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Crafting, and Legendaries..

There has been some discussion lately on twitter regarding legendaries and ascended bits and crafting – and it inspired me to maybe go after my own. I don’t own any of the legendaries, and the only ascended stuff I even know about is the vendor sold stuff at the laurel merchant along with the PVP merchant. I didn’t know there was crafted stuff (side note, the website is amazing).

It’s inspiring to watch other people go after these huge items – but when I look at what’s involved, it’s also completely daunting. Still.. I could use a big in-game project, no?

Have you gone after any legendaries or ascended items before? Was it as daunting a task as it sounds? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Choya are Adorable

Choya are the CUTEST things I have ever seen.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was having some stability issues that caused me to lose a bunch of progress (an entire instance worth) and it put me in enough of a mood that I decided to just log out for a little bit. My time is pretty limited so I can only play when the little guy is down for a nap twice a day (and even then he tends to wake up after an hour) so if I can’t get something completed within that time I usually have to abandon it. I had just gotten the final boss down to the 10% mark when I was dropped back to Crystal Oasis. I do plan on going back there today some time, but it wasn’t a nice experience.

A few of my friends have been working towards their bunny mount – it looks so awesome! I still need one more point in my raptor before I can go for that one, but I know I’ll get there eventually. On one hand having so little time to play is a great way to make sure the content stretches out a little bit, but on the other hand I want to experience all the things! The story has really captivated me this time around, probably because I’m actually paying attention and it doesn’t hurt that the voice overs are fantastic.

Honestly, I think ArenaNet has done an amazing job (from what I have experienced so far) and should be proud of themselves. Sure, there have been some issues, but they’ve been working all weekend at making game play smooth for everyone, and they’ve been addressing the issues as they crop up. I remember from my days at Carbine / NCSOFT just how stressful a game release is and just how much work goes into something like that. Experiencing it first hand takes away a lot of the bitterness I might otherwise feel at having issues crop up. They happen, and I know the company is on it. How long it takes to solve is not something anyone can control.

I haven’t had time to play anything else, though I am eager to get back to Cook, Serve, Delicious – as well as Divinity Original Sin 2. Isn’t it a great time to be a gamer? So many fantastic releases this year.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

I’ve been Mounted! (Er, I’ve got my Mount?)

The release of PoF went pretty smooth – initially. I love their method of releasing an expansion, which doesn’t include any downtime other than logging out so you can patch a new build. I think this is a feature that a lot of gamers forget about, especially since some other AAA titles still have 8+ hours of downtime on expansion days. One more win for ArenaNet.

I logged in with my Asura Guardian and began the story – as you can see by the screenshot above she received her first mount, an awesome raptor. Don’t forget you can dye your mount so even though it may look like everyone else there’s at least a tiny bit of individuality. I wonder how long before we start seeing skins for them in the gem store.

I don’t want to give the story away, so I’ll keep things fairly brief and generic.

This expansion is absolutely beautiful. I mean Guild Wars 2 always looks pretty fantastic to me, but this one is over the top. Maybe it’s because after looking at nothing but plants for a few months I’m just happy to be back in civilization, but the setting is just amazing. The voice acting has been top notch, and I’m fully invested in my story.

Now, that doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It’s not. Today (Saturday) there seem to be quite a few instances of people dropping during important instances fights (I was doing The Sacrificed and dropped during the boss fight, it spit me out into Crystal Oasis and now I have to do the entire story again) and a lot of other technical issues that people are having, including map completion not offering rewards. So no, things are not perfect – but it’s OK, no one is expecting perfection. I know players just want to get in game, and when things prevent them from doing that, or cause lost progress, well, the not so nice side comes out.

Anyway. I’m having a blast. I don’t get a lot of time to play because I’m limited to times my son is asleep, but I’ve done some progression and I’m content to take my time. If you’ve been looking to get back into the world, now is a great time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Just One More Sleep!

Just one more sleep and we’ll finally be able to play GW2’s latest expansion – and hopefully unlock some mounts. One thing I’m really excited about is map completion – with mounts. Not just in the new zones, but in all of the old zones that I haven’t finished yet. I do have 65% map completion, but this should help me out a bit by making it go faster and being a little more fun. Of course it doesn’t help me complete heart missions any faster, but that’s alright.

Pictured above, my adorable asura guardian with her awesome backpack. Isn’t she completely threatening and cute all at once? I think so.

I completed dailies today but didn’t get a chance to do much more than that before I had to get back to real life things. Still, at least it was a bit of progress. I also spent almost all of the gold I had left buying recipes that I didn’t own. For some reason the completionist in me wants to own ALL THE THINGS. I also started on living story 2 – yes, I’m that far behind.

I completed my main story and living story one was auto completed (although I was playing for most of that) and I haven’t actually done any content since then. When HoT released I flip flopped between both of my accounts and really got no progress done on either of them, and then the difficulty level of HoT just left me with little reason to log in any more.

