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Clockwork Chaos #GW2 #GuildWars2

gw055This week I started playing Guild Wars 2 again, which coincides with their latest event, Clockwork Chaos. Scarlet (pictured above) is a little bit crazy, and every hour on the hour an invasion of hers begins in Tyria. Basically an entire map turns into a mass of enemies and you and your friends (or anyone on the map) will have to split up into groups of 10 or so, in order to defeat. The reason you’ll have to split up is simple. There are too many groups to take them all down unless you split up AND the more people are in an area, the larger the single fight is. Split up and the encounters are slightly easier, meaning you can obtain the objectives quicker. You are on the clock after all!

Whether you defeat Scarlet or not, hang out on that map until the timer is up and you’ll be given a reward as well as rewards for participating in each individual fight. You’ll earn more rewards the further along the event you are, and as a word of warning, keep your bags empty. You may even want to be able to summon a merchant or banker while on your travels.

There are (as always) a ton of achievements associated with this event. I’ve been working on them slowly but the hardest one requires approx 13 hours invested. The achievement wants you to shut down 13 different invasions on 13 different maps. So far I’ve completed 5 of them. The event runs from August 20th until September 3rd (I believe) so you should have enough time even if you only complete one or two maps a day. A lot of people are running this continuously because the rewards are just that good and I don’t mean the clockwork rewards but the random blues greens and yellows that you’ll get from countless chests. It’s quite easy to go in and walk out with a few gold each time although if you’re anything like me you’ll want to turn map chat off.

As always Dulfy has a collection of guides and information on this live event, but the majority of them are pretty straight forward. Unlike the Queen’s Jubilee and the Gauntlet patches which I am still trying to figure out since they’re running at the same time. So far it’s been refreshing to be back in game. I like the simplicty of the game and my tiny asura is just as cute as ever. When I left I had only completed 55% of the map, and I still haven’t finished off my personal quest yet so perhaps I’ll be able to finish those off before my attention wanders once more. We’ll just have to see. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Keeping Up With The Gamers #MMORPG

If you’re one of those gamers who likes to taste a little bit of every game, this has probably been an expensive year for you. Whether you’re only interested in MMOs or if that extends to single player, it doesn’t much matter. There’s a lot of games out there and the costs can add up.

Right now I’m reading everyone’s excited squeals for Neverwinter, the ‘early’ release starts today – for people who decided to buy the $200 package. Needless to say, I simply can’t afford to spend that much on a game that I may or may not enjoy well into the future. At this moment I have been contemplating the $60 package, but I’m still not sure if it’s a game that I truly enjoy more than anything else I already have on my plate (that comes at a lower cost). So what is on my plate?

I did get my $60 out of Guild Wars 2, and even though I’m not actively playing that right this second I know it’s not going anywhere. I’ve dedicated more than $60 worth of hours to the game, and I’ve had a lot of fun. It will still be there when my interest leans that way again.

Wurm Online is $50 a year (until the price goes up in May). You rarely ever get MMOs for that price, and I’ve certainly got a lot of played time on my characters. I think my main is over 100 days played now. Plus you can play Wurm with in-game currency, which I do for my 2nd account. I just purchased a year of game time, wanting to get that settled before the price goes from $5 EU a month to $8 EU.

My EQ account is compensated, as are all of my SOE accounts. This makes them an easy go-to choice for many genres. I’m having a lot of fun in EQ, and I still dip into EQ2 and Vanguard. Me and SOE (the company, not the people) may have had some rocky times, but they’re a solid game choice for me and have been for many, many years.

Rift is active for 30 days. I haven’t poked in yet and I’m not really sure why. I just haven’t felt the urge, even after claiming the latest expansion and a handful of other goodies.

There are loads of other games on my desktop that I could technically pick up and play at any time, and haven’t felt an inkling to do so yet. There’s Wizard 101, Pirate 101, The Secret World, Star Trek Online (I have a life time subscription to that one), and of course EVE which I still have some unused PLEX for. These are just the MMO games. There’s a whole steam library of single player games that I haven’t beaten yet, and a few that have no ‘end’ like The Sims 3.

With such a selection it’s hard for me to justify spending even more money on a game that I know didn’t exactly call to me in the beta – but – so hard to resist because pretty much all of my friends are going to be playing it. I never want to be the one left out of all the fun. So for those who ARE going to be playing today – I look forward to living vicariously through your adventures!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Super Adventure Box Time! #GW2

gw044While I avoided most of the social media yesterday for April Fools, I did manage to spend a few hours playing Guild Wars 2 and their Super Adventure Box zone. It was a lot of fun, even if I had to run the zones in “infantile mode” which made happy little clouds spawn with magical rainbows to carry me and Hampooj to safety.

