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Quest of the Week



Me and Mooshga, we go way back. Hanging out by the city of Freeport gates, this lady works tirelessly to cook awesome food and drink for players. Help her out enough and you’ll be rewarded with coin, experience, food, drink, and in the end you’ll become her very best friend and earn yourself a title. The quests start at around level 10, and you’re required to head to Dog Pond to kill some carrion hounds, which will then be made into jerky. Yum. In total there are 9 quests to her chain, leading from level 10 to 20 (and eventually leading you into Nektulos Forest). I love these quests and I typically end up doing them on all of my Freeport characters just for the Nostalgia factor. Looking around the Commonlands it appears that I’m not the only one who enjoys the quests either.

Coercer is sitting comfortably at level 26, which I’m hoping will mean 27 later on this evening. I also inched towards 24 carpenter, but wanted to earn some vitality first. Leveling without vitality is incredibly slow. While I was earning vitality on my main I played the alts, my shadowknight actually found a level 6 master spell in Darklight Woods! I ended the day at level 7 on that character, and level 10 alchemist. My wizard is going to be my sage, and she also reached level 10. If you’re wondering why you don’t have vitality when you created your characters some time ago, remember that you need to be level 4 before vitality shows up. You DO still earn it even though you can’t technically see it. That means when you reach level 4 things should start to fly by (until you’re out of vitality, of course). The guild is almost level 3 which means (of course) that I have a very long way to go, especially in my guild of one. If you’re looking for a coercer to group up over the weekend feel free to give me a nudge! You can find me in-game as Stargrace, or just do a search for ‘Combat Wombat’ (my guild).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

What is “Progress” to you?


In most MMOs, the ‘goal’ is progression. Whether it’s progress in a story line, a character, or progressing a world or map, it’s there. What actually counts as progression differs person to person. A lot of us set progression ‘goals’ in games, things we’d like to see, do, or accomplish. It’s no different for me in EQ2, and I’m having a lot of fun making up my own rules as far as progression goes. Most of them involve crafting. I added my 8 alts + main to my guild, and they’re slowly all reaching level 10 in their crafting profession. I don’t imagine I’ll level all of them in their adventuring class, but crafting is something that I can easily do and find incredibly relaxing.

With that being said, not all of my goals are for crafting. My ‘goal’ for my main character (that would be Stargrace, my coercer) is to try to earn at least 1 level a day. When it becomes too difficult to earn that 1 level I’ll try to lower it to 50% experience per day. That way I don’t feel incredibly pressured to keep up with everyone else who is leveling, but nor do I feel as though I am falling far behind. It does put me slightly behind the curve in the fact that every 30 days the vote for a new expansion is supposed to pop up, but I’m hoping most of the server votes no, and we unlock every 90 days instead. 30 just seems way too short a time to blow through an entire expansion.

Then there are my smaller goals. Doing dungeons, heritage quests, getting achievements. Things that don’t necessarily mean progress in ‘typical’ terms, but are a form of progression for me. Completing shiny collections, being on the lookout for player-written books. Maybe I’ll re-create my library. My goals change from game to game  – but only some of them. Others remain exactly the same (such as leveling).

Do you need progression in a game in order to enjoy it? What forms of progression do you enjoy? Is it different for every game? Let me know below in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

The Soloing Coercer


It was too good to last. After making a blog post about the new guild I had just joined, I jinxed myself. It happened that fast. I was hanging out in Nektulos forest when a member stated they were moving on to greener pastures. Then another member said the same thing. Then two more left. These players were the ones who recruited me to the guild with promises of raiding – and I was frustrated. Then 15 in total left. I knew it would happen, as we grew the idea of ‘raid space’ became more limited. When raids are 24 people how do you make sure there’s a spot for everyone who wants to go – especially when your guild is over 200 strong. I understood their reasons for leaving but I still felt betrayed. They had recruited me just the day before, stating they needed coercers. I was excited. I got my hopes up.

So I decided to make my own guild, which is what I should have done from the start. I can still find other guilds to raid with from my own guild, or I can just forgo raiding all together. Either way, it means a lot less drama for me, and that eases my mind in a huge way. I created Combat Wombat, invited my alts, and dinged the guild to level 3. It won’t be as fast as being in a large guild, but it also won’t be as hectic and that means a lot less stress. What’s the point in playing if you’re not enjoying yourself. Of course I am still disappointed because I had gotten myself excited about the prospect of raiding, but honestly I think this is a better decision for me.

