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I swear it was like that when I got here..

Stargrace took a visit to Silverstep’s house.. and found her plant.. dead..?

I suppose in the world of Norrath it doesn’t differ much from real life – I can’t seem to keep houes plants alive. I’m not convinced this one is quite dead yet though. I zoned in and noticed it laying like this on the floor. Right clicking the poor thing brought up no options at all (since I am not owner of the home) and I just hoped Silverstep didnt’ stop by and notice what had happened to her beloved plant. Though I hear she keeps it pretty well fed with water and compost so who knows.

Wiggled my way into an Unrest group today, it went alright. I’m not sure if I’m picky about my tanks or what, but I can’t seem to find many that I’d trust on an instance run like that. This group was no different. I’m fairly well geared as my illusionist, and I am DPS spec’d currently. I can really pump it out. I ganked (and died) more then anyone else in the group, which encompassed a Zerker, Swashy, Necro, myself, a Warden, and an assassin. We only wiped once. Or maybe it was twice.. yeah it was twice. By the time we were done the zone I was down to 50% gear. AoE’s = bad. not the blue ones and deaths due to adds, no, just my regular aoe spells seemed to be too much fire power vs. the group encounters. I typically use them for their stunning capabilities, means the tank is taking a few less hits if I’ve got them stunned.

It was a fun run none the less, though it’s a shame that the illusionist / coercer robe dropped – since I’ve had mine for quite some time now, and no one else could use it. It went to someone for vendor trash. The paladin / shadowknight hat dropped, and someone moved their alt into the zone to claim it (an issue that should be fixed as of the next live update, since the content of your group should determine the sort of loot that drops. That’s going to be interesting).

Tonight I’m feeling slightly nostalgic and left behind, as a majority of my friends are off raiding while I.. tinker. Not that I mind crafting, but since the last raid guild I was with decided to not let me join (and I decided to no longer raid with them, after all what use is it to be good enough to raid but not good enough to join the guild) I’ve not raided hardly at all and I’m missing it, a lot. Hopefully things change though when the remainder of my guild mates (and myself included) move to Kithicor and join a new home there. We’re all excited about it and hope it goes well.

The Obelisk, my new best friend (now bot-free!)

Sure, they’ve removed that access quest that was needed, but quests are still fun.. right?

Quite a few updates ago, the access quest to the first floor of the Obelisk of Lost Souls was removed – by means of the Feerrott portal. However, if you die, you get stuck outside of the tower, and you’ll still be locked out. So it’s not *really* removed. I decided since the zone has been relatively bot-free in the early hours when I’m wandering around, it would be beneficial to finish off those access quests. I’d already finished the one that allows you to wander the bottom floor (which is still a tad bit above my defiler’s level so I’ve been holding off on that floor) and started on the outter access first thing. It helps that I have four book quests that also use some of the mobs outside in order to complete it (yawns.. 30 nightblood sentries are annoying to kill, but at least they’re gren!) and it’s been going fairly well. I’m still waiting on Soul Harvester Kul, as pictured above. Four clearings of his place holders and no sign of him yet.

Things have changed a lot since the first time I attempted this quest with my templar, almost a year and a half ago. I remember spending the entire day just working on the outter access quest. It was a huge deal because you needed into the place for “To Speak as a Dragon”, which was used in prismatic 1.0 and “the in thing” to be working on. I was exceptionally proud when I finally completed access on her with my good friends Albrta and Eyenstein.

So where am I headed to once I’ve completed my OoLS access quests? I’m not quite sure yet. I’m very eager to get the defiler to T6 and level 50+ although those are my most dreaded levels. They always seem to take forever, no matter if I am a crafter or an adventurer. I’m thinking of working some court faction though, and completing DoF quests like Godking and other things I have not touched in quite some time. It should be fun none the less and I’m actually looking forward to it. I am not grinding away needlessly, nor am I in such a rush that I can’t enjoy things. Also looking forward to posting more house screen shots, of my own home this time. Maybe I can pick up a few odd jobs decorating!

Welcome to Beeglin’s Home Sweet Home

The dining area, completely lit up of course

I was recently asked by a friend if I wouldn’t mind helping out in the decorating of their humble abode. Of course I jumped at the chance, being an avid decorator in EQII. It’s something I’ve probably devoted countless hours to, and would easily spend a lot of money on for items. It’s my one vice. Some raid, some quest, some do both and then there’s the obsessive house item collector. So, enjoy the screen shots, I had a lot of fun putting this house together for Beeglin on the Lucan D’Lere server, feel free to stop by and visit him in this South Qeynos 3-bedroom.