I thought the zones were a lot of fun, but they would have been almost impossible for me to do without the use of those happy little clouds. The only issue I have with any of this event is that you have to sink in (what appears) to be a lot of time in order to earn enough baubles for any of the appearance skins that Moto sells. I personally feel that the time required doesn’t quite match up to the rewards given, but perhaps that’s because I’m particularly bad at these sorts of jumping / secret room puzzle games. I could easily spend multiple hours on multiple days just to earn enough for a small handful of rewards.

Still, a huge glee of excitement from me for this event. Pictured above is me fighting the end boss, a giant frog King. The mechanic was simple enough, smash the amulet he wears, pick up the shards, then when his tongue goes into spasms, throw the shard into his mouth to stun him so that you can damage him. All the while he’s spitting out rounds of poison that seep along the ground in various directions. The smart way to do this fight is to move from lily pad to lily pad, hitting him as you pass. However, since I played on infantile mode the best thing to do was to hang out on the rainbows in between hitting the amulet and stunning him so you could hit him. It took some time, but eventually we killed him.

Have you tried the Super Adventure Box zones yet? What did you think of them? Let me know in comments below! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Gear, Dungeons, and Karma – Oh My! #GW2

gw014My elementalist is now at a comfortable level 80. I reached 400 chef, artificer, jeweler, tailor, and huntsman. I love having the ability to swap out my crafts on  a single character, it makes things much easier.

Combat Wombats kicked off the night with a karma banner and a 15% karma buff for 24 hours. I used a potion and some karma food and managed to open enough jugs and drops to have slightly over 200,000 karma, which gave me a great start on level 80 karma gear. I picked up the chest, legs, helm, shoulders, and back pieces. I have almost enough laurels to pick up my first piece of ascended gear, and I’m now working towards obtaining my legendary. I’m going to do it in stages, I figure. First I’ll work on getting world completion. While I’m doing that I’ll be saving up the karma required and dabbling in PvP. It will take time but we’ll see how it goes.

I joined up with two guild mates to attempt to pug a dungeon, and I discovered one really annoying ‘feature’ guild wars 2 has regarding their dungeons. If the person who started the dungeon group (ie: zoned in first and set the dungeon) leaves, you get kicked out and you’re forced to re-start the instance with someone else. We struggled doing path one explore of Caudecus Manor, two named down (with some helpful hints) no thieves or mesmers in the group to make sneaking around easier, and mid-fight a member left. Suddenly we all found ourselves outside the gate in whatever stage we had been in before we got kicked (ie: I was laying dead on the ground).

One person should not have that much control over a group. The person who left didn’t give us any time to find a replacement or even notify us that he was fed up and wanted to bail. There was nothing to do but either start over again or just give up. Since it was already after midnight I decided to stop for the evening.

Tonight the Combat Wombats are making another dungeon run, and I’ll be going along on my elementalist. I’m excited to see how it goes.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

The Half Way Mark #GW2 #GuildWars2

gw005At the half way mark, my elementalist is sitting at a comfortable level 40. Last night as I was running around trying to get my daily done, I embraced a few facts about the character. While it may have been alright for my guardian to romp around Tyria wearing gear 10 levels lower than her, if I want to stay alive on my elementalist, my best bet is to upgrade her gear every 5 levels or so. Not a big deal at this stage of the game, gear is barely a silver per piece. So when I realized I was wearing level 18-24 gear at 39, I went and upgraded every single piece.

It made a huge difference in my ability to survive, which in turn makes a difference in my attitude as I play. Dying over and over again is not really fun.

I haven’t been quite as dedicated with my crafting this round as I was with my guardian. I’ve chosen to go the artificer / huntsman rout because an artificer is what I need to create the legendary staff I want one day, and huntsman was next on my list of “crafts I want to have maxed” – I have plans to max each of the crafts (slowly). With the guardian I made sure not to move on to the next zone until I was finished with the tier I was crafting, but this time I haven’t bothered to do that. Maybe I should. Actually now that I think about it, that was a much smarter way of completing things since I personally have more than enough time to farm components.

I really want to get into some dungeons, but I’m not sure where people go to look for a group. I also have no idea what a lot of the abbreviations I see in Lion’s Arch stand for. Fractals are another event I’d like to get into but finding a group for that has also proven to be difficult during my play times. I’m sure I’ll get to experience all of these things before too long!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!  (Also, this weekend will be filled with Neverwinter beta goodness, so expect a few posts about that in the upcoming days)

Completion of the Living Story (So Far) #GW2



I’ve slowly been leveling my elementalist, and having a pretty good time of it. There’s a few differences of course, she’s MUCH more fragile than my guardian. I’ve had to adjust how to take on encounters (they involve a lot more kiting and a lot less bam in your face) and I’ve had to get more help in doing my personal story. She’s level 23 so far, leveling has been a bit slower than I had expected as well. Of course that probably has more to do with the fact that I’ve also been playing Wurm Online, and EverQuest, and did a dungeon with my 80. There are only so many hours in a day after all!

