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HP Train – Choo Choo

I heard a lot of people talking about “HP trains” but I had no idea what they were or why I would want to participate. Turns out that means ‘hero point’ – and you very much do want to take part. There are some that run on the weekends but my time restrictions are all over the place, so when I’m in game and I see one starting up (typically mentioned in map chat) you can bet I’ll be there. Yesterday I was in the first HOT zone when one was starting up. I got 8/11 done – a huge chunk. It didn’t take too long, and because you’re with a massive amount of other players it is much less painful than if you were just wandering around all alone.

You can also join (I believe it’s unofficial) the GW2 Discord Channel, I found it linked from reddit. People advertise in there, and there’s all sorts of information and lore tidbits floating around. I am not usually interested in joining a bunch of strangers on Discord, I prefer to talk to those I know, but I’m glad I made an exception this time around.

Aside from HP trains and discord channels I’ve just been casually clearing maps. Stock piling crafting goods, and running a few instances of living world season 2 (and of course HOT story too). It’s relaxing, and that’s exactly what I have needed.

I know a big patch came out yesterday but honestly I haven’t even read the notes or made heads or tales of the thing, so I don’t know what was involved aside from WvWvW being allowed to use gliders and players rejoicing over that. I believe it was a balancing patch, so maybe condition was toned down a bit? No idea.

In any case, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


I love beautiful games and honestly, Guild Wars 2 is a work of art. I spent yesterday just wandering around taking things in, working my story line a bit, and enjoying the moments. I love how beautiful this game looks and can’t wait to see what they do in the next expansion.

Living Stories and Other Hoopla

I mentioned before that I don’t really know what I should work on or where I’m going in Guild Wars 2, and nothing has really changed there. I did end up swapping things around on my guardian though and that has made a world of difference. I decided to drop the longbow because it doesn’t do that much DPS. Instead I picked up a scepter and a torch, and I added condition damage to my gear. I also kept my greatsword off spec because I just love it. Now I’ve still got a ranged / melee spec, but a lot more power behind my attacks, which is good. Great, in fact. It’s a huge difference to how I was playing before. I got a new set of gear, added some runes to it, and made sure I had all my masteries and points spent where I wanted them. Now I only die about 10 times traveling through HoT zones instead of 80 times.

I started working on the living story season 2 – but quickly got distracted by newer content. I swapped over to the HOT story line, and promptly got lost. I hate making my way around that starter zone. There are so many twists and turns and up and down and bouncy mushrooms and drafts (which I haven’t unlocked yet). By the time I make my way to a section of the map I need to be in, I’ve already died and have to start the adventure all over again. Everything is really spread out, especially things I want to reach on the far West side of the map. I know I’ll get there, but it’s frustrating and a trial in patience.

In the meantime, I have no idea what the items I’m collecting are for. Gears, oil, and other random bits of stuff. I think some is used for crafting, but I honestly have no idea. I store everything in my bank and hope to make use of it some time. There’s no real indication of what I should be working towards as far as gear or weapons go.

With all of that being said – I am having fun. I’ve been completing my dailies, adventuring around, exploring maps that I haven’t been to before. I’ve only got 60% of the map unlocked, which is a good chunk but not nearly as much as I’d like. So I take in a few vistas, play a few jumping puzzles, and just have a good time.

I haven’t purchased the entire season two or three yet – but I’m hoping ArenaNet has some big sale planned for the 5th anniversary which is quickly approaching so I’m trying to hold off spending very many of my gems. I did purchase the first step to season 2, but that’s it so far. I know there are bundles on sale in the market, but again I’d really like to see what they have planned for their 5th anniversary.

It feels good to be playing again (and not having to worry about a subscription cost). I may not get a whole lot of time but the hour I get here and there is more than enough to get some stuff done at least.

Learning about the Newcomers

I’ve been learning about the newcomers to Tyria (well, introduced to me at least) after the defeat of Zhaitan, and the issues with Scarlet Briar. This little Azura is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Handy Guild Wars 2 Sites?

These days it seems like everything I want to learn about a game I’m playing is a youtube video or some other video that I have to watch – and as much as I enjoy watching videos sometimes, most of the time I’d rather just read an article or walk through. When it came to gearing up my Guardian, I had absolutely no idea what sites people still used, what is relevant, or where to go.

Have a site suggestion for me with current information? Please let me know in comments! For now I’m still using:

I’m also using the wiki a lot, but those are the only sites I have kicking around that still work. I was really sad to see the cartographer map site has moved on – is there a replacement for that somewhere? Let me know in comments please and as always, happy gaming, no ¬†matter where you find yourself!


Slow and Steady

When I stopped playing Guild Wars 2 previously, I was on the final quest in my personal story chain – to defeat elder dragon Zhaitan. There was no way I was going to be able to handle it alone, and I got frustrated because most of my personal story up to that point had been solo material.

These days things are a bit easier, at least where that story is concerned. With help from girlvsmmo we went back to that period in time and together we defeated Zhaitan, completing what was (to me) an enormous amount of progression. I was so excited to finally be doing it. The cut scenes were top notch, the story telling fantastic, and let me tell you, when my character marched through the crowds – I felt like a hero.

The music in the final instance was also pulling at my heartstrings, it was incredible.

I can’t complete living story 1 any more because it involves content that is no longer available (way back from 2014-2015) but there’s an NPC who will tell me about it and then I can continue on with living story 2 – I also have Heart of Thorns to work on, and then yes, there’s the expansion coming out in September.

