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It’s always nice to be home

Niagara Falls, pretty to visit, but it’s good to be home

One of the (many) pictures I took of Niagara Falls, the picture is of the Horse Shoe Falls, on the Canadian side. It’s roughly a 6-7 hour drive to get to the falls, left really early. The hotel room wasn’t ready so we spent a few hours wandering around. Everything is of course very expensive. The hotel over looks the falls, and is within walking distance easily. Just as an example of how expensive things are, if you want a room that over looks the falls themselves, it’s $150 more expensive then the exact same rooms on the opposite side of the building that over look the city. Go figure. I had a blast though. We did the walk beneath the falls because it’s just one of those things that you have to do, and spent the rest of the time sight seeing. There were people everywhere even though tourist season hasn’t officially started yet. The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful.

It was nice to come home, Princess was trying to sneak herself into my suitcase before we left, poor thing couldn’t come along on this trip. We actually made it home early enough to attend raids on Deathtoll, and I’m happy I went, as plate greaves (relic pants) dropped. They were a huge upgrade to Dasie, who was wearing the quested legendary ones from Loping Plains. The new ones add 62 points to one of her direct heals, and also have 150 power vs. the 50 power of her old ones. Deathtoll itself was a little.. messy. To say the least. We’re missing one of our key dps’ers and that makes a huge difference. Even with almost perfect group set ups people seemed to be slightly off. We wiped a few times on the splitting drake, and we wiped once on Tarinax himself. People were either standing in the wrong spot, or not curing their dot’s because they were getting hurt badly. Of course the more people who die the worse the raid goes because the encounter spawns adds for everyone who dies. Some guilds mez, some guilds burn the adds. We need dps to burn those adds. If the dps is dead, and we’ve got multiple encounters up.. well, yeah. It’s pretty self explanatory.

Sword of Destiny, rewards were posted. Legendary and fabled. I am exceptionally excited about them to say the least. The legendary healer item is a 1h hammer with +75 to heals. The stats are not that amazing, it’s +20 wis +100 power and I think stam. The fabled one of course has better stats, and on hostile spells it also proc’s a life tap. Very worth it for Dasie to complete. If I were a mage, I’d be pissed off. Their staff is 2h and it also adds +75 spell dmg, but for a 2h item it just doesn’t seem worth it. Especially since for illusionists / coercers you can’t even use a 2h item with their spell chain line — they are removing the fact that you need off hand free for *some* of the aa lines, but I didn’t see anything mentioned about perpetuality, only for the other portions of the same chain. I suppose we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Girl who cried Nerf

Dasie in Darklight Woods, working on getting those aa points by mentoring

Everyone on every channel that I listen to lately has one subject on their mind, and that is the dreaded GU36 and 37. Why do I say dreaded? Well, the notes can be found here with all of the new changes listed. I personally like a good deal of them, but there has been huge out cries from raiders and casual players alike. Especially when it comes to agro, and reducing a few classes usefulness on a raid. People are screaming nerf every which way.

However, I don’t feel the same.

In preparation for any expansion the first thing that happens every single time, is a game wide “nerf”. There’s really no other choice though, it has to happen. Why? Because they’re adding another 10 levels, and in order for those next 10 levels to be on par with everything else, they’d either have to be super duper hard so hard that only the best of the best raiders could ever attempt anything at all — or — they down grade how we play now, and make us learn and adjust to the new changes. Come on now, this is not new, it happened with DoF it happened with KoS, and when it’s happening with RoK people should not act so surprised or hurt. It is going to affect everyone, it’s going to make raiders re-learn how to handle their agro, maybe switch up some of those MT groups. Scouts are going to have some learning time with their changes, summoners as well. So when everyone is screaming on the channels about all this stuff that’s going on, I just sit back and listen. It’s not going to be that bad, and if it is, it will get changed. That’s why it’s on the test server, to change and adjust. Until they go to live, and even when they do, it won’t break the game for me or make me not want to play any more. It will just be a period of re-learning my classes to work with the new changes. Finding my niche again. I can completely understand why people who have already spent time learning their class and how they work do not want to have to re-learn how to play, but MMO’s are dynamic and ever changing. It’s never going to stay exactly the way it starts.

