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Legacy Family 3.0 – Part One

Blesse Petites. That’s the name of my latest legacy challenge founder. She wants to paint, is naturally good, loves being a goofball and started her legacy with zero coin and just an old ancient statue that an uncle left to her in his will.

Her first day was spent at a nearby park, cooking hotdogs and sleeping on the benches. She found a job that pays barely anything and collected a few rocks and some flowers to sell. To who, I have no idea. Random rock collectors I suppose.

She tried to make some friends but it sure didn’t help that she was almost immediately sprayed by a skunk. Instead she spent her time talking with the stray cats and dogs that seem to frequent the area.

She has a large piece of land (64×64) that she hopes to build a home on – eventually. Working a few days gave her enough coin to purchase a bed, toilet, microwave, fridge, and a lonely bar stool. She can at least stop living at the gym and parks even though the neighbours find her sense of style a bit.. disturbing.

It won’t always be this way. At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself.


It’s Raining Cats & Dogs

Long time sims 4 player here (just in case you didn’t know) and I have been waiting for them to add pets to the game for a while. Sure, it’s not the horses and other animals that I saw in Sims 3 – but it’s a start. I immediately loaded up my legacy family (we’re on the 3rd generation if you recall) who I have neglected for the past year or so. Emily Little got on the phone and requested the adoption agency stop by with cats. You’re allowed to pick three of them to visit you, I picked two (for now).

The adoption agent comes by and plops the little kitties down in your home for you to visit with and interact with. If you like them you can adopt them right there on the spot. I ended up with both, Missy, and Potsie. They’re adorable.

Potsie is scared of the TV, so I turned it off immediately. Missy went and hid under the couch right away. The amount of detail that goes into interacting with them is fantastic, and you can customize pet creations in so many ways it makes my head spin.

Then of course there are the household items you can purchase for your pet. Beds, houses, litter boxes, toys, food trays, automatic or not, in any colour you can dream of.

I’m still missing quite a few of the smaller game expansions (stuff packs, game packs, whatever they are) but I’m hoping EA has a black Friday sale and that I can pick them up then and complete my collection. In the meantime, I’m having a blast with their latest one, and I can’t wait to adopt a dog next.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Legacy Family Happenings

It’s been a long time since I peeked in on my Sims 4 legacy family (we’re only on the third generation and the goal is to get to the tenth) but they were still there, waiting. I’m not really sure what I was doing with their current home, but when I started up the game I didn’t like it at all, so the first thing I did was bulldoze the lot and start their home over again. Not a big deal as they were not moving and they still kept their important things, even though I’m only three generations in they’ve accumulated quite a bit of ‘stuff’.

EA has also revamped the purchase screen so I had a clear idea of what I own (and what I don’t). I’m missing a lot of the smaller game components these days, and it’s no wonder because they seem to publish them quite frequently. I never picked up vampires because there’s no easy way to deny them from your sim world – and I don’t have Parenthood, or a lot of the stuff packs like toddler stuff, fitness stuff, bowling night stuff. All of these packs add up, and to “catch up” as it were would be quite expensive.

That being said, I AM very excited about Cats & Dogs which releases November 10th. Pets?! Yes please! This was one of my favourite things in Sims 3, along with seasons which I’m still waiting for. Included in the game is not only pets and items that cater to the animals, but the veterinary career and the ability to create your own vet practice.

Yes please.

Have you kept up with the Sims 4 game packs, expansions, and stuff packs? Which one is your favourite? Are you looking forward to pets being released? Let me know in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Sunday Post: Presented Without Comment

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Saturday Post: Presented Without Comment

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Saturday Post: Presented Without Comment

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Ghosts are Breaking Everything!

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Last night I spent a little time with my Sims 4 legacy family – and was incredibly frustrated. See one of the things I adore about having a legacy family is that they have a history, and since they stay on the same house lot the entire time, that history grows as the family ages. There are two tombstones out back, one for my original legacy starting character, and the second her husband. They frequently return to the home as ghosts and their children and grandchildren (and soon to be great grandchildren) get to interact with them and visit. It’s fun – until they start to haunt and break things.