A little chaotic clutter is a good thing, especially for a gnome

Every gnome needs his own little laboratory area

A little secluded area outside, perfect for lounging

More.. stuff. Gnomes have so much.. stuff..

The upstairs bedroom, complete with library

No bedroom is complete without a spa.. and bubbles!

A little vanity area, with books, food, and of course.. chaotic clutter..

Ding… again!

Misako in Big Bend, after a few new levels

I’ve been trying to level a few of my lower level characters, without over doing it. Still also getting over a nasty flu bug that I just can’t seem to shake for some reason. Drinking lots of tea on the recommendation of a friend. So yesterday my dirge managed to hit level 46, making her way through Obelisk, which for once was not crammed full of bots. Go figure. I typically play early morning, I find that in the afternoons, or any time after lunch actually the zones start to fill up and things get a little crowded. I like to play quietly when I’m boxing, without having fight with other people for encounters. So the dirge got her levels and I was happy of course. I’m not sure if I’ll leave her as a dirge or follow through to troubador but we’ll just see how it goes.

The defiler was sitting on a day or two of rested experience. Still not quite enough for a full level, but oh well. I decided to box her along with the 70 shadowknight around Obelisk, it was morning and I was fairly sure not too many people would be around. I was right. I didn’t have much luck with drops, the defiler seems to have bad luck or something (I had found a level 46 necromancer pet that I sold for 10p, even though it gets an upgrade at 60.. and another necromancer temporary pet that sold for 5p…) however, something even better then any loot I could find, was book quests.

There are numerous mob-dropped only book quests in Obelisk. I’ve completed a few on Silverstep, however lost those books when she lost her house. The books are tradeable, and of course the quests give aa plus the nifty house item. Yesterday one dropped that I’d already had drop a few times. Today, four dropped, three of which I’d never seen before. I was happy to say the least. I’m adding a lore / book section to my site, and so doing these quests and posting them as well as posting the lore from the book itself is going to be a big deal to me. I’ve always loved house items (obsessed? Yes!) and these are no different. I really wish the starters would drop from the body drops instead of chest drops. There are so many quests I’ve missed out on due to this “feature”.

The guild has been in a fluster as well. Free server transfers are presumed to commence on the 30th of April. We’ve had fun looking for a new raid home, and have found one (we think) on Kithicor. Where are my fellow bloggers from again server wise? Always looking to say hi to one or two (or three or four!) I know my posts aren’t always that informative, but I do try. Along with these server transfers, is the newest Live Update, happening on the 25th of April. They’re adding some very handy new things, such as quest sharing.. which has been a long time coming. A new mount (not so excited about that one) and a fix to the fabled loot that drops in raids that no one can use (I can’t count the number of times I’ve cried seeing some fabled set gear get transmuted because there was no one on the raid to wear it). SoE seems to be listening to the players as of late, and it’s been great. I know we’re all itching for new content, and it’s been far too long since we’ve all seen the level increase, but at least the other little things are being fixed and worked on, there’s some hope yet.

Say what you want about customer service…

Ricotta Is’Gouda, back in the game again

Say what you want about SoE’s customer service, but I have had plenty of experience with them, and it’s been nothing short of fantastic. A few months ago, I couldn’t even remember the exact date any longer, I deleted my 43 ratonga dirge, Ricotta. Why did I delete her? The same reason anyone deletes a character on EQII, it’s typically because we’re limited to 6 characters (unless you purchase station access) and that’s just not enough. Being a very avid alt-o-holic, I had to let someone go, and it was her. She was also a 30 jeweler, I already have a 70 jeweler though, I had started her on another server and moved her to Lucan D’Lere shortly after.

Anyhow. I decided since I have two accounts now, that I’d try to petition and see about getting her un-deleted. I’ve done this in the past. Many times in fact. Once I was told that an exception could not be made, but I re-petitioned and they granted me the character restore anyhow. They’re always prompt with the service, within the day I’d say my character was restored. Today was no different, I petitioned early morning, explained the situation, that I had deleted due to lack of character slots, bought a second account, moved some characters to that account and now had free space on the original account, so I was curious if there was any way to restore Ricotta. A few hours went by, logged in, and there she is, just as I left her. Bank, quests, everything.

