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Season 1 and Other Happenings

I’m not really sure about the how or why that made me wander back to GW2 but that’s where I’ve found myself lately, and I’m having a LOT of fun. First I had to decide which character I wanted to work on. I have one of every class at 80, but I only actively play the guardian and the mesmer (and for a brief stint, my elementalist). I enjoy the mesmer a great deal, but my guardian has a LOT more story components done. I’ve had a dream to one day complete the story fully on a single character (I have bits and pieces completed all over the place) – and so that coloured my overall decision to stick with the guardian. She has the HoT expansion done and that’s one that I don’t relish going back to. She also has her main story done. My mesmer has most of PoF done, but that expansion wasn’t too bad.

What none of my characters have done is the living world stories because these are usually in between major expansions, the times when I end up taking a break. I wanted to work on those starting at the beginning because they’ve been releasing living world season one for the first time and it would be neat to do those in order. I finished the first chapter, and am waiting for the release of the next one.

In the meantime, I also spent a HUGE chunk of coin on my character and purchased a leatherworking glyph so that I can cut trees and have a chance at leather. I need a bunch for some ascended gear I want to craft. I have ascended weapons and jewelry (from laurels) but no actual gear. I do have ascended gear on a second account. Unfortunately I can’t trade it.

Aside from that, there are a few other things I want to work on like WvW, map completion (I’m at 70% or so) and other random bits and bobs. I feel like GW2 has been absolutely thriving under the radar, every single area I went to had people. World bosses are packed, and overall I just had a very good time. It’s nice to be back.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

The most popular games of 2022 in modern casinos – pokies are not on top!

All kinds of gambling sites are very crowdy these days, mainly because of COVID-19. Many people visit them because of boredom sitting at home or to get their portion of adrenaline and win some money. There are many varieties of games at this site or another, and everyone prefers something different. In this article we will look at the most popular games and give their characteristics. The games are sorted from most popular to less popular according to trends of 2022.

Blackjack. Blackjack is quite a popular game, because many gamblers have a believe that the theory of probability in the game works for the players and not the casino, which will not interfere with the latter. An understanding of elementary things can help in the game. However, in online casinos it’s pretty hard to count cards, it’s mainly possible only in live casino blackjack, since in the software version of the games – there is a random number generator, which means that all of the cards are complete random and not dependent on the quantity of decks. So, if you plan on counting cards its better to play live version of the game, where real dealer will play blackjack with you through a live video broadcast.

Poker. The first mentions of the game date back to 1526. Now poker is one of the more traditional casino games even in online environment. Its essence is that it is necessary to collect a certain combination of cards. During the game, players once given the opportunity to partially or completely change their cards to cards from the deck. The game has an element of chance, but the result will also depend on how players will bluff (however this is true only for a live version of the game).

Thus, by increasing the stakes, you can force opponents with potentially stronger cards to refuse to fight further and give up. Oasis poker has a large prevalence in live online casinos. In addition to differences in the rules, the game of poker can be played against croupiers or against other participants – so called, club poker.

Craps. The history of craps goes back thousands of years, and in modern online casinos it is represented by craps, sic-bo and the game of grand-azar.

Craps is a traditional casino dice game. Its history dates back to the nineteenth century. It originated from New Orleans, where it was invented by the Negroes of America. A similar game, sic-bo, was invented in China and is popular mostly in Asia. As for a grand-azar this is also a variety of craps which is popular in middle east.

In craps you can play with two six-sided dice, azar and sic-bo – with three. The essence of the games is to guess the number of points that fall in the next move. Bets are made on a specific amount or the number greater (or less than) a certain limit. So, this type of game can be compared more to lottery draws.

Pokies. Online pokies a.k.a. one-armed bandits. To explore the best online pokies Australia you don’t even need to register and learn complicated rules. The game consists in an attempt of players to collect, more precisely, to wait for the fall of a winning combination. The amount of winnings has a dependence on the type of combination and the size of the bets.

