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What’s Your Favourite Type of Crafting?


I love crafting. It doesn’t matter what game I play, chances are I’m going to get involved. That doesn’t  mean I like every type of crafting though. One of my least favourite crafting methods is the one you find in World of Warcraft, where you click one button to combine, and wait around until everything in your inventory is used up. It feels very hands free, and it’s meant to be that way. The ‘hard’ part involves collecting the resources, usually through combat (if you’re going to collect it yourself) and adventuring.

My absolutely favourite way to craft, was in Vanguard. Crafting was its own sphere, and did not rely on adventuring at all. You could do work orders where you were given the supplies you needed and only had to purchase the vendor sold components, and this was the ideal way to level, saving your hard earned harvests for actual useful items. It was difficult, complicated, and you would take pride in your creations. Through the use of powders and dusts you could customize every piece a bunch of different ways, and of course you could make pieces more rare than others. One of the best things about this system for me personally was that it wasn’t timed, like it is in EQ2. In EQ2 I feel like I have to constantly sit at the craft bench and not step away to answer the phone or go get the door, because my craft will fail. It’s a timed mechanic, and while I enjoy the process of crafting, I dislike being so tied to the desk as I craft. Sometimes I need to step away.

Crafting in WildStar is complex, but I feel it leans too much on the side of RNG rather than skill. I don’t like having to compete with RNG, because I typically (always) lose. ArcheAge crafting matches that of World of Warcraft, where it’s just a finger click to combine items in your inventory, so long as you have the materials available. There is a bit of RNG as you have a chance to “auto upgrade” an item as you craft it, but the system isn’t complex by any means.

So what are your favourite methods of crafting? Would you prefer to buy from crafters and not create your own items? Players who choose to harvest and sell those goods to crafters can make a nice amount of money in a balanced game, spending the money they earn from selling craft components back on crafters for their finished goods. Of course if you’re like me you have to DO ALL THE THINGS and so you’re both a crafter and an adventurer.

Character Combinations


Since most of my time in EverQuest 2 is spent boxing two accounts, one of the things I tend to do is try to come up with combinations of characters to play together. Some combinations work better than others and of course now that there are mercenaries in game the combinations are much more flexible than they once were. My main ‘go to’ combination has been my swashbuckler (main account) and fury (boxed account). I some times alternate with the shadowknight from my main account, but my swashbuckler (for the most part) is able to do just fine.

I also have a tank (or two) on the second account so that I can play it alongside a healer from my main account. I haven’t done that in a while, but my typical combinations include the paladin (boxed account) with my defiler (main account). Then I also have a bunch of support classes for when I want to play with friends and we already have a healer / tank. Again, since there are mercenaries these days it doesn’t really matter WHAT people are playing, but I like to have a healthy selection available.

I still have two characters who are not 95 on my main account (they include a warden and a ranger) so I may work on getting them there before the expansion comes out in November. I’m not exactly in a rush, but it’s nice to feel ‘completed’. I do also have a handful of characters that could use some love on the boxed account, but like most alts, they’re not a priority.

If you box what combination of characters do you usually use? Is it because you’re most comfortable playing those classes or because you think they work well together or perhaps some other reason? I always love hearing back from people who box, I know there used to be quite a few of us but I think with the release of mercenary that number may have dwindled some.

In any case, let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.

Another Alt? Sure Why Not!


I love my swashbuckler but she’s not exactly great DPS when it comes to single target encounters. In a lot of dungeons the boss encounter is a single target you need to DPS against. That being said, tonight I decided why not try an assassin. I’ve never played one before (I know, with all of my alts that is hard to believe) and so I boosted one with station cash to 85, and then took her through a few dungeons before calling it a night (I do have to work at midnight after all).

Level 89 later, I enjoy the class quite a bit, plus the heroic characters get some pretty neat looking armor (pictured above). I also dragged my paladin along for the fun, and she managed to reach 340 aa (the current cap is 350). The amount of experience it takes to get from 340-350 aa is quite insane. Right now only my swashbuckler has met that requirement.

I decided to 3 box it tonight. I was playing a berserker, my paladin, and the assassin. Granted one of the three didn’t actually DO much (it’s hard to swap between all the accounts, I only have two monitors) but I didn’t do too bad. It was nice to be able to use the 3rd account as the main tank so that it didn’t matter what two other characters I played. Normally I have to play a tank / something else combination because my squishy characters can’t really hold their own. So it ends up being my shadowknight or my paladin combined with whatever I feel like working on. With the berserker I have a bit more freedom. I know, the last thing I needed was yet another alt, but eh, why not.

Alts – They’re How I Relax

EQ2_000010I love alts. When I’m not in the mood to do anything on a main character, or when I’m frustrated with progression, those are the characters I turn to. They don’t always make it to the end game, but quite a few of them do because I love playing them so much. The screenshot above is my 2nd account, and Blesse is my latest alt to make it to level 95, a monk. I used to have a monk on my main account but I ended up deleting it for one reason or another. Probably so I could create another alt.. that’s the problem with limited character slots.