Without fail, every single night these two ghosts return and start haunting bathroom fixtures like toilets and sinks, sometimes it’s the computer, another time it was the dishwasher, or the TV. Without fail after they’re done haunting these items it promptly breaks, leaving the living sims with a few options, repairing the items themselves (my typical choice, since it costs nothing but time), hiring a repair person (rarely used, I hate having to wait for someone to show up) or spending out of pocket to replace the item (also rarely used). Last night it was especially bad, I think I had four broken items all at once. It stresses the living sims out because the home becomes messy with water and trash everywhere. The maid doesn’t show up on weekends, and of course it was a Saturday.

I moved the tombstones further away from the home and eventually plan on putting them in a graveyard type area towards the back of the lot. Maybe this will help cut down on the destruction that they tend to do. I’m reluctant to get rid of the graves because they add to the family history. Each one is engraved with the cause of death, and while it’s not always exciting, it’s neat to look back on (in a weird creepy way).

Since my sims spent most of their time yesterday fixing broken things I didn’t get a lot of unique gameplay done. I did set their club to giving points while repairing things so that helped out a lot. I swapped it out with the cooking one because honestly my Sims have so much food in their fridge it was getting a bit crazy. In a few days time my youngest sim will become a young adult, and then it will be time to start working towards the fourth generation (out of ten). I’m slowly getting there!

Beginning Blaugust 2016 & Sims Shenanigans

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It’s August, and with it typically comes Blaugust, which I’ve participated in here and there over the years, and since I know I never do as much blogging as I wish I did, I decided to participate once again. Will I manage to blog for all 31 days of August? Well, we’ll see. I’m headed towards the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy so a lot rides on how I feel on any given day. At least I managed a post on the first day, right?!

Last night I decided to play some Sims 4, my legacy family as it were. I’m on the third generation, nearing the fourth. The first generation, or my founders, have all passed on. Their graves sit beside the back of the house and their ghosts wander around interacting with random pieces of furniture. In my last round of game play I had decided to purchase a restaurant and in doing so I had to sell off a large portion of the “fluff” that my sims had acquired. I downgraded their bedrooms to just the basics, the kitchen had a fridge and stove that constantly broke, and I removed their bar, dance room, and pool. This allowed me to purchase the restaurant of their dreams – but alas, it just wasn’t for me. I was hoping it could mostly run itself and that’s not how it works. So this game session I decided to sell the place, and then I re-purchased all of the items that I sold off before. I rebuilt their pool, the dance room, the bar, I added fancy new amenities upstairs, their tubs and showers are of the best quality, and their kitchen has never been so clean. The house is nearing $200,000 in value, something I’m quite proud of because I remember when my sims lived on the lawn eating on the edge of the toilet and when they had only three walls.

Tristan is once again jobless thanks to his ‘noncommittal’ trait.  Emily still works as a famous artist, and that’s where most of their money comes from. She’s been decorating the house with her artwork which helps up the value, and the extra paintings get sold off to galleries and private collectors. Their son is going to school during the week and on weekends he works as a landscaper. It’s not much, but it will give him a good start once he’s finished school. The hardest part for any of them has been trying to make friends, so I have a lot of club meetings at the house. Gardening is almost always on the agenda, but I really wish club members wouldn’t harvest the plants because that’s how Tristan makes any income. I don’t mind the other garden tending options, but that one should be left off by default, you don’t see any money from it.

For some reason when I loaded the game my mailbox and garbage can were both missing, so I had to replace those. Their home is a fancy 5 bedroom 3 bathroom affair, and I hope to keep adding to it. Maybe I’ll do some fancy work on the grounds over time as it’s quite bare. The perks of owning such an enormous lot, they have room to grow. I can’t wait to see what happens with the family next!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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What’s that Legacy Family up to Now?!

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While my American friends are celebrating the 4th of July, I spent my long weekend for Canada day (July 1st) playing video games, knitting, reading, and just relaxing over all. I’ve never been a big one for crowds, and I thought it would be best to just stay home.

That meant lots of time with my Sims 4 legacy family (their last name is Little, in case I haven’t mentioned it yet). They decided to do something a bit.. drastic. Their home was worth around $160,000 and I downsized it and emptied all but the essential rooms so that they could purchase their very own restaurant. That’s right, the Little’s are now property owners (well, besides the house). The ability to purchase and run a restaurant came with the ‘Dine Out’ expansion, and until now I’ve never owned any of the restaurants, I just had my sims visit them (which was pretty fun). Unfortunately this is where the expansion falls short (IMO).

