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To the Masked Cucumber

It’s a busy weekend in Wurm Unlimited on the Sklotopolis server – Moumix and Stargrace ventured forth to a rift event over on Novus, taking Shao with them by boat (and then summoning to the rift). I don’t think there were any casualties this round, most people were hardened warriors. I came back with rift components to craft runes, a piece of moon metal, and a recipe. No cool tabards this time, but that’s alright. It was a good time all around, and the host was gracious with pizza and drink. Tomorrow there’s a dragon slaying, so here’s hoping my luck holds out and I win something cool in the raffle!

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself. If you’re looking for a lovely Wurm Unlimited server to play on (even though there is no longer any official support) come join Sklotopolis. The staff is dedicated and the player base is (mostly) lovely.

Deed Progress

I have to say, the work that has been going on at Quail Cove Nouveau is nothing short of amazing. It went from needing a complete re-build to being almost done. All that is left (thanks to the hard work of Moumix and myself) is the main house (called Quail Nest), towers, and the bridges that join those towers. Of course being my usual procrastinating self, it probably COULD have been completed by now, but I had to go to Caza for a bit to waste some time, and then I took a trip around the server to see what other treats I could pillage. I’ve also spent some time on Novus pillaging for the two deeds I have there. Once I’m done building on Quail Cove, I want to flatten Quail Plaza. This is going to be a shopping market type deed, and I have big plans for it, but it requires a clean slate. I hate terraforming, so it will probably also take me some time.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Home Sweet Home (again)

Another building completed in Quail Cove – this one is for tailoring. The sun was setting and I just loved how it all looked. Plus let’s face it, I can’t resist spinning wheels, in game or out.

Caught in a Storm

I got caught out in a tsunami in Valheim and it was INTENSE. It’s not just because the raft is an awkward weird ship to try to sail, but the waves were gigantic and I kept thinking any moment I was going to get smashed against the nearby rocks. Thankfully, I managed to ‘park’ along the shore and get myself to safety without any further issues.

Finding Treasures

I was out running around with my wagon when I came across – a few treasures! Literal treasures. Someone must have lost their small chest of gems. Gems are used (mostly) to vessel favour so priests can store it for a later use. In Wurm Online the ones that are below 10 ql are used to grind channeling, but that’s not really a thing in Wurm Unlimited.

Yay for treasure!

Beautiful Games

I’ve been spending some time in Valheim lately (along with 3 million others, apparently) and the game is just so absolutely beautiful even with a pixelated look. I’ve been playing with the Combat Wombat team on a group server that’s absolutely delightful but my internet has been acting up and the lag was so bad that me and my husband set up another local server to play on too. One of the best features is that your character can go from server to server, and you keep all of your items and skills with you. I’m having a blast, and for $20 really the price of this game could not be beat.

Finger Licking Good

I love how creative (or not creative) you can be with your characters in FFXIV….

My latest healer (the astrologist?) hit 42, my gladiator is still meandering along at 18, and I haven’t done anything yet this week except complete my white/yellow scrip turn ins and my retainer missions. Still, progress is progress!


I have to thank Arislyn for this suggestion – today I picked up Wobbledogs from steam. It’s a quirky little game where you mix and match the genetics from various types of dogs, and they spawn eggs that you hatch into new dogs. They have a pretty short life span, and they.. explode.. into little mutant doggy pieces that you can er, order the other dogs to.. eat. Or you can just throw the pieces away. Sometimes the dogs have genetic mutations that require a bit of help because they can’t actually feed themselves. I had one who could only butt scoot around the floor instead of actually walking. You can pet them, praise them, and.. throw them.

If it wasn’t for the over the top cartoon nature of this game I might believe it’s more sinister than it comes across, especially since my kids were hanging around cooing over the animals – but it was a hilarious delight, and a good time waster. I do think the price is a bit over the top for this sort of game play, but if you pick it up on sale then it’s not too bad.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Down Goes Boss #1

The Combat Wombats managed to get together in the morning so that we were mostly all at the same place at the same time – to take down the very first big bad boss in Valheim. It was a giant elk, and we actually managed it without too much trouble aside from the one time that I was just casually sitting on the ground during combat because my kids needed something (I was subsequently smushed) and then that other time where immediately following the kill we were ambushed by the weird creatures that live in the dark woods. You know the glowing eyes I’m talking about. I think Arislyn, Scopique, and myself were the victims of that attack.

We had to kill the boss a number of times so that we each had a component to make a fancy new pickaxe, and now we can upgrade a few things. Like maybe our base, it still looks like we’ve put that together with toothpicks. I know Arkenor has been doing some exploration, I think he’s searching for the merchant that should be .. somewhere. I looted some coins, so I’m anxious to see what I can purchase.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Valheim? Valheim!

This game came out of no where – and I’m loving it so far. Valheim is an exploration / survival game, but the theme is viking culture. You can play single player or co-op with up to 10 friends. The Combat Wombats have a server set up and we’ve been working towards getting geared to defeat the first boss so we can unlock the next tier of items. We have a small base that we’ve been trying to set up. Right now there’s a lovely camp fire for roasting meat, some beds (not too close to that fire now) and a bit away I’ve set up some bees.

The game has a lot to do and there are a lot of skills to work on if you want. I haven’t played for that long (yet) but I expect I’ll explore it fully over the next few weeks. It’s also early access right now, so I expect some great things for the future. It also is up to over 30,000 reviews at Overwhelmingly Positive – not bad, for a game that just released February 2nd.

Bring on the adventures!