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Leveling A Shai

Through a series of very simple quests (I’ve just been working the main story quest, it’s much the same as FFXIV) I found my Shai at level 54 without any sort of effort at all. I know that levels start to get more difficult from here on out, but Pearl Abyss does their best to make it enjoyable – and addictive.

Speaking of addictive, one thing they also have is numerous coupon codes that you can use in game. In fact there’s an entire website dedicated to posting these online so others can find them. I must have entered at least 10 codes in the past two days, and they give potions, scrolls, and various other simple items that you would normally have to purchase from the pearl shop. Whether it’s brilliant marketing to get you to spend once you run out I’m not sure, but I certainly enjoy having a lot of extra goods kicking about.

Last night I was dealing with the side effects of my 2nd Moderna covid vaccination shot, so I didn’t get much gaming in. I did some fishing and picked up my daily Oasis treasure chests, but that was about it. Tonight I’m hoping to inch my way towards 58 – ideally I’ll be 60-61 before graduating the seasons server. Which brings me to my next subject – life skills. This is crafting, and something I am REALLY interested in, the main reason I’m playing, actually. You’d never know it because I’m having so much fun leveling up and exploring the world I have had zero time to work on those skills aside from horse training and fishing. I still need to watch videos on how everything works, and see how to make myself a life skiller. I’m also wondering if I need to do life skills on various characters, or can one character do it all. I was watching a stream last night where the player was using different characters for different things, and I’m curious as to what the benefit is.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Another Day, Another Season

September 15th started the new season (fall) for Black Desert Online, and of course I wasted no time making a new season character! This round I decided to go with a Shai class, the only support class in game. This character has a penalty to PvP, not many skills, and no big AoE attacks – but they get a bonus to life skills (crafting) and are SUPER CUTE and fun to play (IMO). Their attacks include hops, skips, and jumps, plus swinging a GIANT boomerang. It’s adorable.

This time around I have a lot more time (I came into the last season with only two weeks left to it) to level my character, and I know a lot more about the game. The season rewards have changed some, and there’s a ton of events going on at the same time (8?!) in what I can only assume is an attempt to get people to stay focused on BDO while Lost Ark and New World go through release. You can even get yourself a free copy of the game, if you sign up to play for free for 14 days and then reach level 50. Next time there’s maintenance, you’ll be given a copy. Speaking of, if you get three pieces of gear to Pen quality while playing in seasons, you can earn yourself the $90 upgrade to the game too (only 100 people from NA and 100 people from EU will be chosen for this). I think that would be awesome.

Another QoL change was a quest for a T5 mount. You used to have to progress to a certain point that was quite far in (my last character never made it there) before you could get it, but now you reach that point much easier. So I have a T8 female and T5 male horse – once I get those leveled up, I’m going to attempt to breed them and see what I end up with. I’m excited!

My Shai is nearly to the point that my Guardian was at quest-wise, so even though I’m technically re-doing content I just did, it doesn’t feel too bad. I’m also taking some time to work a bit of life skills along the way (AFK fishing while I write this post) and Shai start with gathering and alchemy at professional 1. I still know pretty much zilch about life skills, but I’ve been making my way through videos (slowly) in preparation for when I do get started in honest. I’ll probably continue to work the main quest on my Shai and try to reach 60-61 and then we’ll see where I’m at.

Honestly, BDO is not the game I thought I’d be playing right now, but I’m very glad that I am. It’s fun, there are tons of people around, and I haven’t had a day where I’ve been bored (yet). I know there are complaints about it being a Pay2Win game, but honestly I have not personally experienced any of that. I also haven’t spent any money on the game aside from my original purchase of it. Yes, you CAN purchase items from the shops, but all of the free things you’re given, alongside the event things, means I just haven’t found a need for anything extra. While that might change, I’m not really expecting it to.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Remastered Graphics

I turned on the remastered graphics for a bit, and just wow. This game is beautiful! Of course my computer starts to scream and complain after some time with it on (especially in the cities) but it’s still just lovely.

Graduation Nears

When I started playing Black Desert Online two weeks ago, I had no idea that there was a catch up mechanic implemented by means of ‘seasonal’ characters. This works almost exactly the same was as Diablo, where you create a new character, level them up, get perks, and then at the end your character ‘graduates’ over to a ‘regular’ one. The current season ends September 15th, and I’ve been trying to learn and cram so much into this short amount of time before it ends, that there’s just no way for me to get a hold of everything.

