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Pictured above is my latest obsession, the textile section of ‘foundation’ a game I recently picked up on the summer steam sale. Well, my husband picked it up for me as a gift.

If you’ve ever played Banished before then you will already be familiar with how to play Foundation, because the two play almost similarly. So far the main differences (besides graphics) is that in foundation your town acts more like a town, you train soldiers and can send them out on missions (I’ve lost a few townsfolk that way so far) and there’s more ‘stuff’ at the base game. For Banished I found I needed to have mods to expand the base gameplay.

This game IS in early access, and has been for some time, but it’s a fun little play especially since it’s on sale right now. I’m hoping that it continues to be developed, I’ve been burned by early access games in the past. In the meantime, I feel like I’m at least getting my monies worth from it so far. The graphics are cute (and detailed) and so far at least there isn’t a lot of ‘bad’ going on. I’m not sure if that’s because of a setting some place or what, but it makes for good casual gaming where I can just sit and watch the world grow.

Fishing with the Husband

Finally reached 80 in fishing thanks to hanging out with the husband doing some ocean runs!

Questing the Days Away


Sure, why wouldn’t I go fishing in this outfit…

Staring into a Wormhole

Goodness this game is just so beautiful, no wonder I love playing it.

Fly Safe

Doing some data & relic site scans. I got lucky and found a few safe locations in a wormhole (safe from NPC, that is, not from players, nothing is safe from players)

A New Raid (finally)

I finally got into the level 60 allied raid in FFXIV – and had a gigantic cut scene to enjoy afterwards. This was so much fun!

Nothing Fancy Mining

Life on The Rim

I must be rusty, my latest colony didn’t even last 15 minutes before someone was kidnapped, their dog murdered, their brother had a heart attack…

Just another day on the Rim.