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EVE Characters get Remodled

Of course the big news yesterday (I’m cheating and posting this for the 18th even though it’s the 19th now, I’ve been very sick all week) was Incursion going live and with it one major feature that I was interested in – the character creator. I didn’t mind the previous one because we never really SEE our characters per say, but I really had a lot of fun re-creating Ellithia. Since I have some what of a back story for her I already knew in my mind what I wanted her to look like, and the customization available was fantastic. It reminded me a lot of working on 3D rendering in DAZ or Poser. There wasn’t the largest (or nicest for that matter) selection of hair or clothing options, but certainly a lot more customization than was previously available.

The character creator is just one of many things that were implemented though. Another huge change came to the Planetary Interaction system which I was incredibly happy about (taken from patch notes):

  • Players can now upgrade command centers from basic all the way up to elite without replacing their colonies.
  • Only basic command centers will be seeded on the market now; larger centers will now be purchased as upgrades via the upgrade window.
  • Extractor control units (ECUs) have been introduced on all planets. The ECUs can be built from the build menu, replacing extractors.
  • Extraction is now done by extractor heads that are installable via the ECUs.
  • ECUs also allow installation of extraction programs. Players can now create extraction programs that run up to 14 days. These automated extraction programs will harvest resources based on the settings in program creation.
  • Prior to installing an extraction program, placed extractor heads can be moved by clicking the button at the center of the extraction head. Extraction heads can be moved via drag and drop to resource hot-spots for a greater extraction amount.
  • You can set the area that your extractor heads will extract from, which will affect the length of the extraction program and amount of extraction.
  • Overlapping extractor heads from different ECU’s will cause a reduction in extraction amount from each extractor head.
  • Pinned UI windows are now affected by the global window transparency settings.
  • The new ECU window will display a colored graph to indicate the deposit of each cycle.
  • The output per cycle of ECUs diminishes over time. The output is, however, variable in a way that even though it generally decreases, local “hotspots” can still occur.
  • Sounds have now been added to cover changing resource intensity and interference from other extractor heads.
  • Routing materials is now more intelligent. Processors are prioritized based on how close their hopper is to being filled. Storage pins are routed in equal amounts.

Having extractors replaced into these new control units is great. It is much easier for a new person to figure out how the PI system works, and it was easier for me to place what I wanted. Having the extractors work on 14 day rotations instead of my daily rotation is also a huge help as I was neglecting PI by not logging in every single day to check on them. Now I just need to make sure that my storage units don’t fill up too much before I unload them. Allowing us to upgrade centers via an upgrade window instead of having to buy every type of command center as we progress is also a really nice change. I spent most of last night (after I fiddled around with the character creator) fixing PI.

There were so many other changes there’s no way I can fit them all in this post, so I highly suggest you check out the link mentioned at the beginning and read through it all. I also found it interesting that there is a voice program implemented in EVE Gate now, beta stages so far. If any of you are checking it out, let me know what you think!

Over all, I like the changes. I can certainly see how some people may not enjoy them, especially after having their ‘old’ characters for so long, but I was pleased with the outcome of my own.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Ore! #EVEOnline #Tweetfleet

Last night I took the Orca out after Kasul scanned down a few grav. sites and finally got to stretch her legs (so to speak. Don’t worry, I know ships don’t really have legs). The shear size of the Orca and how much she can carry was finally realized. I had been waiting for leadership V to finish – this would allow me to fit my mining foreman links, I have one for laser field enhancement (increases the range of your fleet’s mining lasers, gas harvesters, and ice harvesters) and also fit my laser optimization which reduces the duration of those mining lasers. Yum. Kasul flew his new hulk, and I boxed my 2nd account, flying my retriever. It’s not a hulk but it will work for now. After about an hour or so of mining we made 10 mill ISK in ore, and had completely filled up the Orca. Yum.

