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Retail Therapy

This week has been especially stressful for a number of reasons, so I treated myself to three skeins of fiber that should arrive in a few weeks. The first is the one pictured above, from ThreeRiverFarm and I’m very excited about it. I also ordered the following two:

As long as you’ve got a little money set aside, I don’t see any issue with retail therapy, in conjunction with working hard in life. I’m not talking about taking your last $10 and gambling it away, but setting some aside each money to play with on your hobbies to help you relax can be quite nice, and I think it’s important that not every hour of every day be filled with work.

I’m especially excited about the rolags because I’ve never spun with that sort of prep before and it should be an interesting learning experience. I am hoping to get some really neat striping yarns for socks from it but we’ll have to see how that works out in action.

WoW Classic

I know I started off by thinking I’d be playing alliance, but I really wanted to find a home and a bunch of friends from twitter were playing on the horde side, so I abandoned my level 5 dwarf paladin and remade as a tauren druid. Working my way back up was incredibly slow, but I am actually having a good time of it. There are some spawns that are painful due to the sheer number of people around, but for the most part it has been a polite adventure.

Last night I managed to reach level 10 and so this morning I took some time while the children were napping to quest for my first form – bear form. It took an hour due to all of the running around, but eventually I was sporting a brand new tank look.

Thanks to Gracie in guild I also have 6 slot bags, I traded my linen. I picked up alchemy and herbalism, and I’ve found a handful of green items that I hope to put on the auction house. Things are expensive. I keep forgetting to turn on find herb, I forget that I need to visit the trainer and pick up spells, and that if I want to use the other weapons I can train I have to actually go and train the skill.

It’s great seeing so many people but General Chat is already getting annoying. It seems like there is a huge swath of people who dislike the retail version of the game and are very vocal that no one should still be playing it because it’s absolutely horrid. I on the other hand, believe that people should play whatever they enjoy and we should allow them to do so in peace. That doesn’t mean that YOU can’t dislike retail, but how about you voice that opinion without dragging others down. That’s my real issue. I don’t mind those who have a difference in opinion but when your opinion makes others feel bad it might need another look.

How long will I stick with classic? I honestly have no idea. I’d love to get to 60, but I know the road is long and difficult (at least for me and my hours). In the meantime, I’m enjoying the journey.

My Night

Playing Modded Minecraft

I’ve been trying to find games that me and my husband can play together briefly between family life. It has to be something that’s relatively safe for us to back out of, something we can stop playing almost instantly, and something that’s relaxed and not too intensive. Very few games fall under these categories. We’re gamers at heart and we’re determined to make it work, even with our 3 year old and 1 year old. Minecraft has always been a game we enjoy together, and recently we returned to a vanilla server with a few friends – but it left us wanting something more. We started browsing through the modded server packs and came across one called RAD (Roguelike Adventures Dungeons). This pack has quickly become one of my favourites for a number of reasons.

It lets you feel like an adventurer. You start with picking a class, you get a blueprint for a house (which biome specific choices), and you have an involved quest book that gives directions on where to go if you don’t want to be knee deep in the sandbox. There are dimensions to travel to, and villages and dungeons to explore.

I love packs like this. They make the game fun and interesting without me having to know the ins and outs of minecraft. I can feel accomplished through exploring, and that’s lovely.

What are some of your favourite mod packs? Let me know in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Finished Spinning Llama

I finished spinning my 4oz of 100% llama, and I have to say it is just so incredibly lovely. It was prepared amazingly and I had no issues drafting even though I’ve had it stashed away for a few years. I managed to get fingering/DK weight I think for most of it, there might be a few sections that are closer to worsted. I’m working on consistency and spinning fingering weight because that’s what I use most of. This process is one that will come with time and practice. Like any new skill that you’re learning. I’ve been spinning for just shy of three months and some of the people I admire most on instagram have been spinning for 20+ years. I’m hoping that by the time I’ve been spinning for a year I’ll be able to see a noticeable improvement in my yarn.

For now I’m pretty happy doing what I do. The yarn is still fantastic to use, it’s just a bit uneven in places and I need to keep practicing practicing practicing..

A few more Pet Sales

I made some pretty good profit on pet sales this week. The green is profit and sometimes it’s not much, but as long as I’m in the green I’m happy.


I love getting mail. I always have. 10 years ago I learned about a thing called “postcrossing” – you sign up, request a location to send a postcard to, send it, and then (typically) get one in return. To date I’ve sent out 57 postcards and received 56 in return, from all over the world. Sometimes it has taken my postcard a bit to get there (or for me to receive it) but in most cases there hasn’t been any issues. It’s something I keep tucked away in a box, one year I’m hoping to talk to my kids about all of these different locations in the world and how we’re all sharing the earth but traditions differ. I love getting these little surprises in my mailbox and every once in a while I make sure to blog about it for those who may not have ever heard of the program before. It’s almost like having temporary penpals. I’ve also gotten some really interesting stamps from all of these letters too.

Meal Prep

Since having 2 kids mealprep has become absolutely essential in my life. I’m not one of those people who has to eat a different dinner every single night, I’m content to eat the same thing so long as it’s something I find delicious. Pictured above is chicken tika masala over rice. Dinner for myself and my husband.

One More to Go

Just 3 more weeks of doing celestial tournament and I’ll finally own all 4 pets. It has only taken forever…..

Dabbling in a few sales

I haven’t had a lot of free gaming time lately, and when I’ve had a moment here or there I wasn’t really playing world of warcraft, instead I found myself in Minecraft, ARK, and a few other single player games that I’ve collected on steam (Slay the Spire). I AM still playing WoW, but it’s been pretty reduced. There’s a lot of excitement about the classic servers, and last week I went and made my characters on the PvE RP server. I’ve got another post about that already, so there’s no need for me to state it all over again.

In any case, one of the things I’ve been getting into more lately is pet battle sales (this is also something I’ll miss about Classic, since there are no pet battles). I play on two servers, a high population and a low population. The high population has a different set of pets that are more readily available at a lower price, typically those from dungeons, raids, and island excursions. The lower population realm has a lot of crafted pets for a cheaper price, along with world obtained pets.

I’ve been comparing pets in the two markets and purchasing the lower cost ones on one server to re-sell on another. The thing is, you need volume, and I’m not quite there yet, so I’m only making a little bit of gold a day, but profit is still profit, and I figure if I keep at it for a bit I’ll slowly get there. Plus I still need a way to make coin on the server where I buy all these pets at, it does no good to run out and then to be unable to purchase anything.

Since TSM won’t keep track of my stats across server (ie: I purchase a pet and transfer it, I lose the info on how much I purchased it for when I am on the other server) I’ve been tracking it in a simple google doc instead. I don’t need to know much information, I just want to know what I purchased the pet for, how much I sold it for, and what my profit is. After two days, keeping track is pretty good. It doesn’t take much time, and I’m looking forward to paying attention to any trends I notice. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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