Nothing has changed in that regard, Auric Basin is still just smashing me to the ground, but in the meantime there’s still things I can work on, and that’s fine for now. We’ll see how PoF goes tomorrow. I’m wishing ArenaNet a nice smooth launch – and I’m looking forward to the hype, and seeing all the excited players in game.

With my left over gems (after buying season 2 unlocks) I purchased the storage increase item that lets you add 250 to your stacks (of 250 by default). I hoard all the things, and it’s REALLY nice to have a bit more wiggle room. What I’ll actually use these supplies for (or IF I’ll actually use these supplies) I have no idea, but I like knowing they’re there.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Preparing for PoF

I managed to find a little time to get back into Guild Wars 2 over the past couple of days and I’ve been trying to figure out who I wanted to play (and what account) when PoF went live. I know, I’ve waffled back and forth a bunch of times, sending all of my crafting supplies from one character to another – but I have FINALLY settled (for now). We’ll see how long it lasts.

Because my original characters had so much completed and were already 5 years old, I decided to put my second account on hold – even though that account has a deluxe version of PoF, and my “old” account does not (just couldn’t afford the upgrade). I have 4 level 80 characters, and a level 65 slacker. On my other account I have 9 characters, with the ability to have a total of 16 – but honestly, why do I need that many. I don’t. Plus on my “old” account I have a hall of monuments, with points into it. That’s missing completely from my second account.

So the first decision I made was stick with my old main account. Easy. Next I wanted to decide who to play going forward in PoF. Yes, I realize I’ll probably end up playing everyone, and bouncing around some too – but for the release I’d like to (try) to stick with one character. Two of my favourite classes to play are my mesmer and my guardian.

I played both over the course of the day and honestly, the classes are both just so fun for me. I have a good build on each, and I’m comfortable. What it came down to was something pretty silly, but hey to each their own. My guardian is an Asura, and I LOVE small races. I love the asura. My mesmer, is a human, and while humans are cute and adorable, they’re not asura.

So I settled on playing my asura guardian, Velours.

Will I stick with it? Who knows, my decisions change day to day, but I felt pretty good about the choice.

I also learned today that there are housing instances. What?! How did I not know this. I had enough laurels to purchase the candy corn house item that will give me some candy corn every day (harvestable). With halloween upcoming, I figured why not. I also purchased some gauntlets that look fantastic, dripping magma and smoking because baby, I am one HOT asura.

I had enough airship parts to pick up one of the miniatures from Verdant Brink, now that I have FINALLY unlocked the beginning of the frog language. Have I mentioned yet that I’m not a fan of HoT? Well, I’m not. I’ve completed Verdant Brink and the beginning of Auric Basin, and that is it. I get stomped on so hard in Auric Basin that I can’t get anything done, and I just can’t progress. Nor do I have any idea where to go or what I’m doing.

I’m hoping that things will be different in PoF, but we’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming – no matter where you find yourself!

Off to Harathi Hinterlands

From Lion’s Arch, to Grndarran Fields, to Harathi Hinterlands – which is one of my least favourite zones. I’ve been making my way through the zone and completing hearts and events as I go, but for some reason the place just doesn’t appeal to me at all.

I did get enough mastery points to unlock legendary craft even though I have zero idea what that means. Apparently there are new recipes available, so I need to figure out where the NPC I need to visit is for that. I imagine in one of the cities.

Aside from that I’m still just taking my time and exploring. I’m really excited about mounts with the new expansion, and I’m content to take my time and meander around while we’re waiting for PoF to release. What is everyone else up to in game? Finishing personal stories? Living Seasons? HoT quest lines? Let me know in comments!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Slow and Steady

I love achievements. When I can’t figure out what I want to do in a game I can look at the list of achievements and usually find something that appeals to me. Since I’m playing Guild Wars 2 on a newer account that has very little completed, I decided to spend some quiet time chipping away at map completion.

As an example of how very little I have completed on this account – I may have four level 80 characters but they certainly didn’t get there from leveling the traditional way. Rather, I crafted my way to 80. I have 5% world map completion on my main – and of course I want to slowly change that.

I started out easy. I never know when I’m going to have to jump away from the PC so I wanted to begin in a city. I haven’t explored much of Lion’s Arch since the destruction (and rebuilding) after Living Season 1, so I decided that was as good a place as any. I had about 50% of the map already unlocked, waypoints visited and two vista. It took less than an hour to complete the rest, and gave me a nice 2% bump to my overall world map completion.

The best part is that it was completely relaxing and very immersive. I lost myself in the music of the zone, and just bounced around. It was exactly what I wanted to do with my time, and I’m really glad that I did. Was it character progression? Not in the traditional sense of the word, but I did get a little experience for getting it done (cities give very little, I’ve found) and again, it was fun and just what I needed. Next I’m headed to Gendarran Fields, where I have 12% of the map completed. I expect this one will take me a bit longer (hearts, so many hearts) but again it’s a fairly relaxing pace where I can just run around doing my thing and not have to focus too much.

