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A Skritt of My Own #GW2 #GuildWars2

It’s a little hard to tell in this screen shot, but last night I came across the cutest quest I have ever done in all the years I’ve been gaming. Yes, it was that cute. I had to pick up a little unconscious skritt from the ground, and carry him to safety. Skritt are odd rodent type creatures, and my little Asura was hefting him around her little ears flopping all over the place as she sprinted to safety. It was so cute I just wanted to do that quest over and over again. The skirtt dangled from my arms and I knew right then and there I had to call him George. I’d squeeze him and love him forever, too.

I’m currently sitting at level 22, my cooking is 80 as well as my jewelry making, and things are going well. I’m having fun discovering vistas and exploring. Most of the time I’m auto leveled lower than my basic level because I’m higher than the zone area I’m exploring in, and when I see people who are 2-3 levels below the appropriate level I wonder what it is they’re not doing because I didn’t even leave the starter area (1-15) until I was almost 20.

I freely admit, I’m smitten. The game certainly isn’t perfect – absolutely no game is. But as I said on twitter, it IS perfect for me.

One of the things I love the most is just how detailed the world is. You can spend hours looking through a city at all the little nooks and crannies, exploring the finer details. There’s things to look at and see everywhere. If you’re only doing the quests and not taking the time to notice that as you run through the plants they rustle, or that as you leave a pool of water your screen splashes with droplets, then you’re missing some of the key things (imo).

I am (of course) still playing WoW, and I do still plan on keeping up with EVE (I haven’t done much of either lately, new shiny and what not) but since GW2 is subscription free (and not just some weird varied free to play model) I am only too happy to keep it in my active game roster. The marketplace was finally up for most of yesterday, though the auction house still was not. The only thing in-game that is sold in the market that I don’t find nearly enough of in the game world, are the chest keys. Potions and all the rest I’ve been getting as I complete achievements, but I have a good selection of locked chests sitting in my bank until I decide to take the plunge and purchase some keys so I can unlock them all. I’ve only gotten one key in-game.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

It’s Combat Wombat Time #GW2 #GuildWars2

Yes, that’s my Asura decked out in the pink swim suit.

So much awesomeness has been going on with the head start of Guild Wars 2 that I haven’t even had time to write about it until now, but I’m forcing myself to. First of all, despite numerous people having a rocky start to the game, mine was almost the complete opposite.  I had one disconnect issue when I created my 5th character, but aside from that I’ve had 0 lag, and 0 issues (aside from the game wide ones like the auction house and store being down). I am confident in saying that GW2 will be one of my main ‘homes’ for quite some time, the game just caters to every single aspect of an MMO that I adore.

I joined Combat Wombat on the Sanctum of Rall, most of the people in the guild are people I’ve “known” in an online manor for quite some time, but have never really been given the opportunity to group with or talk with before. That, and I’ve always been too shy. I decided to throw caution to the wind and the first thing I did was start to get to know my online friends better, participating in guild events and vent. I’m so happy I did, it was one of the best decisions I could have made.

Game stuff aside (which pretty much everyone will be talking about) I had so much fun last night and during launch that I surprised even myself. Last night Combat Wombat hosted their first guild event, which included a pool party at the top of the diving board in Lion’s Arch. I REALLY have to give it to the developers, they did an AMAZING job giving players some roleplay features. If you stand at the top of the diving board you’ll notice a little footstool at the far end. Upon it are a pair of goggles. Put them on for hours and hours of laughs. Add a few dances to the mix, most of them by Sylvari and one very active Asura, and you’ve got a recipe for squeals of delight.

Once we had danced until we just couldn’t dance any more (some of us quite literally, as we hit the rocks below the diving board by mistake) we decided to take on a hidden jumping puzzle that is located in Lion’s Arch (there’s another one in the Asura starter zone, FYI). If I thought the diving board was fun, wow, that was nothing compared to this. It was an incredible time, following guild mates from location to location, working our way through this puzzle. There was one part where I was shuddering in the dark, because guess what, the lights literally do go out, and all of the Sylvari decided to turn on their glow features to try to light our way. It was hilarious. Also, no, it didn’t work very well. Thought counts! Our reward at the end was a chest of (pretty useless) goodies, and an achievement for having made the trip.

The game is great, there’s no question about it, but it’s really this group of people I’ve found myself playing with who make it an unforgettable experience. Thank you all.

