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Updates? Too Many.

Right now my internet speed is 5mb/s – and it has been for almost two years. When you happen to be a nomadic gamer, this becomes VERY painful, especially given the fact that there’s more than just me in the house. We don’t have cable, so if the children are watching TV we can’t download. My husband is also a pretty big gamer and he has games that require patching too. These days, games are HUGE, and they have LOTS of patches, which is great – when you have great internet but not all of us have that available, and I never realized just what a big deal it was until we moved out this way. Hopefully it’s just a few more months to go and then we can enjoy ‘regular’ internet once again. Until then, my steam library is looking a bit bleak.

Let’s Build a Zoo

My husband gifted me this adorable little (not so little) game called ‘Let’s Build a Zoo’ – and I have absolutely fallen in love with it (it’s not perfect, there are some UI issues). Like any other ‘build’ game out there, you start with a blank slate and some cash. You acquire animals by rescuing them or by creating a valuable DNA version of an animal that another zoo wants. You min/max everything about the zoo, what you feed your animals, what staff to hire, who runs your shops, and whether or not you’re going to paint a goose to look like a peacock or use dead animals to create robots.

Yep. It gets awesome.

The game lets you splice and join together unlikely animals, like a capybara and a snake. You can also clone animals, and your park has a morality rating. You can go down a ‘good’ moral path that focuses on bettering the environment and doing good – or you can go down a more evil path, where you produce animals and then ship them off to factories to become beautiful objects. Or eaten.

The game is deceptively complex, and the bigger your park, the more complex it becomes. That’s where the game also has a bit of a downfall. The UI is not exactly friendly – if you have 10 soda machines in your park and you want to adjust the cost, you have to toggle each machine individually. Same with staff salaries, and adding salt to food stands. When you’re first starting out this isn’t that big of a deal, but as you buy land and expand, it becomes a huge hassle to micro manage everything to such an extent.

Despite that issue, I’m a few hours in now and having a lot of fun. There are TONS of animal combinations, different habitats, decorations, and moral components. The price is reasonable, and if you’re looking for a little builder game, this might be one you want to look at.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

A T8 of my Very Own!

Thanks to the event going on right now for training horses, I managed to guarantee myself a T8 horse by breeding two level 30 T7s. I am incredibly happy with how it turned out! I am not in a great rush to get it leveled up, but at least I know I have it. I do have two more T7s that I’m thinking about leveling before the event ends on the 15th, but there are other events going on at the moment that have captured my attention – like the newest fishing event. The CalpheON Ball is coming up too, and I can’t wait to see the exciting things they’re going to announce. This is like the end of the year road map for the new year, and there is so much speculation, it’s awesome. I love seeing the hype.


I finally ventured into O’draxxia today. Not to actually partake in any combat or to do anything more than exploration – but wow. I was blown away. This is by far one of the most beautiful zones I’ve ever seen in Black Desert Online and that’s saying a lot, because every area is pretty magical.

The zone is far too high level for me to actually do much in, but I had a lot of fun just riding around and unlocking nodes. I wanted to get mythril, and I can finally say that my map is pretty well cleared these days. Maybe the CalpheON Ball coming up will have more details about any sort of new expansion or zone that is being released.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Wurm Online? Still There!

Even though I haven’t spoken about it in some time, I do still play Wurm Online. I’m located on both the northern islands and the southern ones (Stargrazer on the North, Stargrace on the South). I have a deed at each location. I would like to move my newer character to the old servers, but they haven’t been joined and now I’m not so certain that will ever be a thing – which is a huge shame because Stargrazer is a priest, and I never intended that character to be used solo but she’s basically stranded from my ‘main’ over on the Independence server.

I didn’t get much actual work done, but I did round up some animals, planted some fields, and did some generic maintenance. Both deeds and the owners of said deeds have account time paid with plenty of time left, and I’m thinking of at least making it a weekly thing to dive in for a few hours and take care of the general chores. I haven’t done any breeding with donkey’s yet, but that’s on my list as ‘eventually’ too.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

O’draxxia – Wow

Expect a more in-depth look at this place soon, but in the meantime, here’s some eye candy.

New Gear? Who Dis!

My life skilling shai needed a new look, and of course that meant she needed an entirely new dye job with it!

Unpacking – A Review

My husband actually brought this game to my attention, and even though the price was a little bit more than I initially wanted to pay ($22.79 CAD) I decided to splurge and pick it up – and I’m really glad I did. This little pixel game is about exactly what you think, you unpack objects and place them around some rooms. It also tells a story, you start off by decorating a child’s room (your room), then you’re decorating a college age house, and then a room with roommates, and then you seem to move in with your partner. Without spoiling the story, I will say it was unexpected and relaxing.

The higher ‘level’ you go the more ‘stuff’ you have to place. There’s little details like at first you can’t move objects that don’t belong to you, but eventually you can organize and move other non-boxed items around. Eventually you’ll find it difficult to find a space for your belongings, and the ‘goal’ is to place things where they ‘belong’ so to move on to the next phase you can’t just shove all the underwear under the bed, they will glow red until you put them where they should go (within some pretty large boundaries).

There’s something therapeutic about opening up these boxes, rummaging through the packing paper, taking out a precious object, and finding the exact place for said object to go. As someone who has moved more than 20 times (I’ve moved all of my life growing up as a military brat, and now that my husband is RCMP we continue to move) this game is an old comfort to me, though I can certainly see how it might not be for everyone.

I’m only a few hours in, and I’ve been taking my time placing these objects. I see that it has very positive reviews on steam, and I tend to agree – minus the price that (IMO) is a bit high. Still, there’s far more customization and options than I initially thought, and it is incredibly relaxing. The negative reviews on steam mention that it is the high cost of the game that coloured their opinions, and they mention that you’re paying $20 for about 3 hours of game play. Again, I agree, but I also know that I have no issue paying $20 to go to a 3 hour movie, so that value isn’t exactly abnormal especially in this age of high stress. Maybe it will go on sale from time to time in which case, I highly suggest giving it a look.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

A New Horse (of course)!

Rumor has it a new horse event is going to be taking place after maintenance, and I could not be more excited! I love taming, training, breeding, and all the rest. Pictured above is my latest mount, a T6 male that I got from a T5 female and a T1 male. Males can breed twice before needing a re-set coupon, females once. I typically use up the breeding slot and then sell them to the imperial market as I’m working my way towards enough tokens to purchase a manos set of gear. I’m getting close!

Speaking of Functions..


It’s not often I find an amazing in-game function that deserves its own blog post – but I have to say, in Black Desert Online I have come across just such a function.

At first, it seems simple enough. It’s a notepad function, you can shortcut to it or you can find it in a few menus. Every game should have some sort of in-game notepad, where players can type out information they don’t want to forget, or want to have readily available. I adore games that have this function. BDO takes it even further.

You can log to a different character, and the note will stay up.

You can drag said note to a second monitor, OUT of the game window. It will continue to stay up.

You can change the colour

You can change the transparency.

More games need this function! The fact that it persists across relogging characters, and you can put it on a second monitor just absolutely blows my mind. A function that SEEMS simple, and yet it’s obviously not, because if it were more games would have included it (or so I like to think).

Have I mentioned yet how much I (still) love this game? Well, there’s one more reason added to the pile.

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