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Much like real life, in game, I also like to organize things. I like spreadsheets and documents and a semblance of order to the chaos that is gaming. Lately I’ve felt very little of this because let’s face it, my entire life is run by two toddlers and a police enforcement husband. I don’t sleep when I want to sleep, I don’t eat when I want to eat, my life is controlled by schedules that are not my own and that can get very frustrating.

I also have a lot of hobbies, so if I don’t have that organization then some of those hobbies tend to fall by the wayside. I like to hand knit, I like to use my circular sock knitting machine, and I’m trying to teach myself to use my flatbed knitting machine. I love to spin yarn, which is a whole process into itself with preparation and completion of yarn. I love to read, not that you’d ever know it. I have also been known to do a cross stitch or two in my day – and I also love to draw, though that talent is one I have barely touched in the last 20 years. I had dreams of re-learning it and I even bought a beautiful tablet to do so but I’ve made zero progress.

You can’t get better at things if you don’t dedicate time towards it. You can’t improve without practice. Unfortunately we’re also limited by the time we have available and with all of these hobbies I enjoy – plus gaming – I’m finding it even harder to find a little ‘me’ time wedged in there. The point? I don’t know if I really have one except to say that the more organized I am in my day to day life, the happier I am. I just wish sometimes it were easier.

Where Does the Time Go…

The name of the blog has changed, but I’m still here, 14 years later. I can honestly say that not a single thing is the same as it was 14 years ago – except – the games I’m playing. I played EverQuest, EverQuest II, WoW, EVE, and I still bounce around those games today. Nostalgia, it’s a hell of a drug.

In 14 years I’ve moved 7 times. I’ve lived in three provinces. I left a 12 year relationship. I got married. I had two kids. I’ve taught myself to knit, crochet, spin, and play guitar. I started teaching myself coding. I started going to school for victim services coordinator. I’ve seen a pandemic, and protests. I’ve seen some good things in the world – and bad. I’ve made amazing friends, and I’ve lost some amazing friends too.

I still love video games but my time is far more precious to me than it used to be, and scarce. I thought back before kids that I “had no time for anything” – turns out I had ALL the time. I truly didn’t realize it. I still enjoy blogging as much as ever but it tends to fall by the wayside. I AM still here though.

Hopefully, for 14+ more.

Hello? Is this thing On?

Welp. I haven’t written since the 1st of May – though I may go back and change that with backlogs, we’ll see. Why haven’t I written? There’s a number of reasons but the first one is because I simply haven’t had the brain power or the time.

We’re under lockdown with covid-19 and have been for some time. Complete lockdown. We can’t even go out of the community for groceries. At the same time that all of ‘that’ happened, we got the official diagnosis for my son – autistic, echolilalo, and learning disability.

At the same time as that, our basement flooded with sewage, the tire to the car was flat, and other every day things all happened. All the things. All at once. It has been too much for me. Wait, no, saying it has been too much for me is an understatement.

There’s no family or friends to help and there’s no escaping the stress because we’re not allowed to go anywhere, so I’ve been trying to maintain some semblance of normal by knitting, spinning, gardening, taking care of the family – but absolutely nothing is ‘normal’ these days, and I dislike everything about this new way of life we have.

Hopefully I get back to blogging soon.


Strawberries, cucumber, onions, and spinach. Here’s hoping the harden does well this year!

Too Many Hobbies, Not Enough Time

I wish I had more time to do things I enjoy. A lot of people are off work and talking about all these things they’re accomplishing, but me, I have the kids to handle and all the house work and with my husband working incredibly long hours there’s no relief from any of it.

I love to knit, spin, read, draw, game, and play guitar. I want to use an app or my BulletJournal to dedicate time to each of these things weekly, but even THAT takes (you guessed it) time.

Welcome to the Far North..

Not a good time here lately.

BulletJournal Excitement

The image above is taken from Reddit, where I have fallen into the rabbit hole of BulletJournals once again. I absolutely love to have everything written and scheduled out, even if I don’t follow the directions, they’re simply nice to have. There have been a ton of covid-19 themed layouts, as well as (of course) Animal Crossing. So cute!

Never Too Old

My husband is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever had in my life. He bought me a brand new guitar so I could learn, because it has always been one of my dreams. He never questions when I want to pick up a new hobby, but always supports me and goes all in. I most certainly will dedicate my first country song to him, hehe.


Dill, basil, and mint are up next in my aerogarden, along with two tomato plants and a lettuce. I’m hoping to get some potting soil so I can get the strawberries going and also transplant the mint and dill when it comes time. We’ll see how it goes. The tomato plants were supposed to be done but they just sprouted new fruit, so I’m letting them continue on.

Health Goals: Details

I mentioned I want to lose weight and get healthy in my previous post, so here’s a bit more of an in-depth look at what I’m doing to accomplish those goals.

I’m going back to portion control by means of meal prep. This is what I did when I lost 75lbs last time, and I know it works for me. My issue is not eating unhealthy so much as it is eating way too much. With mean preparation I don’t need to figure out what I’m going to eat each day, it will already be cooked. I also don’t need to worry about how MUCH of it I eat, because I have it all divided up in handy little containers. This also leaves me with more time during my days NOT focused on food, which is great because I have little time due to my kids anyway. Less chance of making unhealthy choices.