Now I have to decide what I want to work on next. Ship wise, I think I’m pretty well set. I like the dominix and the hulk, orca, and helios as my main ships. I could use better guns on the dominix, and there is a lot of processing I could pick up as well. I am training tactical shield manipulation V currently so I can finish fitting the orca, and then I’ll decide what to do next. My 2nd account is working her way towards a hulk, so I can pass the one that I’m currently using on my main account. I’ve spent so much time crafting and working on PI as well as invention / manufacturing lately that I haven’t gotten around to doing any missions lately and my guns are going to get rusty at this rate.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Finally Flying #EVEOnline

I’ve been wanting to fly an Orca for a very long time now. This came with two hurdles to cross, number one I had to be able to train and afford the skills to fly it. Number two I had to be able to purchase one of these massive ships which sell for roughly 450,000,000 ISK give or take. It wasn’t really worth while for me to try to invent and build one myself, so I decided to go the “saving up” rout. Thanks to some help from Ethomas in corp, I was able to afford one yesterday – AND fly one.

This ship is amazing. I have to admit, she is now my ultimate favorite. First of all the ship comes with a lot of fleet bonuses. Mining bonuses. Good thing I started up that 2nd account again eh? Now I can box my mining runs. The room that this ship has is astounding, and the bonuses to cargo just make it even better. It comes with 31,000m3 of room in the default cargo hold, which I brought to 40,000m3 by adding one cargo expander. There is also an ore hangar, which carries 50,000m3 of ore. A corp hangar can be found on the ship with another 40,000m3 area. There’s also a maintenance bay with 400,000m3. That’s right, need a place to dock? We can do that.

I haven’t done much but hang around HQ asteroid belts so far with my little retriever working hard not too far away, but I am planning on scanning down some sites later today with the helios and getting more use out of her. Ethomas is also working his way towards a hulk so we’ll have a few more taking advantage of her fleet bonuses.

I named her Asteria, after an amazon. The name means “in the sky” which I thought was quite fitting. I’m actually planning a few roleplay posts centered around obtaining this ship so look for those in the future. For the people who follow me on twitter and who have heard nothing over the last two days except me go on and on about this ship – I apologize, hehe. It’s just one of those grand moments in MMO gaming that we all wait excitedly for. Where we accomplish some major goal, take down a massive encounter, or something else on our personal agendas.

I hope everyone has a very happy (and safe) new years – happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Holiday Gaming Goodies

The holidays are finally rounding up, and with it hopefully a little more time to write here on MmoQuests as well as NomadicGamer. I’ve settled into a semi routine with my gaming and I’m happy for that. What am I up to at the end of 2010? Nothing all that exciting, but I’ll list it in any case.

Rift – Today the 3rd Rift beta starts and runs until the 31st of December. Chances are if I were participating in it a lot of my time will be spent there.

EVE Online – I’m also three days away from flying an Orca – my dream hauler. I can’t afford one quite yet but I know that will come with time. I can’t wait to fly one of these. Ever since I got my hulk and saw my friend David flying on I’ve wanted to be able to fly myself.

WoW – I haven’t been playing in the Cataclysm zones (80+) all that much. Both my priest and my warlock are at a comfortable 82 and I’ve been working on their crafting skills as well as playing lower level alts on the opposite faction. I have been having a great time with the new quests in “vanilla” WoW. I just finished Redridge mountains on my paladin and I thought it was really well done, gained a few levels even though the quests were gray and worked up my enchanting skill. I’ve been enjoying the slow walk towards 85 and I mean it’s more like a crawl than a walk. I’ll get there eventually. I’ve unlocked and completed two dungeons (Throne of Tides and the one in Blackrock) which were quite fun. Healing PUGs is always stressful but I’ve enjoyed the challenge.

Sims 3 – This game continues to hold my attention in a big way. I wish there were less bugs would be one of my major complaints. It feels like EA just likes to push expansion packs out the door and rarely fixes any of the issues that they come up with, so it’s all about me dealing with bugs from a few expansions and packs that they’ve sold. I really enjoy and appreciate the amount of options we’re given in game, and though at times it feels a little “too real” for a video game there is enough humor to keep me trucking along finding out what happens next.

Neverwinter Nights 2 – This game was on sale at Steam for $10 including two expansion packs. I own NWN but haven’t played in ages, and while I have heard there was a lot of bugs at launch for NWN2 I decided why not, and picked it up. Still a few hours left to go on the patcher, but it should be a few hours of fun none the less.