After dropping provisioning for carpentry I found myself staring at a very long grind from level 10 back up to 20 where I could choose my class again. Not having vitality really hurts, the levels inched. I did a lot of writs to get from 15-19 and then at 19 I eagerly spoke to my tradeskill member and picked carpenter. Shortly after I managed to ding 21 by doing writs. Today I’m hoping to get to 25, and that will mean my adventure level and crafting level match once again.

Speaking of leveling, I had the greatest of luck yesterday. Someone had my level 20 charm for sale (master quality) for 7 gold. Cheap enough that I had no issues affording it. I was ecstatic. I headed off to Thundering Steppes, found myself a skeleton warlock, and proceeded to solo my way to level 25 by killing ^^ yellow heroic skeletons. It’s dangerous work as a coercer, but it is also by far my most loved class. One very important thing to remember is that you can create a hotkey for /pet range and then it’s just a matter of root / nuke. I also upgraded all of my spells to at least adept quality. I don’t have a sage to upgrade things further, but with time I know I’ll level one up (that’s why I have 9 alts after all).

All in all, even with the turmoil and drama from guild, it was still a lot of fun. As long as it’s fun, I’ll keep playing.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Finding Where you Belong


I have a really hard time finding guilds (as I’ve mentioned in a previous post). Normally my instinct is to just start my own guild – and that way I’m never disappointed. There’s no drama, I can decorate my own hall (if that’s an option) and I don’t have to worry about anyone else. This time I decided I would find a proper home. As I mentioned already, the first guild I found wasn’t that good of a fit. Then when I was grouping up in Fallen Gate, one of the group members asked if I was looking for a guild. I explained that I was, and they mentioned that they were hoping for a coercer or two to join up. That’s how I found myself in ‘Thats a Wipe’ which raids on weekends and seems to match my hours perfectly. There are of course a few downsides. Number one, the guild is gigantic, and I’m a pretty shy person so finding my groove is difficult. That also means there’s lots of competition and conversation, it’s a busy place. Great for people who are interested in all of that – but again I’m pretty quiet.

I don’t want to feel so competitive all of the time, but when you’re on a time locked server it seems that everything is rush rush rush. Guilds also tend to use a lot of voice chat, which is great – except I’m not really a fan. Raids and stuff sure, but otherwise I’m usually listening to my own stuff in the background and I’m not really interested in listening to people talk.

With that all being said, I really enjoy the guild so far. Today we did some smaller raids in Commonlands (yay, the guild is almost level 20) and I grouped up briefly to take down Varsoon. I won a coercer master even though everything was very red to me.

I also decided to swap my crafting profession (already, I know). I went from provisioner to carpenter, and now I’m excited about all the housing items I’ll get a chance to make. I managed to ding 24 coercer, and I was 22 provisioner before I re-set, now I’m back at 13. I don’t have vitality, which makes everything much slower.

Are you playing on either of the new servers? How are you enjoying it so far? Let me know in comments below!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Public Quests in Commonlands


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing a game for, you’ll still discover something you didn’t even know was there. In my case it was the fact that there are public quests in both Commonlands and Antonica. It didn’t take long to figure out because absolutely everyone was talking about it in channels. The first time I did the PQ I was level 21 and showed up at the last boss – which means I didn’t get a reward. The second time I decided to mentor down and as I write this post I’m currently waiting the 19 minutes for it to begin, hoping that it will count. It’s nice to know that these events are here. There’s a choice of weapons and a very nice fabled item that can drop, and it’s not a bad way to collect some coin.

Public quests are relatively new to EQ2 in my eyes even though some games have had them the entire time. My first experience with them was pretty positive, but as soon as there’s no longer anyone to do them, they get frustrating. When they’re a requirement in progression that makes it even worse. It’s fantastic on a new populated server like Stormhold (that’s the name for the PVE time locked server) but how long until the starter zones are empty once again.

Speaking of quests, one thing I’m looking forward to completing is the heritage quests that are all over the game. I’m holding off for now because I want to be able to do them for AA and to help give guild experience once I find a home. Others have already started these quests and I envy them a bit, but I remind myself that I don’t HAVE to be front of the line, I don’t have to rush through all the content. That’s probably one of the harder things to remind myself about, especially because MMOs can be pretty competitive and I love that sort of excitement.

20 seconds until this event starts, lets see how it works out.

