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Back to Making Gold

Since I have no time to level up without dying a billion times, I’ve gotten back into the swing of things with the auction house on both retail and classic. My goal (as always) is to try to earn enough gold for the auction house mount – 5 million. I’ve been spending money all over the place, trying to work two servers in multiple markets, and it just hasn’t been working for me. I actually have an easier time making gold on my low population realm than I do on my high population realm. I’m not sure why that is, except that I don’t know the market very well on the (newer) high pop.

My first goal is to make it back up to a million. If you remember before BFA I had over 3 million gold – but I squandered it on things like buying all the battle pets from the store, transferring characters, buying BFA for a few accounts, and paying for said accounts for months in advance. Now with the token skyrocketing in price, I think I’m better off sitting on the gold for a bit.

Anyway. I’m starting small. Investing a bit of coin into material and consumable flips, along with some peaceful transmog sales. They might be slow, but when you sell one it’s always lovely.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Adding to the Collection

I may not have a lot of time to play, but I still love the sims 4 and of course when I saw I could get a bundle deal I jumped on it.. and then I also bought the new game pack that includes magic, because why not.

I created a new sim on the island map, gave her a Newfoundland dog, and started a military career (which she will probably change). Besides a little decor I haven’t had time to do much else, but it’s a start!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


A Classic Update

I decided with my lack of time it would be best if I started over as a hunter, so I’ve created a new character along with my husband who is playing a mage. So far we’re level 8 and 12 respectively, but I hope to catch up to the druid before too long.

I WANT to be able to tank and run dungeons, but that’s just not going to happen. This is a much more relaxed and realistic goal, I think.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Making Gold in Classic

I’m still making gold slowly while the market establishes itself and people level up which is to say that I’m doing a linen bag flip. I buy all linen over 20c, and make bags and sell them to vendor for 50c profit each bag (or more, if I get linen for under 20c). It’s slow, but it’s what I can handle game-wise.

I’ve also been searching the AH for deals that I can hang onto until sometime in the future. Herbs that will be used in PvP potions when battlegrounds come out, gear that will be used for the 10-19 twink bracket. The problem is my server is HEAVILY slanted towards alliance, there are about 8,000 horde to 30,000 alliance in fact. That makes things harder. Well, not harder per say, but sales are slower.

On the plus side that also means competition isn’t QUITE as stiff.

All this classic gold making has me itching to go back to retail servers and work harder there at making some gold too, so I might do that from time to time. I’m paid up on my account for quite a while, so I don’t need gold to pay for my subscription any time soon, but I love playing the market. I’m learning a lot just by being in the WoW Economy discord and reading chat. It’s all about doing whatever brings you joy, right? I might only be level 15 (still) but hey, at least it’s something.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Classic Shenanigans

I’m only level 14 in classic, not having found much time to level, but I do stand around the auction house trying to get a good bargain. They’ve slowed down slightly, but there are still some deals to be had. I expect with the weekend wrapping up it may slow down even more. I’ve had a few conversations like the one above where I let players know they were actually pricing items for less than vendor value.

I’m not interested in being cruel to people or making fun of them for their mistakes, but I do see this happen a lot and if they tend to price a ton of things for under vendor value I send them a tell to let them know. I donated some gold towards the guild getting a tabard (10g is a lot) and besides that I’ve just been hoping to get some actual play time in, eventually.

An ARK Story

The screenshot above is a capture of the best moment I ever had in ARK. I was playing with Ysharros and my husband and I spotted a brontosaurus egg off in the distance. Mommy dinosaur was a little ways away, and the lure of the egg was too great for me, so I snatched it.

Mommy dinosaur saw me, and started running for me. She would not rest until she had her revenge and she was PISSED. She completely destroyed the little base I had set up down the beach and continued to hunt me – so I dove into deep water and swam to an island, where I became stranded because Mommy dinosaur was still there.

My husband, smart man that he is, decided to fly down on his pterodactyl and scoped me up in his claws, and I cackled as we flew over the brontosaurus. Then his flying dinosaur started to run out of steam as we were overhead. We started cruising lower and lower until I fell right on top of Mommy who had NOT forgotten that I stole her egg.

I was promptly killed and eaten.

It was hilarious, and I laughed so hard at the whole scene, there was just no other response that fit. It’s moments like those that make me so glad I game, and my husband games, and when we can find a moment here and there we actually game together.

Classic Goldmaking

The first week of WoW classic was spent trying to make gold in a very simple way. Taking items people have priced less than vendor price, and reselling them to the vendor. The auction house fees are 5% and that’s actually quite a bit, so I’m avoiding posting items and instead just focusing on cheaper ways. Leveling is going to make you more money than staying at level 1, so I’d really like to find some time to do that but it’s slow going with my limited playtime. I’ve been trying for at least one level a day, but even that is slowing down.

Tradeskillmaster combined with auctioneer are the two addons I’ve been using the most. TSM has updated their latest version to classic, and while you still have to use a manual scan, they are working on it containing historical data. Right now auctionator and TSM do NOT use historical data – auctioneer does. I’m very glad the developers of these apps have taken the time to update and keep track of bugs. I’ve been hanging out in the TSM discord since I started using it and I’ve picked up on tons of tips and tricks from long time goblins. It requires a bit of paying attention and keeping track of questions and answers but it’s well worth it.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Not Actually Playing..

Everyone here at home has been sick, so I haven’t had any actual game time and I’m still sitting at level 13 – but I have been playing the market a lot, and I’m sitting on a comfortable amount, which is at least better than nothing, I suppose.

What has everyone else been up to?

Simple Sales in WoW Classic

My druid is level 13 and I’m sitting on 2g plus some change. Lately I’m spending more time in the auction house than I am leveling, a mixture of life and everyone in the house being sick has taken care of that.

Right now I’m using two addons – tradeskillmaster & auctionator (which works with classic. Auctioneer works with classic at the time of this post, but it doesn’t work alongside TSM, which is what I want it for). I set TSM to use auctionator as a price point, but it will only do a price point of my latest scan and not a history, so its function is limited. In the first busy days instead of taking a risk on the market I’m going for pure profit. I don’t want to take a chance on what sells and what doesn’t – and this means money earning is slower, but at least I know exactly what I’m getting. With so many people in game there are lots of items that have been priced below the vendor value. Now, normally you could use TSM for a vendor search and it would do this all for you, but in classic that doesn’t work.

Don’t worry, there is an incredibly simple work around you can use.

For my sniper operation I have vendorsell-5c and that’s all I needed to do. It snipes anything that has a profit of 5c from the vendor. I used to have it set to 1c but as I earned coin I wanted to see a larger return for a bit less work. If you’re just starting out you can set it to whatever profit you want to see. Remember, this only uses a vendorsell price, so you’re not going to necessarily see all of those great deals going on, you’re only going to see items that would sell more to vendor than they are up on the AH for. Once you establish yourself with a bit of gold, and once this vendorsell market has dried up it is best to move forward and change your operations for your next conquest.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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