Sporadic Posts – But I’m Here

Yikes, it has been over a month since I posted last, right after I made a personal decision to try to be better. Unfortunately life has been hectic, and some days my hands just don’t want to type so I have to decide between a bunch of things – and blogging has fallen a bit to the side.

I am still gaming, but it has been pretty limited and sporadic. I’ve been spending a little time all over the place (yay for restlessness) including: WoW, FFXIV, GW2, BDO, Wurm Unlimited, Wurm Online, and even LotRO. I’ve also been knitting, trying to keep up with my French, and drawing when I’m able to. My last post mentioned that I was working towards completing 52+ pieces this year, and I am on schedule for that and I can see myself improving, which really makes me smile. Back to the games!

FFXIV: I never played Endwalker when it came out, but I did pick it up. I didn’t realize the level cap went to 90 instead of 80, so I’ve just been taking my time and playing through the story. I am probably 0% into the MSQ so far, but my little bard has been having fun exploring the new areas. I still have dreams of one day owning a house, for now I still reside at an apartment.

WoW: Still my comfort game of choice. I’m playing two accounts in WoW. One is just for auction house stuff so that I can continue on my main account in the meantime and I’m not tied up reposting things all the time. I finally completed leveling 12 horde characters to 60 (one of each class) and I’m working on leveling 12 alliance characters to 60 (again, one of each class). It’s a bit of a quiet time in WoW, a lot of maintenance mode. I’m not enthralled with Shadowlands or any of the grinds Blizzard wants you to take part in (the grind in korthia feels exactly the same as the grind in zerith mortis) but it’s a comfortable and familiar game. Plus there are still some lovely people who work there and I do like to support them (of course I’m also paying for both accounts with gold, so it’s not THAT much support).

GW2: I just recently updated this game, I haven’t picked up the latest expansion yet and I have no idea what I was doing / thinking. So much has changed since I last played. Still, it has always been a game I enjoyed. There’s always so much to do. I appreciate that. I also like that there’s no subscription requirement and I can just support them here and there with store purchases if there’s something I want.

BDO: Still one of my ultimate favourite games of all time – because I can play it my way (randomly, afk, etc). The new winter zone was released (free content, might I add) as well as the new class (also free) and they’re releasing a new mount is coming out shortly. I still favour my Shai as my main and I spend a lot of time fishing, crafting, and leveling mounts. This game is beautiful and I rarely ever have anything bad to say about it. It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but it suits my playstyle perfectly.

Wurm: My 1st ultimate favourite game of all time. I still have an active account on the regular online servers and I check in a few times a month. I did just purchase a huge deed on one of the newer servers, but now I’m thinking of dropping it as I simply don’t have the time (or desire) to play there. I prefer the older servers, and my older characters. I keep hoping they decide to merge the north and south servers together but so far that hasn’t happened after two years and I am beginning to doubt they will ever merge them (players prefer them separate, which is understandable). I also still log in and play the unlimited version on the Sklotopolis server. There is a dedicated community and amazing developers who continue to update the game despite the fact that official support from the main game ended years ago. I have a lovely deed there, and I log in to make sure it doesn’t get disbanded.

That’s what I’m up to in gaming these days – it seems like a lot, but I’ll log in to one or two games throughout the course of a day, peek around, maybe do something for a few minutes, and then I tend to log out. It’s a combination of being too sore, too tired, and restlessness. We are planning for a cross country move soon(tm) so I don’t imagine my posting will increase in any great amount, but we’ll see.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

BDO – Seasonal Fun

I know I have too many BDO accounts (the total right now is three for those of you keeping track at home) but I have to say, this is probably one of my top favourite MMO of all time. It’s just that good. Anyway, I decided to cut down playing all three accounts and I’m trying to focus on just one. I swapped my 60 tamer for a newly boosted 60 guardian in the season, and I’m hoping to finish off the achievements they have before it ends, but one of those achievements is to kill 5k mobs and that one I’m a bit reluctant to get started on because ew.