After failing some rounds it looked like we weren’t going to be able to round up the DPS to get the 2x epic down, but we managed it. My DPS sucked (the life of a coercer) so I only got a legendary reward, but it was a nice 10% xp, and I had fun. Now it’s on to harvest in Nektulos Forest.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!



Back Home?


Daybreak went ahead and opened up a time locked server for EverQuest 2 last week and so of course I found myself on the Isle of Refuge with a new baby coercer. All I kept thinking about was what on earth I thought I was doing. EQ2 had been ‘my game’ since it released. I wrote about it more on this 10 year old blog than I did any other game. I met friends in the game, and formed lifetime bonds. Heartache. I raided for a few years before determining that I was no longer interested in it, mostly because I didn’t have a ‘main’ character and I felt lost. Me and EQ2, we go way back. I never had dreams of recapturing how things were ‘way back then’ because lets face it things change and once you know how to do something in a video game you can’t exactly forget it and pretend that you never knew how but what I was hoping for involved a populated server, with a crowd that wasn’t bent on soloing all of the content along with their mercenary. That has been the roughest issue with going ‘back’ to EQ2 – or any game for that matter. People are content to play on their own, or only with people that they know. They’re rarely forced into situations where meeting new people or grouping up must occur in order to progress.

I created a coercer hoping that maybe (if I was very lucky) I’d be able to find others to play with, and perhaps meet new people to play with. So far the attitude of other players on the server is very different than what I experienced over in EQ1 on the progression server. Everyone seems pretty excited, happy, and most of the chat is filled with questions and people reminiscing about how long it has been since they played. Others are playing for the first time, there’s nothing quite like a brand new market and everyone starting at zero to inspire others to give it a shot. This is true for every single game I’ve ever played. Give players a fresh slate, and they will come in droves. I heard an amusing quote from someone stating that Daybreak took away our loyalty points, our fast experience, our mercenary, and all the work we have done in the past – and we thanked them for it and came to the server in masses. They’re right, too. The idea makes me giggle.

I also created 8 alternate characters. Crazy, right? Well, I’ve always been a crafter and I imagine I will once again (if I decide to stick this out, we’ll see). I enjoy being able to craft everything I want for my characters, and it gives me something to do. Even if it is slow.

Right now my coercer is level 21, and she’s a level 20 provisioner. I haven’t found a guild to join yet – well, that’s not exactly true. I did join a guild but they ended up not being a very good fit. No one was on except recruits and even then people did very little together and didn’t talk much at all. I decided to move on. Should I be less picky? Maybe, but I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing to be picky.

Leveling is much slower than the EQ servers. No one has reached level 50 yet, but there are some mid 30s and maybe some 40s. I know this post has been all over the place, but I’m hoping to continue posting on a regular basis and talk about what I’m actually doing in game (quests, etc). I haven’t been regular with my blog posts for a few months since there’s just always so much going on. Maybe this is my chance.

That Summer Burnout


It happens every year around this time. I can’t figure out what I want to play and so I spend the majority of my time bouncing in and out of various games, hoping one will catch my attention for longer than 20 minutes. Then I feel bad when it doesn’t. It could be the amazing weather, stresses from work, watching friends and family all do their thing while I’m across the country, or something else. I have no idea. I just know that normally when I have a bit of free time (and I’m at home) I think nothing of what game to play and I just do it. These days though I’ll log into 4-5 games only to wander around aimlessly and then decide they were not what I wanted to ‘do’ after all.

I managed to resist every sale on steam – even though there are quite a few DLC I’d love to own on my wishlist. I just didn’t think I was gaming enough to justify the cost at the moment. I’m tired of Early Access games. While I understand that crowdfunding and EA games are a fantastic way to get indie developers into game releases, I’ve just been burned and frustrated too many times. The latest is with Windborne, which sat on my wishlist for over a year before developers announced that they just don’t have the funds to continue.

I can understand that. I understand that we live in an age where there are lots of games out there, and to create something that’s going to be profitable is hard. It’s still frustrating as a player and as a potential investor in these games. I miss the day when I could purchase a completely finished game (or at least what I would consider ‘finished’). There are some great Early Access games out there, but the chances of me being interested in them when they finally release are pretty slim.

What have I been playing lately? Well. The list isn’t that long, but like I said I haven’t been doing a lot of gaming.