I find it amusing the ruckus it’s caused. I’ll wait for it to go live, and adjust with the changes. I’m sure some people will get pissed off and leave like they did after GU13 (which went down in record books I am sure for creating disturbances, you may remember it as the great combat revamp) but the majority of people will stick it out and realize that the changes are needed and are not that bad at all.

Sides, there are a few things that I love coming out with this update. More crafted furniture for one. The ability to respec your tradeskill class as another. I have two jewelers and I’m looking forward to making one a carpenter or weapon smith instead (I have two because one used to be on another server and then I transferred them).

Another side note, I’m headed to Niagara Falls for a few days this week to get away from things, so no blog entries here. I hope everyone enjoys their week though and it’s filled with happy gaming, I’ll bring back lots of pictures.

What a Princess

Just could not pass up posting this picture here.. this, is Princess, my cat. She’s got an obsession with bags of baby carrots apparently, which is what she’s curled up on. Her name suits her very well, she owns the house, I won’t lie.

Eeks, been tagged..

Though I can’t seem to access her site, Cuppycake tagged me yesterday and I think it relates to this post, so that’s what I’ll reply to. Before I get started though, I’m going to tag Cordanim, Gaff, and Saylah. If you’ve already been tagged sorry guys!

Top five reasons why I blog:

  • I really enjoy writing. I also really enjoy EQII. After reading various sites on gaming and bloggers in general, I decided I start an EQII (MMO) specific site. I’ve had various “regular” blogs for quite some time, ranting about life in general, some with my artwork and pictures of my cat. It was natural to switch over to an MMO blog eventually.
  • I wanted a place to record my events through the MMO world. Discover a new zone? Have a bad experience with a player? Just want to rant? Everyone needs a place like that.
  • I love listening to people’s feedback. I didn’t just want a place to rant, but a small community of sorts where people could also leave their feedback. After reading some blogs for so long, it almost feels like I know the person (silly, but true!).
  • It’s therapeutic! A good way to take out my daily frustrations, without bothering a whole lot of people or creating a huge fuss.
  • It’s just plain fun. Easy as that!

    I know those answers are probably fairly boring, but hey that’s what they are none the less. Now back to the gaming!

    Sorry for the lack of posts

    Sorry for the lack of posts, father is in the hospital (not drastically serious, but concerning none the less) so my in game time as well as posting time is greatly reduced while I do the family thing. Happy easter to all out there and happy gaming.

    Eenie Meanie Miney Moe..

    So. Station access is getting bumped up to $29.99 a month American. x 2 for my house. Ouch.

    Converted over that’s almost $100 a month to play video games, and only two of those games are played to any extent, Vanguard and EverQuestII. Worth it? I’m beginning to think not. So the new decision I have to make, is which game am I giving up. There are good and bad points for each.

    EverQuestII is still a lot of fun for me, I have three level 70 characters, two raid geared, fully mastered, and a bunch of crafters. The issue with that game for me, is lack of players on my server specifically, Lucan D’Lere. If it merged, I wouldn’t have so much of an issue. The down side, well obviously a lot of my friends have left for Vanguard. The game is lacking high end content. If you’ve been there and done it all, why bother any more?

    Vanguard is also a lot of fun for me. My highest level character is 20, meaning I have a lot of work left (if I were to stay). The game unfortunately is very buggy. Not that it won’t get fixed over time I am sure, but do I want to be paying full price for a game still in beta? How many people are going to stay around in Vanguard once LoTR and WarHammer and Conan and all those other MMO’s come out? At least in EverQuestII I know there is some sort of a player base. It’s just relatively small. If I were to spend some money and move to a more populated server, would that solve my issues? Najena for example is still thriving. Lucan can barely support one ‘real’ raiding guild.