Like most games I play I tend to spend all of my time crafting or doing life skills, so going out and slaughtering bad guys for a few hours doesn’t exactly speak to me. That being said, I have been having a LOT of fun in game. Artifacts were added, and new content releases just a few short weeks from now. BDO also recently celebrated their 6 year anniversary, a huge congratulations on that milestone!

I am unsure as to whether or not I’ll participate in the next season event. I think I have more than enough characters by now, and running through the same content at ultra fast speed has never really been my thing. I’m quite taken with my Shai, and I play very little else (the guardian is a close second, and the lahn is my combat character of choice). Next? Maybe working towards a dream horse…

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Solway Firth – The Largest Deed I’ve Ever Owned

Back when Wurm Online had their black Friday sale, I bought two years of game time (30% off) on two of my accounts. One on the Northern Islands, where I live on Independence (Hermit Island) and the other on the Southern Islands, on Cadence. It has been two years and I’ve waited for these islands to be joined together so I could condense things, but so far that hasn’t happened. In the meantime, I had done very little work on the Cadence deed. I’ve spoken about this before, but I am not a huge fan of building a deed from scratch. After playing this game for 10+ years, I prefer to work on my characters, decorate, and look at pretty things. Building from scratch isn’t something that has ever interested me that much.

I decided the best thing for me would be to see if anyone was selling a completed deed. I had 50 silver to spend, and I posted on the forums that I was looking for something with highway access so I could make use of wagoneers, something I’ve never been able to participate in before because I always seem to live on some secluded island.

Before the day was out, I had a response. Kookii was interested in selling Solway Firth, an enormous deed on the Cadence island. The deed was worth well more than what I could afford, but they seemed in a hurry to sell, and they were willing to accept what I was offering. This place is amazing, to say the least. It has over 1g in upkeep paid, and the monthly cost is 15s (I’m planning on downsizing it slightly to reduce this cost). It came with 10 completed buildings, a full mine, an enormous amount of bits and bobs, a magic chest, guard tower, clay and tar on deed, pens with animals, and so much more.

Considering I am only one player, it will take some time to get it set up the way I want, but I am VERY excited about this deed. I’ll have to remember to work slowly, so as to not burn out. It is large enough for multiple players to live here comfortably but I don’t think anyone I know is actually playing WO these days. I do know quite a few who continue to play WU (the self hosted steam version). I wish the company had not stopped support of WU, the new WO UI is so much easier on my hands and I absolutely love the graphic chances they’ve made to the game and the new features they’ve added over time (caffeine is their latest). Anyway, expect lots of pictures in the future!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Leveling up In BDO

I’ve continued to play BDO this month alternating between my two accounts every 30 days so that I can remain on the Olvia servers (no PvP happens there). My winter season character (a dark knight) is level 58 and just finished the chenga tome quest. Next I’ll work my way to 61 by using some of the very popular leveling guides, and I’ll attempt to finish off my season pass. When 30 days have passed, I’ll swap back over to my other account, and continue playing the season there. All in all I’m pretty happy with my progress, life skills are moving, though some certainly move faster than others. I still have not even touched hunting yet, mostly because I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it or be any good at it. I hear it’s pretty annoying. Still, it’s on ‘the list’.

I’ve done a lot of AFK fishing, afk combat, and cooking. Alchemy is something I’m really interested in, but getting components is annoying. I haven’t started doing too much trading on this second account, but I made up for that with bartering which levels VERY slowly. In fact after 23 barter trips, I’m still at beginner 2. Ouch.

I’m excited about the new winter zone being added, and while I can see how people would experience burnout and want to play different games, I’m still enjoying myself and trudging along. Maybe when I reach guru in all of my life skills I’ll want to take a break. Until then..

