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Tour de Fleece – Stage 14

I did some plying, I did a 2 ply for the smaller bobbin and then I practiced a navajo ply for the remainder – which was a disaster, and a LOT harder than it looks. It left me with a bulky weight yarn on the navajo, and a DK on the 2 ply. After I decided I’d start some merino/nylon that I bought. It’s white and a bit boring, but REALLY silky smooth to spin and just beautiful roving top.

Stage 13

I can’t spin yet today because my bobbins are full, so for stage 13 of Tour de Fleece I dug out my spindle. The fiber is old and felted and spinning is slow but it’s rewarding and still great for drafting muscle memory. This is corridale I dyed with kool-aid back in 2016

TDF Stage 12

I finished off my merino/silk blend, so now the singles will rest and I’ll ply them. I looked up different types of plying, and I’m thinking I might do a 2ply until the lighter bobbin is empty, and then teach myself the navajo ply which would only require one bobbin of yarn, and you ply onto an empty one. I still have a bit of the red wool of the andes left, so I figure I can practice on that one before trying it on the good stuff.

This would give me a 3 ply yarn, and I haven’t made one of those yet. Should be fun!

After all that, maybe I’ll spin my merino/nylon blend, I haven’t decided yet. I do have a bit of plain merino as well.

Stage 11

Tour de Fleece – Stage 10

Spinning this silk / merino blend so far has been the most enjoyable experience I’ve had. I’m spinning it from the fold (from the tip) and it’s so easy to control. Really glad I decided to swap things up.

Stage 8 & 9

On Stage 8 I decided enough was enough. I filled a bobbin with rambouillet and then on stage 9 I plyed it, and started on something a lot more fun. I’m really enjoying spinning from the fold.

Stage 7

Tour de Fleece is going well, but I’m getting a bit tired of spinning the rambouillet.. especially because I’m still finding it very difficult.

Stage 6 – Tour de Fleece

At least I’m managing to spin a little bit every day!

Stage 5

I’m frustrated with my spinning today. I attempted to draft my rambouillet but it’s a difficult product, and I need way more experience. Instead I decided to ply my red/white wool of the andes together from knitpicks, and this is what I have left on the bobbin.

TDF Stage 4

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