    It’s a shame that they’ve decided to raise the price. I feel even worse for those who had station access due to the free adventure packs, as well as the extra character slots. Why would you pay TWICE as much as one monthly subscription if you only play EQ2. I’d be mighty pissed off if that were the case. They should allow you to keep your $24.99 price if all you’re after is the extra characters and the free adventure packs (splitpaw, the village of shin, etc). I think this was a very unwise business move. Not only will Sigil lose money from those who were only playing Vanguard due to station access and the ability to play both games at a discounted price, but SoE will lose money from those who decide to give up their station access fully and move to Vanguard. It will be interesting to see how (if any) affect this will have on the populations of both games. I know I’m tempted to just throw in the towel and go play WoW again, just to not deal with this any more.

    The price change goes into affect April 2nd, so they’ve given one months warning. Unless Vanguard by some miracle fixes the numerous issues that players face every day, I won’t be renewing my subscription. If the situation on EQ2 doesn’t improve with the decline in players (and so many servers that we’re all spread over) then they also will no longer have my monthly business. Does SoE care? Of course not, I’m one small subscriber. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t make the slightest dent. If enough people do it though, they’ll see the change. I already know quite a few bloggers out there are talking about what they’ll be doing, which game they’ll be playing, and what’s next.

    For further reading about the ideas and opinions out there, check out the following:

    The Ancient Gaming Noob , CuppyCake , West Karana

    Hello there Bork!

    Stargrace’ newest house pet, Bork

    I typically don’t keep house pets in Eq2. I find they cause a whole lot of lag, and wander around in the most absurd places. Like the time I came home to find Mittens my cat drowning herself in my vat of eggnog on the dining room table. That was not fun to explain to company. Bork on the other hand, was far too irresistible. He comes from the Rujarkian Blademaster quest, from a semi-rare tablet that drops off of (you guessed it) the rujarkian blademaster himself, located in the cleffs of rujark. I can’t remember how I ended up with one, I must have been smaller or mentored or something. Needless to say the quest was still a pain to do, and he sits proudly watching over my home now.

    Computer is up and running! Took a lot of fixing last night and a whole lot of reinstalling. A huge huge thank you to Shadowgeist for getting most of it done for me while I groaned over all of the missing pieces I’d have to install later. Windows reinstalled and we’re crash free (thus far, knock on wood!) and the bad hard drive error went away after it was formatted. If I wanted to play Vanguard I suppose the up side is that I have room for it now. Too bad I’m not interested. I copied over my Eq2 and WoW games, since I dreaded having to reinstall and patch those things. 8 CD’s for WoW and I’m not even sure how many for Eq2, not to mention the last two expansions I downloaded digitally and don’t even have disks for. Just the thought of it makes me shudder.

    Played WoW yesterday off and on while my computer was down, the hunter (which is a solo type class that I’ve always adored, mostly for farming. Everything is ten times easier with a pet) managed to grab level 11. Which means she has her pet now, wuwu! I’m excited about that. I’ll probably play her until I get bored and then switch back to the priest. I still haven’t even looked at my 40+ characters yet, having too much fun with the new zones and content.

    In Eq2 I harvested. Since the crafting revamps (which are now all but a distant memory that us crafters lament over, missing the old methods of crafting) everyone goes through a whole lot of raws. I miss the old way. I miss sub components. There, you heard me say it! I actually miss making the 4-5 pieces that were required to make the finished product. At least it was a way to grind through the dreary levels. Hopefully my tailor gets to 30 today so I can move on from the dreaded T3 (dreaded because you’re still using level 10 +durability buffs and they’re grey, and combines hurt) and move on to something a little more productive. The sage should hit 60 today as well. Here’s hoping!

    Stupid computers

    As happens with computers it seems, once you buy one new piece, the rest falls apart. So, after buying the new monitor I now sport, my drive has decided to stop working on me. How nice. 3 random reboots and 5 crashes later, a disk scan and a defrag and virus scan and a whole lot of other tests to see what was the issue, Shadowgeist determined that it was indeed the drive while I pouted and stomped my foot.

    Granted, the drive was almost 5 years old, and I do use my computer quite heavily every day, but still it’s disheartening. Especially knowing I’ll get to re-install everything that was on it. Including WoW and EQ2 and all their patches and expansions and adventure packs. Ew.

