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I have to thank Arislyn for this suggestion – today I picked up Wobbledogs from steam. It’s a quirky little game where you mix and match the genetics from various types of dogs, and they spawn eggs that you hatch into new dogs. They have a pretty short life span, and they.. explode.. into little mutant doggy pieces that you can er, order the other dogs to.. eat. Or you can just throw the pieces away. Sometimes the dogs have genetic mutations that require a bit of help because they can’t actually feed themselves. I had one who could only butt scoot around the floor instead of actually walking. You can pet them, praise them, and.. throw them.

If it wasn’t for the over the top cartoon nature of this game I might believe it’s more sinister than it comes across, especially since my kids were hanging around cooing over the animals – but it was a hilarious delight, and a good time waster. I do think the price is a bit over the top for this sort of game play, but if you pick it up on sale then it’s not too bad.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Down Goes Boss #1

The Combat Wombats managed to get together in the morning so that we were mostly all at the same place at the same time – to take down the very first big bad boss in Valheim. It was a giant elk, and we actually managed it without too much trouble aside from the one time that I was just casually sitting on the ground during combat because my kids needed something (I was subsequently smushed) and then that other time where immediately following the kill we were ambushed by the weird creatures that live in the dark woods. You know the glowing eyes I’m talking about. I think Arislyn, Scopique, and myself were the victims of that attack.

We had to kill the boss a number of times so that we each had a component to make a fancy new pickaxe, and now we can upgrade a few things. Like maybe our base, it still looks like we’ve put that together with toothpicks. I know Arkenor has been doing some exploration, I think he’s searching for the merchant that should be .. somewhere. I looted some coins, so I’m anxious to see what I can purchase.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Valheim? Valheim!

This game came out of no where – and I’m loving it so far. Valheim is an exploration / survival game, but the theme is viking culture. You can play single player or co-op with up to 10 friends. The Combat Wombats have a server set up and we’ve been working towards getting geared to defeat the first boss so we can unlock the next tier of items. We have a small base that we’ve been trying to set up. Right now there’s a lovely camp fire for roasting meat, some beds (not too close to that fire now) and a bit away I’ve set up some bees.

The game has a lot to do and there are a lot of skills to work on if you want. I haven’t played for that long (yet) but I expect I’ll explore it fully over the next few weeks. It’s also early access right now, so I expect some great things for the future. It also is up to over 30,000 reviews at Overwhelmingly Positive – not bad, for a game that just released February 2nd.

Bring on the adventures!

Valentione’s & Little Ladies’ Day

I know some folks are not fans of in-game events that replicate real world events – but me? I enjoy them. FFXIV is a bit of an odd duck in that they have these events each year with rewards, but if you want the rewards from previous years, you have to purchase them (with real money) from their shop. It’s one of the few games I’ve seen that manages to carry off a full subscription as well as a robust store and paid for game features (extra retainers, level boosts, class unlocks).

I was actually playing last year at this exact time so I had the previous rewards but nothing prior to that. I decided to splurge and I picked up 5 rewards from the shop, then I also completed this years quests and picked up the Lovely Moogle Cap, and a house item (Stuffed Kupka Kupp). My glamour chest is starting to fill up nicely with a collection of outfits to wear and my tiny apartment is filling with moogle related items. I still have big dreams of being able to afford an actual house, but for now I’m still raising money for that.

Short term plan? I’ve settled on paladin & astrologian as my next focus, that will leave me with a tank/healer/dps class at least and more choices to swap between. Once I’ve got those leveled up we’ll see where I want to head. I never planned on leveling everything to 80 in the DoW/DoM category, but I DO want to try to level everything up as a crafter (DoH/DoL). I also need to complete a bunch of class quests still – on everyone, even my 80 dancer hasn’t completed all of her quests yet. I know, I know. There’s just SO much to do. I love it.

Expecting Mail

Even though I’m not spending a lot of time in World of Warcraft these days, the fact is the game has been a part of my life since release, and breaks don’t change that. Blizzard recently had a sale going on and with some pennies I had saved up I decided to treat myself to a few pieces of merchandise! Dottie the alpaca is no surprise, that’s one of my favourite animals right there – and a framed print of Sylvana, who is one of my favourite WoW characters (even if she has a bad rap).

Hopefully everything ships my way without too many issues. We’ll see how it goes. Living in a remote isolated place does come with its issues. Getting mail being a big one. Sometimes, it’s just nice to treat yourself.

Ding – 80 Dancer!

I’ve been playing FFXIV off and on for years now, but I never really stay with it for whatever reason. I wander back to ABC game and it gets put on the back burner – not this time. This time, I’m dedicating myself to actually making some progress in the game, finishing the MSQ, leveling jobs. First one I completed was the dancer job, woot!