I’ve petitioned before, for missing chests, on raids as well as on a nizara run. They were helpful and prompt, I was impressed. I’ve heard people complain (often) about their customer service. But I just can’t see it from their perspective I guess since my experiences with them have been so very good. I’ve had at least.. five characters restored to me, probably more. From as far back as 6+ months of deletion. Of course I was never rude to anyone and I make sure to choose my battles, but still, it was impressive to me.

That leaves me with a 70 Fury, Illusionist, Templar, 53 Conjuror, 48 Assassin, 45 Defiler, 43 Dirge, and a handful of smaller alts who mostly craft. Not too bad. I’d like to get the defiler and dirge up to 70 at least, the conjuror and assassin on the back burner. Of course since I’m so fickle and change my opinion so frequently who really knows.

Something.. just doesn’t look right here..

Stargrace, in Antonica… something’s just not right.

So you say you like to quest..

I’m one of those people who just love stats and charts and organizing all of my characters. I figured I’d check out how often / much I quest on each one. I always wanted to be one of those hard core questers who have done everything the game has to offer, but with 8+ characters, that gets.. difficult. So how have I spent my time? The first bit is my three level 70’s.

  • Stargrace: 595 Quests completed – 205 Rares harvested – 62 days played – 100 ap
  • Silverstep: 753 Quests completed – 385 Rares harvested – 93 days played – 88 ap
  • Dasie: 659 Quests completed – 314 Rares harvested – 70 days played – 53 ap

Since it’s not really fair to jumble in all of the alts along with my level 70’s (who have far more levels / experience and what not) I’ll post them below.

  • Yamini: 147 Quests completed – 12 Rares harvested – 10 days played – 21 ap – 48 Assassin
  • Misako: 77 Quests completed – 0 Rares harvested – 5 days played – 35 ap – 44 Defiler
  • Flirt: 19 Quests completed – 0 Rares harvested – 7 hours played – 0 ap – 6 Berserker (24 armorer)
  • Faydai: 256 Quests completed – 29 Rares harvested – 10 days played – 31 ap – 53 Conjuror
  • Tulips: 19 Quests completed – 0 Rares harvested – 9 hours played – 0 ap – 6 Troubador (20 Carpenter)

Of course these lists don’t include the (numerous) characters I’ve deleted over my 2+ years playing EQII, but it’s a nice representation at least.

  • Total Quests completed: 2,525
  • Total Rares harvested: 945
  • Total Hours played (NOT including crating hours!): 251.6 Days – Remember this also includes all afk time, and online broker time when I used to leave my characters up to sell through the night, not continuous play time.

A Little Advertising, and have I mentioned I love Steamfont?

The ability to title your bags – always a lot of fun

Quite a bit of time ago, people were given the ability to place a title on their bags, boxes as well. I love this little handy thing, if only for the fact that when I put backpacks for sale (or boxes made by my carpenter) I can include a little bit of advertising on the label – such as the one pictured above. Does it actually work? Who knows, I’ve never asked, but it’s fun none the less to be able to leave a little bit of myself (so to speak) on each piece I make. Besides my character name at least.

After 5 days of being sick, (what a great birthday weekend…. wait.. no, no it wasn’t) I am finally over it (I hope..) and my Dad’s back from the hospital (who knew kidney stones could be so complicated) and I can get back to regular postings. After having such a good run for a few months I was disappointed that I couldn’t keep up but it was just too much real life stuff to handle.

Silverstep – diligently working away on her Steamfont quest line

I did an Unrest run yesterday, boxing my templar (who ended up being the only healer once the 61 warden had to leave) and my illusionist, nothing of any use to anyone dropped except for a belt with +10 flowing thought on it, which went to the templar. It was a rough run some times, we only ever wiped from adds, so it could have been more painful. Better then the time before when my group decided to leave early after clearing only a few of the named. I spent the remainder of the evening working on the Steamfont chain of quests – I had no idea this was a chain of 20 quests! What fun! One important word of warning though. As you progress this chain of quests, about the 5th quest in I believe, you receive not one but TWO house items. A day log, and a journal.

However. If these items are on you when you go to complete the next portion of the quest, they’re removed from your inventory! So if you’re a sucker for house items (like myself) once you’ve picked up these two items, go place them in your home and return to the quest afterwards, or else you’ll have them removed from your inventory on completion. There is a quest like that in Lesser Faydark as well, where you collect a Thexian log, and it’s a house item. Upon turning the quest in however, you lose the house item from your inventory. So now I’ll have to do these quests on an alt, just so that I can obtain the house items. I wish I had of known that before hand!