Your sim (and their family) can’t actually work at the restaurant unless you do some fancy modifications to your town – something I don’t want to do as I’m playing this as a legacy game (with as little involvement and modification as possible). They can mange it – but that’s it. I was hoping my Sims with high cooking could get in on the action to help turn the place around. No such luck.

Basically you head to the restaurant whenever you want, open it (if it’s closed) and hang around greeting people and doing a few chores here and there. You can offer patrons free meals, drinks, discuss what they think of the place, and other owner-like activities. You can help clean up, and you manage your staff. You can train the staff, give them raises, praise them, fire them, or tell them they’re doing a shitty job. You can customize the outfits everyone has to wear for work (be careful with this, I customized my female wait staff and suddenly they were all naked for the duration of the opening..) and you have the choice of either building a restaurant from the ground up, or using the gallery or a pre-fabricated place.

The restaurant can stay open while your sim goes back home to do some essentials like sleep and eat, but if you leave it open too long your staff gets cranky (they need to go home too after all), and bad things can happen. I wish you could set hours at the place, so it would open automatically from say noon to 10pm or something. It’s basically a job that isn’t really a job. The “goal” is to raise your standing. I started out as a one star establishment and after a few days of running things I’ve clawed my way to 3.5 stars.

It doesn’t make a lot of money, so I wouldn’t suggest this as the main job of the family (yet). There are also quite a few glitches. Once night the place got really busy and so everyone sat down at the bar. That’s where they stayed for the next 12 hours, no one moved, no one was seated at a proper table, no one ordered anything. I ended up closing the place and re-opening it to fix the weird glitch of no one moving.

My sims don’t regret giving up their posh lifestyle to run their new restaurant into the ground, after all change is nice even if it doesn’t work out quite the way you imagined it would – but future families may think twice. It’s a shame because I feel that ‘dine out’ has so much potential that just remains untapped and it could have been so much more than what was given. Still, it is pretty neat to take your sims out for a meal, I’ve had no issues with that portion and enjoyed it quite a bit.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Legacy Family Adventures & a New Stuff Pack

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Once again somehow my legacy family ended up with a flat, boring, rectangle of a house. As I’ve said many times before I really love to decorate homes, but I am just not that good at designing them from the ground up – thankfully a good friend shared with me some of her favourite designers, and thanks to her I was able to plop down a shell of a house (ie: no furniture), tweak the things I wanted changed, and decorate to my hearts content (or at least until I ran out of money). Before I really got started on decorating I just had to purchase the latest stuff pack which is all about the kids. It included new decor, new outfits, new games, and a lot of fun. One of my favourite objects is the Voidcritter battle station pictured above. Your sim has to go online and purchase booster packs, open them, and see what cards you get. Some are common and some are rare. Then you train your voidcritters and you can play against your friends. Really fun idea. There’s also a puppet theater (I haven’t played with this one yet) and a lot of neat room objects like nightlights. The bright vibrant colours suit kids of all ages, and I think it’s one of the better stuff packs released so far.

What’s new with my legacy family? Emily managed to reach level 10 in painting. She picked a career path, and finished her aspirations. While she’s still not pulling in quite as much as her mother Jessica used to make, it’s nothing to sneeze at. Tristan (her husband) on the other hand is still a constant battle. His non-committal trait leaves him moody and gloomy pretty much every day. He’s barely been at a job for two days before he starts freaking out. Thankfully he has an award winning garden outside, and with the help from his club they keep it in tip-top shape. It pulls in a lot of cash when the harvest is ready.

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The family recently went on a camping vacation to Granite Falls. Many hours were spent telling ghost stories, cooking hot dogs, fishing, and exploring. They also ran into the local crazy bear. What a face!

Now that the house is no longer a rectangle, I’ve been able to spend more time (and of course money) outfitting it to last a few generations. Emily has finally aged into a proper ‘adult’ and her young son is about to become a teenager. Unfortunately the map doesn’t seem to have many children around, so meeting people his age has been hard. Most of the friends Emily has on her phone are ghosts.. I may have to intervene and do something about that if it becomes an issue with future generations. Both ghost Alonzo and ghost Jessica have been making appearances in the house at night, haunting various appliances, sleeping in peoples beds, and generally being a pest. I like these little generation reminders.

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