  • Wurm Online: In summer my Wurm interest flags a bit, but I’ve still got two active accounts and deeds, and I still check in daily to take care of crops and animals. I know my interest in this one will pick back up after summer, it always does.
  • FFXIV: I keep trying to be interested in this one, and it’s just not happening. I still have 44 days active on my account but something about the game is just not appealing to me lately.
  • WoW: I still have time left on my account, but honestly I just haven’t been playing. Garrison grind is a thing, and I just don’t like it. Not even pets are able to keep me entertained these days.
  • WildStar: I play daily, and I still enjoy it quite a bit but I limit my time so that I don’t get burned out. Since I work for NCSOFT on WildStar it’s also pretty much a given that I’m playing it daily.
  • EQ/EQ2: As much as I love the Ragefire server, it’s hard to get into if you’re not already in a community or with established friends. I was hoping it would be more like the communities of days gone by, but so far it hasn’t been and that bugs me to some degree. Instead I’ve been playing EQ2, my old haunting grounds. I’ve been clearing out older heritage quests and playing in my guild on my own, we’re level 78, and I’m having quite a bit of fun with that. My defiler is still only level 96, but I’m not really in a rush to reach level 100. I don’t even know what is available to do at level 100.
  • EVE Online: I don’t play nearly as much as I should / could / want to, but I do have an active subscription for a year, and in the meantime my skills are training up. I know this is a great game to pop into when I can here and there, so I haven’t been concerned about my lack of playtime.
  • GW2: Still working on my mesmer, on a new account. Right now she’s 49, which is great but I’d still ideally like to reach 80 before the expansion hits, and maybe get another character or two up there on the new account. We’ll see how that goes. It’s hard when I don’t really have any inclination to play.

Hopefully I climb out of this rut I’ve found myself in before too long. I imagine when fall rolls around I’ll be back to my ‘typical’ gaming self, whatever that is. In the meantime, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

What am I playing? LOTS!

Screenshot_20150305_164319I’ve probably played more games in the last week than I did most of last year. Part of that is due to having a bit more time on my hands than normal (hopefully a temporary situation that will be resolved by the end of this month) and part of that is because there are just so many wonderful games out there.

EverQuest2: My defiler is still only level 95, but she did manage to reach level 100 in tailoring. Crafting is an odd duck with the latest expansion, Altar of Malice. Doing the crafting quests themselves won’t get you to level 100, and grinding out writs goes quite slow – however, doing the daily craft mission will easily net you 30% experience, and doing the weekly got me an entire level. Missions re-set on Wednesdays. You can find me in game on Antonia Bayle as Stargrace.

Cities: Skylines: This game just released, and it’s so much fun. In fact it’s everything that I wanted from SimCity, at half the price. There’s an enormous mod community and enough content to keep me satisfied for quite some time. Well worth the cost, and I highly recommend it if you’re into the city building games at all.

Elder Scrolls Online: I just started playing this. It apparently starts going free to play on Tuesday. I’ve had a subscription for quite some time because I did some alpha testing on their billing system, but I never actually played. It wasn’t because of any drastic reason, I simply didn’t have the time. The game is beautiful but I’m not far enough into it to make any other calls about the game quite yet.

EVE Online: Still training skills, still working on faction, PI, and all of that good stuff. EVE Online is still one of the best games I have to relax with. That’s right, even though the skies are filled with pirates and horrible people looking to scam and pod you, it’s still relaxing.

FFXIV: I’ve started a new character on Cactuar. I’m hoping to go white mage, but I’m taking my time and things are moving along slowly. I believe my character name is Velours Reveurs for those looking to add me to their friends list. This game is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m hoping to keep it on my rotation. We’ll have to see how things go though.

Minecraft: I’m running The Dark Trilogy as a server right now for some friends. I’ve created a portal to the Twilight Forest, as well as a portal to the Nether. There are some really awesome mods in this pack, and I’m having a blast. I’m hopping to get some nether quartz so I can make some furniture that comes in a specific pack. Furniture like refrigerators and televisions. Mods really do make this game.

Sims4: Still working on my legacy family. Tristan is going to be the next person to carry the legacy name, and so I’ve been preparing him for adulthood. Right now he’s best friends with a feisty redhead neighbour girl, and they’re promised to each other. Meanwhile Jessica will probably just move into the basement (that’s right, Sims 4 is patching in basements!) and Elizabeth will age gracefully, as she watches her children carry on.

Wizard101: My life wizard is level 27, and I’ve been questing in Marleybone. It’s the home of cats, dogs, rats, and proper manners. Based on 19th century London. It’s also my favourite zone to date. It has been some time since I’ve played and it’s interesting getting back into things, but this is still a fantastic game no matter your age.

