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More Events

The latest event has us back to killing world bosses. Kill a boss, mine a node, get a little item that sells on the black lion market for around 4 gold (at this time, I expect it will drop) and an essence you can use to make some shiny weapon skins.

The weapon skins are for the new raid zone that was just released. It’s an opportunity for those who don’t raid to get some new pretties – and I think that’s a neat idea. I have collected a handful of the essences now, but I am not sure what else I need to get the shiny skins, so I’ll need to look into that as the event progresses.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

A New Event

ArenaNet has been on top of their game lately with all of the events taking place. I can’t wait until the 7th anniversary which is quickly approaching. Not only will my characters get to celebrate another birthday, but I bet there’s some neat stuff going on (or at least I hope so).


I love how unique you can be in Guild Wars 2. Everyone says end game is Fashion Wars – and they’re not wrong.


One of my legendary pieces required me to do a collection where you could only purchase 1 piece each day – and needed 13 pieces. One came from the ground nearby, but the rest required map currency and a lot of patience. To get to the collection vendor you also had to do a map event. I decided to park an alt there for the duration of my purchases so I could skip at least that one part.

Now I’ve got a neat miniature Zinn – and my legendary update. YAY!

Nearing 5k AP

So Meta

There is an insane amount of people participating in map meta events this week because ArenaNet is running a bonus box event where you can get extra rewards. The majority of the events have to be in PoF zones (HoT only has one map meta that counts towards the event, as an example) so I spent a good portion of the day hanging out in the Elon Riverlands doing the pre-meta event (Augury Rock) and then the Doppleganger (meta event that actually counts towards the bonus).

I didn’t get anything exciting, but it sure was fun to see so many people around.

I’ll get to 5,000

I’m close to 4500 achievement points, but I really want 5,000. I am hoping I can get it by the end of June. Lets see how it goes! It helps that I still have a lot of jumping puzzles to complete, and they reward 10 points each.

Working Towards a Legendary

I’m getting close to finishing the first collection (I think there are 3 or 4) for the precurser to the axe that I want to eventually get. Legendary weapons are something that I have dreamed about since I knew they were a thing, but I have never actively worked towards one. So far it has been alright – I do need to complete a fractal, but I’m hoping I can get that done on the weekend. The other item I need takes 12 days of merchant purchased items, so while it’s simple, it’s timegated.

The final item I need is to just turn in all the other items – not too big a deal. I hope.

Wish me luck!

API Issues

The GW2 API has been having some massive issues lately that have affected how the value of my account is shown on GW2Efficiency. Shame, because I keep looking to to get some gear for my mesmer, but with the API down, it never works properly.

Hopefully it’s back up and running before too long.

What the Heck was that Event All About?

There was a new build and a small patch yesterday for GW2 which was great, but when I logged back in to Lion’s Arch I also saw that there was a global quest going on.

The quest wanted people to donate mithril ingots to the mystic forge, for science. No other reason was provided, no rewards aside from the achievement point ones I posted above (there are a few others that I didn’t actually get because I ran out of mithril). Ingots quickly started rising in price on the market. People started getting impatient, because every time a shipment departed the counter would re-set. They were throwing gold directly into the forge with no idea about why, or what (if any) rewards there would be.

After a while it seemed like something was wrong. ArenaNet confirmed this and then while I was afk making lunch for my family a series of events happened. The quest was taken down (or completed?) and players (some, not all) who participated were granted a chest with 5k karma.

ArenaNet apologized for their issues (what those specific issues were, I have no idea aside from some people missing out) and that was all I heard. I have no idea what the point of this quest was, if it was leading to something bigger, was the 5k karma the intended reward, how long it will take the price of mithril to balance again, and why they were holding a world event in the middle of a work day on a Tuesday of all times. The whole thing was just very odd.

I’m glad we get these weird unique events, but this one probably needed a bit more testing first before it went live.

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