Thanks to some awesome friends and YouTube videos I did manage to reach level 58 on my seasons character. I also got my free necklace, picked up a T8 horse, and leveled to 58 – I was hoping for 61 but time was just not on my side. I’ve learned how to enchant armor/weapons, and know the basics to unlocking my awakened self, finishing that quest line and getting new skills, too.

I picked up my time piece which I’m going to use tomorrow, and that will turn my seasons character to a regular character, and take a character that I have under level 25 (at this moment it’s my sorcerer) and create her into my season character – adding on the levels and skill points that the guardian had earned. It basically lets you clone your seasons character to one that is under 25. No reason not to do that.

Today I meant to work on the main story quest, but instead life got in the way so I set myself up with some AFK fishing, and horse training. Dancer, my T8 white horse, is now level 24. I also played around with the remastered graphics – which are absolutely stunning, but my computer fans don’t really like playing on that graphic level for too long (especially in cities). I’m looking forward to starting another seasons character, I hear they’re doing a few things different this time (like making enchanting gear easier) which is always nice. Some QoL bits that are always handy.

Anyway, I might be able to squeeze out another level or two before the end of tomorrow, but we’ll see. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Enchanting Gear? I can do that!

When you look for BDO on steam, you find it under just ‘Black Desert’ so I have no idea if the game should be BDO or just BD or what. Anyway – another post that I’m writing ahead of schedule! I honestly cannot even remember the last time I played a game and had this much content to write about. I never in a million years would have thought that the game that would have sparked my interest to such a degree would be BDO. I have some theories on why this is the case, but that’s not the subject of this post.

I have a seasonal Guardian who is currently level 55 and I wanted to learn how to enchant her gear. Turns out the whole basis of this game is grinding. Something I actually don’t mind, let’s look at some of my other favourite games / things to do in games – Wurm Online. My ultimate favourite game is about nothing BUT grinding. Getting ‘good’ skills takes years. Even in games like EQ I would camp named for hours. Some methods of grinding are fun and rewarding, others are really boring. Doing dailies every single day in WoW is a good example of a grind that I honestly am just not a fan of. I get bored easily and rarely see the point.

Back to enchanting gear. I mentioned that my weapons and shield were Naru (just a type of blue tier gear) and I had moved them to +7 and +5 the reason behind this is because on the seasonal servers you have a 100% chance to succeed the enchant. When you fail an enchant you lose durability. I gathered up all of the ore and stones I had been collecting since I started playing (quest rewards, not actual harvested ore) and went to the blacksmith. There, I exchanged my Tuvala Ore for Tuvala weapons and armor. Then I enchanted all of those to +5 and +7 respectively. After that, I took my weapon, and enchanted it as far as I could before I either couldn’t enchant it any more, or I started running out of supplies. RNG is a fickle creature, and it’s where part of the ‘grind’ comes in to play. So once you “graduate” from being a seasonal character, you can no longer enchant this gear – but I believe you get to exchange it for the ‘real world’ versions. The goal, is to get to a tier of enchant called ‘PEN’ (I don’t know all of the tiers off of the top of my head). I managed to get my weapon to DUO before I ran out of supplies, but you don’t want to run out completely because you need to mend up all that durability you lost while failing enchants. You can mend your stuff two ways, using memories, or using the base version of the Tuvala armor/weapon you’re enchanting. The memories will restore one durability, the weapons/armor restore 5 at a time.

Now this process sounds pretty confusing, but it’s not so bad when you’re at the blacksmith doing things. Calculating whether you’ll have enough materials is annoying, you don’t want to be without a weapon after all. The thing is, as a brand new player to the game, I would have had NO IDEA how to do any of this without having a ton of help from friends or reading some very extensive guides and I think that’s where a lot of the overwhelming feeling comes from in games like this. The game does remind me a lot of EVE – but in EVE all of the menus and “things” to do are HIDDEN and the UI is presented very basic which I think gets rid of a lot of that anxiety. In BDO the UI is FULL of STUFF everywhere, and your eyes are all over the place with no idea what any of it does. You’re also drowning in scrolls and potions and chests and ores and all sorts of things – but now I actually know what 90% of that is for, and it makes a HUGE difference. Granted, I still have issues with inventory, and I still have stuff in storage all over the various cities, but I actually feel like I’m very slowly getting a handle on things.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Leveling, Leveling, and Leveling Again

Goodness me, another BDO post! I’m even writing this one early. That rarely happens.