WoW: This has been taking a back seat to other games, but I still log in to check my garrison resources and to trade and do the dailies. As others have mentioned, by the time you take care of all of the garrison chores, my game time is already spent for the day. On one hand it’s great to have a reason to log in every day but on the other hand it would be lovely to play the game instead of just playing the garrisons.

The Secret World: A handful of combat wombats have decided to start up in the Secret World. We’re playing the Dragon faction, and while the game has never been a genre that I’m completely comfortable with, it does have one of the best (IMO) quest systems and story lines that I’ve ever participated in. Playing with friends makes it seem a little less scary, and even though I’ve just started (again) I’m looking forward to playing.

Wurm Online: Now that my guard tower is completed, it’s time to work on the rest of my deed along with taking care of my horses. I’ve been trying to breed 5 speeds for a while now and to also breed out the grey colour. It’s coming along well, but it requires time. In between that I’m trying to decide which skill to work on next.

Those are the games that came to my immediate mind when listing what I’m currently actively playing. There’s others I’ve left off the list on purpose – like GW2. I want to get back into the game but I just can’t seem to find the motivation to keep playing. Since it’s a buy to play game, that’s alright. I’m also still playing WildStar, but again it’s very casually and sporadic, so I don’t feel comfortable putting it up there with my ‘most played’ games. What about everyone else? Where are you spending your time these days with so many options available? Let me know in comments!

Wandering through Frostfang Sea


I noticed Tipa was wandering around Norrath this morning, so I decided why not, it has been a few months since I have peeked in (ok, a few years) why not see what’s up.

Unfortunately, like many games, EQ2 does a poor job of welcoming a stranger back. Aside from the Brewday festival I didn’t have the slightest indication of where I left off, what I was supposed to be doing, where to go, or .. anything. My characters are level 95, and I know the cap now is 100 but I don’t know how to access any of the new zones or even where they are. So I logged in one character after the other. Checked their broker. Checked their research scroll status. Logged in my second account. I’ve been a member all this time so I claimed my station cash and browsed through the store. Twiddled my thumbs. Watched chat channels.

Eventually I decided I would make a new character. A troubador. I named the ratonga after one of my older characters, Goudia (a play on the cheese) and found myself in Frostfang Sea. After completing a handful of quests my little troubador was level 5 – and doing swell.

Channels were populated with players, and there were even a few newly created characters wandering around the zone with me which is always nice to see. Still, I couldn’t help but wish I knew what direction to take my level 95 characters. It just felt like too much of a struggle to get back into things. Instead I would have more fun mentoring down and doing older content, wandering nostalgically from zone to zone, dreaming about the days that were.

Content Locked Behind Levels?


In games (especially in MMOs with linear progression) I expect that certain content will be ‘locked’ behind levels. Things like raid content especially. Then there are games that seem to lock everything behind obtaining some magical number, and those games I’m not quite as fond of. I feel that locking content, behind levels in specific, deters a certain group of gamers who may otherwise enjoy that aspect of the game and continue to play because of it.

Lets take housing for example. In WildStar housing is locked behind obtaining level 14. Now, that’s not a huge amount of leveling in the grand scheme of things, but then there are fabkits and other useful housing items that are also level locked. Even some decor is locked behind a level. Motivating people to play your way is one method of doing things, sure, but for the truly casual gamer all this will do is deter them from sticking around.

In games like EQ2 housing (in specific) is not restricted by level. Casual and hardcore alike are free to decorate to their hearts content starting at level 1. Aspects of housing, are of course locked. For example if you want the best of the best, you’ll need to work towards it. Working towards it does not always include leveling or adventuring. It could include finding methods of earning in-game currency in order to afford the items you want, or hiring players who are level appropriate to obtain rare items for you. There are workarounds to getting what you want.

How do you feel about games locking content behind levels? Does it have to be this way? Does it not matter to you any more because it’s simply the way things have always been? When World of Warcraft released Warlords I was pretty excited about garrison, but then I saw how locked behind leveling they were. It’s great for your main and your first run through the content, but what about all those alts who wanted to have a garrison too.

Is there a point to playing games where everything is just handed to you and there is no progression locked behind levels? Even Sims 4 has gone the rout of locked content where you need to level up your skills before obtaining certain house items – though this can be bypassed with cheats at least.


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