Dancer is an odd bird. It’s a mixture of ranged (single target attacks) and close range (AoE attacks) dance moves that damage enemies. Instead of moving in and out of range, I tend to stay close to the mobs. It’s a class that LOOKS pretty, but I can’t say I particularly enjoy playing them all that much. We’re more of a hybrid utility / dps class than powerful dps, though don’t get me wrong, I AM happy that I finally leveled up.

Next? I’m not sure. I am not interested in playing the gunslinger I have at 60, but I do have a 52 warrior. I’ve got a 60 red mage, 55 scholar, and 34 astrologer. I was thinking maybe bard? Maybe just keep going on with the warrior. We’ll just have to see! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Who Needs Pants..

One of the things I love about FFXIV is that I don’t actually need to have an entire stable of characters. In fact, it’s one of the few games I play that I DON’T have any alts – one character can do it all. If I get the desire to change race / sex I can do that through some fantasia potions, so it’s not a big deal. You switch jobs (classes) by changing your weapon, and you can unlock as many (or as few) as you’d like.

My dancer finally reached level 80! I’m so happy. I now have a level 80 dancer, 80 goldsmith, 80 mining, 80 fishing. It’s not a lot compared to what is available, but it is a great start.

Of course the second I turned 80, I wanted to decide who to level up next. I don’t have a lot of characters unlocked, and while my husband has a few 70s and a handful of 60s and 50s, I only had the dancer. I do have a 50 warrior, but I wasn’t convinced it was the tank I wanted to play full time. Ideally I’d like an 80 tank, dps, and healer. I have a 55 scholar as well.

I decided I wanted to try a paladin, which starts off as a gladiator. Unfortunately as you can see by the screenshot above, my gladiator at level 5 did not own any pants. I figure she’s preparing for 6.0 when they remove the belt slot. How else are her pants supposed to stay up?!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

I AM an Adorable Sapling

In the evenings, I’ve been playing FFXIV with my husband – and my dancer reached 79 last night and part way into it! This will be my very first combat character to 80. While I know I still have quite a bit to go as far as story is concerned, it is a very nice feeling to at least have someone at level cap. I’m trying to work out who I will level up next, I have both a tank and a healer class ‘on the go’ and I know that as time goes on, I’ll probably only add to that roster. I’m really enjoying the game quite a bit now that I have some free time in the evenings. The game is too difficult to play when I need to step in and out constantly during the day (thanks to my minions) but it’s been perfect to wind down with once they’re both asleep.

I also reached 79 in goldsmithing last night. I’m hoping to do some harvesting today and maybe I can reach 80 in that craft, too. I don’t have a lot of gil to my name, I’ve been trying to focus on leveling up more than actually creating things to sell. That should hopefully change over time, but we’ll have to see. One of my long term goals is still to be able to find and afford a fancy home. For now, my apartment suits me.

Tonight there is a big showcase happening that I’m very excited about. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Storage – Completed!

Another building completed on my deed – this time the storage building. It used a LOT of timber framed walls, which are annoying to make. Each wall requires 5 beams, 10 grass, and 20 clay. The overall effect is lovely (I know, I still have a bridge to complete in the front, I took the screenshot before I finished it!) and then adding a thatch roof just completed the overall look.

With the stables, the smithy, and storage complete, I think it might almost be time to work on the main building. It’s created out of marble, and a few stories high, so I’ve been neglecting working on it aside from the main floor. I did buy a bunch of marble bricks from Takah to help the process slightly, but I need to create a LOT of mortar. Each wall requires 20 bricks and 20 mortar. With 99 masonry it’s not as though creating mortar is difficult by any means, it’s just also not fun.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Stables – Completed!

I mentioned a few times already that I’m re-building my deed in the (almost) exact replica that the old deed I owned used to be – it was one that Takah designed and built for me in exchange for a set of drake armour. I absolutely loved this deed and everything about it, and there’s no way I could perfect upon the build, which is why I made the decision to re-build.

I am hoping to complete a building or two a week until the entire deed is back to the way it used to be. So far the smithy is completed in full, and the ground floor to 10 other buildings. Today I managed to finish the stables, and I’ve got a few horses in there already. I also finished setting the farm fields back up along with some animals (bison, sheep, chickens). I’d like to get some more hell horses for the Fo priest to play with, and maybe some deer. Still, this building is a step in the right direction! I think next I’ll work on the storage building, because it’s attached to my smithy and will complete a section of the deed. After that? We’ll just have to see.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!