    So I’m on the 2nd computer for now. Which of course is not nearly as nice as mine (ok it is just as nice, but I miss my keyboard and my computer chair and my UI on games and all the rest already) to update my blog. I miss the off line blog updater I was using too. Just little inconveniences.  No wonder I hate computers.

    So if there’s a lack of posts (there shouldn’t be, I imagin it’ll be fixed late tonight or early tomorrow) well, at least know that I’m blogging in mind!

    The diferances between girls and boys (or, girls rule and boyz drool!)



    My computer desk, note the kitty cat desktop!

    So, I was looking at the two computer desks in my livingroom. I live on the 11th floor of an apartment building, so there’s really only two choices, put them in the bedroom, or have them in a corner in the livingroom. Taking a look at my desk, well, it’s not the neatest of desks, there’s a bottle of multi-vitamin there, cute teddy bears, some pictures along the top, a candle and pens and pencils in a glass. the ever-present water glass.

    Shadowgeist’ desk, just missing the pop cans

    Note the WoW desktop (though he plays EQ2 mostly) keys, wallet, cell phone, house phone, boxes of kleenex… nothing as personal or soft as my desk. I have the biggest desk, but he has the brand new monitor (which makes me drool, I’ll admit). So it’s only safe to assume that when it comes to gaming habbits, there are differences. In play style, in attitude, and countless other things. There are times when I tend to be a little more… bloodthirsty, and times when I’m content to sit back and just heal. It’s finding a balance between the gaming styles that makes things work (or not work, as the case may be). Unlike a lot of couples who play MMO’s, we typically don’t play together at all. We’re in the same guild for the first time in five years, I want to craft, quest, and explore, he wants to squish things. I squish too, but at a more.. lady like pace.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to point out some differences in play style. A small break from the every day MMO comments I post here. I’m heading out to see if there’s any copies of TBC left in Ottawa, I bet $5 there are none, Best Buy’s online merchandise check thing says they’re sold out, Future Shop claims to have some left, so we’ll see!

    Eek! I’ve Been Tagged! Five Things About Me

    Thanks to Saylah I’ve been tagged to share “five things you didn’t know about me”… wow, a difficult list to come up with, particularly since I’m… boring? Yeah that’s the word I was looking for, it nails me dead on.

    1. Lived in Germany for 5 years – That’s right, I was a military brat (as the term goes) for the better portion of my childhood. I lived in Germany on the Canadian military base for five years, from when I was 7-12. I was there for the fall of the Berlin wall, and the gulf war (which was scarey). I miss portions of it, like the castles. I don’t miss moving around though.

    2. Am a lefty – And the only one in my entire family and extended family except for my great grandmother who passed away, and my younger brother (who of course takes after me in some ways, artistically and the fact that we both hate to wear socks).

    3. Favorite artist is Salvador Dali – I love his work. I have a calendar of it hanging close to my desk, and could spend hours lost in his work. If you’re familiar with any of it, you probably think it’s pretty messed up stuff. Maybe it is, but that’s just a portion of the charm!

    4. Won an award in highschool for a class I never took – Hah, talk about luck of the draw. I took photography (which I adored) in high school, and took the grade 11 course for it. When graduation rolled around and awards were being handed out, they called my name for the grade 12 course that I had never taken (it was on-going while I had co-op and was teaching grade 12 art at the time). Imagine my surprise! My photography teacher whispered to me “I know you didn’t take the class, but you were most deserving of it”, as I was handed a huge trophy and a plaque. I guess the grade 11 class wasn’t an option for graduation rewards.

    5. Dj’d for the sims online – When the sims online first came out, I was hooked (it grew boring fast though). I started Dj’ing for players on an online radio station for a few hours every day using a program called Sam2, it was awsome, I had an incredible time doing it, playing and talking to the listeners, I went by the name Lisa Love, and had anywhere from 100-500 listeners at any one time. I only did it for a month or two, but the experience of it I won’t soon forget.


    Now that I’ve done my 5, I’m tagging Mrrx, and Wilhelm2451 Have fun ;)

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