Counting Down to GW2 #GuildWars2

Gaming these days is still pretty limited, with the Olympics going on and family taking over (Nana is still in intensive care) but I’ve been relaxing at night with a little World of Warcraft while I (impatiently) wait for Guild Wars 2 to release. Not too much longer to go now, I still haven’t decided what I’m going to play.

World of Warcraft has been quiet as well, with MoP releasing in September there’s not really a rush to do anything because I know it is just going to get replaced. I have been working on a few old achievements, mostly from the Wrath expansion. Pictured above is my group trying to take down 100 zombies in one minute. Fun times. I also only need 4 more recipes to reach my goal of 200, which is every obtainable recipe in the game (for now). Two more days will allow me to purchase the final level 85 recipe I’m missing, and I just need to figure out how to spawn the two robots in Desolace to gain two more. I tried last week but didn’t have any luck.

I’ve been completing the LFRaid finder once a week simply for the valor points, there’s very few upgrades from the raids any more for my priest – and yesterday I was lucky enough to win an axe for my shaman. I was a bit sad to see that the second axe went to a caster shaman instead of melee, but I’m hopeful because the loot system also changes in MoP and it should prevent these sort of things from happening in the future.

What is everyone else who plans on playing GW2 keeping busy with? I know a good portion of my friends are playing The Secret World right now, and I would have given it a try on their free weekend, except I’m already very close to my internet cap for the month and I can’t download anything more until it re-sets on the 12th, or I’ll face fees for going over. I normally don’t come close to the cap, but this month I’ve reformatted so there was all sorts of goodies I needed to get again. I’ve managed (so far) to stay away from TSW despite hearing nothing but good about it, for the simple fact that I know myself and I know my game style, and I don’t think it would appeal to me. That doesn’t mean I won’t try it in the future, but for now with GW2 so close, I think I would be better off waiting.

I hope everyone has an awesome week, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

A Few of My Favorite Things #GuildWars2 #GW2

Ah, another beta weekend come and gone, and the last one before Guild Wars 2 goes live in August. What a long time it seems from now! Of course, that’s more than likely because I’m incredibly impatient. I thought I’d name some of my favorite things that I’ve discovered about Guild Wars 2 so far. Keep in mind I’ve been reading very little about the game, and while these things may not be new to you, they were for me (and brought about a lot of joy). Hopefully some of these things will also be news to others out there, and they’ll bring you just as much pleasure.

1. Vistas. These are Super Mario-esc jumping puzzles that players have to figure out how to reach and I think they’re brilliant. How many times a day in your average MMO do you see people jumping all over the place for no reason what so ever. People love to jump! These vistas are marked on the world map by a set of triangles, and what you’re looking for in game is a hovering map surrounded in white light, typically way up high some place. You’ll have to figure out how to reach it, and then jump to it without falling. Once you’re up there you’ll be granted some experience for finding it, as well as the achievement for finding it, and a remarkable video depicting the area you happen to be in. Beautiful AND fun!

2. Guilds. I learned this weekend no longer are we tied down to one guild! Have a guild of RL friends? A guild of roleplayers? A guild of hardcore raiders that only meet once a week? Now you can be a member of ALL of those guilds at once. You can only ‘represent’ one guild at a time, that is, talk in guild chat – but I still think this idea is fabulous.

3. Dye. I mentioned this before, but I love the way dye works in GW2. You’re no longer collecting bottles that stay infinitely in your inventory or in your bank, but you’re collecting bottles and then unlocking a colour. It does work per character and isn’t account wide, but you can trade / sell the bottles so your alts can unlock them. You can customize colour from the get go with the default palate, and I think that’s fantastic.

4. Crafting. In specific the ‘collections’ tab which holds all of your crafting supplies (well, the raw materials in any rate). This tab will also hold all gems you find (gems are used to socket your gear, basically) and miniatures. I love that my inventory is rarely ever full, because I can just instantly send all my crafting supplies to the collections tab no matter where I’m at. Thank you ArenaNet for letting me play and have fun without the hassle that comes from a full inventory!

I had a blast this weekend, logging in almost 15 hours of game time between Friday and Sunday (I decided not to play Sunday because I knew it would be shutting down in a few hours). I still haven’t decided what I’m going to play at launch, but the beta weekends (the two I’ve participated in) have been an absolute blast. I can’t wait for it to go live! I hope everyone else had a great time playing too.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

The Death of Prince Rurik #GuildWars

I haven’t given up on Guild Wars, today is a stress test for Guild Wars 2, and I’ve decided to avoid it. I have already purchased the game and am just waiting for it to go live. So I’ve been completing the missions in Prophecy, and the further along I go the deeper into the story I get. My monk / warrior is sitting at a comfortable level 11, and items that drop in missions are starting to show higher powers and when I salvage them I have a chance to take these items and re-apply them onto other things. I think that’s neat.