As pictured above I also got a brand new Logitech G700 gaming mouse for Christmas, and so far I’m really liking it. The fit of the mouse is perfect to my hands, and unlike my previous razor, I can very easily hit the buttons and what’s more important to me – feel the buttons while I game. I found with the razor it was impossible for me to hit the buttons because they didn’t exactly stand out to me. I don’t want to fumble along the mouse or have to look down in order to hit them. Fully programmable with different profiles, I’ve already set one up for WoW. My attempts at learning WASD are going alright. I’ve completely unbound the arrow keys as movement keys in all of my games so that is at least forcing me to use them. I own a Steelseries merc keyboard which has a special gaming pad section on the far left that emulates the WASD keys as well as a few others. It’s not something I’m used to quite yet, but my right wrist is MUCH happier with the new set up.

How about all of my wonderful readers, get anything new and shiny for Christmas? Any new games on your horizon? Let me know in comments!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Flying a Noctis, 8 days from an Orca #EVEOnline

I absolutely love the new Noctis I’ve been flying around the skies of New Eden. I spent some time fitting it with the following:

10mn micro
Large shield extender
Exp cargo hold
Exp cargo hold
Signal amp II to increase locking targets from 10 to 12.
Medium salvage tackle x3

It salvages like a dream, and even more exciting is that I’m only a few days away now from flying my dream ship, the Orca. I still can’t quite afford one yet but if I keep at it I should be able to shortly after I can fly one. I really miss having my 2nd account in times like this, so I can fly a mining barge around while my Orca hauls. I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it none the less, and as each day passes by I get more and more excited.

I still haven’t taken the Helios out for a ride yet, I have to be in the right mood for that one. I’ve been working on my manufacturing and invention on a daily basis, but I’ve been letting PI slack in the background. Spending so much time setting up my extractors each day and unloading my items (another reason I want the Orca, I tend to fill up quickly when I unload all my planets) is a little daunting, and I’d much rather spend my in-game time doing something else. Maybe I’ll get back into the mood for it, we’ll see.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Ok EVE, You Got Me #EVEOnline

I have been spending quite a bit of my game time playing World of Warcraft, mostly due to Cataclysm releasing and the majority of my friends heading out that way. On Thursday I received an email that was tempting me back into EVE Online – and by Friday I was hooked again. To start things off CCP removed the learning skills that players could obtain in game. These skills were a bit redundant they explained, spending time learning skills so that you could learn other skills. I never gave it too much thought but in the end it made sense. They reimbursed players for all of the skill points spent which in my case was 400,000 or so. Not exactly a huge amount compared to some long time players but still enough for me to get a little giddy over.

In that email it was also mentioned that I could activate my account for free for five days. Everyone loves free stuff, so why not. On top of that offer came a new ship, the Echelon which is also equipped with a Sansha Codebreaker, specifically for Incursion. Tempting me first with the return of skill points, then free days, and a free ship was concluded by offering me 60 days at $20, and by that point my will was broken.

Pictured above is my brand new Noctis. This ship is a bulk salvager and I spent some time yesterday fitting it and training the skill required to fly it. Then I took it out for a spin and I have to admit, I am LOVING this ship. It runs smooth, quickly, and it does its job incredibly well. I headed out to asteroid belts which are typically filled with trash from hulks passing through killing rats on their mining runs and made quick work of all the materials floating around in space. While some players may not care too much about salvaging I tend to pick up every piece that I can because they’re incredibly handy for making rigs.

My ship collection is growing by leaps and bounds and I couldn’t be happier. I am now 9 days away from flying an Orca, that’s what those skill points went towards. I’m still 100,000 ISK away from purchasing one of these enormous ships, but I’ll get there eventually, not to mention actually fitting one. This ship has been my ‘dream ship’ for a while now, and I get giddy thinking about how close I finally am.

The Dominix is my ship of choice for PvE encounters, and with the completion of some drone skills I’m ready to take on harder missions. I just need to find the time (and a mission giver some place close to me). With my ship collection so far including the Hulk (mining), Helios (scouting), Noctis (salvaging), and Dominix (PvE) I’m feeling pretty happy. There are always more skills to learn and that’s the point of a never-ending MMO cycle, but I feel as though over the last few months that I’ve played I’ve finally come to a ‘comfortable’ point in game. I enjoy crafting and invention as much as ever, and I think I’ve finally gotten a grasp on a little more than the game basics. Of course I say that and then read a “real” EVE post and get as confused as I did on day one, but it’s all in good fun.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

What Are We Waiting For #LotRO #W101 #WoW #EVE

It seems to be the time of year where we’re all waiting for things in our various games. The only exception (for me personally) at this time is EQ2, which has been abysmally quiet. The server merges have not taken place and aside from the push of the market place there wasn’t even a celebration in game for Thanksgiving. I suppose technically we are waiting on Frostfell to begin, but since this is a typical in game holiday I’m going to exclude it from the list. So. What are we waiting for?

