adornments for belts, and now you can find a handful.

Hopefully with transmuting being a separate skill more people will pick it up and then more shards and powders will be put for sale on the broker for those of us who adorn (not that I purchase those things, I tend to just save up all my loot and go on a transmuting binge). Having the price of adornments come down slightly would be nice, although it’s not too bad on Oasis currently. You can purchase the level 88 adornments for roughly 12-20 plat.

Leveling Quickly in EverQuest 2

Yesterday I decided that it was time to level up my dirge. Now, when I put my mind to a task like that I really try to do it well. My dirge went from level 80 to 87 in a matter of five hours (which I understand is a large chunk of play time but I still think it went pretty well). One of the most common questions I get is HOW do I manage to level that quickly. It’s really not that difficult to level in EQ2, and I’ve touched on the subject briefly before but I really wanted to expand on it.

First of all you need to keep in mind that for the last 24 days I’ve been making use of a ‘recruit a friend’ account. Because the recruit a friend account costs $15, and it also allows the friend who has recruited them to get a ‘free’ month of game play, there’s really no reason for me not to take advantage of this. It also grants my main account (another) mount that gives my group a 10% increase to experience. You don’t need to be a recruit a friend to make use of this, everyone in group will benefit. That account alone gives me a 200% bonus to experience on both accounts.

I always level in an area with a LOT of mobs, that’s key. I don’t typically quest until I reach my goal and require achievements. I know you may not think that EQ2 is the sort of game that allows for ‘grinding’ but it really is. This is my leveling schedule and one I’ve used for basically every single character.

  • 1-10 Freeport gates, I just kill the mobs outside until 10 (snakes etc)
  • 10-22 Wailing Caverns
  • 22-35 Fallen Gate
  • 35-43 Runnyeye
  • 43-50 Cazic Thul
  • 50-60 Clefts of Rujark, Pillars of Flame
  • 60-70 Sanctum of the Scaleborn, Nest and Vaults instances
  • 70-80 Palace of the Awakened, Sebilis, Chardok
  • 80+ Sebilis (bottom floors), Chardok, Erudian Library (main two floors)

That’s it. I get that it’s a very boring schedule, but that’s the point. I also understand that rushing to end game is not everyone’s cup of tea, but keep in mind the amount of characters I have and what ranges they’re spread between. Some times I don’t feel like sitting back and enjoying the ride, because I’ve already done it a million times before. Other things to make note of.

I box a tank, so yes technically I’m three boxing. I have the tank, my character of choice, and the recruit a friend account tagging along for the 200% bonus.

I use experience potions, and I have a lot of them. My account is over 6 years old, and that gives me a lot of options

I use the vitality replenishment token that came with the five year reward

While I can get to level 87 with just three days of game time played, it DOES NOT bode for a good character. The character only has 110 aa, and that hurts. It will be something that I must work on afterward (when I have all the time in the world). I also don’t bother gearing up any of my characters until they hit levle 70 or so, and then it’s just handcrafted with some resists so that the AoE’s don’t obliterate the little ones.

Alts are EXPENSIVE. They require gear, spells, and other little trinkets to compensate for the fact that you haven’t been playing them for years.

Basically the only thing you need to have to level up quickly, is patience. Patience to grind away at mobs for hours at a time and not become utterly bored of it. I like to thank EverQuest (the original) for my love of dungeon crawling. It’s really come in handy for EQ2.

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