The quests in Steamfont in general, are just a lot of fun. If you have a lower level character you can mentor, or if you’re a quest junkie be sure to check this zone out. I’ve been parking my 44 defiler in the zone to mentor for a few named as well as my quest turn ins. Figured it was probably about time my fury reached 100 aa. I’ll have to work on the templar next, which is just going to be annoying since, well, we all know what a lack of DPS the templar has in general. I’ll probably attempt to box her with my illusionist for some added DPS, we’ll see how that goes.

Tinkering fun, and a tally thus far

A handy toy that everyone needs

I love some of the little toys you can make with tinkering. Besides the resurrection machine, and the one that feigns death, there is lots of little pets and do-dads you can make. This little Clockwork Manservant is just one of them. I haven’t actually used the item yet, but I’m expecting him to feed me grapes and fan me or some such.

So as an update to where my characters stand – I have the following as of this morning:

Account #1:

Stargrace – 70 Illusionist – 70 Provisioner – Tinkerer, Yamini – 48 Assassin – 50 Alchemist, Misako – 44 Defiler – 39 Tailor, and Flirt – 6 Berserker – 24 Armorer.

Account #2:

Silverstep – 70 Fury – 60 Woodworker – Transmuter, Dasie – 70 Templar – 70 Jeweler, Faydai – 53 Conjuror – 60 Sage, Tulips – 6 Troubador – 20 Carpenter, Rhiksha – 6 Swashbuckler (soon to be weaponsmith).

I have enough room for a few more characters if I want. I wouldn’t even know what to make though. I was contemplating a warlock or a wizard, both of which I’ve never really played, but looking at the two accounts, I have pleanty of characters already. If they’re not a high level adventurer then they’re a higher level tradeskiller in most cases (like Flirt and Tulips). The three 70’s are fairly well geared, though both Silverstep and Dasie are lacking in the aa department, Stargrace being the only one of my three who has them max’d out right now.

So what’s my plan of action? Slowly leveling the defiler to 70, trying to get the tradeskillers up to T7 or some where close to there, and maybe trying to get the rest of my “lowbie” characters a little closer to 70 as well. It would be fun to have two accounts of characters all sitting at level 70. Granted when the new expansion comes out I’d have to do the level grind with each of them and that is really not going to be fun I can already tell. In the mean time, it keeps me busy!

A little trip through Lavastorm

Misako making her way (invisible of course) through Lavastorm

One of the things I hate most, while leveling any character up, is the eventual need to obtain the port that brings you to the doors of sol eye without having to run through the entire zone. When I first did it way back when, on my templar, it was an amazing feat, to say that you had portal access (back when the level cap was 50, and Lavastorm was end game, so nothing turned grey on you). With the defiler sitting at level 44, I figured it was time for her to get access as well, should the need ever arise for her to travel down that way, or incase I wanted to smuggle her to the Maiden’s Gluch and pick up to speak as a dragon (which I will also need.. one day..). So I boxed her along with a shadowknight, and made the very slow treck through. She did get a lot of discovery and a fairly good size of experience, and after one death (from a named, and not from falling in lava, which is how I typically die there) she made it to the portal. One more thing crossed off the list finally.

In an adventure through DFC a few days ago she obtained the rare mossy armor patterns, as well as the commons, and three pieces of blood iron ore, key ingredients. The recipes are level 40 (though the gear itself is only level 37) so I’ve been trying to get her tradeskill a little higher. She’s currently sitting at level 37 tailor. This morning I quickly made a few random mastercrafted cloaks, and then attached the safe fall adornment to each of them. I also made a + spell dmg adornment for level 30 and attached it to some mage gloves. I’ve priced the items slightly above what the regular gear would go for, simply due to the adornments. I’m not even sure if people will mouse over the gear before buying it and notice the adornments though, so I’ll have to see if it sells at all. It would be nice if there was a special little flag as you shopped that told you if an item may already have an adornment without having to look at the physical stats of the gear. That’s probably just wishful thinking on my part though. I’ve put a few of the safe fall cloak adornments up for sale at 20g each and they’re typically fast sellers. Since it’s just level 30 stuff it doesn’t take me that much to make them and I was getting tailoring experience for pristine combines.

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