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Completed Ankle Socks

I started these socks May 2018 and didn’t finish the second one (thus completing an actual pair) until April 2019. Sometimes, life just happens – and for me second sock syndrome is a real thing. When I’m dedicated to the task I can finish knitting a single sock within a week, but the second one always takes me months to finish off. I’m still hoping to learn two at a time so I can get socks made faster.

This is the 7th pair of socks I’ve knit, but one pair was for babies, and another pair was absolutely destroyed when I put it through the washing machine (that’ll teach me to machine wash any knit items…)

I’m glad to have these ones finished. I’m not exactly thrilled with the colours, but they’re not horrible (when I purchased the yarn I was expecting something different).

Scarf Progress

For some reason my phone camera is doing a very poor job of taking pictures lately, but this is the progress on my scarf. It’s a deep green colour, the yarn is a bamboo blend that I just absolutely love because it’s soft and shines.

The pattern is a feather and fan repeated pattern with only four lines to memorize, so it’s something I can easily knit no matter what is going on. I’m using size 8 circular needles because I prefer using circulars instead of having two loose needles. The pattern is free on Ravelry, and you can find me there as Stargrace if you happen to be a member.

I’m almost done the first ball of yarn, and I’m ready to start the second. I want this scarf to be more decorative than functional, blame Gilmore Girls for that..

Scarf Progress

Feather and Fan Scarf

I needed a new project now that I finished the socks I had been working on, so I decided next up would be a simple scarf. It’s a bit hard to tell the pattern in my picture because it’s all bunched up and you won’t be able to see it until I block it at the end.

The colour is actually a deep green too, I’ll have to get a better picture in the future.

Pretty Much….

Sock Progress

I started this pair of socks last year, but as usual after finishing the first one I procrastinated starting the second and here we are now. I have gone back to knitting the foot, then all I’ll have left is the heel and the cuff – not a whole lot but when every second of your time is taken up it can be difficult to complete things.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Whether you jump in and celebrate, or avoid the internet for the remainder of it, I hope you’re all safe and happy.

Weight loss Update

February has been a really difficult month for a LOT of different reasons. The health challenge that was supposed to take place, was no candy, pop, or chips – as well as getting out twice a week with the family.

I managed to stay away from pop and candy, but failed once with the chips. We also failed to get out twice a week as a family, and there’s no real good excuse except that it was between -40C and -50C for most of the month. I’m reluctant to bring the children out in anything colder than -30C, especially the newborn. Then we all got really sick, and that has been the last week or so here at home. Not. Fun.

So this month I actually gained 7 lbs. I burst into tears when I saw that. It turned out that making simple challenges wasn’t going to work for me this time. I am absolutely determined to get back down below 200 pounds this year. Basically I decided enough was enough.

I’ve started a 90 day challenge with friends who want to participate. What each person does is completely up to them, but we weigh in on Fridays and motivate one another. My goal is to get from 227 to 215 in 90 days. That’s a pound a week. I’ve started calorie counting again over on myfitnesspal just because I needed reminders as to what proper portions of food look like.

Binge eating and stress eating are huge issues I deal with but again, I’ve hit that magical place where enough is enough and I’m tired of being this weight. 7 months postpartum or not, I need to feel better about myself.

Lets see how it goes.

February Challenge

January is over, and the 31 days of no fast food completed! As I mentioned in previous posts there were days I wanted to dive into a big mac, and others where it didn’t even bother me.

Now it’s on to the challenge for February, which includes no chips, no pop, and no candy – plus whatever naturally transitions over from January. Fast food is no longer automatically off the menu, but I’m hoping by abstaining all of January and breaking that habit I’ll choose to make healthier choices.

The hardest part of the challenge for February is going to be no pop. I typically drink one 350ml can a day, sometimes two. I’m hoping to replace that with tea or water, though I already drink an enormous amount of water daily so I’m not too concerned if it doesn’t get replaced at all.

The rest of the goal for February includes getting out twice a week as a family. The temperatures have been -30 to -50 Celsius lately, so this is not an easy task. It’s also made all the more difficult by our location. This challenge is just as important as the main one and I hope we can accomplish it, but even if we don’t I’m hoping for at least a tiny bit of improvement.

Last month I managed to lose 5lbs from 225 to 220 – the overall year goal is to get below 200lbs. I am not sure how much weight I’ll lose this month on the new goal, but hopefully it continues downwards or at least I don’t gain any more.

Day 27

The goal my husband and I set for January was no take out for the whole month, and we’re almost there. I’m down 5lbs, from 225 to 220 just from that single change. I didn’t change groceries or eating habits or exercise. Those are challenges coming up. February’s goal is no pop no chips no candy – and fast food is allowed, but I’m hoping by abstaining all of January the healthier habit will carry over. Another part of that goal is out 2x a week with the family which is hard to do where we live because it’s -50c some days, but I’m sure we can find things to do.

There are days I REALLY wanted fast food. Rough days when cooking was absolutely unappealing and I wanted something easy – but I reminded myself about the challenge, and I knew we could do it.

I’m confident we can handle the rest of the challenges, too. Here’s hoping I make it below 200lbs this year and to just being healthier overall.

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