Now I just have to find the time..

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


Dragon Wings

In the market place today I noticed that there were some chests for sale – but the first one was free (one of each type that was being offered). I love free things (who doesn’t!) so of course I excitedly claimed them to see what was inside on each of my accounts.

I got an account bound pet, some food and oils, and some bits and bobs that you could use to claim other things – if you wanted the really good things you’d have to invest in more chests though. It just so happened that I had enough to purchase some awesome looking holographic dragon wings that fit over the backpack slot as an appearance item. Neat!

I don’t plan on purchasing any more of the chests for gems, but it was a great way to entice players to spending some gems (or gold, or real life cash) that’s for sure.

Pictured above is my Chronomancer (Mesmer) – Blesse. I haven’t played the character for quite some time, not since HoT came out I believe. I think at the time I was finding the class too difficult, and I wanted to swap back to my guardian so that’s the character I made next. I boosted a Charr ranger to 80 with my PoF boost, and I had enough random boosts to move my elementalist to 30 (from 20) which wasn’t too shabby. I also created a norn necromancer bringing the total characters on the newer account to 5, one of each race. I’ve never really played anything except my Guardian and the Mesmer, so I don’t have a lot of experience with those classes, but it’s always fun to have options.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Before You Know it, 10 Days Have Passed

There’s a saying I’ve heard a few times now since my husband left for depot, and that’s “the days are long but the weeks are short”. I haven’t seen him in 5.5 weeks now, and it’s been 10 days since I wrote here on my blog. The days are incredibly long and very difficult as I attempt to raise our 11 month old son alone, but then I look back and wonder where the time has all gone. I can only hope that I’ll have the strength to keep pushing forward like I have been. Some days are filled with nothing but tears – but they end, and the next day begins and it’s not usually as difficult as the previous one.

People keep telling me it gets easier but I’ll be honest. It doesn’t. Having my partner gone has not gotten easier at all. I cry just as much. I find doing certain things just as difficult. When my little one picks up his Cat In The Hat book and yells for ‘da da’ over and over, it breaks my heart and I cry no matter how many different days he does this. Sometimes it just doesn’t get easier and I truly believe that this is one of those times. That being said, the days DO still pass, time keeps moving forward, and so do I.

I had a bit of spare time today and I was able to log into GW2 – yay! These little moments help keep me sane. I mentioned before that I have two accounts, and I recently acquired PoF on my second (newer) account – a deluxe version of the game, which meant a new outfit and a special area I could get to. My older account has more history (Hall of Monuments, more birthdays) but doesn’t have collectors edition nor does it have any gems. Thing is, I’ve got a lot more “completed” on the old account, but a lot more perks on the newer one. If I stuck with the newer one I wouldn’t be able to catch up exactly (no hall of monuments and no making time pass faster for birthdays) but I could at least catch up in story / world discovery etc.

It was nice to play. I love looking at my characters, working on crafting, exploring the world, and just relaxing. I haven’t actually DONE a lot – I haven’t been working on my dailies and I still don’t know what I should aim towards as far as weapons go (legendary? I have no idea) but I still really enjoy myself in game. There’s still tons to do waiting for me if / when I want to work on it, and again the fact that there’s no subscription to pay for means I never really feel that much pressure. The world is beautiful, the story interesting, and I’m glad I decided to stick with it as my game of choice while life is in this really weird phase.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


HP Train – Choo Choo

I heard a lot of people talking about “HP trains” but I had no idea what they were or why I would want to participate. Turns out that means ‘hero point’ – and you very much do want to take part. There are some that run on the weekends but my time restrictions are all over the place, so when I’m in game and I see one starting up (typically mentioned in map chat) you can bet I’ll be there. Yesterday I was in the first HOT zone when one was starting up. I got 8/11 done – a huge chunk. It didn’t take too long, and because you’re with a massive amount of other players it is much less painful than if you were just wandering around all alone.

You can also join (I believe it’s unofficial) the GW2 Discord Channel, I found it linked from reddit. People advertise in there, and there’s all sorts of information and lore tidbits floating around. I am not usually interested in joining a bunch of strangers on Discord, I prefer to talk to those I know, but I’m glad I made an exception this time around.

Aside from HP trains and discord channels I’ve just been casually clearing maps. Stock piling crafting goods, and running a few instances of living world season 2 (and of course HOT story too). It’s relaxing, and that’s exactly what I have needed.

I know a big patch came out yesterday but honestly I haven’t even read the notes or made heads or tales of the thing, so I don’t know what was involved aside from WvWvW being allowed to use gliders and players rejoicing over that. I believe it was a balancing patch, so maybe condition was toned down a bit? No idea.

In any case, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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