Monks are great. They can run around zones and just feign off the aggro, they can go shiny harvesting without too many issues, and they’re just plain fun to watch. Of course it can also be frustrating to get a character up to level 95 because if you want to be any ‘good’ you have to do their epic and then invest in a bunch of expert / master quality spells which can get very expensive very fast – but they’re still a lot of fun.

So what characters am I sitting with at the moment? Well on my main account I have:

  • 95 defiler / 95 tailor
  • 95 shadowknight / 95 sage
  • 95 inquisitor / 95 jeweler
  • 95 dirge / 95 alchemist
  • 95 coercer / 95 carpenter
  • 95 illusionist / 95 provisioner
  • 95 swashbuckler / 95 weaponsmith
  • 91 ranger / 95 armorer
  • 91 warden / 95 woodworker

And on the second account I have:

  • 95 Beastlord
  • 95 Monk
  • 95 Paladin
  • 95 Fury
  • 48 Coercer
  • 33 Channeler
  • 50 Necromancer

None of the characters on my second account craft, but that may change in time, I haven’t decided yet. I enjoy having at least one of every crafter (these days I think many people do) and I like being able to do the weekly / daily quests on them (the crafting ones). Do I like it enough to do it THAT many times? Not yet.

Keep in mind these are characters that I have made and leveled up over the course of 10 years (7 years for the 2nd account) so they’re not something that I just dove in head first this year to create. I’m a bit better in other games, but in EQ2 at least I have always had a lot of alts. I find it so relaxing when I just don’t want to deal with anyone (it has been one of those weeks, what can I say).

As always, happy gaming, no  matter where you find yourself!

What’s in store for EQ2

EQ2_000009SoE Live has come and gone for another year, and with it loads of announcements about their various games. Since Vanguard has now closed down, I was far less interested than previous years. It was like a constant reminder that my favourite game was gone. Ah well.

The next EverQuest 2 expansion is Altar of Malice. Eq2Wire has loads of information posted from SoE Live, so I’m going to go into incredible detail but I will mention the bits that interested me.

First, a new race is coming – but for those who thought this race would be included in the expansion, you would be wrong. They will be sold separately as a station cash purchase according to twitter comments. What is that race? Oh, well it’s the Aerakyn. Makes sense since the next expansion is going to focus around Lanys T’vyl.

Points that interested me

  • All access: Ability for members to use the broker anywhere in the game. Players with all access will also be able to receive mail from anywhere in the game. Some special spells and items may be limited to subscribers.
  • You’ll be able to sell shinies for status
  • New grandmaster spell upgrades, basically every spell will now have a grandmaster version. They’ll be researched and dropped (and I believe all access only).
  • They’re finally updating the deity system – yay!
  • Wardrobe system

The level cap is increasing to 100, and the expansion is due out November 11th (a holiday?) so in between now and then I’m working on getting a few more of my characters to 95/350 (the current cap) as well as crafting (though I already have all 9 crafters at 95). The event did also mention that crafters would be able to make some awesome gear in the expansion, so I’m looking forward to that.

What are you most looking forward to in Altar of Malice?

Finally, Something to do with my Spare Currency!


I decided with only a few days left of Tinkerfest, I should learn tinkering on my swashbuckler. I already have the skill on a few characters, but not my current main. Headed to butcherblock, my recipe vendor of choice, and there in a tent I spotted a new NPC I had not seen before. I have no idea when he was added, but the gnome Barnaby Blunderbuss had the title <Master of Coins and Contraptions> under his name. Opening up the window revealed that he was a token exchange NPC. Basically you can turn in any of the old tokens that you collect in-game over the years for an adornment or tinkering component instead. Since both of those crafts tend to take a lot of pieces (especially adorning) I was incredibly happy to see this NPC.

It meant that finally after stockpiling useless currency in my currency tab for years, I was able to do something with it all. I quickly exchanged it all (over 5,000 bits..) and began working on adorning.

I have always disliked the fact that each expansion or event came with its own useless currency, that would collect dust once I had moved on. This NPC was the perfect solution to my cluttered bags and tokens that stared at me grudgingly.

I also managed to complete a bunch of Tinkerfest quests, and got a brand new outfit for my swashbuckler, but I’ll save those for tomorrow. Weekends are always a bit more difficult for me to write because there are so many other chores I need to get done (I work all weekend) but I’m pleased that so far I’ve managed to participate in every day of Blaugust. Here’s to day 10 and counting!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

What Keeps you Busy, When it’s Not


I don’t know about everyone else, but in order for me to really feel ‘involved’ in an MMO, I need “something” to do when I’m feeling quiet. Something that I can work towards when I’m not feeling very social, when my attention is diverted by other things, when I want to let my mind wander.

So what do I do?

It varies by game. In WoW I tend to harvest, do pet battles, fish, and archaeology. These are things that still give me an illusion of progression but are also quite relaxing and trouble free.