LotRO – the November update which is (I believe) scheduled to take place today. This is going to introduce tasks, a whole slew of crafting changes (including farming), a barter wallet, class consumables, new mounts, new dye, and numerous other changes and goodies for players. Personally, I’m excited. I’m not a fan of the new shop window that will appear in the crafting panel and I’m not fond of how games are pushing their stores towards players who already pay the monthly subscription fee (it should be omitted if you have a subscription imo) but in F2P games this seems to be the new norm.

EVE – Incursion. While the really cool bits like the new character creator and sansha incursions won’t begin until January 2011, there are changes happening before then as well. (Scheduled at this time for November 30th). The learning skills are being removed and any points you’ve spent towards them are being reimbursed. There are new story line courier missions. There are numerous UI changes, camera changes, and ammo changes. New ships are being added. There is another patch coming just before Christmas which has very little details, and then the major incursion changes in January. Excited? Of course!

WoW – Cataclysm. Releasing December 7th we have already been privy to a whole bunch of changes. It would be impossible for me to list them all but a few that stand out are the class / race combo changes, hunters being able to tame foxes, lower level dungeons having the quest NPC’s added to the actual zones instead of you having to track them all down, of course there are the actual zone changes with the Shattering. Living through a cataclysm is great. It’s certainly not the first time one has taken place, but I do enjoy the entire world changing. There were new factions added and players have been busy dungeon grinding to raise them up. With those new factions came new mounts, and lets not forget the awesome Plants vs. Zombie tribute sunflower pet where you actually have to play a version of plants and zombies in game.

Wizard 101 – Gardening. Tipa has been posting her progress on the test server and I have to admit, it looks like fun. While I don’t play wizard 101 nearly as often as I’d like, I’m still a fan of the game and its unique combat style. I love seeing these types of updates, and I’m interested in diving right in and starting my own garden. I still haven’t even checked out Celestia, or any of the worlds after Krokotopia (Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre) but that is more of a lack of time then anything else.

The holidays are just around the corner and most of these games will also be adding some sort of winter update (including pretty much every single other MMO out there). I tend to avoid the real life holiday crowds as much as I can (I was diagnosed with  agoraphobia and it makes things difficult) and look forward to partaking in these virtual celebrations. Of course much of the month will also be taken up with family festivities so you may see a dip in posts, but I’ll do my best.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Keeping You All In Game #MMORPG

Krystalle made an interesting point to me a few days ago about EVE Online – the PI (planetary interaction) that I had been doing on a daily basis is the games way of keeping me logging in every day. I hadn’t even made the connection until she said something, but she’s absolutely right. I set my extractors once a day so that they’re mining on 24 hour rotations. It’s easier then checking every few hours (another option) or every three days (the longest option). Sure, I also have to log in to update my training queue but that could be anywhere from a one day update to a 25+ day update. It doesn’t require you to log in every single day. If I want to take advantage of PI (which I do, the money is just too good to pass up) I need to make sure I’m constantly working on it.

Typically I am not a fan of daily events. I dislike being ‘forced’ to play a game every day when I am perhaps not in the mood for it. WoW has these quests in spades with a limit of 25 ‘daily’ quests that you can complete (per day). EQ2 also has daily quests for mission zones (which require a group) as well as weekly and daily crafting quests. LotRO has daily faction quests (specifically crafting factions). These little things that pull players into the games on a regular basis can some times be so small that we barely even notice ourselves doing it, but they’re there.

What I’d like to see is more inventive ways of (for lack of a better term) coercing your players to log in every day. Sure, daily quests are great but they’re starting to get very old. Being obligated to log in is not how you want your players to view your game. You want them to be excited. On the flip side I do think that these daily quests work because I feel bad if I miss a day and I try to make sure I get my ’rounds’ done and if they didn’t work I doubt we’d see so many of them. Festivals are another method of grabbing the attention of players and enticing them to log in, as well as live events. If you add too many of these they become meaningless and players will just ignore the festivals.

