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Finally Back Home

A fast moving fire had us evacuated on July 10th – and we were finally allowed back home, so in true Stargrace fashion I am going to back date a bunch of posts, because even though I wasn’t writing at the time, I did get some gaming (and knitting!) done. Honestly, I’m just glad that our house is still standing, that we had a place to go, and most of all, that we’re back home.

The kids handled things brilliantly, as kids do, but because our son has autism it was quite stressful to try to make things as ‘routine’ as possible for him in a situation where absolutely nothing was routine. He has some pretty exact food requirements and staying at your bosses’ house is stressful enough without everything extra going on. We were able to get away to the city for a few days, but hotels quickly filled up with other evacuees, so we stayed at a nearby town which is still quite isolated. It was odd to come home and see giant holes of space where forest used to stand. A big thank you to everyone who helped keep our home safe.

Health Goals – Progress

As a quick recap – April 15th (one day after my 40th birthday) I decided it was time for a healthier me. I wanted to help limit some of the issues I have with MS, and I was hoping that losing weight would give me some quality of life changes by putting less overall pressure on my body. I started at 250lbs, and today I’m at 213lbs.

I’ve lost 37lbs – but I don’t actually see it when I look in the mirror, and I don’t actually feel like I’ve lost that much. I think I’m probably just always going to see myself as a bigger girl for a long time, the mental battle that comes with weight loss is just as difficult as the physical one. I’ve been doing a mixture of keto and just eating less food, I ended up losing quite a bit while we were evacuated just due to stress which is NOT something I suggest to anyone. Each month I give myself a budget of $100 for keto friendly foods that I can find, and this month that meant some amazing tortilla wraps, some bbq sauce, ketchup, some chocolate milk shake mix, and some konjac noodle rice stuff that I’m hoping to use to make keto friendly sushi. Turns out seaweed is perfectly good to eat on a low carb diet.

Long term my first major goal is getting below 200lbs. Once there, I plan on dropping keto and working on portion sizes and learning sustainability when it comes to proper meals, even in my unique location where pretty much the only grocery options are frozen carbs. I also plan on incorporating exercise into the equation once I’m below 200lbs. Due to my MS, I have to be careful about how I go about this. Some days I can’t walk or make use of my hands, and I don’t want to injure myself. I’m not exactly proud of the progress I’ve made, but I’m glad I’m getting somewhere. It’s a mixed bag, honestly. I’m also not seeing any changes in my MS symptoms yet, but I’m sure my body is thankful not to have so much weight to carry around, even if I can’t feel any difference.


Created with procreate on an iPad with an Apple Pencil, I called this one ‘inside’ because even though I feel small, inside I’m all roar.

Buffalo River

Another procreate practice piece.


Well, at least the house is still standing. We’re evacuated until further notice due to a large wildfire threatening the only road out of town. I hope we’re allowed to go back soon.


Not one of my more favourite pieces, but they can’t all be winners. Done on procreate.


I recently purchased an iPad (not an iPad Pro, which is what I wanted, but they’re just too costly) along with an apple pencil. Full disclosure, this is the first time I’ve owned a tablet with a pencil – minus the drawing tablet I have on my PC. I was absolutely blown away by the responsiveness of the apple pencil, and I have zero regrets about my purchase. Yes, it buys into the apple world, I know, a corporate monster who holds a huge monopoly. Not good stuff. However. The quality and ease of use has been something that I truly value. I picked up the app ‘ProCreate’ which is iOS only and I began learning tutorials for it. Clip Studio Art also has an app – but instead of having a one time cost, you have to subscribe to it. Honestly, it’s what I wanted to go with from the start since I already own it on my PC, but after looking into each program I knew I’d be going with ProCreate.

It has been about a month now, and I completed my 36th piece of art for 2021. That’s 36 more pieces than I did last year – since I did zero art last year. Practicing weekly has become a ritual for me, and expanding my knowledge of the programs I’m using has been a main component to that. I’m having fun, learning, and liking the end results, too.

I can’t wait to see where my progress is at a year from now.

15 Years Old

Where does the time go.

I started this blog exactly 15 years ago today. I was playing EverQuest II full time, I was living in Ottawa Ontario, and since that time almost every single aspect of my life has changed.

I left a 12 year relationship. I got a job with a video game company. I moved across the country. I got married. I had two kids. I moved twice more. A pandemic happened. I no longer play EverQuest II but I still look at it with rose coloured glasses.

These days, I split my time between gaming and knitting (and other fiber related endevours). I didn’t knit back then. Spare time was mostly gaming. I did some photography (which I no longer do to any great extent). These days I play whatever game piques my interest for the week and that’s pretty varied. I have a few steady games I return to time and time again, but I haven’t settled down in a game for many many years. It turns out that’s just not my style. I love reading back on my older posts and seeing the dedication and enthusiasm I had. My attempts at role play. Writing out quests that I undertook, trying to become a part of the community. Eventually I joined the player council for EQII and that was quite fun. I was a guide in Vanguard, EQ, and EQ2. I absolutely loved the guide program. Video games have and continue to play such an enormous role in my life. I met my husband in EQ2/EQ.

I was helping a friend out with their epic in Chelsith, and the super bowl was going on – he had two other friends helping him out too, and one of them was my now-husband. I wasn’t even on the same server as them, I think I logged into his account to help him out, once I was done I went back to my original server, and continued to send tells to one of the people I had met. Happened that they were also Canadian, living in British Columbia (I was in Ontario) and our friendship flourished from there. Taking that leap and moving was one of the scariest things I did but it was also one of the best massive changes I ever undertook. I have no regrets.

I have loved writing here, and I don’t expect that to change. I love the record of games I’ve played, events that have happened, and things going on. I like to see how my writing has changed, how the games I’ve played have changed – and what things have stayed the same. I may not play EQ2 any more, but I still play WoW, I still delve into LotRO, EVE, and many other games that have been around for the l last 10 or more years. The group of friends I’ve made are steady and I count them close even if we’ve never met in the real world (yet, still a goal of mine).

So happy birthday, MmoQuests AkA NomadicGamersEh. It has been one wild ride.

Weight Loss Update

How are things going? Since April 15th I’ve lost just over 30lbs. I’m below 220 for the first time in a few years. I haven’t noticed any change with my MS symptoms yet, but I’m sure my body is happy to have a little less weight to cart around. I’ve been doing a mixture of keto and just eating regular food with moderate portions because up here in the North it can be difficult to stick to a set ‘diet’. I’m staying away from processed food and sugars as much as I can, but also not restricting myself so much that I don’t have anything to eat. I picked up some spices and I’m using them on everything. I love chili and lime, as it turns out.

In another 19lbs I’ll have obtained my first goal, 50lbs down. I decided if I can manage that, I’ll pick up an apple watch as a reward for doing well, and start incorporating exercise into the equation. That’s another thing that’s harder to do up here, I can’t go for walks around town due to the packs of wild dogs, and if I step outside right now I’ll either melt (what is with the crazy warm temperature this year?!) or I’ll eat a LOT of bugs. I’ll figure something out, even if it’s just doing some VR beatsaber in the comfort of my home. I don’t feel proud of myself yet. I do see my clothes fitting better though, and that’s always nice.


Not a Fan

I don’t particularly enjoy summer. Whether it’s because of the giant bug swarms we currently have, the heat, or some other reason, it’s my least favourite time of the year. I’m ready for the snow to come back.

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