In EQ2 I’ve been working on my lore & legend quests on Jacquotte, my very-behind swashbuckler. I only have a handful left to go, and then I’ll probably start working on my neglected language quests. These things along with going back and visiting old zones, harvesting, crafting, and housing, occupy my “lets do something, but not too much something” moments. They’re actually what keeps me logging in when I’m done all of the content that I can explore (as in I have completed my weeklies and dailies and I don’t really want to group to do more, but I wouldn’t mind hanging out in the game while I do other stuff). This is the bread and butter of any game for gamers like me. If your game doesn’t have something for me to do when I want a little down time, chances are slim that I will stick around. I won’t find a reason to log in – because lets face it, doing dailies over and over and over gets to be a bit much.

What do you do to relax in your MMO of choice? Or are you one of those people who prefer to just go go go? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, either, it’s just not my personal style of play.

Let me know in comments!

Getting Over a Fear of Pugs

EQ2_000005I have always found it difficult to group with people I don’t know. Even though I don’t consider myself to be a bad player (I know not to stand in crap, I can play my characters fairly well, etc) there’s always that fear that comes when you’re entering a group of strangers. Especially if you have taken a break from the game for a little while. What if the entire group is a failure, and it’s completely your fault. What if you remind them of their dead cat and they can’t even talk to you without freezing up. There are so many little nagging irrational fears that come up.

That being said, in some games it’s impossible to progress anywhere without a group. Sure you can play solo, you can decorate homes and craft, but progression of your character can only go so far all by yourself. So, that’s why I have been spending some time in the LFG channel. Playing my swashbuckler, getting her some upgrades, passing down old upgrades to my alts (oh goodness, I have so many alts these days) and that sort of thing.

It has gone pretty well, I haven’t been in any spectacularly bad groups, and while we didn’t defeat everything with ease (there are some fights that are still difficult) they didn’t justify my fears in any way. The more I think about it, the  more I feel a bit ‘silly’ for my ‘fear’ of pugs. After all, why does the opinion of people I don’t actually KNOW in my day-to-day life matter. Why not just give in, try to make some new friends, and explore some new zones. What is the WORST that can happen, aside from it going wrong in every way imaginable, and then just not doing the zone again (or at least not doing it with those people).

Here’s to breaking out of my shell a bit!

8th Annual Festival of Unity – Antonia Bayle


I am excited. One of my favourite things in EverQuest 2 has always been player driven events. At the end of August, one of the largest is taking place, the Festival of Unity. This will be the 8th year in a row that the festival has run, and it is because of dedicated players that this event is able to happen each year. I have been writing about the festival here on MmoQuests for years now, and last year posted a video of the opening ceremonies. It’s a fantastic time to just wander the crowds and take in all of the excitement. If you’re any sort of roleplayer you’ll feel right at home – and even if you’re not, but have been interested in what it is all about, there is no better time.

The festival runs August 24th until August 30th.

While I was looking through my old posts about the festival, I came across one that discussed one of my first raids with my mystic. Right now she’s a defiler, and her name is Stargrace not Misako, but I betrayed a few times and renamed when I moved servers (also a few times). It brought back such a rush of memories. It was the year I first met “Kilanna” – a woman from Australia who has been an amazing friend of mine these past 7 years. I’m still friends with Lader who I mention in the post, too. It just got me thinking.

Video games are pretty amazing things, no?

New Content

EQ2_000003When I logged into EQ2 after some downtime, I noticed players were talking about a new quest chain that had been added. In order to obtain the quest you first had to have completed the signature line in Tears of Veeshan, which rewards you with a fabled mount. I had just barely completed that quest with my swashbuckler, Jacquotte, earlier on in the morning, so I was all ready to go.

The quest brings about years and years of story and lore that we have been participating in. It’s called Age’s End, and I have no idea what the reward is. The entire signature line to this point has been solo but the final quest we were presented with today ended in a x2 raid (12 person). Since so many people had been doing the same quest, we had a lot of people looking for groups. I decided why not, and joined in.

The first raid mechanic is pretty simple. You have to break some crystals while a giant dragon (Kerafyrm) flies around breathing on your raid. Dodge out of some red circles on the ground (meteor) and run out of the room (or out of line of sight at least) when the dragon shows up. There’s a few adds while you deal with the protectors of the crystals, but nothing too bad.

Then things got tricky. The first boss you need to defeat is Roehn Theer. Problem is you’re probably doing this in a pick up raid. If anyone besides one person hails the NPC, everyone will lose their quest progress. Fun stuff, right? So after we defeated the crystals, hailed the NPC, and then of course a few more players hailed the NPC, and low and behold we were told to defeat the crystals again (after having spent an hour or two doing that part to begin with). The next mechanic involves picking up a staff from the ground so that the raid can survive a giant AOE at 80% from Roehn Theer, but our bugged out instance decided not to work properly, and so that never happened. Everyone eventually got frustrated and left.

I’ve heard of a few raids clearing it, but honestly I was disappointed that a signature line (until now) that was completely solo suddenly required a x2 raid, and not only that but it was a hard raid, riddled with bugs. These types of roadblocks, especially concerning lore, are never fun. You already need to be a subscriber (it should open up to non subscribers after two weeks I believe) to do the content. Still, I met some new people, remembered why I hate voice chat, and did get to see some awesome lore before we failed. It wasn’t all bad.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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