One thing I did manage to complete was the progress so far in the living story that has been going on. It’s quite interesting, there are refuges all over Shiverpeak looking for help. It was a bonus that I’m a norn and happened to be exploring through that area to begin with. There’s a fantastic guide and general information over at so I won’t get into the specific details, but needless to say I managed to return all four of the lost refuge items, kill 150 of the invaders, and aid 75 of the refuges by building signs and lighting campfires, oh, and returning lost mementos. You get a title for helping out 75 refuges (volunteer), and you get a child’s drawing in thanks for helping kill 150 invaders. The drawing can be consumed for karma, so I’ve been hanging onto it because next weekend we’ll be using some guild buffs that increase the amount of karma you get when you consume an item. I’ve been stock piling all of my karma items for quite some time now, so I’m excited to see how much I may have saved up. I’ve been hoping to get a nice pile for when the elementalist eventually hits 80 – she will get there, eventually.

Have you completed the living story that is available yet? What did you think of it? Do you enjoy these sorts of little mini quests? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

The Combat Wombats take on Sorrow’s Embrace #GW2 #GuildWars2

gw827The Combat Wombats were down by one, so I volunteered to fill in the empty spot on their weekly dungeon run. This week we were exploring Sorrow’s Embrace, a level 60 dungeon located in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. The moletariat running the place became corrupt, influenced by the inquest, and enslaved their own kind into mining forever. So that’s where you come in. Or a group of you in any case.

This was one of the most fun dungeons I’ve been to in GW2 so far, but I haven’t completed them all yet. I think the guild had a great combination of classes and we did pretty well. There was really only one tricky fight and that was a particular boss who liked to spawn a golem every 25% on us. Each one would have a unique tactic, like fire or poison. It took us three attempts to get him down, but we did it (and there was much rejoicing).

The final boss fight was the best yet, as you can see by the Terminator 2 tribute in the screen shot above. It was a fight where it didn’t matter how “good” you were or what gear you were wearing, what mattered was paying attention to where you were standing, and then hurling these giant boulders at the named throughout the encounter to damage him.

Since the zone is level 60 and my guardian is 80 the final reward wasn’t of much use to me, but I still had an amazing time playing with fellow Wombats, and the rest of the loot was nice. None of it was really an upgrade but it’s great to be able to clear story mode dungeons so that you’re ready for the exploration mode ones (which I have yet to do). I’m still contemplating what I’d like to level up next. I’ve been playing more EverQuest than GW2 lately but that’s one of the pleasures of not having to pay for a subscription to GW2. At least I don’t feel like I’m ‘wasting’ any money. In any case, there’s the mesmer I’ve been leveling up as well as my new found love for the elementalist. I’m not sure if either of them will ever actually make it to level 80, but at least it’s a project to work on.

Games I’m Currently Playing #EVEOnline #GW2 #WoW #WurmOnline

gw813I’ve got four games on my plate lately, and I can’t help thinking about what each one adds to my over all ‘wants’ out of an MMO.

First, I’m still playing Wurm Online. Sandbox game where you can shape the world around you, but the game requires a LOT of time and dedication and that time only rises if you incorporate things like animals into game play. See, animals need food. Grass eventually becomes packed, and thus animals can starve. Also everything in-game aside from your personal inventory can decay. If you take off for a week it’s not that big of a deal, but any longer and your virtual items in game are going to suffer. Lately this has been more and more of an issue for me, feeling ‘tied’ to a game is a good way to make me not want to play it. I shouldn’t feel like I’m going to lose my time investment if I have to step back from playing for a little while. Still, this game just reaches out to me and it’s held my attention far longer than I would have thought when I first started playing.

Second I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2. I think this game is fantastic, especially since it has no subscription in order to enjoy it. Buy the box, and play it like a single player game if that’s your preference. Of course then you get to level 80 and realize that there’s no way for you to do dungeons unless a mass of your friends are playing OR you PUG them. Plus these are not your typical dungeon where everyone has a role and can act on it. There are no tanks no healers you’re all just bodies and it can be a whole mass of confusion and a lot of deaths. It’s a game where (imo) there’s a lot of ‘go go go’ constantly happening. There’s very little relaxing I can do, if I want to harvest I’m going to have to engage in combat, there’s typically always a mob or event going on by every node I come across. Beautiful lands, with a lot of puzzles and vistas, and yes I could work on zone completion in the cities, but it’s still not the quiet I look for.