Yesterday I was getting a small handle on some game mechanics, and I left my character on overnight doing some fishing. She even earned herself a bit of experience, going from level 24 to 25. What holds me back is my inventory (I have 57 slots out of.. I believe the max is 192 or there about). No big deal, it was still extra income while I slept and I have no issues with that.

Besides the help I’ve been getting from the friend I mentioned in the previous posts, another good friend of mine who I have known for many MANY years now (20-ish) also plays. In fact he has over 20,000 hours of the game displayed on steam – keeping in mind that most of that is probably AFK fishing or training a horse or whatever. No judgement here, I’m basically in awe.

Anyway, he offered to power level my seasonal character because I was honestly a bit sad to hear that the season is ending on the 15th, which is earlier than most people expected. I had slacked for so long that I knew there was no way I was going to ‘finish’ my character. So we rode off on his horse to some place across the map I’ve never been to before, and he used his level 61 character (happens to be the pirate looking one, I forget what class that is) to smush mobs while I stood there and tried not to walk into anything that would eat me. Before I knew it, in less than an hour I had climbed to level 55.


Now, you might look at that and think “but Stargrace, what is the point of power leveling you’re going to miss so much content!” – no, the content is still there waiting for me. I can go complete it any time. For me, leveling has never been that much fun because things I want to do are always gated by that leveling mechanic. I enjoy games like EVE where I can explore the entire universe and never feel hemmed in by my lack of ‘level’. Being told I cannot do something (I think it was processing that required level 30? Some sort of life skill in any case) is annoying. I will gladly take free levels from a friend any day of the week.


Now I’m 55, I’m still working on the quests I obtained at level 25, but I feel a lot less pressure. Next up I’m hoping to figure out how to enchant this gear everyone keeps talking about. Pen? I have no idea what that even means. I have Naru gear, and I enchanted the weapon to +7 and the armor to +5 and that’s about all I know how to do so far. We’ll see how long it takes me to figure out the rest.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

One Inventory Slot to Rule them All

I mentioned in my last post that so far the community of BDO has been amazing – and I want to give a very specific example. When I first mentioned I was looking to play, one community member left a detailed paragraph on life skills for me, with examples of where I should go for tutorials, handy web sites, and other tips and tricks. I appreciated it so much and I was honestly caught a bit off guard.

It didn’t stop there though, they added my family name to friends (it’s Reveurs for anyone looking to add me) and once in-game, they offered to help me out even further if I so desired. They also provided me with a code for +4 inventory slots and let me tell you, inventory in BDO is something I never ever have enough of. I was so thankful! That would be 4 more extra fish I could carry before needing to sell, or 4 more rewards chosen from the onslaught that I keep getting pelted with.

I’ve been watching more videos, and I feel like I’ve gotten a fairly good grasp on some more in game systems. I can confidently fish (on land, I haven’t done the whole quest/buy a boat thing yet) and I can take those fish to a trade manager and sell them. I haven’t min/max the process yet (I’m not selling them at the most optimal locations in other words) but I feel like I’ve got the basics down. I also purchased a ‘Balenos fishing rod+10’ which was recommended from a fishing video I watched. It was 125,000,000 silver which LOOKS like a lot to me, it was about half of my overall cash, but since fishing is something I can easily do when I’m sleeping or AFK (happens often, I’m a busy Mom of two) it was worth the investment. Inventory space is pretty much the only thing that holds me back now.

I also spent some time watching videos on training horses, where to get them and AFK training. I moved on to breeding horses but I was honestly pretty tired, so I’ll have to re-watch those ones.

My character is level 25 – furthest in the game I’ve ever been. I’ve just been following the main story quests, which reminds me a lot of MSQ in FFXIV. I will have lots of time to explore and do all of the smaller side quests another time. Unfortunately this ‘season’ ends on September 15th and I did NOT take advantage of it as much as I had wished, but that’s OK. My original character is level 18, so I’ve already surpassed her by a few levels. I still have more systems to figure out, but like I keep saying, I’m really enjoying myself and the ‘stuff’ I’m learning is coming in bits and pieces. I don’t mind that. It’s when I’m at a complete standstill that things get frustrating.