This time around I’ve been paying far more attention to the story being told and listening to what the NPCs are saying. My previous playthroughs involved a lot of skipping – and it’s probably how I got so burnt out.

In any case, it’s really nice to have my personal story completed (at least on one character) and it feels amazing to be back in Tyria. No pressure about having a subscription, no guilt if I don’t get a number of hours in each day, no worries if I have to randomly leave because of real life (I would love to do some group content, but my time is pretty restrictive).

Can you tell I’m excited?

You better believe it.

As always, happy gaming – no matter where you find yourself.

So That’s a Sand Storm..

I was doing a vista during living season two, and apparently there was a sand storm going on, because this is all it showed me….

Lots of sand.

Bring on the Dragons

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve returned to Guild Wars 2 with their latest announcement of an expansion and some encouragement from friends (girlvsmmo, that’s you) and I’m pretty pleased about that choice. When I returned I decided to work on the story line of my level 80 guardian who I leveled up through crafting, so she was on a level 10 story. Now she’s on a level 60 story which is where things get interesting (or at least it would be, if I hadn’t already done these stories a few times before on a previous account).

You know the deal, Dragons, Zhaitan, etc.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m getting a lot more dye rewards than I used to, and that’s pretty nice since I’m rebuilding everything. I still don’t know exactly what I should be doing that’s current, but with an expansion in the upcoming months I doubt it matters too much. So I’m working on simple achievements, unlocking sections of the map, progressing my story line and all that good stuff.

I’m playing my Asura Guardian, and even though I’ve played quite a few classes to 80 she’s still my absolute favourite (which is why I remade the exact same class / race combo on the new account). I love swinging my giant 2h sword around, and Asura just make everything fun.

Anyone else return to the game in the hopes of playing the expansion when it releases? What are you doing to keep yourself busy between now and then? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Expansion Excitement

Like a handful of other friends, I tuned in this morning to ArenaNet on twitch to listen to their announcement about the next expansion. It has been some time since I played GW2, but not because I dislike the game by any means. My issue is twofold. First, I am constantly struggling to figure out WHAT I should be doing. Because the game does not go up in levels, progression is an odd and fickle creature and is marked by other means. I have no idea what the current story is and whether or not I should be doing it – and why I should be doing it.

Second, I actually have two accounts. One is 4+ years old, started playing when GW2 released. I have a number of level 80 characters that I took through the game, unlocked the map on one of them, lots of crafting, etc. Then I worked for NCSOFT and one of the perks of that job was getting a copy of the game – and it came with a few bonuses, like the last expansion, some gems, and extra character slots. Things that I really wanted to make use of, so I abandoned my original account and created new characters. I got to level 80 on two of them by crafting, and not adventuring since I had already done the content on my original account. Of course that meant that I now had two level 80 characters who had unlocked zero waypoints, done zero personal story, and had done pretty much nothing except browse the auction house for gear and buy crafting supplies.

That’s where I stopped playing. I didn’t want to re-play through content that I had already completed on my old account, but I had no idea where to take the new characters.

Enter 2017. My time is incredibly limited and I’m trying to save some cash by not paying for a subscription. I’d really like to invest in a gaming laptop so I’m on a pretty strict budget. Anyway, GW2 doesn’t have a subscription, the game is beautiful, and why not return right before their next expansion comes out.

So here I am.

My level 80 Guardian (my favourite character to play) is currently working through her level 30 personal story. I’m not sure if I should be doing these in a different order (ie: latest content first, then backwards to personal story when I run out of stuff to do) but for now I’m going to do things in order. We’ll see how long that lasts. I only have an hour or two to play a day, but it should be enough to make a little progress. Today I managed to get from my level 10 personal story to level 30, so that’s something.

Playing? Excited about the expansion? Already bought it? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

GW2 – Getting Familiar (Again)

Last night I decided to dive back into Guild Wars 2 and see what I had missed. I played briefly when HoT released, but it has been some time since then. My stream had a rocky start (a pretty bad stuttering issue when I first started the stream, and then some issues with the music being louder than me talking) but it didn’t take long to get off and running.


I checked out my guardian and noticed that her personal story was at the level 10 stage. I had leveled my characters up by doing crafting instead of adventuring, so I missed out on pretty much everything. This is my second account so I just wanted to level up as fast as possible and move past the content I had already done (many) times before on my old account. I headed off to do my level 10 story and… got completely stuck. I had NO idea where the instance wanted me to go to progress the line. I walked all over the place but was constantly told if I walked any further I’d be outside the instance lines (looking back, the NPCs wanted me to go under the water.. I just didn’t grasp that at the time).

Instead I headed out to do the opening sequence that leads you to HoT. Lots of information about lost troops and the bad guys basically destroying everything.

I didn’t get too far into it before my hour of game time was up, but it was nice to be playing. I really enjoyed GW2 when I had more time to play. I still saw players everywhere, and while it may not be as busy as it was, it’s still a pretty hopping game. I always smile to see things like that. I never want a game to fail. Sure, there are games out there that I don’t particularly like, genres I don’t enjoy playing, but that’s perfectly OK. Not all games have to be for me.

My characters all passed another birthday so I picked up the goodies from that, too. Scrolls, miniatures, everything deserving of cluttering my bags. If you missed the stream and want to take a peek, you can head on over to my twitch channel: If you like what you see, please consider giving a follow! I stream Tuesday-Friday 7:30 PDT-8:30 PDT.

Have you recently returned to a game and if so are you enjoying yourself? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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