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

I’ll Packa my Alpaca

Even though the adorable alpaca mounts are temporary (we hope that they will release a permanent version once the new winter zone releases for good) of course I had to rush right out and do some ice fishing to collect one.

It was a quest I don’t ever want to do again.

You grab a fishing rod from Crio in Velia, and then you head SE a ways into the bush where you settle down to do some ice fishing. When you catch a fish you physically move your mouse around in circles, either clockwise or counter clockwise depending on which way the reel has to go. You’re supposed to keep the fish in the center of some marking and move both clockwise and counterclockwise as the fish moves – but it’s REALLY difficult and sore on the wrist. My only tip is to move from your shoulder to prolong the issues you’re going to encounter.

You have to catch two of each type of fish. There are three. It took me 30 attempts and then some. Each rod only has 30 attempts, so I had to run all of the way back, grab another rod, and continue trying to fish.

There was nothing fun about this quest.

That being said, my Shai does look absolutely adorable riding her Alpaca – and it’s also incredibly slow so the chances of me actually using it are pretty slim, besides the fact that this version of it will be vanishing in February, so I’m not even really sure what the point was.

Picture of course for cuteness.

Let’s Go Sailing

It was time. I bought myself a boat from the central market, and I wanted to teach myself how to barter. From the start, it’s pretty simple. Under the life tab of the UI you have a barter screen. On it you’ll see different objects listed, starting with one that comes from on land. It’s usually node obtained or harvested or something like that. I think my first one was some red stones. You take a number of those red stones (or 6x the amount listed, as you can typically complete 6 of those particular trades) and look to see who is accepting them. Then you sail out there and they give you another item in return for your trade. You take that item, look at the list again, and sail to the next location. In BDO there are 5 trades, and then you can either sell the final item for silver or you can exchange it for crow coins.

Coins can be spent on various things and you get the picture of how this works. After 21 trades I’m still at beginner 2 bartering, which is pretty low. I did a bunch of sailing quests and I’m at skilled four for that, at least. There are dailies (also known by players as sailies) to do that will help you get that sailing experience, and you earn some for riding around where the map doesn’t work.

I have a lot of work ahead of me. I dedicated storage space to a few islands so I can drop off excess barter items (you are limited by the weight your boat can carry, so you may not be able to perform every transaction that you have access to) and I unlocked a lot of trade nodes at least. It is one of my least favourite life skills so far, but it might get better in time, I’m not sure.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Winter Season has Started!

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make this season. Originally I went with a ranger, wanting to try out a ranged class. Playing the class didn’t feel fluid and I only got to around level 23 before deleting and deciding on a Dark Knight, instead. This lady swings a 2h sword like she’s been doing it since birth, and I feel very fluid (much like the lahn, another class I really love to play) and is a more defensive play style instead of evasion where I need to run around dodging. Right now she’s level 50, progressing through the story and enchanting armour just like seasons gone by. It turns out that I never completed the season on my first (older) account, even though I’ve participated in TWO seasons now. Third time is the charm, right? I hope to complete everything this round and still have time to get it done on my second (newer) account as well.

The plan is to let each account lapse for 30 days before returning so that I can continue to play on the Olvia servers and avoid PvP. It may seem a bit strange to spread myself between two completely different accounts, but it’s working out well for me so far, and I just focus on that one account for the month without really missing the one I’m not playing. The game has so much to do that there hasn’t been a lot of overlap for me, and I’m enjoying not having to worry about people taking down my ships/characters when I randomly AFK.

I’m hoping this gives me the confidence I need to get into bartering and sailing. Two skills I have very little experience in.

As always, we’ll see how it goes. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weather Systems

One of the (many) things I love about Black Desert Online, is their dynamic weather systems. It’s winter right now, and the rain that used to show up on maps has given way to snow. The towns are not always covered in snow, just like they were not always covered in rain – but when a system passes through, the towns are absolutely beautiful. I wish more games had this sort of dynamic weather in place.

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