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Evenings with the Priest

Even with my limited game play, I’m still able to log into World of Warcraft and feel like I’ve actually accomplished something, which is nice. Being Tuesday, raids re-set, so I queued for some that were looking for healers, and for the first time ever LFR dropped a hidden shadow priest appearance weapon skin for me! It looks awesome. I didn’t even know I could get one that way.

I also managed to complete all my of world quest dailies, which is something I try to do but don’t always manage. Along the way I got my second ever legendary, a wrist piece. At the time that it dropped I could only wear one legendary, but I managed to earn the 5k resources required to unlock the ability to wear a second one. My ilevel is still below 900 at a measly 885, but that’s leaps and bounds above what I was sitting at earlier on in the day.

Oh right, I went back to playing my priest over with the Crimson Cross guild. Why? No real reason except that as much as I enjoy my paladin (and I truly do) I wasn’t in the mood to level, I wanted to do some end game stuff. Plus my priest is still a ‘newer’ character, and doesn’t have max level professions, which means I always have lots to do.

All in all it was a pretty productive evening. I also looked up things to see where I sit as far as flying in Legion goes. I’m not quite there yet, but it doesn’t look like an impossible task. Maybe I can slowly keep chipping away at it.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Did I mention? Affiliate!

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think I ever mentioned here on the blog that I finally made affiliate on Twitch a few weeks ago! That means people can subscribe to my channel for a fee and receive some extra perks. If you happen to have Amazon Prime you get a free Twitch subscription with it, which comes in handy.

Right now the perks are far and few between aside from helping support my love of streaming, but I’m hoping to create a few custom emotes and all that good stuff with time. Again it depends entirely on life and llama bean who has been fairly reluctant to give me any alone time these days.

You can also donate bits towards my stream, or forego Twitch as the middle man all together (they get 50% of all donations) and donate through my streamlabs page (it’s linked in my Twitch profile). I’m incredibly excited that I was also able to raise the funds needed to purchase a new gaming chair, so that should be arriving before too long. All in all the community has been incredibly supportive of my endevours, and I appreciate it more than you can ever know.

If you don’t happen to catch my streams when they’re live you can watch them after the fact on twitch as a highlight, or you can watch them on my YouTube channel. I tend to update them later in the evenings, or the next day.

Once again, it wouldn’t have happened without the help and support of all of my viewers / readers / friends here and across all social media platforms that I tend to frequent, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is nice to feel like I can succeed at being more than just a parent when parenting makes up 99.99% of every single day. Streaming is one of the few things I get to do that’s a bit selfish and just for me (even if I do have llama bean sitting on my lap or bouncing around me screaming into the mic the entire time). Once again, thank you. <3

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I was just talking about how I had logged my hunter in, played her a bunch, got her ready for the first tier of raids, and how I was hoping she would become my new main.


I had no desire to log her in over the weekend, so I took a look at one of my paladins. I have two. One horde, one alliance. I prefer horde and I always have even though a majority of my friends play alliance. I’ve faction changed so many times it makes me dizzy. Anyway, I logged my horde paladin in and blew the cobwebs off of her armour, eager to get her first artifact weapon.

I decided to stray from the norm a little bit. I knew my priest played better (ie: easier) when I went discipline due to the heals even though it was less DPS than going shadow. I decided I would stick to my protection stance and get my shield / sword artifact, opting for better survivability over faster kills.

So far, I’m incredibly impressed. Mobs were melting like butter and my paladin is wearing pretty shoddy gear. A handful of heirloom for the experience bonus, and some blues back when the invasions to level up to 100 were a thing. Her artifact was also the easiest one I’ve gotten to date (I have priest, druid, and monk artifacts so far) and it sort of left me scratching my head wondering if that’s all there was to it. NOT that I am complaining!

I picked a zone to start in, and set out to reach level 101. It took me about an hour which made the leveling process seem much more appealing to me. I’ve got 700 blacksmithing but only 200 mining, so my professions are a mixture of odds and ends. So far I’m enjoying playing the character a ton, but the true test of whether or not this will be the character for me is who I’ll be playing next week. If I could just settle down with one character and not 800 I know I would feel so much better about my gaming experiences.

We’ll just have to see! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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