So what about BDO being a PvP focused game? Honestly, that doesn’t seem to be the case any more. People in channels were talking about how they had only been PKilled maybe twice in seven years, they avoid the end game PvP areas, and these days there are more options on locations to go and I have the feeling that PvP is a little bit easier to avoid. We’ll just have to see where my adventures take me.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

A Little More BDO

My hands have been giving me a lot of difficulty lately, so my posts have been far and few between. I’m hoping to fill in the missing days as I find the energy, but we’ll see. What have I been up to?

I reached level 20 in Black Desert Online, and I’ve (slowly) been wrapping my head around some of the systems the game offers. One, you’re going to be given so many rewards you’re going to stop opening them and they’re going to be meaningless. I have so many treats and goodies and foods and drinks and scrolls and potions I am pretty sure it’s enough for 100 people. I’ve shuffled some off to alts because I simply couldn’t hold it all, and others I’ve just left unclaimed if they didn’t have a timer.

I have been watching some YouTube videos but not as many as I’d like. Today I did a little fishing, and I dried some fish, and did some cooking. I realized that I own a house, with a kitchen in it. Apparently I knew how to craft once upon a time. I have utterly and completely forgotten everything I know. I keep getting ore and gems and trinkets to upgrade gear, but I don’t have the faintest idea how any of that works, and nothing seems to make sense, yet. I also haven’t gotten into workers, or routes, or trade. I know that’s a thing because my bank was filled with eggs, chicken meat, and potatoes. I’m pretty sure my workers are doing that. I had some beer in my inventory that I vaguely remember supplying them with. Who doesn’t like alcoholic workers, after all.

My seasonal character is now higher level then my ‘main’ – but I still know so little, and the season ends on September 15th which means my character will be pushed out into the world unless I start a new seasonal character whenever the next ‘season’ starts. Do I really want to start fresh right away after just creating this character? Unsure. Probably not. I’ll probably just take things slow and meander my way along trying to learn. I feel like the concepts in this game are harder for me to pick up than EVE Online, which says a lot about the complexity of it. Nothing has really been explained yet, and I don’t know when it does. I have so many items in my inventory (from claim, mail etc) that I have no clue what I should keep or what I should set aside. For now I’m vendoring very little, and I’m sure it will make sense.. eventually.

One thing that has really stood out to me so far is – the community – is amazing. People are friendly, chattering in a few channels I apparently am on (I have no idea what those channels are. One is blue, one is orange?) and I even joined a non talking guild that just AFK fishes. That’s the life for me right there. Anyway, people are polite, talkative, and I haven’t seen any sign of .. well, anything negative. It’s refreshing just to watch chat go by. I am not sure if this changes, but it’s been really nice. Plus, the game is just beautiful, and I certainly appreciate that.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Nomadic Once Again

I have a lifetime account to Lord of the Rings Online – and I played not too long ago, with Arkenor and a few other Combat Wombats. Problem is I’m a nomadic gamer, and I tend to move on before too long. Sometimes sooner than not. I wasn’t always a gamer who bounced from game to game, but as my allotted time has changed, and my gaming desires have changed, so have the games themselves. Taking a look at LotRO in specific it’s pretty easy to see what the problem in my case is.

My highest character ever was level 44. I was playing last year, but only reached level 20-22 or so. I had a house, but it expired (you have to keep paying upkeep on those). None of that is the problem though. The problem, is that the current cap to the game is 130. That’s a huge daunting number, especially when you’re only level 20. It felt like I could never catch up, could never make sense of the mechanics that were utilized in the game. Chat was basically an entire other language that I couldn’t make sense of, and my bags were overflowing with items that I had no idea how to use or what they were for.

Returning to a game that you haven’t played in a while is an incredibly daunting task. There are few games that I go back to where it actually sticks, and I am sad to say that no matter how many times I try to get back into LotRO – I just never quite succeed.

Time to continue wandering.

New Headphones!

I’ve wanted a nice headphone / mic set for a little while now just for things like discord – and I FINALLY picked up a pair while we were in the city – YAY! I’m very excited about them. I admit, it’s a combination of the pink, and the kitty ears, and the RGB of it all. I already use a razer mouse and keyboard, so it just make sense to continue with them. I was a logitech user for many MANY years, but I found that their stuff was wearing out on me faster than I liked it to, so I swapped. I tried Corsair for a while but the keyboard was insane and way too loud. I know everyone has their own opinions about their gaming peripherals, but that’s mine.

Can’t wait to test these out!

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