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That’s a Lot of People

ArenaNet has a special event going on this week where for all the world bosses that you complete, you’ll get an extra chest with some goodies inside. Some of the goodies are rare auras (appearance items) which have a chance of dropping. I poked around for a bit trying to get a good drop or two, but none happened my way (RNG forever my friend).

That’s alright, I was more than happy with the extra rewards, since I was going to be doing boss fights anyway. I try to get them all done at least once a day. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way depending on how much free time I have, but I make an attempt.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Leveling Up

Well, I’m further along than I’ve ever been before in FFXIV even though I’ve still not even reached level 20 yet. My husband’s character has inched up to 16, the furthest either of us had gotten before was 10 so we’ve already surpassed where we were.

I’ve also been working on some crafting, but I haven’t gotten too far yet. It’s fun and relaxing even if we are only playing in small stints.

Gaming Together

Me and my husband met in a video game (EverQuest 2) so it’s no surprise that we’re both still gamers. With the addition of two kids, a few moves, and a new job, we’ve both had very little gaming time these days.

We decided to try to make a little bit of time, but none of our old favourite games were reaching out – so I suggested FFXIV – and he jumped at the chance. I’ve never made it past level 17 before, there’s hype due to a new expansion, and we both own the previous expansions due to some very nice sales (Heavensward is free right now in the SquareEnix store for both PC and PS4).

We’re on the Cactuar server, you can find me as Velours Reveurs if you’d like to add to friends. I’m a conjurer going White Mage (eventually) and he’s playing a Gladiator going Paladin (I believe).

I’ve been looking up things like mounts (need level 20), housing (need level .. 50?) and appearance gear (also level 50) and it all basically just tells me we need to level – so that’s what we’ll hopefully do. I can’t wait to share some FFXIV stories with everyone and it feels great to be gaming with the husband again.

Starting Over

I decided I’d sell all of my rare tools in Wurm Unlimited so I could start over fresh and challenge myself with a new goal. Instead of random rares I want to try to have all tools sport my signature, and be made from either steel or moon metal.

Everything sold without too many problems, so now it’s time to start over fresh!

Around The Corner..

I’ve been spending time lately working on my Smeagain priest at my deed called Around the Corner. It’s a cute little cottage place that I bought, and it’s just so incredibly relaxing.

Fun Cacti

On the Topic of Stealing Video Games

There’s all sorts of drama going on lately about the City of Heroes rogue server and it’s an uncomfortable topic for me. I tend to come across really snotty and stuck up when it comes to my opinions. This is my blog though and if that’s not the place for my own opinions then where is.

I am against rogue servers, of any game. That includes CoH, WoW, and the speculated WildStar one. I don’t believe it’s right to steal game assets (that’s what you’re doing) or that you’re showing love and dedication by playing on these servers. You’re doing a disservice to the people who created those games, you’re illegally using their artwork and that’s not alright.

Having permission is a different matter. One of the best examples is the P1999 server that runs for EverQuest. It is a server that is well known and the developers and community of EverQuest spend a lot of time talking with the owners. In that one example I feel an exemption from the norm. They haven’t been shut down and the EverQuest team has actually reached out and worked with them on several occasions.

We are lucky that we get to play these games while they exist, and yes, it sucks when they are shut down (Glitch was one of my favourites) but in a lot of instances we don’t choose to support the game until it’s too late. The support is required while the game is active.

A lot of friends are playing on the rogue servers, and I just stay out of the conversations. To each their own, it’s just not something I’m OK with. I don’t know if it’s because I worked for Carbine/NCSoft and I know first hand about the passion those people put into their games, but it just doesn’t sit right with me, for whatever reason.

What Am I Playing – May Edition

Ever the nomadic gamer I’m sure this list will change and evolve, but I saw a few ‘what are my goals, what am I playing’ type posts and I want to list what I hope May will look like for me. Whether or not it will actually end this way, I have no idea, we’ll just have to see. I’m also finishing up two of my three courses for school so things (along with young kids and family) are pretty hectic.

Playing Multiplayer: Minecraft (on a combat wombat server with friends, heavily modded and lots of fun), GW2 (with friends, I’ve got some big dreams in this game), Wurm Unlimited (as always on the Sklotopolis server).

Retired from: WoW (I just can’t seem to get into BFA at all, so I’m putting this on the back burner). EVE Online (I WANT to play this game, a lot, but I can’t seem to find the time…) LOTRO (even with a lifetime account, I just can’t seem to get motivated).

Single Player: ANNO 1800 (such a fun game to play), Sims 4 (one of my ultimate favourites), Dwarf Fortress (because I must), and maybe some RimWorld (I haven’t quite decided yet).

Goals? I’ve got some but they’re pretty tentative, so I’m not going to post about them quite yet.

Too Many Choices

It’s Tuesday and that means the second round of gifts were waiting for me in my mailbox since I bought it last week. This week included a bunch of weapon and outfit skins – along with 2 vouchers for mini pets. I bought a chicken mini that swirls around inside of a tornado with some eggs because it’s just too damn cute.

As far as black lion outfits go, I don’t have the slightest idea which to choose. They all look amazing.

A new 2 handed sword was also revealed, my mesmer is drooling for this one. The chances of me getting it are pretty slim to none, but it’s always nice to dream and have goals.

A little Farm

Unfortunately there was a massive crash that wiped out all of my inventory (and the inventory of anyone who was online at the time of the crash) but we’re re-building and things are coming together. Thanks to Ogur (my partner in crime) I’ve got a set of dark steel tools, and some iron armour. Moumix replaced my amulet and inventory expanded item, and I’m back to collecting different types of cows, sheep, and chickens. I managed to turn my mountain into a large farm area, replacing stone with grass, and I’m hoping eventually I’ll build a barn. I also need to work out some sort of storage idea.

It’s nice relaxing fun – until night arrives and I spend it hunkered down in my house, waiting for the zombies to vanish with the sun.

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