I just finished completingThe Frost Gate‘ which included a dramatic ending where Prince Rurik ends up getting knocked down and then killed by Dagnar, something I really wasn’t expecting! The cut scenes are well done despite the age of this story, and I really enjoyed completing the mission. Me and Ninga even managed to complete the bonus stage, something I’ve been trying to do (but have missed one or two along the way). Bonus stages are great because they reward you with a large amount of experience and they also give you a skill point. I’m learning about the importance of these skill points as I level up.

I still need to continue trying to complete Hall of Monument achievements, but in the mean time while I wait for GW2 to release I’m finally enjoying myself in GW1. It feels a lot like my time in EVE Online, where it takes me a try or two (or three) before I find my ‘groove’ and can figure out what (or rather, how) to play the game so that I’m enjoying myself. I’m very glad that I decided to stick with things this time, and I think it will help me appreciate aspects of GW2 even more.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Finding Myself in Guild Wars 2 #GW2

I’ve never been one to ‘spoil’ games by participating heavily in betas – although don’t get me wrong, I love betas and I do take part in them. I just tend to stick to specific testing grounds instead of ‘completing’ the entire game. For the past few months my inner circle of blogging / twitter / G+ friends have been talking about Guild Wars 2 and I showed very little interest. I always had plans of picking the game up, but I would get distracted with Diablo 3 (briefly) or Wurm Online (constantly) or something else would come up that prevented me from looking very far into the game.

Until this weekend. I could hold back no longer. I pre-ordered the game, which automatically allows access to all of the beta weekends. It was a fast download (for me at least, 3 mb/s) and I was ready to go when servers opened on Friday. The problem initially was that my friends had already picked a server and by the time I logged in ready to create a character – it was full.


I hate the idea of servers. I always have. The main thing any one person wants to do in game and I have said this countless times is be able to play with their friends without limitations. New friends and old friends alike. No matter when someone has started playing the game. In GW this was easy, there are no servers only districts and you simply port to a new one and ta da you’re with your friends. I hear there are ways around this in GW2 with guesting and server transfers, but they’re still just band-aid solutions to the greater issue (imo).

Looking past this – I was incredibly impressed with character creation. My character has a history. A ‘life’. She is not just made up of statistics and dye colours, but has a background. I instantly felt bonded with this beta character, sad by the prospect that hey, it’s beta. Having played a mesmer in GW, that’s what I created for GW2. Then I spent the next hour running around, exploring. I didn’t do anything else. I don’t know how anything works in game. I was enthralled with the spell graphics, and with all of the graphics in general. It runs wonderfully on my machine, and looks amazing. For now, that’s all I need.

I can’t wait for this to go live.

Pandas, Guild Wars 2, and Vanguard

Even though WurmOnline has taken most of my attention these days, I do still have an interest in a few other games coming out this year, and I do still get excited about announcements.

Vanguard: Finally, the Free to Play announcement that we’ve all been waiting for. We haven’t gotten many details yet other than it will happen (maybe) this summer. Personally, I’m excited. I’ve been a long time player of Vanguard and I’m constantly going on about how much I love the game. I realize that there are always going to be people against a F2P model, but honestly at this point in time, some players are better than the no players the game is currently working with. I have high hopes that this will help revitalize the game a bit. The only down side is that it will be happening when a lot of other games are coming out, and that may cause issues.

World of Warcraft: It has to be said, I still play. I still enjoy the game even though I did not really enjoy cataclysm. I don’t raid and I find that there’s a lack of things for me to do, but I did sign up for a year (Diablo 3 for the other half) and I enjoy poking around when I want a game to play that requires very little thinking. I should be getting into the beta for the panda expansion, and I’m also really looking forward to the new race. Jokes aside.

Guild Wars 2: This title has been on my radar for ages now. I’m not in the beta, but I wish I were. I enjoy Guild Wars, I enjoy not having to worry about a subscription, and I don’t really care if there’s a market or how it works. I have been staying away from most of the news updates about this game, although I have indulged and watched the trailers. I’m eager to jump in and play, and it doesn’t matter how good or bad the game is, I’ll judge for myself whether or not I enjoy it.

There are a few other games coming out this year that are pretty exciting. What are you most looking forward to if anything at all? Perhaps there’s a console game that tickles your fancy? Let me know in comments! Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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