Does anyone else have other suggestions or ideas of how games can entice players to log in on a daily basis without it feeling like an obligation?

Why so Much Emphasis?

After reading a number of early morning blog posts left over in my RSS reader from yesterday, I found myself wondering: Why do gamers put so much emphasis in what we and others are playing. Especially others. Why do we even care? Every day I read a post from one or more authors that includes some sort of semi derogatory remark condoning a group of players simply because of how they choose to spend their time. Or, to be more precise, where they choose to spend their time.

There are those who have made up their minds that everyone who plays a free to play game must be a certain ‘class’ of gamer. How dare they actually enjoy ‘the grind’ that comes with a lot of these games. Don’t they know that in the long run they’ll pay more for their “free” game then some people will pay for their monthly subscription?! Then there are the WoW gamers. Don’t even get me started on these people. I have heard everything from how close minded they are to how stupid they must be, simply because of where they choose to spend their time. It’s as though we as gamers have moved into certain categories and stereotypes not based on who we are, but because of where we play.You ask a fellow blogger their game of choice and suddenly your opinion of them shifts slightly.

So I ask again – why does this aspect of a person even matter. Why are we so keen to judge someone based on a persons decision to spend their free time where they wish. I have even heard people go so far as to say they do not like a particular person because they play certain games that they are not fond of. Really? Are we so shallow that we are now making character judgements based on video games?

I simply don’t understand it.

In my opinion it doesn’t matter where you play, so long as you have fun. In fact voicing my opinion about any other ‘type’ of gamer is a moot point because when it comes to how others are spending their time – my opinion doesn’t matter! It’s their time, their money, and what I think of the matter is completely irrelevant. I refuse to classify a person based on whether they’re playing EQ2, EQ, VG, LotRo, WoW, WAR, DDO, Darkfall, Wizard101, Runes of Magic, EVE, Alganon, Fallen Earth, Lineage II, Allods, Champions, STO, Free Realms, Aion, FFXIV, SWG, Guild Wars, AoC, or any other game.

Go play, and enjoy. Don’t like it? Move on and find something you DO enjoy. It’s a game. They’re supposed to be fun. There are SO many games out there and despite what others would say about them all cloning one another there are always unique factors to each and every game – you may be surprised at what you end up playing and enjoying. I implore gamers to make their own decisions about what they like and don’t like, and refuse to be classified into a category of gamer simply because of where they spend their time.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Lately, in EVE Online I have a little bit of everything going on. First of all I closed down my 2nd account. I just couldn’t justify the cost of keeping the second account open when all I was doing was hauling for my main account and the odd mission here and there. Not a big deal – well. In one regard it was sort of a big deal. See, that account was also what I considered my “PvE” account, had trained to fly a Dominix and had a pretty good set of skills towards using drones. My main account has trained industry for the most part. Now I’m trying to catch her up to the 2nd account. I absolutely loved my Dominix, so I’m training to fly one of those again. I’m 2 days away. I’ve also got myself a new imicus fit for probing, so I can begin my wurmhole exploration once more. Soon as I get a cloaking device. Eventually I want to upgrade that to a Helios, but that’s further down the road.

Once I have my Dominix I can go back to a combination of combat and mining missions. I’m far behind in those currently, spending most of my brief time in game working with my R&D agents and crafting. Oh, and PI of course (which I suppose technically is a form of crafting).

I’ve got a fairly constant round of invention going at a little base I’ve set up. At that same base I’m doing manufacturing, and my R&D agents happen to also be in that system. Then there’s PI, which I check in on once a day. I really wish there were some sort of mass extract button, Because right now I have 84 set up and scanning them all one at a time to set their resources is a huge waste of time. The money makes it worth it, but still – annoying!

I’ve really got a little bit of everything going on. With the manufacturing bits finished I make a weekly run to Jita to sell my goods and see if there are any deals that I want to take advantage of (which is where I got the imicus, and the dominix). There are still a lot of skills I need to train up, but I’m trying to make sure I have a good combination of everything. Of course corp is still diligently working away on getting that POS one day too. It feels like a dream just out of reach, we’ll see how it goes.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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