I’ve recently resubscribed to EVE Online using some plex I had stored up. EVE scratches my sandbox urges as well as the quiet time I look forward to, or exciting ‘go go go’ time if I feel like it via PvP and missions. It’s almost the perfect game for me, except as much as I love EVE I’m not a giant fan of science fiction – so I still prefer to have a fantasy genre game on my plate. Today I’m making a run out to my PI planets to collect all the goods I’ve been stock piling, and then I’m going to put a few more manufacturing jobs active before I begin doing some missions. I’m almost able to finally fit the heavy missiles on the Tengu that I want to use, but in the mean time it’s back to my old ship until those are ready.

Finally I’ve decided to resubscribe to World or Warcraft. I know, an odd choice when I’m playing two sandbox games and a non-subscription game, but WoW is like a comfortable sweater to me. It’s ultra causal and you’d never wear it out of the house, but it’s great for those sleepy cold days where you’re huddled down not doing much of anything. In other words it fits the ‘relaxed’ bill that I was looking for above. I can solo some dungeons if I feel inclined to do so, I can PUG dungeons and raids (which I frequently do), work on alts, craft or harvest, etc. It’s not new or innovative, but some times that’s just not what I want. Plus pet battles are just plain fun.

There are other games I still dive into here and there, like Vanguard, but I’m not currently playing them on a steady basis, so I didn’t count them in this post. There’s also a bunch of single player games I’ve been enjoying such as Sim City (March 5th can’t get here fast enough!), The Sims 3, Triple Town (a cute puzzle game from Steam), and Skyrim. Of course there are always a handful of games I wish I were devoting more time to, too. Those include The Secret World, Pirate 101, and Lord of the Rings Online. Sadly, there are just not enough hours in the day to play them all.

What games are you playing lately? Share below in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Another Trip to Caudecus’ Manor with the Combat Wombats #GW2 #GuildWars2

gw785Ah yes, Caudecus’ Manor. It wasn’t that long ago that the members of Combat Wombats were taking our first stabs at dungeons, and while we may not be the ‘top dog’ type of player, we’re still having a lot of fun. Last night was another dungeon run evening, which is all the more important these days because they’re a requirement for the monthly achievement. I’d almost rather do the PvP achievement than the dungeon one, but that’s got nothing to do with the guild and more a personal preference of my own.

We ran the dungeon twice, and while it was easier this round because we knew what was going to be going on for the most part, there have still been some tweaks. For example you can no longer ‘zerg’ fights any more, when you’re dead you have to stay dead until someone else revives you or until combat ends so you can port to a waypoint. I remember when we did Ascalionian Catacombs zerg was an important part of our combat. It will be interesting to see how it works out now.

Of course with time also comes knowledge. Our characters are better geared, and we’ve all developed at least some sense of what to do, that just happens naturally over time.

I’m still not ‘feeling’ the guardian as much as I had at the beginning. I’ve started playing an elementalist, which is a LOT of fun, and more suited to my play style. Of course the issue with this is that I’ve put a lot of time and coin into the guardian, so switching characters or even simply leveling up another character is not that simple. I’m sure if I can just manage to stick with it for a while the class will eventually become my new main. We’ll just have to see!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Combat Wombats Take On WorldvsWorldvsWorld

gw731It’s hard to tell by the mess of colour above, but that’s the proud Combat Wombats, fighting at the entrance of a keep in World vs. World vs. World last night. I really wish we could turn off particle effects.

I haven’t done much pvp since the first month GW2 released, I did it then mostly because I wanted to earn my monthly achievement. It’s hectic, and fun, but it’s one of those activities I only feel like doing here and there for an hour or two, not all evening long.

It’s basically a map of castles and locations, outposts and supply depots, and the more you capture and secure, the better. There are two sides, the attackers and the defenders. Combat Wombat spent most of their time attacking, as the defenders seemed to have a fairly good grip on things – except then we lost a few locations because those that we had taken over no one stayed around at to defend. So the enemy came up behind and “back capped” as you’ll hear it called. It’s always best to leave a few people from the main force behind to help defend.

I suppose one of the reasons I enjoy WvsWvsW so much is that I do enjoy pvp and am quite used to “battlegrounds” from world of warcraft. This is a much larger and more complicated scale, but in the end it’s still a mass of killing anything red.

I did go with my 26 (now at least) mesmer, I think I actually prefer my guardian, but we’ll just have to see.

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